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July 11th, 2014(updated)

This is the Lovelace Group of Lake County and this is our Blog page. This Blog is dedicated to the good citizens of our county and with their help and dedication to change and transparency. This site now has 6 years of existence. It started several years ago dedicated to the removal of two public officials holding office in our county. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell and District Attorney John Hopkins. As our group began to look at the actions and incidents of corruption, elitism, and crony-ism that was entrenched in our local governmental system it became clear that something must be done to change the course of the past 15 years. Lake County is one of the lowest rated counties in the state from health criteria to water quality. Meth is still a severe issue, tourism is dying, and housing value is stagnant. Our lake is dying due to total government mismanagement.  Change is needed.  A model was created, this model was based upon the use and concept of social communications and Internet dialog to promote public awareness and further the cause of radical change in our community. By various means we brought our site to the attention of the citizens and public officials in our county. Now approaching  one million comments, several elections, and an amazing county, state and country wide audience we are pressing forward for even greater social change and policy restructuring within our county. Environmentally and from a governmental failure, our county is dying.  

What has been accomplished thus far would have been hard to imagine 48 months ago. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell has been removed from power, District Attorney Jon Hopkins has been removed from power. One of the driving forces for the exposure and removal of these two corrupt individuals is a terrible incident involving a boating accident on our local lake when a sheriff's deputy named Russell Perdock drove his speed boat at high speed in the middle of the night over the top of a sail boat just leaving the docks with running lights on killing at a far to early age a beautiful women name Lynn Thorton, at the helm of the sailboat was Bismarck Dinius. What followed is hard to imagine. Then sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins charged Bismarck Dinius with the death of his passenger Lynn Thorton and protected their deputy Russell Perdock, charging him with no crimes. During the course of the criminal trial cover-ups, illegal actions, jury tampering, and a host of other issues spelled the doom of Mitchell and Hopkins and the total unanimous jury acquittal of Bismarck Dinius. A federal civil rights trial of massive proportions has been settled in San Francisco federal court with several million dollars going to Mr. Dinius. Both Mitchell and Hopkins were key individuals in the attempted prosecution of Bismarck Dinius and cover-up of the truth of the accident. With this incident in mind we launched the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog, of which our URL remains the same but our Blog name has now changed to Lake County Government Watch. During the adventures of our first year we were able to elect Sheriff Frank Rivero into the sheriffs position.  For 4 years running the GOB network has attacked sheriff Rivero. A phony Brady process by DA Donnie Anderson, a Trumped up recall attempt by Brian Martin and Rob Brown, and a vote of no confidence by the BOS were some of the constant attacks by this elitist network.  Now in the recent election, the local media showing no journalistic integrity has assisted in taking our sheriff out of office, he is being replaced by a Good Old Boy who is directly connected to former sheriff Rodney Mitchell.  Although we will have one or two new supervisors in district's 2 and 3, we are saddened with the loss of sheriff Rivero. Sheriff Rivero was of Cuban blood. The severe racism still embedded in the power brokers of Lake County and their family and friends remains a major issue.   However we are steadfast in our dedication to you the people of this county and of  furthering transparency, honesty, and government integrity in our county and beyond.  

What we have found during the course of our own investigations in the county is stunning to say the least. It was discovered that a local Internet paper called Lake County News run by Liz Larson and her husband John, in our opinion were in collusion with local government officials. We then exposed this paper for its biased and fascist operations discrediting their reporting and any semblance of credibility they once had. The Record Bee has done no better and due to a massive amount of pressure local editor Mandy Feder is leaving the paper. Both papers outright attacks on Sheriff Rivero scraped the bottom of journalistic integrity.  One of the more significant discoveries also exposed several of our local Board of Supervisors to the citizens scrutiny. Most significant is Rob Brown, whom we continue to bring the light of transparency and exposure to his actions and Neanderthal approach to governance.  

As together we continue our Blog and our efforts towards community awareness and change we want to thank the many citizens from deputies current and former to just good folks helping and offering assistance.

This process of change in a county or government system run through an entrenched multi-generational nepotistic, wink wink, system of government(GOB's or Good Ole Boys) is difficult to accomplish, new ideas and change are not embraced. Those that have the power and control will not give it up easily.   Thank you for joining us here, we are the voice of the voiceless of which in today's world there are far to many whose voices are not heard.

Finally as of this editing, we are but a few days away from 2,000,000 page views in 6 short years, in this a county of 60,000 and change. All of you are the reason we hit that milestone.

The Lovelace group of concerned citizens

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Hey post 4:16, maybe it is time to get rid of the old black Nazi looking uniform you seem to like, and to dress up the cars a bit as well. As far as your thinking that what will be done is a waste of money, that's the same old bull shit that Mitchell kept pushing, and that didn't save his ass did it? Its time to kiss your losing ego goodbye, before your hurt ego causes you to go Bye Bye. What needs changing will get changed, and I am sure that Rivero has it figured out, and that it has/will be approved. Rivero is a realist, while Mitchell was just a self serving dictator, and the GOB's were just his servants. You sure have a lot to learn, but being one of the Mitchell losers it may be rough for you to accept that your resistance of change is over, and the resisters of change will shortly have no control over anything. How about you dumping your negative mentality and trying to learn to become supportive of what Rivero attempts to do. It's going to be a long four years for those that cannot get over losing the election, and as I said earlier, try moving into the future with the rest of us and you may find that you will like it, and it may benefit you as well. Be seeing you at the LCPOA dinner on Friday,IF you go????????
To post 4:24, I agree with what you said 100%.
Everyone have a fun week, I will.
are any of you aware how much jst one pari of pants cost try 65.00 shirt another 55.00, they are mot make of steel they rip they fray in the course of the job, the amount received each pay period just is a pitance of the actual cost of upkeep and replacment.

paint cars again is waste of money put the momey where it will do the most good.
957 there is AL again, you really think you should go to the POA dinner??????
Hey post 10:49, are you hung up on this AL for some reason or another? I may or may not know this AL, but he does seem to have some considerable knowledge, and I agree with what he says, and he does sign his name on his posts. And who are you anonymous one? As for the POA dinner, I have never been to one and do not intend to start now. Whoever you are, you have made a threat against AL in your post.I have made copies of the latest posts, and if I ever hear of anything happening to your AL, I will personally turn the copy into the LCSO, but it will go directly to Rivero, an individual that I do know and trust. You are a fool for accusing someone openly and posing a threat to an individual on the post. You just started something, and even though I am not your AL, I am now your silent enemy. Wise up while you have the chance. I will remain anonymous thanks to your foolish post.
Post 10:46. Have you discussed this with your superiors, present and future? If so, what was their reply? I too am a deputy, but for now it's better to remain quiet.
To all That put the badge on and use the power of the gun to control.You that took a oath. I have not been impressed with you before the Dinius case and after lets say you all did just what I thought you would. Hide behind why you can lie and cover the lies up. I will tell you what you tell me. Get over it. Can"t you just move on? The weeds of corruption in this local government needs to be weeded out. Officer Rivero needs to give you a class on ethic and what your oath is. My harshness is of your making,your the ones that think its okay to lie and cover the lies up so you can protect each other. So quit.
Well, as a taxpayer I would like to know why it is necessary for the new sheriff to spend taxpayer money to repaint the cars and supply new uniforms to deputies. I can understand why he would want to spend money on opening sub-stations, that was something he campaigned about. But why repaint the cars? Why change the uniform? He never talked about that in the campaign that I heard. I haven't heard the reasoning from anyone. Maybe there is a good reason, but can Sheriff-elect Rivero articulate that to the BOS?
I also think Rivero should implement some sort of exercise regimen for ALL officers. I bet I could outrun half of them b/c they lack in physical stamina.
Hey that could also be a given for Clearlake PD the Brass probably could not keep up in a foot chase, however the Patrol officers do a good job of foot chases. Well almost all of them.
A government that would incarcerate us and over look themselves for the same offence is our doom.
Nominations for Stars Of Lake County:

LoveLace-For creating havoc and transparency

CPD TRIO-For kicking in the door of a fellow Officer

LCSO-Performing their job inspite of everything going on around them
Those are great nominations for SLC. I think everyone should send in their nominations for Lovelace and let's start a campaign to get as many people as possible to turn in the Lovelace group, I am not sure how it works, but if it is a write in or vote that would be a great idea, anyone have any knowledge of how it works?
of couse that posting about the norminees were said in jest..............however you can send in legit votes for people who made a difference in Lake County it is a formal dinner so keep that in mind. Maybe someone can float a lone to get a tux what say you Bruce
Cecil Brown's going to Napa. Doesn't he count?
Hey..Dude 4:28, Bruce is a stand up guy! He posts his real name and isn't a P*ssy hiding behind an anonymous post! I am sure Bruce has a Tux and even if he didn't, I would take care of it. You see Mr. Bruce has made many die-hard friends who will always stand by him! So don't go away mad, just go away! We all <3 you Mr. Bruce!!!
Thanks for all the props guys appreciate it very much. This has been a great and amazing run for the past 14 months, and the friendships are wonderful and will be long lasting. By the way I would never accept a nomination as an individual, I would accept it as a member of the Lovelace group, because the great citizens of this county are the ones to be grateful for. The election could not have turned out any better, and we proved our point to the public as a whole. There is much work to be done, so no need to sit on our victories, many others need to be investigated and much change is still needed. If anyone thinks they want to take us on, bring your A game, we have already proven our point and our ability to accomplish great things, thanks to everyone.

I think you should lay off Susan Krones. I barely know her, and I don't know her legal abilities, but no reason to pick on her. The election's over, and if she supported Hoppy and then Rhoades, so be it. People have to try to get along after an election like this last one. And, she did support Frank Rivero for Sheriff. And, she does good things at the community radio station, KPFZ, 88.1 FM. And, she can't just be fired, none of the deputy district attorneys can be, without good cause anyway.
Amen on DDA Krones I have seen her in action in the courtroom I was there just to watch the judical system in action and Yes she is a very good DDA and is not as I have seen her painted here.
After all it was Bruce who said the election is over and now lets just support those who have fairly won inspite of who we were voting and campaigning for. I know I have to do that if I am to be the American I am suppose to be.
Cut MS Krones a break
.......if you want to get support for your elected offical I think You folks need to let go and allow those who opposed or chose a different candidate to not be slam dunked it is after all what you are asking for your candidate who won.
Nominations for Stars Of Lake County:

LoveLace-For creating havoc and transparency

CPD TRIO-For kicking in the door of a fellow Officer

LCSO-Performing their job inspite of everything going on around them
Maybe someone can float a lone to get a tux what say you Bruce
# posted by Anonymous : December 9, 2010 4:28 PM
Hey..Dude 4:28, Bruce is a stand up guy! He posts his real name and isn't a P*ssy hiding behind an anonymous post!
obiviously you can't see a joke when it is comment about the tux was not a Pu^^^y remark to take from you, get over the anger, if you knew Bruce you would know He does not own a Tux and I was just saying tongue and cheek my comment.
sorry you did not read between the lines I did not mean any whatsoever disrespect toward Bruce
AS one that has never said that all sheriffs officers are dishonest, only they work for a system that condones dishonesty." The bureaucrats that are the leaders", the rank and file only follow. I do think those we ask to take a oath, should stand by it or leave. The big problem is getting rig of employees that need to be let go. I say this again the buck should stop as the board of supervisors and the likes of Dave brown,Anita Grant should be shown the door out side the court house.
All taken in jest post 551, I think everyone got it, by the thanks to the several individuals who have sent in information over the past couple of days per the Lovelace request for information concerning the CLP, and other government folks, we appreciate it very much and are looking into a lot of the reports, will update as information get's confirmed. Thanks to all for the support.

By the way Bruce does not have a tux, he went 17 years wearing the monkey suit shirt and tie, and swears he will never do it again!!! If you don't know his background many would I suspect be surprised. But not for me to say..
Interesting little story, anyone know the combatants of the pool cue poking???

By Joan Moss, December 7, 2010

Renee Starr Skidmore filed a Civil Complaint for damages, CV 409269 November 24 against John Henry’s Pub in Lower Lake concerning a physical attack by Kathryn Mc Callister during a St Patrick’s Day party in March of 2009.
Skidmore alleges that Mc Callister, who previously served time in prison for stabbing a man, stabbed Renee in her abdomen with a pool cue stick because of a disagreement over a lost ball.
District Attorney Elect Don Anderson is representing Renee “Starr” Skidmore and Kathryn Elizabeth Mc Callister is representing herself In Pro Per, according to her denial of charges in the file.
Renee has approached the Board of Supervisors, written a complaint to the Grand Jury, contacted Mc Callister’s parole officer, and spoken to many people in her efforts to seek justice and have criminal charges filed against Mc Callister, who she alleges is a dangerous and violent felon.
The day of the alleged assault, Mc Callister was collecting empty glasses and receiving free drinks for her cleanup up efforts in the pub, according to Renee.
Renee carries a big leather envelope with documents and pictures of herself and her husband and what they have done for their community as business owners and good citizens.
A letter from present District Attorney Jon Hopkins and signed by Chief Deputy District Attorney Rich Hinchcliff dated July 10, 2009, addressed to Ms Skidmore states that the DA’s office is declining to file charges against Christy Periman “for an incident that allegedly took place March 20, 2009 at John Henry’s Pub.”
Renee has another letter written by Thomas Quinn, dated September 29, 2009, addressed to the District Attorney that states the “you have the wrong suspect in mind. The person Ms Skidmore believes was the principal aggressor against her at the time was not Ms Periman, but Kathryn Mc Callister, an individual I am familiar with as she was sent to prison for assaulting my former client Danny Fry.”
Public Defender Quinn writes in the letter that his friend Renee Skidmore was his land lady for four years.
While Kathryn Mc Callister wrote down a phone number in her denial, that phone number is no longer valid, according to the voice message system.
Renee and her husband say the sheriff did not have a police report of the incident. Jon Hopkins said Tuesday December 7 he did not remember the case or Quinn’s letter. Rich Hinchcliff told this reporter last summer he would look at the case again.. This reporter brought over a second copy of Quinn’s letter that states the DA investigator was investigating the wrong person. Hinchcliff did not get back to this reporter about Quinn’s letter and also apparently, according to Renee, did not contact her since then.
1159pm I stand by my comment December 8, 2010 1:52 PM of Kron's behavior/attitude on primary election night.It was inline with some posters that suggested that it is the deputy's that run the LCSO and they were going to make sure Rivero fails. The difference is that the comments here are anonymous and may not have been made by deputy's. Maybe Kron was only puffing her chest to let the listeners know how important she thinks her position is. If so it wasn't as professional as you would expect from someone in her position since she was only on the radio to report the election results. The bottom line was that she gave the impression that she could make or break "anyone" in the DA position.
In one of Rivero's first step's as Sheriff he has put before the BOS a request for the undersheriff position. He has indicated to the board that he wants the position to be an appointed position rather then a recruited position. Although Lake Co. News as usual got the story wrong, as they indicated Rivero said during the campaign he wanted to appoint Baxter to that position. As usual for Liz that is wrong, and Rivero never said he would recruit Baxter. It was assumed by the public that he would be a possible for that position but nothing concrete was ever uttered by Rivero the way LCN has described it in their article. One would suspect that a Rob Brown will try to stonewall the approval process but we will see how that goes. Baxter is a fine choice for that position, and qualified as well. This will be the first in a set of changes that Rivero will put into place, and the only arguing point will be the appointment vs the recruitment of the position. No need to recruit in this instance, as a local individual who already knows the lay of the land is most critical, the BOS should not have a say in the matter as they don't have a clue what they are looking for in the first place. The job description has been drafted and Rivero is on board with it. The salary has been established about 10% higher then a captains position, and this should be a slam dunk. Rivero as a new arrival to the sheriff's position should be given card blance as is the norm for most all elected positions from the president on down the line. In the same way as the press gives the newly elected president a few months without hammering on them, generally called a grace period. Any supervisor who does not approve of this position and change will lose votes and confidence of the public.
The board also will hold an untimed closed session to discuss labor negotiations????? Why would that be a closed session? This may not adhere to the Brown act? These are negotiations using our public money, and they want to do it behind closed doors. All public employees pay information is public knowledge, and in fact had to be turned into the California state Controller, following the city of Bell fiasco of a few months ago.

Also on the agenda for the BOS, is Hopkins trying to pull a quicky on Anderson:

– Consideration of request to approve appointment of Senior Deputy District Attorney Richard Hinchcliff to interim chief deputy district attorney, effective Dec. 7) and request for compensation at the fifth career step.

Wonder what Anderson's position is on this, and did Hopkins review it with him as he should?
That this local government is of and for the citizen is a facade. It has bee highjacked by those we put in office,they have learned to make it work to their advantage at the loss of our government that is to aid us. It has become them or us and they need to be eradicated like the parasites they are.
Well well well, looks like the Full-Throttle situation is reveling far more behind the scenes then what one might suspect. At the top of the list is Jason Ferguson LPPD. As has been indicated there are problems brewing as information continues to come in concerning some of the fine folks in our local PD. Let's start with Ferguson, an individual who thinks he is a player with the women, and who a couple years or so ago Divorced Rachel, lucky for Rachel, except it is reported Jason left her holding the bad money wise on a bit of trickery with their house and loans that had been taken out. Now police officer Ferguson is best friends with guess who, yup Andy Davidson, and that combination is not a pretty one. That alone should tell you there is trouble in river city. Now so you can see the totality of the connections in this fine county Jason Ferguson had a girlfriend named Nicki, of course he dumped her as well, and guess who Nicki is hanging with these days, it happens to be Borgi!!!! Yes the fine Mitchell supporter owner at K-ville lumber. Oh what a wicked web is weaved. Now the whole full throttle thing is connected to Ferguson's and the rest of the local GOB network not wanting Full Throttle to get any traction as it would be competition to TJ's.

Backing up all this crap is as well Richard Knowles, Lakeport code/planning individual who has been quoted saying he does not want any growth in Lakeport, he(Knowles) thinks he owns Lakeport, and has stopped any growth that would lead to greater tourism and activity in the downtown area. Ever wonder why Lakeport is so dead on Friday and Saturday nights???? You can thank Knowles for that. Knowles is of course connected to Ferguson and the other band of bandits trying to keep their own personal control of the city. Don't you find it amazing that our BOS is so clueless as to these connections and wrong-doings in the city of Lakeport, however you can bet Rob Brown is very aware and perhaps a few others. During the great housing boom in Lake County Knowles only allowed a couple of houses to be built in Lakeport proper, but the shoreline along Lakeshore Blvd. exactly the wrong spot to build was destroyed.

Now back to Ferguson, grabs and dumps women quicker then you can spell corruption. He is reported to mentally abuse them and leaves them at a whim. Rachel is of course associated with Full Throttle, and this is why, along with the owner of Perko's Weinke they are trying to stop the success of Full Throttle.

Message to Ferguson, watch your step, you are being watched much closer then you think, and the citizens do not like what they are seeing. Anyone with further information please post it, and if you are inclined to be out and about in downtown Lakeport stop in at the Throttle and give them some business.
I knew this was a crock when I read it in the paper! Not that I'm a fan of the Throttle, the service is louzy, but this business should not be put through this kind of crap!
The Full Throttle has been a bar (by other names) for at least 30 years. I think the whole thing stinks. No business can control what people are doing outside and down the street! People walk from bar to bar, up and down Main St. all night long. Who's to say the people causing the problems didn't come from another bar (drunk & over served) get refused service @ FT (for being too drunk) and then stand around and cause problems? It's pretty bad when a bar owner feels they can't call police because everytime they do someone @ the PD is keeping score!
The information is pouring in from certain investigators in the field. Here is some of the new dynamics. Wienke services his business's through Mendo Lake Hospitality in Willits, interesting is that Tamara Wienke is listed as the officer and secretary of that listed company. The connection it is Tamara Wienke is list as the Grantor and Mitchell as the Grantee of the real estate transaction agent Mitchell conducted exactly one month after Lynn Thorton's death. There has and continues to be a lot of work being done in regards to Thorton and Mitchell and this is just one of the odd connections. The offices in Willits are listed at 1740 S. Main street in Willits. Tamara Wienke has a maiden name of Foster. But alas Tamara appears to be having some big real estate issues now, and over the past few years, most recently being in Default and trustee sale as of the listing on December 1st of this month. There are also defaults listed in 08/09...Something is interesting in all of this as each time the GOB network is looked into it is riddled with defaults and odd real estate transactions, more needs to be looked at in this regard.

Now let's look at Hinchcliff again as further information is pouring in. Hinchcliff is married to Wife Denise M.. Well her maiden name is Richardson, a person named Shawn Crone(Judge Crone connection?) married a lady name Lauren Richardson, if in fact this is a connection to Judge Crone thus connected to Hinchcliff, Crone should have recused himself in the Dinius trial. If he did not revel this connection, we have a big issue with Crone. We are gathering further information on this and any input you have please post it on the Blog.
Good point 1052!! Time for LPPD to back off, or they are going to get nailed for collusion and police work un-becoming of an organization. This is not looking pretty. Of course our BOS remains clueless to all of this, and it so adversely effects the ability of the city to grow and become active, they should be all over this. But no they remain with their heads in the sand and can't figure out why the county is dying. Sad!
I think Mrs. Hinchcliff's last name of Richardson came from a prior marriage.
Could be true post 1107, but we would still have the same type of connection that would bring in to question Judge Crone. Curious to say the least.
Here is some information for ya. Jason Furgeson, child support judgement ruling against him on May 5th 2010. Way to go Furgeson, way to be an outstanding cop in our community. You guys are right this guy is trouble.
citizen kane
can you read for context?

did you read the report on Hopkins' proposal regarding Hinchcliff?

"Jon Hopkins, with District Attorney-Elect Don Anderson seated beside him and offering his support, asked the board to allow him to fill a 14th deputy district attorney slot, as his current chief deputy district attorney, Richard Hinchcliff, wants to take that job."
Slip and Fall!
Dead line approching fast.
Mitchell's watch, please install a camera on Rodney's dumpster. The lid might fall and break all of Mitchell's fingers. That would be permanent disability for him.
Sheriff elect Rivero, please make sure to escort Mitchell off the property like he did to many of his ex-employees.
Wanted! Wanted! Wanted!
Front row seat for the Trial of the Century.
The Dinius Bismark versus Rodney Mtchell and L.C.
At the Federal Court House in San Francisco.
Reward! Reward! Reward!
Pears and walnuts can be grown less expensively in other parts of the country than here, the lake stinks in the summertime, gas prices will kill what tourism that is left, the wineries make great wines, but are mostly unprofitable and now being sold to foreign companies. The one thing Lake County has going for it is the marijuana industry, yet many of you like nothing better than insulting those who keep your economy going. Cannabis has been used by humans for centuries for health and recreational reasons. I think those who complain the loudest are just jealous that some people have found a way to survive this recession.
1102 Good point about some people (business owners) insulting the people who are keeping the counties economy going. I see a boycott coming.
I for one am sick and tired of the petty arguments for and against marijuana. marijuana has been and will continue to become legal for one simple reason PEOPLE LIKE IT!!!. Some people like it for medical reasons some people like it for recreational reasons some people like it because they make money with it. people like it so much it has survived for thousands of years, it has survived about a trillion dollar effort to eradicate it and simply came out smelling like a rose. Its legal and people like it, can't think of a better reason to jump into a business then that and trust me I'm not alone. The industry has been flooded with a huge influx of very competent and successful people, the type of people I would like as neighbors the type of people that would most definitely improve the image of lake co. What I would like to watch our local government do is embrace this industry with open arms.
Good comments on the Marijuana industry in this county and its importance to our local economy. The GOB naysayers simply are out of touch with the reality of this very viable and critical commodity in our county. The one thing the Emerald Triangle is known for state and nation wide is the ability to grow quality product, using systems and growing understanding that is unrivaled in the industry. Post 746 and 302 thank you for those comments, you show a keen understanding of the situation in our county, and that forward looking perspective is very accurate. The other aspect of this discussion is how those behind the times GOB's have very little understanding of the intense, detailed, and technical process's associated with growing a healthy and high quality crop. This is not shove a seed in the ground and throw water on it. The nutrient loads, the planning, extreme details of temp and humidity, and other process are very fine, and it takes an extreme amount of understanding and execution to complete a quality crop that can actually be sold on the open market. This process makes standard organic vege farmers seem like light weight stuff. The windows of temp. and such are extremely small and there is no room for variation in the process. These plants and hybrids have now been refined to a point of delicate balance in order to achieve a solid quality finished product. And oh by the way it costs a lot of money to do so, a hell of a lot, and all that money is going in to the local economy.

There are many good wonderful people in this county growing small crops for small monetary gain, the big money crap that is thrown around is simply BS. The nets after cost in a standard business model for growing a small crop and not that much. There are retired people, people who grow for their own use, and many other solid citizens in this county who are making it because of their ability to grow a quality product within strict guidelines.
Well said 2:00!!
Oh Gee look now Dick and Heir Fulton, have to change everything all over again on their draconian approach to over-riding the citizens wishes. Alright Dick, go back to the drawing board again, and by the way when you are all said and done, you will have done exactly what you were told to do in the first place. What a waste of time and money. Pull your heads out of where the sun don't shine and listen to what we are telling you, then you can get it right the first time, not the 20th!!!

From: Richard Coel
Sent: Jul 11, 2011 11:59 AM
To: Jim Comstock , Rob Brown , Anthony Farrington , Denise Rushing , Jeff Smith , Mireya Turner , Kelly Cox
Cc: 'Francisco Rivero' , Anita Grant , 'Edward Robey' , "''" , Jim Brown , 'Melissa Fulton' , 'Peter Windrem'

Attached please find a Memo to the Board of Supervisors. I am requesting a 3-week continuance on the medical marijuana dispensary ordinance currently scheduled for July 19th. Anita Grant and I are working on some additional revisions that we believe will address several concerns that were expressed at the last hearing, but more time is needed. Copies of this memo have been provided to Mireya.
Pat you still are not coming back!
Wow it looks like the corruption boys are actually doing our sheriff a great service, the calls are flooding into to the sheriffs office in support of Frank, the more these guys try to hurt Frank the greater numbers of calls coming in. This is really amazing, the latest Cory debacle is actually hurting their cause big time. The public is seeing the whining, and the crying, and not buying it. The Facebook page of racist postings really hurt also from what I understand. The GOB's better hope the RB doesn't run the cory story or some of the public will actually see it, and help Frank even more. Oh man you guys just don't know how to execute these things, you have to keep public perception at the forefront of your cause, not your perception. After such a tough and hard fought election with a wipe out by Rivero, you now want to tell the public to do it again because your mad??? This is very very basic stuff, but somehow your ability to understand the nuances of this is just out of your view. So far you have managed to make Frank more popular, which is great and much appreciated. Guys just keep thinking Rhonda Rully and DSA endorsement, the biggest hits you took during the election. Well don't want to give to much advice.

But oh the investigators are here, and some folks can be expecting a knock on the door within the next few days. Wouldn't it be something if the person caught is a supporter of the GOB and KKK along with Heather. Oh my my this could get interesting.
I just called Frank Rivero on his cell phone: 295-6289, and gave him my support, this guy is so pumped up, and on his game is is amazing. I urge all of you to call him on his cell phone and give him your good words and support. He picked up on second ring, not even knowing who it is, and he was so very nice and up-beat. Call him today, if he doesn't answer leave him a message.
Just heard from a very good source that Anita Grant and Kelly are 100% behind Frank on each of the moves he has made, CO vacation, OT to 8 hour the whole shot, all of it run past them before putting it into play. In fact it was said that his ability to manage the money and budgeting far exceeds Mitchell, and there is no game playing. Do your job shut the fuck up and if you don't like don't let the door hit you on the way out. The initial report on the Cory crap, is just that Anita thinks it is nearly funny, and gives it no weight at all. Hey the good news keeps coming boys!!!

Sorry for the profanity LL but could not resist,
Could someone please take the shovel away from the corruption boys, they keep digging these really deep holes for themselves, now they are throwing dirt on top of their own heads. It is a bit sad to watch.
11:51 Thats a complete lie! Grant has already documented her disagreement with Rivero down on paper for the BOS to read so she will not be held accountable later for Rivero's blunders.
Actually POSER KKK 12.05 I'm going back through the posts prior to and during the election finding all the posts about how the DSA and disgruntled deputy's were conspiring against Mr. Rivero to cause him all the trouble they could in the event that he would and in fact did win the election. Cory and the others have implemented their conspiracy plan to what they think is going to help them and in the end will only hurt. Any citizen/voter that has followed them in their campaign against M. Rivero can plainly see what they are trying to do. Their plan since mitchell lost the election and they lost their protection and special privileges is to try and have Sheriff Rivero replaced with one of their own in hopes that their GOB system will return. Guess what boys. The citizen/voters not only voted mitchell out they voted Sheriff Rivero in to clean up the GOB system, And that boys that is exactly what he is doing. One at a time.
No. He is like a drunkard in a glass shop breaking things he hasn't the skill or experience to make. Think about it.
1:11 As a White Supremacist you should know by now that your opinion has no value here. Why does having a minority as a authority figure over you bother you so much?
Sadly, I just answered my own question.
OU8toomuch poop
1:11 Does your experience perverting videos on the internet include the ability to alter ones voice on the video's,phone,recordings or radio transmissions?
Hey poster 1257, I wrote lots of post posing as a deputy and I saved those in a Word file, along with lovelace's responses. So don't get your hopes up too high. As a side note, I also saved some of the posts where Frank/lovelace threatened retaliation agains all the racist Deputies. So good luck with that, eh.
2:02 As a side note, What you did has nothing to do with what I'm doing. When the REAL Deputy's find out that you and others have been posing as deputy's to further YOUR agenda and not theirs they will come forward to expose you and the others. After what you and others have done to try and divide the So and the citizens isn't working. In the end the Deputy's will need the citizen's support and It will only take a few Deputy's coming forward to support their sheriff to regain respect from the citizens. It's just a matter of time before they come forward themselves and stop posing as citizens.
2:02 About that word file?
An Apopka man with a history of brazenly impersonating Orange County law enforcement was arrested again on Wednesday, accused of posing as a deputy sheriff to get a discount on a laptop computer.

Ricky Heath, 61, still has the better part of five years' probation to serve after being convicted in a 2010 case where he was accused of posing variously as a reserve deputy, sheriff and police chief.
Yeah, well screw off! This is an annonymous blog and lovelace poses as an intellectual, so will he get prosecuted?
God bless Cory
4:15 Don't be mad just because you have rendered yourself and all your effort useless.
Have you got room in your mouth for your other foot?

It is not against the law to impersonate a intellectual, If it was you would be guilty of impersonating both.
God bless all of you cause you need it
400 agents will descend on Ukiah and Covelo next week for "Operation Full Court Press." Some are arriving this week and all the hotel rooms are booked. The stated goal is to eradicate illegal marijuana grows in the national forests. Everyone is in agreement that this needs to be done, however we hope that the legal grows will be left alone. This is not an argument for or against marijuana, it is about the Federal Government's violation of our 10th amendment rights. Montana and Arizona have filed suits against the Feds for such violations. California needs to follow suit. Some of the more conservative folks can except these violations because the subject is marijuana. The next time the subject might be different and it will be to late. E-mail the Attorney General and ask her to file a suit protecting our Constitutional rights.
You are right on we need to get the grows in the forest hit by the law but leave our grows alone. I don't want the competion and too much makes the price fall. Of course i only grow medical weed and never ever sell any for profit. All the property and toys are are from a regular job and i know a lot of very sick people who pay for the drugs i supply. And of couse the cards supplied by Dr. Hop are from the kindness of his heart and cash you bring to the offering.
It is interesting that Corey is considered a cry-baby when he files a lawsuit but no one mentions how Frank was acting when he and the Iranian complained about being discriminated against.
916 With god in your corner and on your side why play the games? Apparently god is not interested in helping you or your cause. Anyway you lost all creditably a long long time ago. The only time you are of any importance is when you are looking at your self in the mirror. LOL at you. thanx
9:16 You hit the nail on the head and time will bear this out.
Sorry boys and girls, the citizens of Lake County, the ones that pay taxes and work in the private sec. don't have your back. They see you as whinny little state employees and your union(s) wanting to have your way. Everyone involved in your recall effort is directly linked to someone who works at the Sheriff's office whether it be a deputy or CO.

No one cares! Business owners want nothing to do with any of your problems because they've all dealt with disgruntled employees. The public wants nothing to do with your problems because they are too busy trying to keep food on their tables with no chance at having health benefits like you have. These are the people who truly pay your wages. If you don't like your boss get a different job. That's what the rest of us would have to do.

The party is over, put on your big person panties and do your damm jobs or go somewhere else.
9;56 you are a liar, had you really been in the "circle" you would know more and you would be putting it up here for all to see.
Really, 10:36 Ol' Jack better be careful or the reason he isn't under-the-sheriff might get out and posted on some blog. LOL!
956 You sir are a damn liar. And at the very least a very poor story teller. You have been led by the nose from the beginning as all you GOB have been. How do I know? Two reasons and one is that I have been taking turns leading you around. When 12:57 "That was me" drew you out you couldn't resist and you posted at 2:02 proving that I had control of you. Then my posts 3:05 & 3:16 brought your limp dicked post at 4:15. Then I followed up with 4:35. Then it took you until 9:56 To come up with your cock and bull story about you being on the inside and not being verified LOL. "Willing to allow you to post lies?" You didn't need permission to post lies as you have proven over time. Your trying to impersonate a deputy gave you away time after time. The next time you want to feel important look in the mirror, posting here ain't getting it. By the way thanks for your help in getting Sheriff Rivero elected.
how funny there is more than one or two of us who have fooled you the times you have posted I was at work laster I was no where near a computer I am here now so you stupido are the chump to fall for it all, oh yea I have the emails from the address that is LL so I do have proof of asking me to post, and welcomed me to the inner circle FOOL FOOL YOU FOOL
Yeah, we know who you are, your the liar.
So post the e-mails bitch.
Just as I thought Clit, you have no e-mails.
Clit I see you have your false courage (beer) workin for ya. Library Park, 15 minutes.
ha back but I am not Clint Fitzgerald, if you haven't noticed he is like Elvis Presley has left the building. I just checked My emails and sure nuff they are still there welcoming me to the group, and would I post some bogus info to get the board buzzing. Now go back over the last couple of years emails and presto chango there you will find me.

Alright I know you have multiple times to post with no job however I still do and so as they say in the south KISS OFF BUCKWHEAT
You are going to have to give me more than fifteen minutes. Oh yeah, there are some officers who are interested in meeting you as well. You don't mind if i bring a couple friends do you? They actually got there before i did last time.
nice to see ol' clint has the power or friendship with local LE to get them to do his bidding, like getting them to go to the park to beat on someone...yep typtical local LE behavior and then they wonder why they have a bunch IA's against them!
Buckwheat is a racist term....
Buckwheat, My cat has a pillow stuffed with Buckwheat, You make out of any word what you will I think someone was just yanking your chain and it apparently worked to the hilt
It looks like the fascist papers of the BEE and Locally controlled news are at it again, just one simple question. I would imagine that the 11 "federal" lawsuits on Mitchell were posted on both papers with front page headlines right???? LOL well of course not, and in fact I don't believe with the exception of the Dinius case we saw a single bold type front page headline on any of the Mitchell "Federal" suits currently in the court system. Well isn't that interesting. This is just an employee employer action and yet both papers headline it as if Konocti blew up. Ha ha ha what a joke, so plain to see.

Also I have an understanding that several individuals have been by name turned into the FBI investigators over the past two days, one I know from a friend, by name(which I will withhold for now as to not tip them off) has been turned in. Seems he is a bit of a communication and transmission tinkerer, and had access to the system, and has been seen in close communication with not only KKK but Heather and others in the old regime system. This individual tends to drink a lot (gee go figure a GOB that drinks alot) and has a pretty big mouth. Time will tell if they have their man on the radio broadcasts.

Talk around town, says that the public in general is really not giving this headline splashing attempt at discrediting the sheriff much credence, in fact it appears to be backfiring big time. The public is in no mood for people trying to milk the citizens out of more money. These are the same whiners who cried foul because their 100,000 payrolls with their overtime were taken away. These are the same people who whined because Rivero would not let them double dip on the vacation time and pay and the public don't like that one bit. It is all about timing and understanding the attitude of the public during these tough times, and to think that they will see that a deputy like Cory is whining about being held accountable is a stunningly stupid move. If in fact they wanted the public to see them in the right light, they would have left the money out of the issue and tried to present it as an action to secure the rights of officers, of course the public does not see that they see a guy trying to grab 150,000 dollars from the public coffers, knowing that lawyers pull 40% of that and really only being concerned about this pocket book. Of course the whole thing is a scam to attempt to discredit the sheriff, because he is doing what? He is holding everyone accountable, and by the way he will continue to do so, he is a bull-dog and won't take any crap from anyone. It is good to see he has the support of Anita and of Cox, as he runs all these monetary actions through them first before going forward. That of course being something that Mitchell never did.

Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive. LOL
1041 I believe your a mitchell cronie.
A bad apple, sniveling nal content.
Here is another funny thing, Rivero was willing to expose himself, which he has a right to do the details of his IA on the court-house steps which is his right, and yet Mitchell would not give the details Rivero requested, which of course he has a right to do. A sheriff does not have the right to put out the details of others, but as a deputy at the time Rivero has all the rights in the world to put forth the details of his own, which he was willing to do. Yet in pure stupidity and ignorance, the old GOB's act as if he was willing to discuss someone else's. Again they are looking very stupid on this one, but hey everyone likes it what they draw the noose around their own neck. he he
Sorry 1041 is a cut and paster his post won't stay up.
The Racist recall site has indicated they are now protecting the people who sign on to the page, by blocking. So now it is safe to sign on with a like to the page and no one whom they don't want seeing it can get on the page. Ha ha hah hahahahahhah can't stop laughing on that one. There are more people infiltrated on that page then you dummies can imagine. Well look here is the proof in the pudding, as oh look here are the most recent sign ups you all will love these names.

Here are the lastest name on the recall page: They have lost more then they have gained, he he but hey here are the latest who thought they would not be known and just signed up. Oppps guess that did not work real well huh!!! Tom Andrews=cop, Staci Shryock sis of Steve Shryock the Juvy CO who got the DUI last year, she lives in Idaho. Renee Walford (Ringen) or as we know her “Kips kitty Kat”, Shenandoah Harris, Sandy Hammon Rose, Brandon Whitehead, and Rick Biggs.

Enjoy the day folks.
I have been watching the arrests from the Sheriff's Department since Rivero took office and it's obvious there is a huge problem, when the Lakeport police Department is making more arrests than the Sheriff's Department. Rivero has done a good job with all the Meth. press releases it does give us a false sense of security. Rivero does not want the deputies to make arrest anymore so he can show in his next election that crime fell by a staggering number once he was elected. If there are no arrests there are no crime stats. It's an old trick San Francisco Police Manager's used to use in their precincts to get great evaluations and promotions. It gives the appearance that crime has fallen, when in fact it's just law enforcement has stopped. They would press release every arrest to make it appear there were lots of arrests.
Weather it is this Blog or the comments section in the paper they each have "Their Own Terms for posting" The Blog has their own terms as you all know and experience sometimes.To show the bias that Local Controlled News has against Sheriff Rivero read the comments from the GOB/Disgruntled crybabies and then read jj terms for posting. jj comes to the Blog daily to post or complain about how the Blog is ran but does nothing to clean up his own house...

Terms & Conditions for Posting on lcn.

It is advisable to write your post down on a text editor prior to posting. If you take too long to post while writing you may be required to re-logon. "The comments section is not to be used for stating falsehoods, personal attacks or axe grinding. LCN reserves the right to fact check and remove posts without notice." "Posts we deem inappropriate will be removed at our discretion." Posting under your own name is advised.

I like Sheriffs who don't back down and who stand by their oath of office! ;)

Keep up the great job Rivero--join the other Sheriff's who take it seriously too!!!!
11:24 is Cut and paste.
Hey Cory, just so you know you are being investigated, perhaps you could answer a couple of questions. How about the one paragraph report you filed on the Rob Brown pot grow? you remember that Cory, my my how did that get out to the public??? Well the funny thing is Cory it is one paragraph, and only says you went on the property and removed the plants!!! That's it Cory??? No details, on something this big, nothing, hmmmmm interesting.

Cory do you want to talk about a massive lawsuit, are you named on it? You know concerning Beckwith?? Cory did you stomp on a guys leg who was down on the ground? Cory isn't there a huge lawsuit against city of Clearlake you are involved in, a shooting, and incident at the hospital afterwards. I don't know, just what some people are offering up, Cory are you sure you know who all your friends are or are not???

Soon to come on Friday, the whole story, of Mr.Jack Baxter and his problems with the San Jose PD. Jack you might want to think twice about sticking your hand in the fire at this point. As you know it ain't a pretty picture.
1124, get off the Koolaid!!! LOL
1124 interesting?
So the racist recall page is blocking "known" bloggers, that seems to working real good for them. Based on post 1121 that is. You guys might want to tighten up security from within the ranks vs worrying about people coming in. That person your talking to could very well be someone who is working against you.

So guys of the over 4000 sigs you need for a recall attempt, you have a little over 100 on the recall page in about a month. Whats the big total now. Well let's be nice and say you have 1000 sigs just to be generous which is way above what I was told you actually have, that means, well that means you guys are swimming against the current of change, and maybe in a year or two you might get over 4000??? Boy that is scary.
All the recall effort? is doing is recalling all the reasons that mitchell is gone and the changes we voted for are on track. Since mitchell didn't take his GOB with him, I say send them to him, One at a time.LOL

GO Sheriff.
If what the GOB&G's are doing to Sheriff Rivero in public I wonder what is going on behind DA Anderson's back? Or are they? The GOB&G's working together? The same attitude against Anderson is well known. I hope Anderson is not just going along to get along. We don't need weakness in our DA either.
Anonymous July 9th, 7:38AM
Thanks for the Beckway info.
Most feel that there are no problems with the current DA. And even if there are, they are so minor in comparison to the other issues in this county. You can't spin it to say it's being done behind his back or on the sly just because you don't see anything happening or being said in public. You're pretending and trying to create the illusion that everyone is having issues along with our Sheriff just to minimalize what the sheriff is dealing with.
The "most" that I have heard from say differently.I'm waiting to hear from others before I accept your illusion that you know that the problems going on behind his back are minor and not connected.
If it turns out there is not a widespread White Supremacists group in the County of Lake that is a good thing. If not?
Does your experience perverting videos on the internet include the ability to alter ones voice on the video's,phone,recordings or radio transmissions?
Beckway just won his case....lots of money due from County of Lake for Officers using excessive force "Ward and DeShong"
Cory was named, probably for false reporting, biased as he usually is. Cory Paulich doesn't perform very well to law enforcement standards, that is mostly his problem. He thinks he is the law but doesn't really understand the law.
rich ward likes lollipops or his lollipop licked on by 2 girls in tahoe in the same room with some white powder subtance. it was determined to be a legal form of taking a licking
Got to give those hamsters credit for being smart enough to memorize you with their behavior. a small achievement for the hamsters but notable.
You have to admit it's a little hard to over there with the blind leading the blind and the rest memorized watching two hamsters in a cage.
Here here Rivero! You're really stirring the sh*t in the department. The gob's are running all over the place trying to discredit you. But it looks like the people see through their weak attempts, and back you up. Remember, what matters is what the citizen's want, and that is to clean out the years of corruption, and drive out the gob's and kkk's. The sooner the better!
It was all very confusing for the case agent, who explained on the stand how he wrote up the report of the aerial surveillance mission. “All we
said on November 19th was that we saw what we believed were marijuana
plants on the edge of his property, and it shows continuing

That would be a set of perfectly reasonable assumptions, provided, of
course, that the agent knew which land belonged to Lepp and which land
did not. Without the aid of professional surveyors, Burkhart had
attempted to visually estimate property boundaries while six thousand
feet in the air and looking through the disorienting zoom lens on a
camera. “We were trying to determine through photographs what the
property lines would be,” he testified, as the judge and the attorneys
squinted and tilted their heads at the photo exhibits from his

One of the pictures, it turned out, was initially displayed upside down
by the prosecutor. Even when turned to its proper angle, however, it
made little difference as far as comprehension went. “It looks to be
more like an impressionistic painting,” the judge quipped. ...
Judge Patel made sure to follow up with a question specifically
confirming McMahon’s recollection of these details, just to be sure that there was a real divergence in the witnesses’ stories at this point.
She got that confirmation smoothly, and a knowing glint in her eye
served as the only signal that she knew at least one witness in her
courtroom was having difficulty with the truth.

It was no big surprise for the judge to see a discrepancy in the stories – after all, she has doubted the legitimacy of the sting operation from the beginning.
Jack Baxter is a sore loser too. You two make a good pair.
Wasn't Eddy Lepp convicted and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison? I don't think he's your best example.
Post 1:

This has been an interesting day of posting, and it is time to issue a bit of transparency and information to the general public and give a basic over view of the bantering that has been happening of late. This will be in two posts.

First let's discuss an unusual situation that was brought up earlier in the days postings. Jack Baxter, appox. three days ago Mr. Baxter attempted a scam job and because of inside information known within the anti-Rivero camp his efforts failed. Mr. Baxter sent out friends requests from his facebook account, Mr. Baxter sent those requests to members of the Lovelace group of citizens. This was done via an attempt from the original racist facebook page people in coordination with Mr. Baxter. This was known by the Lovelace group prior to the attempt that he was going to do so. But the reality was that none of those members their group thought was infiltrated in their facebook page were the individuals giving the information on who was signed up on the page. We have kept the documentation of the Baxter attempt. Where this ties in is the statement on the Rivero recall page that they had filtered out those individuals that were gathering the information on the people who had signed on to the page. This was not the case and there are several people within the current Rivero recall facebook account who are giving inside information. The attempt did not work, we knew about it ahead of time, and knew what the scam would be. Mr. Baxter we have documented your attempt, unfortunately for yourself you were caught in the attempt. This information will be used if necessary in the future. As you know we received additional names this morning and have posted them including Kitty Kat and others such as Tommy Andrews showing we still have our people in the recall group and we know each and every move they are attempting. Nice try, but ladies and gentlemen we have been doing this for quite a while and you are way out of your league. You must realize we have people through-out the county and there is nothing planned done or attempted that we do not know about, you may think you are secure, but you are not.
Next we have the entire documentation of the conditions associated with Mr. Baxter and why he could not have been picked as under-sheriff, we will post that information which we have had for many months by the end of day on Friday or sooner. To give you a hint, there are two situations associated with Mr. Baxter, both are while he was working for the San Jose police department. We have two question for Mr. Baxter and will ask him to come clean himself before posting the documented information. Mr. Baxter tell us about the death of an individual struck by a patrol car traveling to fast while on a call, and slamming into another vehicle in an intersection, killing a women. Mr. Baxter please give us the details of the role you played in this incident. Second Mr. Baxter please give the public the details of a police picnic conducted while you were in charge, and the sexual issues that occurred during that event, what was the claim of the women who was involved and describe to the public your position and explain what conduct was yours and what the end result of this situation. Mr. Baxter don't play games with us you will lose. We, out of respect have kept this within only our preview, it is time for you to come clean. We will stand by for your response.

Last the Beckway verdict, was a stunning and demoralizing blow to Cory, he has now lost all credibility, and his attempt at taking money from the public has been lost.

Mr. Baxter will you come clean on your attempt to gather information for the racist Rivero recall page from the Lovelace group?

We have attempted to contact Mr. Baxter but he has changed his contact numbers, let's all be sure he gets this information and our request for him to come clean.

Last we are so very happy with the approach of the sheriff, he is tough, he is a bulldog and he will clean house, this is just the beginning. We will have more information on Friday concerning a Female CO who is spouting off at the mouth and she will be exposed.

You think you know who we are, you keep guessing names, you are not close, you will not know until we decide it is time. You haven't even touched the surface of the scope we have.

Last we will report that we have turned in information to the FBI yesterday on possible leads concerning the threats on the sheriffs life, we cannot give any more information then that until we see how the investigation proceeds. But be aware this is no joke.
Love check your email :)
Read the Eddie Lepp transcripts and see where Garzoli testifies that he couldn't tell if the 25,000 plants on Lepp's property were marijuana or not. So he decided to drive down the dirt road and see for himself. Did he have a warrant? Of course not. Lepp's attorney was not to sharp in that one. Judge Patel said Garzoli and Burkhart's investigation was one of the sloppiest she had ever seen. They took aerial photos of the strawberry field next door and thought it was marijuana. Eddy Lepp is not the one who belongs in jail.
E-mail sent
Dudes, everyone already knows about the SJPD Detective picnic and the crash. You're so funny acting a conspiratorial. Thanks for the laugh.
No not everyone in the public, not even close. He has never made a statement. its time. If he is going to play in the game, then he can speak up on his own situation. Transparency.
Love let me know if you got the email I just sent you! LOL!
I'll say this again. You that think sheriff Rivero is Lake County's problem will be in for a large rude awakening. The rear problem is all the dishonest people you have left in the system. You have those that lie,cheat and steal tell us what to do and you think it will work.Please wake up before its to late.
so have your two snitches at the ad min reported in yea this morning you know the one that smiles and knifes the good folks in the back and then the one who is a good friend of the wanna be sheriff who whispers in his ear anything that is said, catch a clue everyone has been alerted to who they are and that is why they have no one who wants to eat lunch or have a break with them.
The Dow is currently down 156 points, Europe just announced 50,000 more job cuts in the banking sector. Manufacturing is at nearly zero in our country, unemployment is at a true 20 percent, not the 9.2 recently announced, and others are on part time work. 1% of the wealthy hold 25% of the total wealth in our country, the middle class is being wiped out at an alarming rate, and soon enough the people are going to have to take to the streets. In the same way we took our county back from the elitist network we will have to take our country back as well.
Oh please don;t do your job and snitch me out to the boss for all the bad things I've done.
Unless we rework the whole financial system, I am not sure what can be done at
this juncture. Regardless, the fallout will be significant. I can only imagine
it will produce global chaos for several years.
What ya goin to do when your employee doesn't want to answer to you- Cory?
I agree 1107, and most are walking around with blinders on unaware of the impending chaos that is approaching.
Yup, Gold is approaching 1,650. That is a telling tale. Purchasing Gold in the stock
market would be like a run on the banks. It's not good.
Pat is a parrot for mitchell.
Think about it,
Who in LE would have dislike for Sheriff Rivero more than mitchell?
Not counting KKKlint, That is another story. all tho they may be connected,
Through out the campaign, witch is still going on I might add,
mitchell couldn't post against Rivero himself so mitchell is/has been feeding Pat what to say.
mitchell has a distinct writing style that is easy to see. Sometimes Pat forgets and posts as mitchell has directed him and he forgets to sign off, Be Careful.
We sometimes forget just how corrupt mitchell really is and pat and rod both know the citizens are smart enough to see through this recall farce and the whole agenda is about trying to make Rivero's job as miserable as possible.
Lose lips sink ships Pat.
The only supporters that rod and pat have is KKKlint,one or two disgruntled employees a few wives,friends and relatives.
As more and more of the citizens become aware of Pats/jjs/KKKlints connection to the on going Hate Rivero, Vote for mitchell campaign, They will take it all for just what it is.
Hateful revenge on Sheriff Rivero and the citizens that voted for Sheriff Rivero. To rod/pat/KKKlint/jj, The citizens that elected Sheriff Rivero were not concerned about the color of his skin and you shouldn't be either.
After this summer weather in the mid west, and the economy in the shape that it is, I
would suspect that our food prices are going to go through the roof this winter.
Maybe there might be an impending food shortage. We do live in interesting times.
I think this spells an end for Darwinian capitializm. If Man is going to survive,
well, who knows, we might go back to tribalism. Tribes with cell phones.
1212 I forgot,as hard as it is, about heather and kip, Thank you for adding them to the list.
FYI Your writing style could use a little help when you are trying to fool someone
Trouble! Dow down 266. Gold up almost 40 dollars, just today. The sorry month of July
the Dow experienced, is continuing into August. What will Fall, and Winter bring?
Wow 266, and that is with the government doing everything they can to keep it artificially inflated. This does not bode well, Bernanke and the boys at the FDIC are spinning like tops. The wrap is coming off the hot dog and the truth will not be able to be hidden anymore. I would think that by the time winter is done we may very well be done also. Looks like our AAA moody's rating is going to take a hit also. Food prices skyrocketing, but they tell us there is no inflation. Not a pretty picture by any stretch of the imagination.
They claim that the are not going to increase taxes but to raise the cost of living IS a tax increase. Being proud to pay my share is getting a little bit hard to do on a fixed income..
Did anyone think that the mixing of races in this world would be a good thing? There are those of us that have fear of living near a race that we don't understand, or that we fear, as those from the mid-east. But, as the world grows smaller, and we are getting closer and closer, our youth tend to look past ethnic differences and even marry one another. Over the years, this will eventually lessen the anti-beliefs that keep races from accepting each other. And, wars will lessen. With everyone mixed, who are you going to fight? And how will religions fare, when in the mixing of people of different faiths, they learn to live with each other through love, and the raising of children of mixed races and religions? Regardless of how we feel now, I believe that is the future of our world.
That is very well said Clark, and in fact the mixing of races and such is a part of the evolving human experience. I suspect there will be a lot of difficulties as this process unfolds. It is difficult at best for people to accept different races and societal norms that are different from their own. But as you stated a human being is a human being, and the common factor for us all is Love. There is a saying which states "The power and tendency of Love is great for it binds God himself"..This statement almost got a catholic priest burned at the stake back in the 1500's his name was St. John of the Cross. However as a mystic he was correct, love is the binding element for the human experience, and even the laws and works of the highest are bound by it. Good post thanks.
Oh no doubt 216 and the reality is the very essentials that are going up so fast in price are the very things we need most to survive, food, fuel, and medical. You can tout no inflation all the government wants to, but it is a lie, and we at ground level are feeling the effects of it. Thanks.
Rodney Mitchell applied for St.Helena Police. Lets all let St. Helena know what we think of him.
Ya, they'll hire him for sure when a bunch of shrubbers and ex Hill Road addressees call to complain about him, LMAO.
I like what you did to Sheriff Mitchell and the DA but calling the new sheriff, 'progressive' doesn't sound too good...the word is used too loosely now-a-days and tends to bring about just the opposite of what the word should stand might as well said, "regressive" just look what all those 'progressive' politicians have accomplished...other than that, keep up the good work.
You guys still worried about Mitchell, let a dead horse lie. There are real problems
confronting this Nation right now, can't we discuss something other then the damn
little local police department. A bunch of broken records on this Blog.
The Blog will not allow the recall scam people to use our site to push your own misguided agenda, posts concerning a phony recall which is now dead in the water will be removed.

Stormin Norman you are correct in that the word progressive is at times construed to be associated with a left wing agenda, vs a middle of the road approach. When we use the word progressive in the context of this site, it is to mean a new site of ideas and concepts or a different model of operation and of course associated with change and new leadership. Or if you will a different approach to management and our local LE's approach toward its citizens and the priorities that should be in place such as Meth, etc etc.

You do make a valid point in that regard and word usage, thanks for the input. Please continue to post on our site as you see fit.

You almost have it right post 445, as you can tell be the subject lines most of the "progressive" (sorry norman) people have been posting we are having discussions on everything from the stock market to current world events. It is the old guard that will not give up the ship, they are still trying to hold on to Mitchell and the old regime. Their continued post concerning their election loss is the predominate subject matter to them and they will not embrace change nor let go of the baggage they continue to drag around with them, you point is well taken, we hope they listen to you.
Hey Stormin Norman, that is a good post, I think a few days back Lovelace posted the saying: Right wing left wing all the same bird. Boy is that true now days, I don't think based on the Bush or the Obama administration you could close your eyes and tell the difference, it is funny in that Bush was hammered for his "war mongering" yet with Obama Predator strikes and deaths have increased 100 fold since he took office, we are still in Afganistan and Iraq and now in Northern Africa, it seems some one else is controlling the decisions at the white house and it isn't the president of either party. What do you think?
I'm sorry 5:38, I didn't see any final report either from the DA, county counsel or the sheriff's office that says Rivero did or did not put anyones lives at risk. Do you have some sort of report that you can post or is this just your "opinion"? I know opinions are like assholes and we all have one, some just are bigger asses than others.
Public Employees,
When your wages go down so do the taxes you pay on your wages.
When Cities and County's renegotiate their contracts that is a tax break for you.
You should welcome lower taxes,after all the taxes going up for us will pick up the slack for you.
You can thank your self serving Me,Me,Me unions for the the tax cuts that are coming your way.
The good times have been over for the rest of us for awhile and now it is your turn.
Feel the burn and share the load for a change.
So Rivero has only two left in his management staff, that's hilarious. Rivero couldn't manage a bowl movement more or less a department the size of the Sheriff's Department.
I don't care how you spin the fact that the Sheriff's Department management has been decimated. I'm sure this will be big news soon, being that nobody else in the department wishes to promote to management under Rivero. Rivero can not run a department of that size with 2 Lt's. This is a recipe for disaster.
I personally know alot of growers and I don't understand what the problem is. If somebody is growing 99 or less on their own property with a valid scrip how is that hurting anybody else? How is that hurting someone so bad they feel it's their right or duty to attack us? I started growing mj because I lost my job and was afraid of losing my house. I have been growing for awhile now and I am unaware of any problems to my neighbors caused by my grows. Can somebody give me an example of how they were harmed in any way by a grow?
4:16, are you saying that you profit from the sale of MJ? I thought that was illegal, that you could only be reimbursed for expenses by the people you grow for.
Excellent news on the removal by one means or another of the old GOB network, Howe, take your pictures of the Garzoli kiddie rides with you punk, you were outed many many months ago, this county is glad to see you out and hope ya stay. The point being boys the more that are fired, leave or take absence the better, the citizens could not be happier. This is generally what happens when there is a management change over, the dead weight the old boys, the unruly ones that can't live within the more modern management environment will be gone sooner or later. This is all excellent news for Rivero, and you can bet it does not bother him at all. In due time the majority including Martin, Davidson, all of them will be out the door and gone. Very good news indeed.

Note to Davidson, hey asshole you better get a handle on your new wifey, she is being watched very carefully from facebook to other activities she is engaged in. Take a hint Davidson get a handle on her or she is going to cause you and her a lot of problems, that is not a hope that is a promise. Your days are numbered here, you will be gone with the rest of the left over old boys, and if you don't get a handle on the new partner it will be sooner rather then later. Pass that on to Davidson if he hasn't heard the news that his new wife has been outed. Were watching, and much closer then you think. Also want to note that there are some interesting photos concerning Davidson, he may not know about, if those get released oh my my my, we are saving those for a rainy day, get smart Davidson, or your days are numbered quicker then you think.

Make sure everyone reads the boycott list posted that Green commented on yesterday, we want to shut down these people and send them packing. They are not in support of the citizens but in support of their own cause. The list is on yesterdays comments if you can't find it we will repost it.

Great news we say again on the shall we say removal of as many of the old guard as possible, this is going exactly as the citizens had hoped.

Sorry boys your days of power are gone.
As a civilian, I am not concerned with the inner workings of the sheriff's department. that is between the sheriff, the deputies, the bos, and the union. If something isn't working right, they will have to work it out between them. Listening to bitching from the inside does not affect the citizens unless the department is not doing its for the people of Lake County. If the people feel unprotected, then they can speak up. Otherwise, I don't think anyone is concerned with the rants and raves within the sheriff's department. Also, the day that contributors to the Blog get away from pot and the sheriff's department, more ordinary citizens will be interested in talk of the many problems within Lake County Government. How about some personal experiences?
Hey Clark, I think as we have been watching the Blog and as you can see there have been quite a lot of topics brought up in the last two weeks, everything from the market and the economy to the uprisings in the middle east the chaos in England, and a host of other subjects. It appears that what you suggest is exactly what the Lovelace group is trying to do, and that is expand the subject matter, and not only cover the comings and goings of the local government including the sheriffs department, but other events that our taking place outside of our little world in Lake County. We think the Blog will always have its roots in the LE and local government activities, but as well we see that world events and our own countries events will become more and more the subject matter as what looks to be critical economic and societal conditions grow worse and worse. Hope that you agree, and hope you will be patient as the Blog evolves and progresses. As always thanks for the input and ideas as they are much appreciated.
1232 don't you read? MJ requires a percription by a licensed physican and you take it to a place that distributes it, like a store. It will follow the county rules once approved by the Board of Supervisors. You can go to a meeting to learn more. Sheech....another Fulton for you.
I just read about the gob's getting a working over. Thanks for the information 4:25. I have to admit, I do agree that, as far as the old gob's, in any capacity, they must go, before honesty and fairness to the people can return to our local government. You are doing a great job Lovelace, and I can't wait for the day that all the hidden information comes out, agencies are purged of the bad, and we can all feel good about the people that serve us.
hey 4:25 alot of people profit from mj in northern ca. billions of dollars. It's to the point now that mj is nor cals number one commodity. Are you interested in growing? there are classes popping up all over the place on how to grow, I went to oakland. (:
Clark, we are on the same page, we must say there is a lot of dirt out there and for us it is about needing the approval of the people who gave it to us. Some are still very scared, some worried they may still risk being attacked by those left of the old regime. These things we are bound to hold till those individuals give us the permission to put it out there. We look forward to the day also when in total the officers and deputies are working hand in hand with the citizens, we have taken important steps forward, but there is still much to do to make that a reality, but it is coming.
This is the Lovelace group we have just received a call from our person at the motion hearing of the Dinius trial, although as usual with these motions not much happened, with the exception of two things one of which is quite interesting. But the first thing is attorney Masson was granted 30 days by the judge to change the complaint in several areas and within that time frame the newest version of the complaint will be presented to the judge, which will then allow for the continuation of this long process. The other interesting note is that the "Lake County Sheriff's department" as an entity is no longer on the list of defendants. This is due to the fact that Sheriff Rivero is now in charge and Rod Mitchell, Hoppy, Ostini and the rest are being sued as individuals!! The only people present in the court room were the lawyers of both sides and our person, and boy were they wondering who it was and why they were there. As we have always said we will be there and we will track this for the citizens. So a very interesting day to say the least and happy we could bring you this update.
Yes Kent, of course, all that have differing opinions are GOBs. It is a term used
to justify the censorship of this Blog. Any contrary opinion expressed, is a GOB.
I know, Kent.
1:46 Smoking is not the issue here and nobody is forcing anything down your throat. Mj in lake county is an economic issue and an important one. The only thing being forced down anybody's throat are these ordinances.
OU and the rest of the GOB's have left the building.There will not be a repeat performance.
Wow they really have run for cover, they are not to be found anywhere. Amazing that they cannot bring themselves to face the music in front of the public, where is the conviction(oh sorry) where are the stand up guys that were so vocal, hmmmmm sure tells the tale of their motivation and actions.
I'll tell you what if I was a regular deputy with no bones to pick, I would make a strong statement that I do not want any DSA money put towards paying Paulich's court bills. Let's hope the DSA has learned their lessons, and they give a full accounting of who paid the costs.
To know the truth when you have lived with dishonest for so long is not a possibility for those that work for us. They have come to the believe that the system is for them and for the rest to pay and shut up. I do hope there is a new day for all are sakes.
James you keep calling it as you see it and you keep coming up right. Geeee and how those GOB's attack you. Of course the GOB's have disappeared now a bit embarrassing at this point I think to be considered one. ;-)
The Recall is coming along just fine. Dont worry, you will find out soon enough. Have a great day!
If our local judges can't/won't handle a case of a employees insubordination to his employer.
Just what kind of cases are they capable of handling?
Maybe it would be cost effective and most importantly to have Justus served contract all their cases to outside judges?
Getting fired for Refusing to do your job should apply to judges too.
1103 Morning Clit.
Your comments never fail to match you immature personality.
1058 Morning Heather,
Did you and Clit decide to meet on the Blog rather than your Hate site?
Ya 1058 your time ran out to collect your recall signatures, and as you know the whole thing is dead in the water, now you need to take a page out of the signature gathering for the referendum and maybe learn something, the biggest problem is you can't get enough citizens on your side and that is the bottom line.

I think what happened 1107 is the local judges saw the case Paulich was going to bring forward and realized it was a lost cause, so they did not want to ruin their friendships with the deputies by knowing that would have to rule against them. This must be very embarrassing for these local judges to have to admit that they cannot be unbiased in something like this, they will tell you it is so no one says they were slanted in one direction or the other but the truth of it is they just did not want to face the music by throwing one of their buddies under the bus.
Post 11:02,I may be senile but I know when someone lies to me.And unlike you I give my name and I tell the truth about this local government.All this mess did not start because the system was honest. All your blather to imply there is something wrong with me because I post will not change the fact this system is what I say it is. I do admit age has over took me and unlike you was not raised with liars for leaders.
1116 They may have thrown themselves under the bus.
There are somethings the voters don't forget.
How they serve Just Us is one of them.
Personally I do not like politician, nor do I care for cops? Anybody that wants
a position of power is not to be trusted in my book. Corruption in politics and
the police force is always, in some matter, going to exist. History tells us this.
For thousands of years this has been the case. Unless you can change human nature,
it will continue. However, even though I support this Blog, it has gotten personal
and turned more into a name calling,and a gossip type chat channel. I wish Lovelace
can clean this stuff up and quit himself LOL at people. That way it could possibly
be strictly a fact finding Blog, which would be more professional.
No judge in LC will hear any of these disgruntled employee suits. Why? Because they are all related to the deputies and CO's, thank God for that!! I once heard judge Martin reading a landry list of who he knew and who were friends of his son in LE etc. and then state that he could be unbiased? What a F-ing joke!!

Hey Cheryl Alvord-not so Smart, stick to driving that school bus and leave the politics to those who really know what's going on! Yep it's not like both of your son-in-laws are cops or anything.... Oh sorry, just one of your son-in-laws is a cop now because one of them got run off by LPPD in disgrace and now he's a private dick along with every other loser cop in the county. LMAO!
11:58 I understand your concern about cleaning up some of the personal hits and gossip. But, recognize that to police a blog such as this one twenty-four hours a day is a huge task. I think the folks at Lovelace are doing the best they can. With more people joining the group, maybe some of them can volunteer to help with the monitoring. I hope, in the future that I can be there to help also. but, in the meantime, I'll keep reading and writing, minus gossip and personal attacks. By the way 11:16, I agree that the judges are so tied in with the deputies, they don't want to do anything to hurt their relationship.
Lovelace, is the DDA male or female?
Reply to 1256 is at the bottom of this comment

1158 and Clark, thanks for both your posts and your input, you are both correct and we are working on not only our presentation but the continued professionalism of what we do. In fact we believe that the need for us to banter back and forth as entities of the Lovelace group in an untoward or divisive manner is slowly coming to a close. It should be noted that in the beginning we felt we had to play ball on their level if you will and it was important to hit hard and use names and conduct a maximum exposure campaign. Now we are hoping with the current victory against Paulich that the writing on the wall is clear enough that we can eventually bring everyone together for the common cause of relationship building and working in concert with the LE of all ranks and positions hand and hand with the citizens to help Lake County. We were and continue to be attack by some of the local folks who do not want change in the county, some of those attacks on Lovelace people have been quite scary, from arson fires to threats on people personally, to break ins and a number of other incidents that told us the hard and difficult hill this would be to overcome, we did stick to our guns(pardon the pun) and will continue to do so. Thanks to the both of you for your input and comments.

1256 this is so sensitive we simply cannot put that information out right now. The information we are gathering is difficult at best to uncover, and the potential ramifications are very very damaging, we need to be sure of all aspects of this and several other situations we are looking into in great detail, we can say we are utilizing outside agencies and affiliations to assist us(to ensure we have proper notification should we be stonewalled at our local level) as well as our local investigators and we will have to leave it at that for now.

Also if the question from 1256 is a sneak attack at getting information from us by a DDA or other entities in the county it will not work, and none of the DDA's or others would have a clue what is being looked into, and for many it does not even effect them.
But if you were not a friend in asking that question please cease in those attempts, we have been around to long doing this to fall for such folly. If it was just a question by a citizen no harm taken.

Thanks everyone
1158 If you have been visiting the Blog for awhile you may have noticed that the GOB,Malcontents,Trouble makers,Losers, All come to the Blog of their own freewill and choice.
How would "YOU" handle the GOB,Malcontents,Trouble makers,Losers that came to "Your" Blog with their immature personalities,insults,and fabrications that have nothing to do with the the purpose of "Your" Blog?

Keep in mind that no one goes looking for them.
That is exactly correct 128, Lovelace never goes to the now dead blogs of the GOB's we do not post there and we will not post there. As we have always said everyone is welcome here but you will not take over the citizens Blog, you will not turn it into a hate Rivero site, and you will follow the guidelines of the site. Pee-stained underwear comments and all the rest of the small childish rants are removed from the site they claim that is violation of freedom of speech, when in fact since there are no intelligent and or subject applicable things coming from them it is not it keeping the site professional and up-front, 2 posts were removed last night from Rivero supporters that were over the top and wrong to post. We hit both sides when necessary. We also do not allow out and out lies and misinformation to stay on the site, as it serves no purpose toward the better good of the county and the change we are seeking. If those of us in the Lovelace group were paid for the amount of time people man this site we would be millionaires by now, but we are just as poor as the next guy and struggling to make it like the rest, but this is important and we will stick to it and continue to seek transparency and justice for the voiceless in the county.
I suppose if I had a blog claiming to be a government watch for the citizens I'd make damn sure I wasn't in bed with any elected officials and I'd let people discuss government without censorship.

Unfortunately since you are in bed with an elected official you'll never be able to be anything but a mouthpiece with an unhealthy appetite for censorship.
1"28 get over it cry baby if you can't stand the heat........stay out of the kitchen. Go whine to Brucey he will pee on your shoes and you can be urine buddies
1'53 AMEN BROTHER MAN, exactly this site reminds me of the Chinese way of living only allow the people what they want the people to see, like that tank in Tienanmen Square never happend.

From Rivero cell phone to this sites mouthpiece
"We also do not allow out and out lies and misinformation to stay on the site."

I guess you haven't read the front page lately. Or the URL of the site...

I support your efforts to clean this thing up and make it respectable but you have one hell of a long way to go.
If we are nothing more than what we elect,we are in trouble.
Looks like it took Sheriff Rivero to get the ball rolling in Clearlake.
please send me a pitcher of the koolaid you are drinking so I can get on the same page.
India rocked by a 6.8 earthquake.

Notice of Proposed minor use permit and board will consider approving AG Unlimited Lake County Farm Supply including outdoor Storage located at 2582 Argonaut Road, Finley.
The planner is Steve Mitchell 263-2221, the zoning administrator will approve this minor use permit without hearing if no written request for a public hearing is submitted by 5 pm Sept 22, to the Community Development Dept at the Courthouse 255 No.Forbes St.

BOS meeting Tues.
130 MJ/ adding 72A
Closed Session LCEA, DSA, LCCOA, DDAA.
Lovelace, does the news about a DDA involve a DUI?
1247 If you want on the same page you will have to share it with Col. Clink's bird.
9/22 Paradise v Ferguson
9/29 Hatfield v. Clearlake Pd, Lake, Mental Health etc.
Hey, 12:58 what are you saying or not saying?
DDA and DUI please tell us.
We see through you. What more do you want?
Look in a mirror and you will see what everyone else sees.
Not pretty is it?
This is a memo sent out by Dale Gieringer of Cal NORMAL concerning our situation with battling the local government on the dispensary and cultivation issue.

From: Dale Gieringer
Sent: Sep 18, 2011 10:04 AM
Subject: Sep 20 Lake County Board of Supes meeting on MMJ Cultivation

Cal NORML Lake County Alert
The medical marijuana cultivation ordinance comes before the Lake County Board of Supervisors again on Tuesday, September 20 at 1:30. Please share this and pass the word. If you know some cannabis farmers, please send this to them and urge them to attend.

Growers need to come out of their closets and come out and testify, or at least attend and support those that do, or everyone will regret it later when the Board passes a foolish, Draconian ordinance. It is not clear whether the Board will allow additional testimony, but it appears they will. Sgt. Randy Johnson from Mendocino County will be there to discuss the liberal Mendocino County ordinance. Sgt. Johnson runs the Mendocino cultivation program that includes the sale of zip ties to put on legal plants, and which has raised well over a half million dollars for Mendocino County this year,

The proposed Lake County ordinance currently allows anyone with a recommendation to grow 6 mature and 12 immature plants without a permit. Indoor grows are to be no more than 100 square feet and 1200 watts. Three people can grow 18 mature or 36 immature collectively without a permit on one acre or more. Larger collectives who obtain a minor use permit can grow a maximum of 36 mature and 72 immature on 5 acres or more. But, applying for a minor use permit means the County will notify your neighbors, place an ad in the newspaper with your name and location of your cannabis farm, and probably a public hearing, so the whole world will know who is growing where. This is an absurd idea! It will encourage thefts, robberies and violence against cannabis farmers. A violation of the ordinance (like growing too many plants) is a separate misdemeanor offense for each day! There are lots of other restrictive and burdensome provisions. The proposed ordinance is an unmitigated disaster.

Please consider coming to the Board meeting at 1:30 on Tuesday, September 20, and share this and spread the word.

Mendocino County passed an ordinance two years ago, a pragmatic one, and it is working. They license cannabis farmers to grow up to 99 plants, no license required for 25 plants, and they sell zip ties to put on plants to show they are legal, and have raised well over a half million dollars this year. They keep names and locations private. They have more than 5 times as many participants this year as last, and hope to increase participation as the program gains respect and trust, and they are looking forward to getting into the 2 million to 4 million dollar a year range. The Board had been urged to look at this by Ed Robey and Ron Green.

Ron Green has just written the Board of Supervisors with these suggestions: "If you decide to proceed with the proposed ordinance, instead of modeling Lake's after Mendocino's, at least please consider a system that does not involve a land use permit and the public notice. Also, we suggest that you create a fourth category. The proposed ordinance now has 3 categories, the first is 6/12 plants in 7 types of zoning, the second is 18/36 on one acre or more in 6 types of zoning, and the third is 36/72 with a minor use permit on 5 acres or more in 5 types of zoning. Our suggestion is that you create a fourth category on 10 acres or more, in the same 5 types of zoning as the 36/72, and allow a total of up to 99 plants, whether mature or immature, for people growing collectively or growing with authorization from a dispensary."
Green has found his reason for living. It will never be over while he feels the need of a platform.
650 Just a little bit envious are we?
Those that can, DO.
Those that can't sit on the sidelines and show how envious they are of those that can.
Change leave or get out of the way, it really doesn't matter 650 the people that are out taking action are the ones that win the day, and that is exactly what we and many others are doing, you can whine on this and or other sites all you want, but you whine, and do nothing else, those that take action are always chastised by the lowlifes that can't get off their arse to change a thing. As you know we and others are not sitting on our arse, and shortly you will see more yet again that shows you that reality.

We support Ron Green and any other individual that shows that kind of character.
Keep banging away on them Lovelace, the egg is cracking and in the end victory is assured.
We know it is difficult for the GOB's to understand the concept of transparency and government which is in concert with the majority of the citizens. You of the old regime would like to profess that this site is only about MJ or only about Rivero etc etc but what you fail to see is it doesn't matter what the cause is, what matters is the proper execution of government. This is what the referendum had to be brought to the battle, this is why we had to get Rivero elected, as our local government was governing for the people but was governing for themselves. This we will not stand for and this is exactly why we do what we do. Any questions?
Lovelace, would you say the proper execution of government should be patterned much like
your Blog which censors and deletes opinions which are not in compliance with the
founders of this Blog ideals. That is why I feel you are a hypocrite of the worst kind.
The more I read this Blog the more I sense it to be nothing but a propaganda tool that
really does not promote freedom of speech, or any contrary opinion outside of your own.
You are free to think or post what you ant 738, but don't try to game us into thinking that your opinion was ever one that was on the same plane as ours. From the beginning people like you wanted things to stay the same, from the beginning people like you have tried to shut us down, none of those efforts have worked and for over 2 years now we have carried on the cause of the citizens of our county. You say our site is a propaganda tool, there is a difference between promoting our causes and what we want in government and propaganda as you have termed it. It is propaganda when a government lies to its citizens and attempts to sway opinion based on mis-truths and governmental intervention by use of deception and lies, we have uncovered the lies, placed new people in elected positions and fought for an end to the corrupt elitist that were in charge, if you want to call that propaganda, that is your right, but stating your opinion is simply that your opinion and if we disagree with you and state that fact, it is not as you have termed it propaganda.
Oh Please Lovelace, I just moved here to Lake County recently. Again, you assume,
and use propaganda. I knew not the last Sheriff, nor do I know this one. I have
simply observed this Blog and have taken note of all the deleted posts that did
not agree with your personal agenda for this county. This Blog is so obviously
biased, that people with any insight and intelligence would see right through it.
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