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July 11th, 2014(updated)

This is the Lovelace Group of Lake County and this is our Blog page. This Blog is dedicated to the good citizens of our county and with their help and dedication to change and transparency. This site now has 6 years of existence. It started several years ago dedicated to the removal of two public officials holding office in our county. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell and District Attorney John Hopkins. As our group began to look at the actions and incidents of corruption, elitism, and crony-ism that was entrenched in our local governmental system it became clear that something must be done to change the course of the past 15 years. Lake County is one of the lowest rated counties in the state from health criteria to water quality. Meth is still a severe issue, tourism is dying, and housing value is stagnant. Our lake is dying due to total government mismanagement.  Change is needed.  A model was created, this model was based upon the use and concept of social communications and Internet dialog to promote public awareness and further the cause of radical change in our community. By various means we brought our site to the attention of the citizens and public officials in our county. Now approaching  one million comments, several elections, and an amazing county, state and country wide audience we are pressing forward for even greater social change and policy restructuring within our county. Environmentally and from a governmental failure, our county is dying.  

What has been accomplished thus far would have been hard to imagine 48 months ago. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell has been removed from power, District Attorney Jon Hopkins has been removed from power. One of the driving forces for the exposure and removal of these two corrupt individuals is a terrible incident involving a boating accident on our local lake when a sheriff's deputy named Russell Perdock drove his speed boat at high speed in the middle of the night over the top of a sail boat just leaving the docks with running lights on killing at a far to early age a beautiful women name Lynn Thorton, at the helm of the sailboat was Bismarck Dinius. What followed is hard to imagine. Then sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins charged Bismarck Dinius with the death of his passenger Lynn Thorton and protected their deputy Russell Perdock, charging him with no crimes. During the course of the criminal trial cover-ups, illegal actions, jury tampering, and a host of other issues spelled the doom of Mitchell and Hopkins and the total unanimous jury acquittal of Bismarck Dinius. A federal civil rights trial of massive proportions has been settled in San Francisco federal court with several million dollars going to Mr. Dinius. Both Mitchell and Hopkins were key individuals in the attempted prosecution of Bismarck Dinius and cover-up of the truth of the accident. With this incident in mind we launched the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog, of which our URL remains the same but our Blog name has now changed to Lake County Government Watch. During the adventures of our first year we were able to elect Sheriff Frank Rivero into the sheriffs position.  For 4 years running the GOB network has attacked sheriff Rivero. A phony Brady process by DA Donnie Anderson, a Trumped up recall attempt by Brian Martin and Rob Brown, and a vote of no confidence by the BOS were some of the constant attacks by this elitist network.  Now in the recent election, the local media showing no journalistic integrity has assisted in taking our sheriff out of office, he is being replaced by a Good Old Boy who is directly connected to former sheriff Rodney Mitchell.  Although we will have one or two new supervisors in district's 2 and 3, we are saddened with the loss of sheriff Rivero. Sheriff Rivero was of Cuban blood. The severe racism still embedded in the power brokers of Lake County and their family and friends remains a major issue.   However we are steadfast in our dedication to you the people of this county and of  furthering transparency, honesty, and government integrity in our county and beyond.  

What we have found during the course of our own investigations in the county is stunning to say the least. It was discovered that a local Internet paper called Lake County News run by Liz Larson and her husband John, in our opinion were in collusion with local government officials. We then exposed this paper for its biased and fascist operations discrediting their reporting and any semblance of credibility they once had. The Record Bee has done no better and due to a massive amount of pressure local editor Mandy Feder is leaving the paper. Both papers outright attacks on Sheriff Rivero scraped the bottom of journalistic integrity.  One of the more significant discoveries also exposed several of our local Board of Supervisors to the citizens scrutiny. Most significant is Rob Brown, whom we continue to bring the light of transparency and exposure to his actions and Neanderthal approach to governance.  

As together we continue our Blog and our efforts towards community awareness and change we want to thank the many citizens from deputies current and former to just good folks helping and offering assistance.

This process of change in a county or government system run through an entrenched multi-generational nepotistic, wink wink, system of government(GOB's or Good Ole Boys) is difficult to accomplish, new ideas and change are not embraced. Those that have the power and control will not give it up easily.   Thank you for joining us here, we are the voice of the voiceless of which in today's world there are far to many whose voices are not heard.

Finally as of this editing, we are but a few days away from 2,000,000 page views in 6 short years, in this a county of 60,000 and change. All of you are the reason we hit that milestone.

The Lovelace group of concerned citizens

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I don't think the actor Val Kilmer would have had his picture taken with Rob Brown if he knew of his negative reputation in the county. And why did he? Just to hold Brown's collector's gun? Sounds fishy to me, and looks like a setup in the RB.
I would like to make a post about Rob Brown. This man has got to go. I was in the BOS meeting yesterday, and listening to the conversation concerning the funding for PEG 8. Rob Brown, who is know to hate the KPFZ radio station, and has voiced his dislike many times about it. Has gone and stuck is stupid cowboy foot in his mouth again. He said KPFZ was given money and they have done nothing to use that money toward any educational purposes like they said they would. Now Rob does not want to give money to TV-8 for funding. This man is an idiot and he has got to go, He also thinks that during the election TV-8 supported Rivero and that the station was used for their benefit!!! Rob Brown is obviously still stung by his buddy Rod's crushing in the election. Hey Brown, I think we have 2 more years of your dumb ass in this county and then if you are stupid enough to run again we get to kick you butt out of the county. Someone get this message to Brown if you see him. Hey Brown the county has changed, your ignorance and cowboy stupidity isn't going to cut it anymore. The minute you put your hat in the ring if you are not smart enough to not, I hope the citizens and everyone who shut down your buddy Mitchell does the same thing to you. Your an idiot, go away, smarter people have now come into the county now and it is time for the likes of you to find a new job!!
Yes isn't that interesting, Rob Brown doesn't like our local public radio station, Rob Brown doesn't like our local TV public station, payed for by public monies, and yet the cowboy campaigns for his buddy Mitchell using our public money which pays his salary. Rob, why is it you can always find a way to stick a foot in your mouth, and that includes the boot you wear!!! ha ha ha ha. Brown give it up!!
Big news, the John Gray trial has ended after 1 1/2 hours of deliberation we have another loss for our DA and his DDA's, NOT GUILTY....we hope to have an article up on the Manifest by days end.

The Manifest
John Gray a not guilty verdict by a jury of his peers. Groth tried the wrong man at our expense.
Subject: Rivero Victory Party

Everyone is invited to the VICTORY PARTY on Sunday, November 21 from 3 PM to 7 PM at Konocti Vista Casino in Lakeport. No charge, free food provided by Konocti Vista, no host bar. Music by Without A Net and also Irma Lopez. Please come celebrate Frank's big victory and bring friends. Open to everyone.
Is there any info as to why Perdocks boat was takin out of the storage facility? And, where they took it? I know after time they release such evidence but with the pending suits I would think they would hold on to it. And why, would the Sheriffs Dept be the ones to tow it away at the expense of the tax payers?
There has yet to be answer given as to why public funds were being used to tow the Perdock boat, or any private boat for that matter. Certain people have been notified, and an answer should be forthcoming or at least some theories in the next few days. Something is not right, unless the boat was requested as part of a discovery evidence request from the Dinius attorney Masson, but not sure what at this point the boat would be used for in the next trial, when we get to watch Mitchell and Hoppy squirm on the stand as defendants. Interesting.
They don't need no stinkin boat to prove their case. Hoppy, and mitchell along with all the other liars already have done that for them!
1052 Maybe the sheriff's office has been storing it for Perdock. Perhaps, Mitchell said, it had to be removed before the transition, so they gave it back to Perdock. The only thing before us, is the civil rights violations and they wouldn't need the boat for that case.
Thats my opinion.
Wow, just bought a newspaper that actually has Frank Rivero and Don Anderson on the front page! That's my new newspaper...Clear Lake Observer-American.
To Lovelace,
As expected, mitchell is now in the get even mode. We have learned that mitchell pulled the rug out from under several individuals who apparently had voted against him. They were supposed to be future volunteers for the LCSO. There is no knowledge as to why mitchell did what he did at this time, but there is verification that it actually happened. We will put nothing past mitchell, as his sleazy past is proof enough. If any information on this subject comes our way, we will immediately post it here. Mitchell is a vindictive liar and manipulator of words, so we should shortly be hearing from him or his GOBs about this post. Please try to post any new happenings, as we are sure that mitchell will continue his dirty doings as his big sleazy ass got badly burned last Tuesday. We are all 100% behind Rivero, and his dreams of cleaning up this contaminated County that mitchell controlled for the past 16 years. Looking forward to the Rivero VICTORY party on the 21st. So long for now. The anonymous ones.
Mitchelle and his supporters are shacking in their boots! Now Olivia Peregrina is shaking in her boots because now she knows she wont have a Sheriff anymore to save her ass! Markham's had it with her and her crazy antics. She's realizing she's not as big and bad as she thought she was along with all the other Mitchelle supporters.
Mitchell has always been in the get even mode. It's not fair for the citizens of Lake County to be under his dictatorial rule until Rivero gets sworn in on January 5th. Why is Mitchell allowed to set the date as to WHEN HE WILL ALLOW RIVERO to start to gain knowledge regarding what is going on in the LCSO? Control, control, and more control by the one who is out of control, Mitchell himself. How many more individuals will he try to step on before he is finally completely out of the ability to do more damage? I am sure that Frank will know how to handle whatever occurs between Mitchell and himself, and Rivero can be assured that we are all behind him, and that we are ready to work with Rivero, and to serve the citizens of Lake County. Goodnight to everyone, and I hope to see you all at Rivero's VICTORY PARTY. Staying anonymous for now.
Hello everyone this is the Lovelace group, please bring your Rivero signs to the 21st event so they can be collected by sheriff Rivero if you have not already gotten them to him. Thanks everyone!!!!
Frank won't be waiting until Jan 5th. He will start the transition into the department right after Thanksgiving. He will be sworn in Jan. 5th. beleive me, he is making his presence known to all within the department now. Hes ready to take over and we are more than ready to have him!
Message to James Hendersen, everything good on our end, Working on a number of areas, will contact you within a week. all is well with us. Will talk soon, and of course see you on the 21st. Got your phone messages. Lovelace group.
Letter from Jon Hopkins saying," Officer was justified in the fatal shooting". The shooting on Cobbt that ski was involved in should be looked at by someone other than Lake County Hopkins.

I wonder if Hopkins has read the EEOC Report and Ski's involvement in it?
Thank you Lovelace. To all others the reason the grand jury does not work for the citizen is because those that you would report run the program. So the Dinius case is just the tip of the ice berg with the dishonesty in this local government.I swear to you the bureaucrats in this local government will lie and cover the lies up. It starts at the board of supervisors,Miss Grant. But that should be where it stops at. To Hopkins and Mitchell the lies have caught up to you. Do hope the fat lady is not singing until your problem with Mr. Dinius has had his way with you.
Please bring in your Rivero signs so we can save them because they will definitely be needed in 2014!
I agree with James in regards to the Grand Jury. In my experience most of the jurors are sincere, honest good people that just want to serve their community. Unfortunately after thorough investigations they are not allowed by our local judicial officials to report their complete findings with accuracy. Compounding it is the oath of secrecy they are sworn to when they are seated. They cannot even speak about the abuse of judicial power without fear of repercussions. This is what happened with their two year investigation into the Lake County Office of Education. They compiled testimony from over two dozen individuals regarding unfair labor practices and employee abuse that repeatedly happened within the agency. This was far too many people with too similar stories to write it off as “just disgruntled employees.” Additionally they had documented proof of David Geck, then superintendent falsifying documents, lying to the Grand Jury, and authorizing the purchase of alcohol ($35.00, $31.00, $24.00 bottle of wine) plus hotel expenses at the rate of $200 - $250.00 plus per night. This was all at taxpayer expense. Yeah, I think education needs more money!! To any layman and to the jurors he was guilty of malfeasance. Not to Jon Hopkins or those judicial jokers in charge. The good news is he had the smarts to not run for office again. Unfortunately Mr. Geck was just the tip of the iceberg of corrupt people in the Lake County Office of Education and it remains to be seen what Mr. Holbrook, the newly sworn in last September Superintendent will do towards cleaning up the place. Keep an eye on this agency they have a lot of taxpayer money to spend and no entity other than the people to answer to in this county. Not even the BOS has power over them. Just us citizens. Let’s get them and keep them honest.
prop 203 won in Arizona.
Sheriff Rivero said on the radio that 5 total captain and LT. positions are being eliminated, which can mean eliminated or demotions so that the current command structure is going to change, and be more chain of command so everyone knows who is who and which individual is in charge in the chain of command at any given time. He was on the radio, great stuff, great ideas.
I know Wally Holbrook very well and he is nothing like Geck or Corneilson. He might put on the face of a friend to them but he is his own person and will do the right thing for the students of Lake County. I had thought about trying to get appointed to the grand jury until I found out they have no teeth. How could one go about changing that? I'll see everyone on the 21st!

Sunday, November 21, from 3 PM to 7 PM. At Konocti Vista Casino in Lakeport. No charge, complimentary food, no host bar. Music by Without A Net; Irma Lopez; and Mike Wilhelm and Hired Guns. Also, dynamic poetry by Lake County Poet Laureate Russell Reza-Khaliq Gonzaga. Please come celebrate Frank's big victory and bring friends. Wear your dancing shoes. Open to everyone.
The government would say that the grand jury is the watch dogs for the citizen but the truth is its the lap dogs for the local bureaucrats.After years with this local bunch I was not surprised with what they would do to Mr.Dinius. You see!!!! there that arrogant. There is no sense of shame from them,they think their the victims when the citizen complains. Miss.Grant,county counsel to the board of supervisors will send you a letter calling you a harasser if you seek the truth. They will lie and will cover the lies up but this time they have been caught with the Dinius case. As a shroud wrapped in all their dishonesty so now all the county knows what they are. For me I have had all their cake I care to. The arrogance to tell me they can lie and cover the lies up. This is what you end up with No one telling them that they can't lie or cover the lies up.Thanks to the Lovelace group.
9:00 Do you think there were 5 Captain and LT's who heard that and collectively sh*t themselves? Karma has brought her puppies home to play and none too soon. I wonder if all those unhappy cops realize that there is a very large pool of other cops out of work due to budget cuts and they would give anything to have some of our deputies leave so they could have the jobs. Tick Tock boys don't think it is not known who are the bad cops in this county...
I spoke with Rivero two nights ago at hardesters in Middletown. He has some good ideas, and I am getting more excited to see what he will do.
Hvla security. What or who gives them jurisdiction for arrests, and the authority to pull someone over?
Please read the top of the page and it will give you the overview of the blog timeline and what we are working on right now, we will keep the blog on moderate mode till around the first of Dec. as we work out the next phase of our activity. We continue to post all comments after review, so feel free to post what information you have or comments. Remember to attend on the 21st at Konocti, for the celebration of our new sheriff.
POST 9:16. Good question about how do we change what has gone on with the Grand Jury? I have wondered the same thing and hope to have a conversation with Don Anderson to see if he has any new ideas. I know that Jon Hopkins was responsible for ignoring the Jury's report on Geck and gave him the "free pass." I think some of our judges were responsible as well. Thanks for shareing the good feelings about Wally. I truly hope you are right about him and realize it is still a little early in his administration to make judgements. I just know a lot of people have been unnecessarily and deeply hurt by this agency.

The term “civil grand jury” is frequently used as a shorthand way to refer to a regular grand jury that sits in a county where the regular grand jury’s indictment powers are not called upon. It is a convenient, but unfortunate, shorthand term that it makes it easy to refer to such a regular grand jury. The CGJA tries to avoid the term, however, and encourages grand jurors to do the same. The reason is that the term conveys the impression to the public, the media, the government officials over whom you have oversight jurisdiction, and perhaps worst of all, to grand jurors themselves, that regular grand jurors do not have the strong powers that in fact they do have. It can lead to a diminishing awareness of and commitment to your powers to investigate public official misconduct in office, to issue accusations, to direct the District Attorney to recover monies and to investigate criminal matters even if you will not be asked to issue an indictment. In short, it can lead to a mentality that, in counties where they are not asked to issue indictments, all that regular grand juries do, or even all they are required to do, is to issue Reports. That is wrong and such an attitude can severely weaken a grand jury and, indeed, the strength of all of California’s regular grand juries in the future. It is also possible that if enough grand jurors think of themselves as possessing only reporting powers for a long enough period of time, the legislature may agree and significantly change the historic role of the regular grand jury.
The CGJA encourages regular grand juries to refer to themselves simply as “[County name] Grand Jury”. If an additional grand jury is impaneled let it refer to itself as an “additional”, “special” or “criminal” grand jury but reserve the unrestricted term “grand jury” for the regular grand jury.
Section 919 (c) of the Penal Code requires the grand jury to inquire into the willful or corrupt misconduct in office of public officers of every description within the county. Where misconduct is found, the grand jury may file an accusation leading to a trial. If the official is convicted, he is thereby removed from office. Very few accusations are filed. Frequently, if there is misconduct in office, it is of a criminal nature, and an indictment rather than an accusation would be issued. It is also possible that an official would resign rather than face an accusation. As reviewed by Frank Dougherty and Dennis Myers, misconduct in office could include any of the following: Nonfeasance: (1) The failure to act where duty requires an act; or (2) Neglect or refusal, without sufficient cause or excuse, to do that which is the officer‟s legal duty to do, whether willfully or through malice; or (3) Willful neglect of duty. Misfeasance:
(1) The improper of doing of an act that a person might lawfully do; or (2) The performance of a duty or act that one ought to do or
has a right to do, but in a manner such as to infringe upon the rights of others. Malfeasance: (1) The doing of an act that is positively unlawful or wrong; or (2) The performance of a wrongful act that the person has no legal right to do.
Filing Complaints
The Lake County Grand Jury may investigate complaints by any person. Items the Grand Jury may investigate are:

* Mistreatment by officials or employees of the County of Lake, the cities of Clearlake or Lakeport, and special districts (school districts, water districts, etc.) within Lake County.
* Misconduct or wrongdoing in their official capacities by officials or employees of the County of Lake, cities or special districts within Lake County.
* Government waste or inefficiencies by the County of Lake or a city or special district within the County of Lake.
* Failure of the County of Lake or a city or special district to provide essential public services.

To submit a complaint:

1. Download the Grand Jury Complaint Form or phone 707-279-8619 to obtain a form.
2. Fill out the form completely.
3. Attach copies of relevant documents.
4. Sign the form.
5. Mail to:

County of Lake
Lake County Grand Jury
ATTN: Foreperson
PO Box 1078
Kelseyville, CA 95451
Good information,Thanks. Someone should forward it to hopkins and the Grand Jury.
910, the HVL homeowners association and CC&R give the security their authority, any arrest they make is just a citizens arrest
Okay boys & girls! I will try to get myself appointed to the grand jury....Don will help me out! Okay, here comes # I guess LCSD Jacob Steely is using the ruse of "I got a 911 hang up call from this location, so now I MUST do a walk through" Hey Steely, they didn't have a phone line "foolio" so who dialed??? We will wait until Frank takes over to file a complaint....along with the FACT that the GOSSETT's and the Perez's have A BIG complaint to file ON YOU!!!! What A dumb shit you are to Accuse two of the Gossett's children of BULLSHIT stuff! Where is her son's wedding ring? He defended your freedoms as a Marine for 4 years in Iraq and you arrested him for being "Brantley's brother" & Barabara son"?. No need to be jealious because he was military and you were a LOSER P**Y from highschool!! Just because you got punked out by Rick Moreno & Chris Fields in high school and now you have a complex, is no need to take your insecurities out on the general public. Trust me, your file is getting thick! You'll be lucky to be working at Mc Donald's when They get done with your butt! Proof in in the pudding....what's that on your face????
The people that choose to set on the grand jury I'm sure are good and honest. That has never been a charge made by me. That they are the problem, Its the bureaucrats that over see the system. The same people that would hide for supervisor Lewis and his misuse of the government phone issued to him. Check on it let their actions speak for them. With all that is with in this local government it has become about them and they will lie and cover the lies up. That's the short of it. Thanks to lovelace.
This is a short article that appeared in Latitude 38, a west coast sailing magazine. The recent election was watched by many nation wide. The article reflects the feelings of many.

Lake County Sheriff Unseated
November 12, 2010 – Lake County

We normally don't follow election results in 'Lectronic Latitude, but we felt our readers would be interested to learn that Lake County's Sheriff Rod Mitchell was ousted last Wednesday by a reasonably close margin. Deputy Francisco Rivero received 53.9% of the vote, with 16-year incumbent Mitchell garnering 46.1%.

Many felt that Mitchell went above and beyond in protecting his #2 man, Deputy Russell Perdock, when the latter ran his speedboat over a drifting sailboat on the night of April 29, 2006, killing 51-year-old Lynn Thornton of Willows. Despite the fact that Perdock was traveling at speeds over 45 mph on a pitch black night, investigators seemingly never even considered him to be at fault, instead focusing their attention on the couple of beers the sailboat's helmsman, Bismarck Dinius, had consumed that night. The case against Dinius, prosecuted by outgoing District Attorney Jon E. Hopkins — he was voted out of office during the primaries in June — culminated on August 20, 2009 with 'not guilty' verdicts on charges including felony BUI resulting in death. It seems that, with Perdock's firing from the department this April, justice has won a trifecta.
So on veterans day the amazing Jim Comstock, says he was waterboarded when he was in bootcamp, and he don't think it is so bad, and that it is not torture!!!! This citizens is who you have as supervisors, and they wonder why we want to kick them all out, hell if left up to Mitchell, Hoppy and Jim, we would be waterboarding jail inmates. You know cause Jim say it is not torture at all. Can you say Redneck citizens. Well let the work begin, Comstock is out in his next bid at reelection, and the list is growing. Well the good news is we will end up with a whole new crop of hopefully fresh and intelligent supervisors. Wonder when the jail suicide case is going to hit the county, should be pretty quick I would think.
For far too long the few have controlled the many. It is time that the many controlled the few.
Garzoli files claim for damages against Lake County
Written by Elizabeth Larson
Wednesday, 26 May 2010

County Counsel Anita Grant said the claim will be forwarded to the county's
third-party administrator, which will have up to 45 days to investigate
the claim.

If it appears the county is at fault, the
administrator would recommend a settlement, she said.

Garzoli is seeking damages in excess of $10,000, including attorney fees and
costs in regard to what his claim characterizes as “wrongful employment
actions” by the county.
Mitchell is missing in action, and Perdock is not to be found. Hmmmm sounds like things are in the wind right now, and a lot of scrambling is going on. Anyone have information on what is possibly going on? Are others in town from outside agencies? Something is up, wonder what?
11:13 What happened to that claim? If you don't know how do we find out?
I just heard this a.m. from a guy whose son works at the jail; Mitchell took the Lakeport Chief's position..........if true, I will never go to Lakeport again.
I also heard, from another source, who knows Perdock, that Mitchell tore his office apart, throwing things, swearing and yelling, just after losing the election.
Hardie Har Har, to bad sore looser??? Happy Days are HERE.
Mark Thursday Nov. 18th, will update you later.

The Public needs to pay attention to this meeting and attend if you can. The Public Defenders Oversite Committee will be discussing some topics of real concern for all of us here in the community.
We lost good a public defender because of protection of a clients rights lst and foremost then was censored/terminated. We can not close our eyes to any of this.
1:13 your sources are wrong! Sounds like they know nothing of what is really going on. Mitchell chief of Lakeport yeah right!
Muddy Waters
By Joan Moss Nov 10, 2010

Following 1 ½ hours of deliberation, a Lake County jury
found John Gray not guilty of all charges concerning the murder of Eric Joaquin, beaten to death in his bedroom at John Gray’s house on Del Monte Way in Clearlake Riviera February 28, 2009.
Family and supporters of Gray burst into cheers inside the courtroom following the foreman’s reading of the not guilty verdict. Judge Mann quickly quieted them.
Representatives of the DA’s office handed cards to jury members as they left the courtroom, asking each member to call them to talk about the trial.
Defense Attorney for John Gray Kevin Ikuma, of Traback, Du Bois and Ikuma in the Bay Area, said the not guilty verdict “renews my faith in the people of Lake County.”
Outside in front of the court house Foreman of the jury Fred Henderson said the prosecution “just flat didn’t prove it to us” that John Gray was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
The father of John Gray mentioned setbacks in the trial. Judge Arthur Mann would not allow witnesses that would testify to third party culpability, witnesses who would testify to evidence that other people besides John Gray committed the murder. “That took 10 witnesses out of the loop,” said Gray’s father. Gray’s father commended the investigative work of Sean Navarro, who worked on the defense team.
The Prosecution, Art Groethe, filed the original motion to exclude third party culpability witnesses. Groethe was not available when called to make his comments about the trial.
Gray’s father said that Kris Moreno’s friend would have testified that a group of Mexicans came to her house looking for Eric Joaquin. Moreno lived with John for a number of years and testified on the witness stand that Gray helped raise her daughter.
During a number of 402 evidentiary hearings witnesses testified out of hearing of the jury that Eric Joaquin and Maurice Watts were stealing guns, weapons, and drugs from groups of Mexicans and the Barbarian Brotherhood, a prison gang.
According to witnesses, days before he was killed, Eric Joaquin shaved his head and talked with his friends about “The End is Near” and “The last Chapter.”
Some observers during this trial expressed the suspicion that Maurice (“Mo”) Watts, a witness who was released from custody to testify, is an informant for Law Enforcement. Detective Corey Paulich did not testify against Mo, according to this source.
Photographs of the crime scene showed that Eric Joaquin slept with a sawed off shot gun under his pillow the night he was beaten to death.
Dr Ike Ogan testified that Eric’s body suffered 44 different injuries during the attack that killed him.
DA Prosecutor Art Groethe showed over 900 photographs from the crime scene and articles of evidence, including blood splatters, socks, shoes, the victim’s injuries, a bat, pants, shirt, and a denim jacket.
Criminalists and Forsenics experts from Departments of Justice testified about the blood in the bedroom and the blood spatter on the shoes, the socks, and the bat. Areas of the carpet in the bedroom were soaked with blood and so was the bed.
The handle of the bat, discovered behind the front door eight weeks after the murder, had a finger print on it that did not match the prints of Joaquin, Gray, or Maurice Watts.
Defense Attorney Ikuma in his final argument November 9 strongly suggested that more than one person had participated in the beating of Eric Joaquin that caused his death.
Following Jury Instructions Wednesday morning, the family and friends of John Gray gathered outside the court house for a small demonstration.
Small girls, nieces of John, wore vests that said “Uncle John is Innocent.” John’s dog Tesla also wore a yellow vest in support of John Gray.
Defense attorney Ikuma mentioned “sloppy investigation work” by Lake County Sheriffs personnel more than once during this trial.
John Gray’s father said, “Hopefully with a new sheriff and a new DA things (in Lake County) are going to turn around.”
JOHN GRAY NOT GUILTY......................Part 1
Muddy Waters
By Joan Moss Nov 10, 2010

Following 1 ½ hours of deliberation, a Lake County jury
found John Gray not guilty of all charges concerning the murder of Eric Joaquin, beaten to death in his bedroom at John Gray’s house on Del Monte Way in Clearlake Riviera February 28, 2009.
Family and supporters of Gray burst into cheers inside the courtroom following the foreman’s reading of the not guilty verdict. Judge Mann quickly quieted them.
Representatives of the DA’s office handed cards to jury members as they left the courtroom, asking each member to call them to talk about the trial.
Defense Attorney for John Gray Kevin Ikuma, of Traback, Du Bois and Ikuma in the Bay Area, said the not guilty verdict “renews my faith in the people of Lake County.”
Outside in front of the court house Foreman of the jury Fred Henderson said the prosecution “just flat didn’t prove it to us” that John Gray was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
The father of John Gray mentioned setbacks in the trial. Judge Arthur Mann would not allow witnesses that would testify to third party culpability, witnesses who would testify to evidence that other people besides John Gray committed the murder. “That took 10 witnesses out of the loop,” said Gray’s father. Gray’s father commended the investigative work of Sean Navarro, who worked on the defense team.
Part 2

The Prosecution, Art Groethe, filed the original motion to exclude third party culpability witnesses. Groethe was not available when called to make his comments about the trial.
Gray’s father said that Kris Moreno’s friend would have testified that a group of Mexicans came to her house looking for Eric Joaquin. Moreno lived with John for a number of years and testified on the witness stand that Gray helped raise her daughter.
During a number of 402 evidentiary hearings witnesses testified out of hearing of the jury that Eric Joaquin and Maurice Watts were stealing guns, weapons, and drugs from groups of Mexicans and the Barbarian Brotherhood, a prison gang.
According to witnesses, days before he was killed, Eric Joaquin shaved his head and talked with his friends about “The End is Near” and “The last Chapter.”
Some observers during this trial expressed the suspicion that Maurice (“Mo”) Watts, a witness who was released from custody to testify, is an informant for Law Enforcement. Detective Corey Paulich did not testify against Mo, according to this source.
Photographs of the crime scene showed that Eric Joaquin slept with a sawed off shot gun under his pillow the night he was beaten to death.
Dr Ike Ogan testified that Eric’s body suffered 44 different injuries during the attack that killed him.
DA Prosecutor Art Groethe showed over 900 photographs from the crime scene and articles of evidence, including blood splatters, socks, shoes, the victim’s injuries, a bat, pants, shirt, and a denim jacket.
Criminalists and Forsenics experts from Departments of Justice testified about the blood in the bedroom and the blood spatter on the shoes, the socks, and the bat. Areas of the carpet in the bedroom were soaked with blood and so was the bed.
The handle of the bat, discovered behind the front door eight weeks after the murder, had a finger print on it that did not match the prints of Joaquin, Gray, or Maurice Watts.
Defense Attorney Ikuma in his final argument November 9 strongly suggested that more than one person had participated in the beating of Eric Joaquin that caused his death.
Following Jury Instructions Wednesday morning, the family and friends of John Gray gathered outside the court house for a small demonstration.
Small girls, nieces of John, wore vests that said “Uncle John is Innocent.” John’s dog Tesla also wore a yellow vest in support of John Gray.
Defense attorney Ikuma mentioned “sloppy investigation work” by Lake County Sheriffs personnel more than once during this trial.
John Gray’s father said, “Hopefully with a new sheriff and a new DA things (in Lake County) are going to turn around.”
Part 2

The Prosecution, Art Groethe, filed the original motion to exclude third party culpability witnesses. Groethe was not available when called to make his comments about the trial.
Gray’s father said that Kris Moreno’s friend would have testified that a group of Mexicans came to her house looking for Eric Joaquin. Moreno lived with John for a number of years and testified on the witness stand that Gray helped raise her daughter.
During a number of 402 evidentiary hearings witnesses testified out of hearing of the jury that Eric Joaquin and Maurice Watts were stealing guns, weapons, and drugs from groups of Mexicans and the Barbarian Brotherhood, a prison gang.
According to witnesses, days before he was killed, Eric Joaquin shaved his head and talked with his friends about “The End is Near” and “The last Chapter.”
Some observers during this trial expressed the suspicion that Maurice (“Mo”) Watts, a witness who was released from custody to testify, is an informant for Law Enforcement. Detective Corey Paulich did not testify against Mo, according to this source.
Photographs of the crime scene showed that Eric Joaquin slept with a sawed off shot gun under his pillow the night he was beaten to death.
Dr Ike Ogan testified that Eric’s body suffered 44 different injuries during the attack that killed him.
DA Prosecutor Art Groethe showed over 900 photographs from the crime scene and articles of evidence, including blood splatters, socks, shoes, the victim’s injuries, a bat, pants, shirt, and a denim jacket.
Criminalists and Forsenics experts from Departments of Justice testified about the blood in the bedroom and the blood spatter on the shoes, the socks, and the bat. Areas of the carpet in the bedroom were soaked with blood and so was the bed.
The handle of the bat, discovered behind the front door eight weeks after the murder, had a finger print on it that did not match the prints of Joaquin, Gray, or Maurice Watts.
Part 3

Defense Attorney Ikuma in his final argument November 9 strongly suggested that more than one person had participated in the beating of Eric Joaquin that caused his death.
Following Jury Instructions Wednesday morning, the family and friends of John Gray gathered outside the court house for a small demonstration.
Small girls, nieces of John, wore vests that said “Uncle John is Innocent.” John’s dog Tesla also wore a yellow vest in support of John Gray.
Defense attorney Ikuma mentioned “sloppy investigation work” by Lake County Sheriffs personnel more than once during this trial.
John Gray’s father said, “Hopefully with a new sheriff and a new DA things (in Lake County) are going to turn around.”
Hi Lovelace.
I have a suggestion that many of us feel should be followed up on. Dan Noyes from Channel 7 was with us from the beginning of the Sheriff's election, and we want Dan to get a personal invitation to Frank Rivero's Victory Party at Konocti Vista Casino on the 21st. This is a very important day for all of us, and we feel that Frank and his followers would truly appreciate Dan's being there and sharing in the celebration. To go a step further, we would like for Channel 7 to video tape the party and to show it on TV for all of America to see that Lake County has moved to clean up the corruption and unfairness that has permeated the County for too many years. Is this a good suggestion, or can you suggest something better? Staying anonymous for now. ?????????????????
I read in an earlier post that Mitchell is in a get even mode, and he has already hit on two of Rivero's supporters. We know this to be true. If any harm, physically, mentally or in any other way happens to any individuals that Mitchell goes after, we too can retaliate. We do not want this type of getting even ( retaliation ) to occur, so we hope that Mitchell realizes that he is just as vulnerable as anyone else, and leaves everyone alone and concentrates on passing on to Frank whatever is necessary to assist in the operation of the LCSO. We know that Mitchell's supporters will be reading this post, so please guys and gals, convince Mitchell not to push this issue any further. He has made too many bad decisions in the past, so please do not let him make any more. Thanks. Anonymous
Post 704 that is a great idea, the contact for the I-Team is an easy one, as there is a phone number and an e-mail account for contact on their webpage at channel 7 news. We will see about doing that, and if any citizens get to it please post it on the Blog. That is a good idea.

Post 745, there is much happening behind the scenes, with what Mitchell has coming his way along with others, they would be wise to keep their heads down and do nothing but realize their days are done. Any activity on their part, would be delt with in no uncertain terms, and all people and areas are being watched to make sure no one tries any dirty dealings in the end game. good post and keep your eyes out.
Sloppy investigation work by Lake Co. Sheriffs personnel? Imagine that. Wrong fingerprints on a bat found 8 weeks later and the DA tries it anyway. Man, am I glad the Mitchell and Hopkins clowns are gone. Another member of the three ring circus is Judge Mann. He needs to go too.
Any suggestions as I still see Rivero signs on my street. I knocked on the door but no one answered.
Hey 8:36, just collect them and bring them to the party. Most signs have been removed, but if some are overlooked please pick them up, as they may be used again in four years. Thanks. AL B
Lovelace: If it is true that you are going to fight this local bunch of bureaucrats. I would say you are going to be at it a long time. The grand jury is a farce on the people. Those that took a oath will hang their hat on the rack with the dishonest so to protect themselves and the in crowd. The remark was made before that Mitchell and Hopkins only opened the box so all of Lake County can see just how bad it is. Post 8:36 PM Is my sign free speech? or only a lie so they can control. We may have voted them out but in truth they should be in jail.
Yep, prosecuted the wrong man and they should have known it before filing the charges.
Raising another issue here Lovelace,
What about the man shot by a sheriff's officer back in August while looking for pot grows on Cobb? Hopkin's has said, the shooting was justified because the officer claims the man raised his gun and so he shot the man.
This is the same officer who is named in the EEOC Complaint that Rod Mitchell has refused to release. We need an outsider to decide what happened here not Hopkins.
Oh yeah and Ski is suppose to have bionic eyes that will see a switch smaller than a match stick that it is on safe. Oh and where EXACTLY is the safety located on this weapon? I've been a cop since 1985 and I don't even know.
900 am Thursday Nov.18th, Lakeport Museum, 2nd floor is hosting
the Public Defender's Oversite Committee Meeting.
a gun is presumed to be ready to fire you don't wait and ask Hey mr druggie is your safety ON or OFF

Your mentality is so for the lawlessness of our community
Most are forgetting the critical aspect of SKI and the forest shooting. This is the same guy who was reported on the EEOC complaint, using the term if a "Jose" is down do we still call for medical. This is the same guy who, was listed on other EEOC complaints concerning racial issues, this is the same guy who was involved in giving the Hispanics "screen tests" in the back of the patrol cars, when they would illegally grab Hispanics at DUI check points. And now he shoots a Hispanic in the forest, no other guns fired just his, no one else was in danger. No one else thought the situation warranted shooting? Now how about the missing information, what were the entrance and exit wound locations? Was he shout from behind? Why are these questions no covered in the media reports?
The real question is did Ski and his partner tell the truth? Of all the deputies in Lake Co., why do the same names keep popping up?
Ski wanted to kill! I met him at Robinson RR one nite and tried to be nice while he was on duty and his dismissed me. He is a want-to-be asshole on can totally see it in him! Rivero needs to start Drug testing!! Oh and Frank I apologize but I have at least 3 COMPLAINTS I AM FILING AGAINST YOUR NEWLY INHERITTED STAFF! I am waiting for you to take over!!
To understand how bad this local government is, one only needs to look at how the grand jury is operated by the bureaucrats. The ones you would complain about run the system. I would say again if it is true you get the government you deserve. Then we in Lake County must be one sorry lot of people.I found no Mr. Smith with this bunch only their arrogance that this government is for them and I am a harasser if i seek to show thew truth.
This is the Lovelace group and we wanted to update everyone on some of the things that are being worked on currently, while we are in this semi-down time till December 1st.As you may have guessed the group is not resting, here is a general overview of some of the items.

First is that many of you know about the poster who has been around a long time called OU812, this individual does not realize it but we have been tracking them for quite a while and are getting close to determining his actual identity. We could at this point hazard a couple of guesses, but are going to ask for you assistance with a request for any further information you may have, concerning the identity of this individual. His most recent post was a couple of comments in the Record Bee article concerning the individual arrested for kidnapping whose name is Gutierriez first name Pedro. As many of you know OU812 does not appear to be the sharpest individual in the county, but has been a consistent poster for quite a while. He is an avid Mitchell supporter and a GOB of the typical redneck variety any information please contact us by e-mail or post on the Blog.

Next is the current what we believe untoward and significant situation concerning Rob Brown and his son. As we reported a couple of months ago, Rob has wanted to sneek his son into the county as a new PD, his son having just finished college. An opening has occurred due to Shawn Collins leaving the county for a new job in San Jose. Without agreement from the citizens of this county, we will now have a PD, whose father is a bailbonds men, and a supervisor, and a former avid Mitchell supporter. This collusion is terrible, and we urge all of you who can attend to go to the Public Defenders oversight meeting tomorrow at 9:00 second floor of the museum. voice your concerns over this situation and why the public was not asked or informed about this scam Brown has worked out. We also directly implecate our Supervisors for their lack of informing the public of this and they continue to be far to secretive concerning these types of activities, and each of them from Rushing to Comstock and all in-between must be removed from office on their next attempted re-election.

Oh citizens were you aware that the supervisors created a citizens advisory water board a couple of months ago, and appointed as one member Kathy Fowler, this a women who was an avid Mitchell supporter, knows nothing about water quality, and would only try to serve the interests of massive un-productive growth and destruction of our lake environment. What qualifications and guidelines were outlined for the appointment of these people and what input from the public did they request, why did the public not approve these people? Many questions and many problems in our local government.

So that is a bit of an update for you the citizens, although as described in our narrative above we are in moderation mode right now we did want to give you an update as to these items.

This is the Lovelace group
Hey post 10:06, what's up with those three(at least)complaints, and who are the individuals that you are filing against? It's transparency time isn't it, so if anyone has something to say, spell it out so we all will know who or what is being talked about. Who are the newly inherited staff that you mentioned? All of Lake County is waiting for Rivero to officially take over, but we will just have to be patient, and on January 5th it will happen. Drug testing, let's leave that to Frank, as I am sure that it's another item that he will deal with when the time is right. Let's be patient and let Frank and those who will be assisting him deal with what is most important. Frank will prioritize what needs to be done, and when to do it. Frank has a load of trash to deal with that needs cleaning up and changing, and he is already working on doing it. I personally am willing to assist Frank in any way that I can, and I am sure that Frank will always do what is right and fair, and in the best interest of the public. You all have a great day, and enjoy another summer like day. AL B, Lakeport
Thanks for the update Lovelace, I have an opinion on SKI the deputy who killed the immigrant in the forest pot raid. Needless to say Ski is a racist, he has a proven record in being a racist. And I have the same questions that we do not have the answers to. What were the entrance and exit wounds were they in the back of the head and neck? How is it that in the spur of a moment, the shoots twice no one else fires and he hits him directly in the head and in the neck? What are the connections to this incident and SKI in the past proving himself to be a racist? He was involved in the screen tests, he was the one who used the term do we send help if a Jose is down, he is a vindictive and rotten individual who should not be allowed to stay as a deputy. He is a racist, and a bad bad man. The citizens should raise up against this atrocity and we should receive clarity on these questions and connections.
Hopkins is the one who needs to answer the questions since he is the one who ruled it justified.
Hi AL B. I know that you and Mitchell worked together in the past when you were a volunteer. I heard that you are one of the individuals that Mitchell refused to allow you to become a volunteer again. You always had a good repore with everyone, so my question is, what has happened to change that, or is it something personal between you and Mitchell? I am just curious about the circumstance as I know that you and Mitchell were at sometime in the past good friends and had a good working relationship. I will try to contact you personally through mutual friends. Till then, have a fun ??????????? day. Anonymous for now.
Word has it that ski took a job with the forest service -check it out

Location: Konocti Vista Casino in Lakeport

Victory Party from 3 PM to 7 PM (and after) on Sunday, Nov. 21. No charge, complimentary Mexican food, no host bar.

Music by Without A Net; Irma Lopez; Mike Wilhelm; and Blue Moon. Also, entertainment by dynamic Lake County Poet Laureate Russell Gonzaga.

Please come celebrate Frank's big victory and invite all your friends. Wear your dancing shoes. Food might be served early at about 3:45, so come early if hungry. Open to everyone.
Meeting this morning is the Public Defenders Oversite Committee, please attend 9am at the Lake County Museum on Main Street in Lakeport.
If you would look at the f bureaucrats in this local government as you would remove the layers of a onion.You might find the odor so pungent it brings tears to your eyes. The dishonesty is that bad. Lovelace needs to look at the grand jury as a start, who really runs the farce and for whom it serves. This local governments view is they can lie, cheat, cover the lies up. I tell the truth.Please allow me again Mitchell and Hopkins only showed how dishonest our local system is and it has been fostered by the board of supervisors by their actions. They hear no evil,see no evil and speak no evil about the status quo. Thanks to the Lovelace group.
Thanks for the post James, it is of critical importance that the citizens start setting the stage for the removal of Rob Brown from his supervisor position in the next election. This may seem a far off prospect but now is not to soon. Rob Brown is a ego driven narcissist just like Mitchell, and Brown to the end will think he can win it and think he has the people and the votes and the money the same way Mitchell thought so. But even at this point there are people storing up information and creating a battle plan to bring down the cowboy. This is not going to be an issue of intelligence by any stretch of the imagination, and Brown has proven himself to be unable to control his comments and his dis-like of certain people and entities, this of course as in the case of Mitchell can be used to draw out the worse in Brown. Brown has created a wide rift between himself and both KPFZ and channel 8 TV. Brown is already trying to hog-tie channel 8 by putting restrictions on their programming and has a great dislike of both these important campaigning outlets in the county. Please pass on any and all information on Brown as it becomes available, please send this information to the e-mail account or post on the Blog. Just a heads up, that there are many battles yet to be fought, and taking on Brown is of primary importance to the necessary continued refinement and evolution that is necessary in our county.
I"ll say this about Brown He needs to be flushed. just one of so many with this local government That over look the malfeasance of government employees. He was no Mr.Smith when He was informed of the deceit of those that trust was put in. Just one that would condone those that would lie and cover the lies up. This goes on from the top to the bottom is this local government. A true example of what government bureaucrats will do without over sight. Yes indeed flush Brown
I definitely agree with James 10:15 post. Oversight is a must item, especially at this time in Lake County. Following are a few of my thoughts regarding oversight. Those who desire to be involved with the oversight system cannot be involved in any way with the present administration, as the old BUDDIE system ways of getting things done cannot be tolerated in the future. Getting the proper individuals for the oversight group/committee will not be an easy task. Being a nice easy going guy does not work in an oversight situation. Fearing individuals of authority and being afraid of speaking your mind is a big NO NO requirement for the job, and a pushy individual will not do well either. If you get pissed off easily, the job is not for you. Knowing how to arbitrate is a necessary skill as there are usually two sides to any situation, and finding a satisfactory middle ground is what it is all about. Since Mitchell is not in favor of having oversight, this important item will just have to wait till the old resistors of the idea are gone, and progress can move ahead. There is a great deal more to this than I have put here, but any ideas are welcome and are appreciated. Now you can pick on me if you desire. AL B
OU812 is Patrick McMahon
didya hear the latest?

the city at the far end of the lake is going broke

...and guess who is going to have to be the law enforcement for them ?

you guessed it Sheriff Rivero....... you wanted to be Sheriff well guess what Dude, you get the who Enchilada (common phrase not dissing the spanish nasty)

the chumps at CPD have put another out on suspension, this make four going going gone, and SGT Crandell has left to Palm Springs getting out before the upper brass gets found out for their dirty deeds. Their abuse needs to stop
Mr.AL: To the short of it. We have elected people that took a oath, then give no oversight You see what was done with Charlie Rangel. Some we can vote out but others the "rank and file" we have no choice. We got rid of Mitchell and Hopkins but all the others remain. WE have allot that are to oversee but no consequence if they don't. So with that so much for their oath and service to us the citizen. I thank the Lovelace group and all others that are working on the dishonesty within this county.It starts with the board of supervisors. No oversight from them.
Hi post 11:37. I hope that you do not truly believe that because Mitchell will be leaving, and Rivero will be our NEW Sheriff that the end of the world will take place in Lake County. Sheriff Elect Rivero will do what is necessary to maintain police control at the far end of the Lake. I believe that we could do with less negativism, and to give the new administration a chance to show what it can do. If Mitchell was to continue as Sheriff it would have not made any difference regarding the financial problems at the far end of the Lake. Guess what DUDE, you need to try to develop a positive attitude, as your attitude at the present is living in the past. Go and have an Enchilada or two and think positive thoughts, not negative ones. I think that I will have an Enchilada for lunch, care to join me? Are you going to be present at the Rivero celebration party? Everyone is welcome, even if they are/were Mitchell supporters. See you Sunday??? AL B
I think the city of Clearlake would be better served to disband their police department and contract to the new Lake Co. SO for police services. I think they would get more bang for their buck. Once Rivero is able to implement his plans for change we'll see a better and more professional department who can do the job better, more efficiently and at a lesser cost to the tax payers. In turn the Sheriff would be able to acquire more deputies to do the job and we will all be better off.
Leaks from the Sheriff's office say Mitchell has really balooned out and his head looks like its ready to explode. He's apparently been jousting with Rivero over turf while at the same time he's trying to use up all the overtime allocated for this fiscal year. So far he's burned up 90% hoping to leave Rivero with nothing.

Good old Rod Rooter going down to the wire trying to screw things up for his beloved department.
It seems that the question of the moment is, how smoothly will Mitchel and Rivero work together after Thanksgiving so that there will be a smooth as possible transfer of information and power prior to January 5th. After the transfer is theoretically complete, I am sure that things will come up that will require Mitchell and Rivero to have some discussions and meetings, as there is no way to completely clear up all of the items that still need closure by the 5th. Let's help Rivero do his job, and lets stop the negative trash that has permeated this County for too long. Be seeing you all on Sunday. AL B
MR. Al B: I could understand your view if we where talking with reasonable people that has not coveted what is the citizens. What you suggest is what we have been doing. We got over it, We moved on. But all they do is get in lock step on their roar of no ethics, claiming our government for them. I do not charge or name those in this local government with out warrant.I tell the truth we may have got rid of Mitchell and Hopkins but what they are linger with the bureaucrats that remain. I will not get over it,move on or just let it go. The first to go is Brown and soon after Mrs.Grant of the board of supervisors. All others that are of the view they can lie and cover the lies up should be put out the court house door.
Hi James,
Hi James,
Sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying. I was not referring to Franks people when I was referring to their getting over it. I was referring to those of the Mitchell followers who still continue to keep on bitching over what happened in the past, and have fantasies of Rivero failing along the way. I guess that I have to say this again, GET OVER IT AND SHUT YOUR STUPID NEGATIVE MOUTHS. Its over, and there is no going back to the old ways of doing things. Maybe I am expecting too much from those who did not realize what was going on to begin with??? Everyone is welcome to join with us, but drop the negative trash, as the past IS OVER. Hoping to see you ALL at the VICTORY CELEBRATION tomorrow. Have fun in the rain???????????? AL B
As many of you know, we have been watching the activities of the Public Defenders office including Steven Carter who heads up the PD's in the county. We have voiced grave concerns surrounding the dismissal of certain Public Defenders who have been involved in the filing of the Writs of Habeas Corpus concerning jail conditions and other issues associated with sheriff Mitchell. Steven Carter has not responded to these issues, and the following is a report by Joan Moss concerning Anna Gregorian. This along with our issues of no public notification concerning the hiring of Rob Brown's son as a public defender, and the connections of Brown(who cannot be trusted) a supervisor, and bail bonds man continues to raise significant questions and trust issues with the public.

This is the Lovelace group

Muddy Waters
By Joan Moss

Recently terminated public defender Anna Gregorian said she wants her job back and pointed out the unfair position she was in as a public defender for two and a half years working in Lake County.
“I had no staff. There is a high turn over rate of public defenders. I have 1300 clients because I am the attorney of record for indigent people whom I have represented in the past two and a half years.”
Anna said she worked 10 to 15 hours a day as public defender on a job she had been told was part time.
Anna said she won more dismissals for her clients than any other misdemeanor public defenders. She set more trials than any other public defender. She had more misdemeanor trials than all other misdemeanor public defenders combined.
Stephen Carter said it was not true that he told Anna the job was a part time job.
Two of Anna’s clients spoke during citizens input Thursday morning. They said Anna returned their phone calls. Anna worked very hard representing them, according to these two clients.
Stephen Carter, who is the private contractor with Lake County and administers the public defenders, reported before Anna spoke that he has worked out a new phone system at the Lake County Jail where clients are able to leave messages for their public defenders.
The advisory committee chaired by Cameron Reeves met on the second floor of Lake County museum, and was videoed by Hiram Dukes, independent film maker. DVDs of this meeting are available for a small fee by calling Hiram at 355-1306.
Here is a brief report on the very important AG race in our state, it appears now that our choice Kamala Harris will win the race and dispose of the hardcore and nasty Cooley, who being a staunch right winger was not going to be a good choice for the state, the combination of Harris and Brown bodes well for the continued change and evolution of not only our county but the progressive and forward thinking model that is necessary to cause the necessary changes to our political climate. Cooley is highly anti-pot and anti about anything that does not fit his neo-conservative outlook. With only 300,000 votes left to count and Harris approaching a 43,000 vote lead the odds are good she will be declared the winner. Cooley's stooges have been harassing the vote counting volunteers and attempting to strong arm the results throughout this long vote count process. We will keep you updated. It should be remembered that there are some who have supported Cooley and were in our local race Rivero supporters, we understand and respect that position, but believe Cooley is not the man for the job, and is simply far to hardcore in to many areas of concern.

San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris increased her lead Friday over Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley in the still-unresolved race for California attorney general.

Harris, the Democratic candidate, led by 42,114 votes, with 305,004 uncounted ballots left to be processed across California, according to a Times review of updated vote counts in all 58 counties. Of those ballots, 185,937 are in counties Harris carried on election day, and 119,067 are in counties that Cooley, the Republican, carried.
To the LoveLace group, have you realized as yet that Your new Bwstest Buddy and Rivero supporter not long ago was Mitchell's supporter, and now sucking way up to be one of you, anyone who turns that easy/fast kind of like Kip did I would be very suspicious of, it is the one who were with you for most of the time since last sept. don't let the Johnny come latelys aka Al come lately's fool you, he just want to be with the winner whomever he perceived it to be.

we call those type Turncoats, Traidors and few other choice names but I have tried to keep this positive.

Be Aware of anyone who in the last couple of weeks prior to the election to switch horses in mid scteam, just think how Kip did and you can guess the motives for those actions.

Never anonymous, I am a Mitchell Supporter.
I have always thought Brown should recuse himself from matters involving the Public Defender contract based upon his bail bond business. Has anyone inquired into how many clients he has in common with the public defender program? They both have the same interest in assuring their client's attendance in court, and it's financial. Does Brown have a duty to notify Carter or the county when the financial disclosure his client makes to qualify for bail disqualifies his client for a public defender? I remember when the Grand Jury issued a report criticizing the public defender program and the BOS temporarily suspended Carter's contract. Carter threatened a law suit, the BOS restored the contract to Carter and paid him MORE money! Brown was allowed to provide input and vote on all of these actions taken by the BOS. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
It would seem that while Brown and the public defender share an interest in the defendant showing up for court that interest is also shared by the prosecution. Where is the conflict?
The conflict is a simple one to discern. Rob Brown, is disliked by many people in the county, and Rob Brown dislikes many people in the county. Rob Brown would of course would not be able to be trusted not to have any conversations with his young son he is so proud of in regards to any cases that are given to him by the judge. Imagine if anything happened for example to a member of the Lovelace group, or others who are responsible for his and Mitchell's downfall. Rob Brown would be hell bent on ensuring they go down, and would without a doubt give his opinion as such to his son. No, there is far to much conflict of interest in this regard and the public whom the PD's are there to protect should have been told of this situation.
As one that has come to know Brown with this county. I found him to lie and cover up for the dishonest employees with in this local government. Tells me all I need to know about him. He is of the Mitchell and Hopkins clone. To MR.AL B no problem I"m not one that gets over those that use their power, not only to abuse but to cover for those that are dishonest with in our system, no less forgot their oath. The sad shock is how perversive The dishonesty is excepted. Flush Brown.
I totally agree with post 6:17. Nip it in the bud so that there is no window of opportunity for conflict! See you all at the Victory Party!
I'm afraid to tell you guys, but it is Rob Brown's wife who ones Lake County Bail Bounds, not Rob. Rob works for her though and that is how it makes it legal.
No matter if it is Brown's wife or not the connection and potential for collusion is the same, and since we know Brown is a scheming corruption boy, there can be no doubt that this is a connection that the county and Steven Carter should not have allowed, the county and its citizens have seen enough of this crap. From GOB Martin and his Judge father, who let's him get a search warrant at the drop of a hat, to Brown's love for Mitchell as a supervisor, to Garzoli, to Perdock, the quick draw shooter SKI our local deputy racist, we have seen enough and had enough. Top that off with Liz's love of Mitchell and her Neanderthal husband John, and the Gary and Mitchell show along with Mandy and C. Hammers, the citizens have had it.
By he way citizens we are still looking for input on the identity of OU812, we did get a McMahon suggestion on this but do not want to close the door with that one. Anyone with input on this please let us know, either by e-mail or post on the Blog...Thanks

This is the Lovelace group
Let's also remember the connection to Brown's son and Lavelle and Crump in Lakeport, he will be contracted to the county through this business, and guess what they were ardent Mitchell supporters, had a big sign up for Mitchell and are a typical elitist GOB business, so no matter how Brown tries to spin it it is not good for the citizens, good work Lovelace exposing another trick by Brown. Remember with the next election Brown has to go.!!!!
834 am you give false information. You can check 800-967-9331.
Rob Brown's Bail Bonds # 1783498, 5120 Cole Creek Rd., Kelseyville, exp. 6/30/11 DBA Colusa County BailBonds and Rob Brown Bail Bonds.
In the name of one Robert Kenneth Brown, SAME AS County Supervisor.
Steve Brown sometimes goes with his father, Rob, to bring back bail jumpers. Do you think this could be a conflict of interest being a PD. Maybe Steve should have tried to be a DDA. He probably wouldn't have been hired by our new honest DA. Brown should leave town.
For me, Brown has lost any credibility with me. If he would lie and cover the lies up for county employees he would use his office for his good. I say again he is a Mitchell and Hopkins clone. If its Brown,flush it down.
I just read Don Anderson's book 408 Lakeport last night. I didn't live here in Lake county then. I am very proud to have a D.A. that is a true thinking human-being that went for the arrest of Rich Hellbush's murderers rather then striaght vengence. He did the right things when apprehending this vile couple of Cox and Deasy, and I assume he will bring the same integrity to his new position here as the D.A.
Never underestimate the commitment of a small group of dedicated people. A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Indeed, Lake County has and will continue to change. Thank you, Lovelace.
And thanks to Frank Rivero and Don Andersen, two men who had the courage to stand up for change. Let's give these two men our support, and I think you will find out that no one will be left out.

See you at the party.
What would happen if no one allowed Browns son to represent them? It's my understanding that you have the right to fire your attorney weather or not they are appointed by the court or not. It won't take long for the word get around that your quality of a defense will be determined by a member of the board of supervisors.
Starting at 3:00 this afternoon, is the culmination of a long and hard fought battle, which for the Lovelace group and this Blog started almost 13 months ago. We are proud to attend this celebration for sheriff Frank Rivero. To those who battled against this cause and this outcome, we invite you to join this new and fresh start, we should all always remember that defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure. We congratulate you on your effort, though the times and the need for change were upon this county, it is not untrue to say your greatest obstacle was the very person whom you were supporting, it is often this way in battles such as these. We urge you to join this change. Conspire not for the future you cannot bring what you lost there, but involve yourselves in the present moment.

This is the Lovelace group
"It's my understanding that you have the right to fire your attorney weather or not they are appointed by the court or not." That's not quite true. If you get a public defender then you get whoever the judge appoints. If you have a disagreement with your PD about tactics or you don't feel your PD is really working for you, or something like that, you can ask for a closed hearing (Marsden, after a case of that name). The judge will listen to you and the attorney gets to put his 2 cents in (sometimes PDs aren't doing what the client wants but there's a legitimate legal reason, the attorney gets a chance to explain that). Sometimes the judge appoints another attorney, sometimes not. But I guarantee you that you don't get to say "I want another attorney because I don't like Rob Brown." BTW, attorney-client confidentiality is one of the basic precepts of our system. Steve Brown could be suspended or disbarred if he discussed cases with anyone other then the client (or an investigator). I presume he knows that, and I frankly can't imagine why Rob Brown would want to discuss misdemeanor cases with his son. What advantage would that give him? Also I don't think he would anyway because its wrong, but that's my opinion. Rob's not my supervisor and I don't agree with him on everything but I think he's a reasonable enough guy (my supervisor can't pass the bar exam, apparently). Bottom line is I don't know a single attorney out there who doesn't know that if he wants to keep his ticket he keeps his mouth shut.
Hi all,
Franks Victory Celebration at the Casino produced a packed house. Most of the folks were Rivero supporters, but some were just there to enjoy a free meal and to see what was going on and to actually see Frank. I did not recognize any Mitchell supporters or any of the GOB clan. I guess that they did not have anything to celebrate. I am sure that there were some Mitchell supporters mixed in with Rivero's followers as they are wanting to see what is going on and to report back to their leaders. That's just another part of politics folk, as is ASS KISSING. Everyone who truly likes and believes in Frank and will support him and his ideas. Frank's wife and son were also there to celebrate the victory with him. Jack Baxter, our future "Under Sheriff" and his lovely wife were there, but the surprise of the night to me was that Mr Dinius and his wife were also there. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with them, as they are a very sociable couple and fit right in with the Rivero supporters. They will always be welcomed as friends and as a part of the Rivero Victory. The fact that I am AL B from Lakeport, got me a lot of introductions and compliments for what I posted on the Blog in the past. I just believe in saying it like it is, and I will continue doing it in the future. For the time being, the Blog will be like our personal newspaper, so if anyone has worthwhile information please post it, and if possible, sign your name to it. Please, no more whining and negative trash, as we have had more than our share of it in the past. There are still many sleazy individuals out there that we still need to get rid of, and we will strive to do it when the right time comes along, so let's deal with the positives and help Frank make Lake County a place that we will all be proud to call HOME. That's it for now, so till next time, Nightie night to you all. AL B, Lakeport
This is the Lovelace group, an amazing night last night literally hundreds of people at the Rivero celebration event. Far to many to name all the people, needless to say a great deal of Lovelace members where present, and we were happy to see each other at this celebration event. It served as a great launch to our new sheriff Frank Rivero. One highlight was finally meeting Bismarck Dinius and his wonderful wife. Several of us introduced ourselves as those who ran the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog site, and he was quite happy to finally meet as were we to meet him and exchange thanks and congratulations of this great victory and move for change.

Of course with that many people there were a few "johnny come lately's in the event. One was Denise Rushing who never lifted a finger nor said a word in support of Frank Rivero during the campaign, despite the importance of this change to our county and considering the effort Rob Brown put out for Mitchell. This is typical of those who talk the talk but never walk the walk. A typical politician who joins the victory party after the hard work is done.

It was to say the least a great night for all attending, and a huge crowd, the bands were great, the room was packed to over-flowing and it was a great ending to a great victory for all the citizens and Frank Rivero!!
Mr.AL B: With all due respect. I'll use my voice in protest of those that are left in this local government. So much trash to put out. I find it highly offensive that those in this local government will lie and cover the lies up,use their power and our government to carry out their misdeeds. I choose to give them no quarter. I have named none unjustly. And I use my true name. I thank Lovelace.
What a great welcoming party Konocti Vista Casino threw last nite for Frank! It was great to see Bismarck Dinius and Lynn Thornton's niece and executor there also. And Jack Baxter, and Don Anderson! Wow! And the meal was to - die - for!!!!! Thanks Konocti Vista Casino, and welcome aboard Frank, Jack, and Don. Have a great Holiday season and rest up............and Happy New Year to Lake County!!!!!!!!! Sandy Bayles
The count was 500 and it appeared everyone had a good time. We served so much food that we ran out right at the end.

Jim Beland
Well isn't this interesting, the biggest celebration in the history of Lake County with now reports of over 500 people in attendance and the launch of a new chapter in the history of Lake county, and guess what the Record Bee and LCN were not in attendance. I wonder what it feels like to be odd man out as a newspaper? You fascist rags deserve it, your conduct during the election was nothing short of scathing and unconscionable. Of course if I was you and I did what you did during the election I would not have showed up either, that may not have been a pretty picture. Seems to me it is time for Liz and Gary to step up to the plate and issue an apology for their conduct to the public, this will serve to try and put them somewhat back in the graces of the public, otherwise your epitaph will read as a terrible report on journalism and on biased reporting. This of course they will not do. And to think we still have supervisors who will not say a word about their conduct, and some still embrace them as friends, such a shame that we do not have step up supervisors who will stand for what is right in this county.
Hi James.
As per your 9:50 am post, I am with you all the way with the leftover TRASH cleanup. I have no sympathy for those that lost, but I am always ready to hit on those individuals that cannot get into their thick skulls that the old ways are going away. They will either join with the citizens who intend to make Lake County a special place to live, or they should just shut up, and even better, just leave. We no longer need to be anonymous about everything, but until some of the unfinished business is cleaned up, being anonymous will still be a necessary tool. I am truly looking forward to assisting Frank and Jack in any way that I can. That's it for now, so till next time, and there will be a next time, Have a great week. AL B, Lakeport.
AL those scumbags were people who you were friends with key word WAS, you stop trying to smoosh up to them, you are not welcome in our midst TURNCOAT KISS ASS SUCK UP OLD FART. you really are trying to get a top position with the new untrained good luck johnny come lately they are laughing at you, got froggy and jumped to their side the last two week
We will leave post 159 up only to let Al B respond, which we are sure he will. However keep in mind even in Mod mode no caps, no profanity. It does not appear Al B is smooshing up to anyone, he is offering the proper olive branch to the side that lost. This is the correct thing to do in these situations, normally those who lost will reject the first offering, but in due time they will see the error or their ways and give up the ghost, in this case the ghost of Mitchell to which many became attracted to. Now those days are done, and the county can heal and grow.
Al's side Oh Boy-=- was not Mitchell's once-he realized he had to do something fast to get back on as a Volunteer.

Mitchell dismissed him for a valid reason even after a warning he kept on going against the rules- Mitchell had no recourse as Al was bent on having things HIS way.

Plan "B" He became a Rivero supporter at the 12th hour, came on here and acted like he was large and in charge,telling others to SHUT UP Well Folks- just don't piss him off you will see his OTHER side.
So who among you qualify for positions in Rivero's new regime?

Re-Posted by Lovelace (non-caps) for anonymous poster.
Again Al can answer to 509, but any more caps and it won't go up.

As far as question 516 which came in full caps and we re-posted. You are not quite grasping the role the Lovelace group plays in change and effecting change in the county. We have been the sharpened edge of the knife. Our role is not to be on committees, or assigned supervisor groups, or any of those functions, our role is to cause change so those things can take place. we have cleared the brush and tree's on the new road, others will smooth it and pave it. You see, we say the things and expose the things that have to be said and exposed those things that no one else is willing to do or say. We are the ones that piss people off, it is a necessary function in any major entrenched group, we pull them out by the deep roots of corruption, and let the other plant the new growth in the new garden. Our role is the one that draws people to attack us, as what we have to do strikes the nerves, it is necessary and has always been the case in any change in this world of significance that must take place. We accepted that role, and thankfully the entrenched elitist played the game just perfect. Brown, Mitchell and the others played in the band and didn't know the song.
I will walk the walk and talk the talk, however I am so proud to NOT be a good ol' boy even though I have been in business for over 30 years!! I don't care about Al or what he does! If he is willing to be part of the solution instead of the problem....he will be my kind of guy!! I missed seeing one of my favorite besties last now they owe me lunch! And I will hold you to it, but bring the big guy with you because you two are the most trustworthy people I have ever met (beside Sheriff Rivero) It was such a pleasure to see those with whom I have grown to love over the last many mouths, Thank You! Thank You everyone who protected me & mine day after day. I feel safe now and I will feel even more safe after 1/5/2011 God Bless my Lovelacers and Sheriff Frank Rivero-Elect and District Attorney Don Anderson-Elect!!
I will forever be in your debt!
Franks Victory Party was just what I had expected it to be. The room was overpacked and the crew from Konocti Vista had to squeeze more tables in to accomodate as many as possible. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many folks there for so many different reasons, and the number one reason was( Frank fought for the Sheriffs position for all the RIGHT reasons and we are here to show our support for him and finanlly we see a light to a brighter future in Lake County!)
One of the lovelace members (wearing a lovelace name tag) sat at the table that seated Bismarck Dinius and his wife, Carol and Jeff Stambuck (Executor of Lynn Thorntons Estate) and Lynns cousin Susan who flew in from Washington just to attend Franks Victory Party. The Lovelace member was kind enough to introduce me to all of these wonderful people. They said that they felt there is hope for Lake County and its citizens now, and hopefully the inproper handling of Lynns tragic death with be looked into. They look forward to coming back to Lake County to join in the Victory Celebration with Don Anderson on Dec. 5th.
The atmosphere of the room on this special day was uplifting and hopeful! I got to meet Clearlakes new council members, Joey Luiz and Jeri Spittler. These two have alot of energy and alot of will power to do what is right for Clearlake. They are both young and fresh and ready to start working for the citizens. Lets give them our support as well. Thanks Lovelace and all its members for all that you have contributed. I will now, pledge to make myself apart of what is going on around me here in Lake County....
Al B's response to post 1:59. Scum bag, who are you referring to, yourself? What pissed you off so badly that you went out of control in your post??? Thanks to the Lovelace Group that I have the opportunity to respond to you. They were going to delete your foul mouthed post, but because of your absurd accusations they are leaving your post on until I respond to you. You say that I am not welcome in their midst. Who designated you as the spokesperson for others??? Can't they speak for themselves? You have only proven to me and others who read the Blog that you are exactly the type of an individual that no one wants to speak for them. Your accusations/claims are not factual,apparently your mind is so mixed up you could not think rationally if you tried. There are three words that explain totally your ignorant and irrational so called statements. You are extremely "full of shit". Now is a good time to pull your head out of your rectal hideaway and to try to learn what the true facts are. First of all, I have been with Rivero for many months. I originally was on Mitchell's side, but that was a long time ago. I changed sides when I realized who was offering what was needed. Rivero is offering the citizens what they want, and what the County needs. Mitchell was offering nothing new, just the same old stuff, and that's not what this County needed. I also felt that Mitchell's campaign was not properly run and tended to hurt his chances of winning. The writing was on the wall, but you guys apparently were too blind and deaf to see and hear what was going on. Between the nastiness on the Blog and the nasty debates, you guys pissed off too many citizens. The adds in the RB also tended to piss many readers off. I mentioned this to quite a few of my friends that were Mitchell followers, but they either did not pass on my observations, or were just afraid to open their mouths because they wanted to be one of the boys and not hurt the feelings of their buddies. You guys know very little about how politics works. You guys and your actions certainly helped to cause the loss of the election. NO, I did not forget the Dinius incident, and that was one of the critical things that helped to turn the citizens against Mitchell and Hopkins as well. That was a dirty game, and everyone knew it, except maybe you. And, as far as my being a kiss ass suck up and an old fart, you are wrong again. I am 87 years young and doing well, but where will your ignorant ass be at that age, and what will you be doing to help make things better for your fellow citizens, probably nothing. Another fact to add to you fantastic knowledge base. I am not interested in any top position. If there is any way that I can assist the new administration, I will be happy to do it in a voluntary position. I offered my experience to Mitchell as a volunteer, but it was refused. Why, ask Mitchell. You are completely off base on everything, so my suggestion to you is just mind your own business and if you do other posts, learn the facts before going out of control and showing your high degree of ignorance to the readers of this Blog.
And, thanks to Lovelace for giving me the opportunity to respond to this irrational individual.
Hey post 5:09, where did you get those facts you are spouting out? There is much more to what went on between Mitchell and myself for the past 4 years, but you guys can believe whatever makes you happy. You will never know the true facts, because what you are led to believe is just plain manipulated bull shit. As far as I am concerned, the incidences are over, and I will not respond in the future to the never ending ignorance regarding what truly happened between Mitchell and I. I truly hope that you guys will get over the bull shit that you are fed regarding me. I am here to stay whether you like it or not, are you?????????????????????? AL B
Mr.AL B: I have never had a problem with those that do not know the truth.That could be just a error.But when those that took a oath become aware then continue to lie and cover the lies up, that's the straw that brakes my back. Those in this local government as the board of supervisor,Miss.Grant,C Reeves,grand jury knew! I made them aware. They were so used to lying so much the corruption over took them. This local government became about them and not the citizen. The Dinius case only proves my point. The dishonesty is with in this local government.The culture of corruption is alive and well. I moved here to retire not have more wars.You have to play with the cards that are dealt you. I have found it hard to have people such as bureaucrats take my money then serve themselves when there is a employee that would lie and the rest find away to aid the dishonesty of one of their own.This is from those that took a oath as Mitchell and Hopkins.
Lovelace, what do you think of this?

Rob K Brown 1783498 Colusa County Bail Bonds
Rob Brown Bail Bonds
Kim Brown 1840629 Lake County Bail Bonds

Michaela Brown 1843504 (employee) Rob Brown Bail Bonds expires 6/30/2011

Robert STEVEN Brown 1842523 is listed as Active as he and Michaela work out of 5120 Cole Creek and license isn't due to expire till 6/30/2011****

now this same Robert STEVEN Brown is the same as Steven Brown Attorney, at Crump Bruchler and Lavelle and the same person who is working in the public defender's office? It is, then why the name twist? Why hasn't he notified the department to remove his name from the bailbonds companies, under dad, County Supervisor, DBA Bailbonds and son being emply by dad and the County/Contract/public defenders office. This is a concern for us all.
At the November 18th Public Defender Advisory Committee, Carter announced that Steven Brown will be hired as a part time public defender. Is this the real reason Carter wants to terminate Anna Gregorian's contract? To make room for Steven Brown.
I hope not. There is a video available for review of this meeting.....everyone needs to write to Kelly Cox to stop this new hire from working as a PD in Lake the expense of a great Public Defender who has complied with all and more of the requests made by the Grand Jury Report of 2004-05. She is the only Public Defender that answers the call of duty after hours, Saturdays and Sundays, 14 hours a day. She doesn't stop for nothing. Is it because she is a SHE? Kelly Cox needs to administrate.....this one.
Hey you guys going back and forth here with your bs against each other, why not just communicate via Email? And give the rest of us a break. I'd like to read writings on the blog that concern the citizens and looking to the future. Target the bad guys, especially after Dec 1st, when the blog is running full force again.
Hi James and other post readers.
Just another opinion of mine. When an individual gets involved in corruption they definitely know that it is happening, and that if they participate in it for whatever the reason, they are now part of it. When their job is at stake, most of them will accept it as part of the job and go along with it. Keeping their job is their # 1 priority, and for most of them that is all that matters at that time. I do happen to agree with those individuals, as being a hero will generally be very costly for them and their family. Retaliation will occur, and in fact it happens quite frequently in Lake County. That is why we stick together and say and do whatever it takes to defend ourselves, our co workers, and especially our bosses. Once the cover up and lies start, it just perpetuates into more lies, cover ups and whatever else they feel will save their asses. Makes sense doesn't it? Is this what has been going on in Lake County??? Another favorite of mine is the badly needed Oversight. I believe that it is a must item, and I have seen and been a victim of what occurs when there is no oversight, and a single or a few individuals have the total power to make your life hell. Their decisions whether they are right or wrong will control your life, and that makes you a nobody. Yes, I am talking about the LCSO and other police agencies without oversight. This is a touchy subject, so I will not elaborate on it on the Blog. I will fight for what I believe, and if I step on some deserving toes, TS twice on them. James, we should get together one day soon over coffee or lunch, as we could have some interesting thoughts to kick around. Actually, if anyone reading this Blog would like to have a face to face with me about the current happenings I would happy to meet with you. Just say when and where. One thing I want to make very clear to everyone, and that is that Sheriff to be Frank Rivero has absolutely nothing to do with this. This is 100% my own thing. I do not need for anyone to tell me what to do or not to do, as most everyone who knows me will attest to that. That's it for now folks, so till next time, have a great evening. AL B


November 23, 2010

To: Lake County District Attorney
Lake County Sheriff
Editorial Page of Print Media
TV, Radio

To Whom It May Concern,
A jury recently found John Gray not guilty of the murder of Eric Joaquin, beaten to death February 28, 2009 in the home of John Gray in the Clear Lake Riviera of Kelseyville in Lake County.
If John Gray is innocent, who did kill Eric Joaquin?
Having watched the trial and interviewed potential witnesses who were never called to testify, and having interviewed Defense Investigator Sean Navarro by phone Monday Nov 22, I know of new evidence that would help find the real killers.
Sean Navarro said he could not sleep the last two nights of Gray’s trial because of “important, really important” piles of papers that “the DA refused to look at.”
According to Navarro, at least six months before the trial, Defense Attorney Kevin Ikuma went to the DA and presented a list of names of people that should be interviewed in the search for Joaquin’s murderers.
DA Hopkins refused to accept these lists and papers because Hopkins said he already had his mind made up that Gray was guilty,
“Things were never done that should have been done,” said Sean Navarro. The DA never went to the trouble to learn of where the Watts boys were the whole night of February 27-28, The DA never did an interview of the Watts boys.
Sean Navarro said he ended up doing “stuff that law enforcement should have been doing.”
“When you do an investigation you turn over every stone. All these people (on Ikuma’s list) should have been interviewed.”
Navarro said the Sheriffs department had “tunnel vision” and ignored pieces of information that popped up.
If the DA had interviewed the people on Ikuma’s list they would have found out a lot more about Eric’s death.
Navarro said he believes multiple people participated in killing Eric Joaquin.
I am urging present and/or future law enforcement, including the DA, to reopen this investigation and look at Ikuma’s list. Navarro said Ikuma would release the list if asked to do so. We will all be able to sleep at night when the real killers were found and apprehended.

Joan Moss
Soon a new day will dawn on Lake County's law enforcement brotherhood. Those brothers who, for no other reason than they could, treated good law abiding, tax paying, hard working, civilians with contempt and loathing shall be brought to answer for their sins. You know who you are and you know who you wronged. Now may be the perfect time to swallow your false, foolish egotistical, yellow-tinged blue pride and makes amends by apology to those you know deserve an apology. Remember, you're burning daylight. Many of you know you will not survive the looming tempest. Does the phrase "little man with a big gun" mean anything to ya?
Mr. AL B: Why give the oath if you are not going to hold them accountable.All the excuses that you gave is why the Dinius case. The oath had no meaning? Not in Lake County.I have heard all the excuses why the bureaucrats can violate their oath. Then this government becomes for them and not for the citizen. There is no reason why this local government allows those that took a oath and violate it. I may know why the bureaucrats would but it will not make it right and the citizens have said so. Now to the other low lives. Lets really clean this government up.Thanks to Lovelace.I will say this they asked for the job,now have them do it.
The ethical duties of Prosecutors
In administering justice, a prosecutor must abide by a strict code of ethics. A prosecutor must always strive to discover the truth while carrying out all offical duties at any level, the primary role of the prosecutor is to "investigate and prosecute impartially" criminal suspects on behalf of the people. Prosecutors should proscute with "earnesness and vigor" while employing "legitimate investigative techniques" to ensure that "guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer."

Hopkins never cared if the innocent suffered he prosecuted because he wanted his staff to gain experience and to think like he does and they do....Grothe showed us his a clone of Hopkins.
Sean Navarro worked for the DA's office. His supervisor was Jon Hopkins. Ya gotta wonder what's going on here?
It took me a long time to understand the dishonesty in Lake County government. You see I would not believe all that would cover for each other. After ten years,I"m a believer,their that corrupt. Lake County bureaucrats have done what dishonest bureaucrats do. Use the government for them other than for the citizens. Then to make it worse there is no true oversight from them other than when the citizen becomes involved. There is so much dishonesty in this local government. The board of supervisors,Miss.A.Grant and the grand jury are the next place to start.
Sean Navarro is out seeking the truth doing the DAinvestigator's job. 731.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
To the citizens of Lake County, there is more significant information that will be forthcoming in overview and other details of the John Gray trial, people are coming forward and indicating they are willing to help in anyway possible and will turn over all information they have available, this includes Ikuma, the parents of Mr.Joaquin are stepping forward as well as others. The potential ramification of this unfolding situation are interesting to say the least. We are going to be posting a comment sometime today giving further updates and an overview, of the current status. There has also been cooperation from Mr. Navarro concerning as was mentioned in the first article we posted, and he to believes this needs to go forward and be investigated. Hopkins has remained quiet in the matter.
It is curious to note that now sheriff Mitchell in a lame duck position, has asked for all the information that is available, now Mr. Mitchell has had the opportunity to gather and use this information in the initial investigation and trial but both he and Hopkins refused to do so. Why? would be the pertinent question in regards to Mitchell's sudden re-interest in the case. Any theories from the citizens?
10:51: Fear! Fear of yet another law suit!
Hi James,
My referring to the Dinius case was because that case was the most outstanding case in Lake County, and as I stated in the past, it was the worst travesty of justice perpetuated in the County for as long as I have lived here, and that period of time is 15+ years. Everything about it stunk from the beginning. That is just my opinion, but everyone who spoke about it felt the same way. Naturally, there was no oversight so the powers to be were free to pull whatever they wanted to, and they almost got away with it. Dinius was their scapegoat from day one. I am sure that some individuals will disagree with what I said here, but that's their perogative. If what I say pisses some individuals off, that's just too bad, because what happened at that time pissed me off. Goodie for Lake County, because shortly, this type of sleazy trash is coming to an end. When oversight does come to Lake County, it must be completely independent from those that the oversight is observing. Have I made myself clearly understood??? You all have a nice day. AL B
A lawsuit perhaps post 1218, but as those of you who watched the Gray trial will note Meth was involved, and it has been widely reported for many years the Mitchell has had some sort of "payoff" connection to the meth industry. In the outside chance that the reason for the attempt to put Gray on trial, was really a way to cover-up something Mitchell does not want known, then Lovelace is correct why is a lame duck sheriff so interested in finding out the information of which he had ample opportunity to investigate during the investigation, and why was Hopkins so unwilling to listen to Navarro when he went to him with the information he had. Well it does so far fetched, but based on the trial, and the oddities of the bloody baseball bat and other strange things in this case, one has to wonder, and yes if it was discovered that there was a cover-up and Gray was the scapegoat, that would be a massive lawsuit. I do agree something smells fishy, and it ain't the lake! Keep us informed Lovelace.
A woman was hired to replace Gregorian. Not Steve Brown. her name is jessica.
The following information was just received into our system, we feel it is imperative to give this to the public as a whole, your thoughts and ideas on this overview are welcome on the Blog. This will be posted in 2 or 3 consecutive parts.


Muddy Waters People vs John Gray
By Joan Moss, November 24, 2010

Sheriff Rod Mitchell called me this morning asking what information I had that points to the ‘real killers” of John Gray.
I have been asked by one of my editors to write down what I know concerning additional pieces of evidence that point to the “real killers” of Eric Joaquin, beaten to death February 28, 2009 in the Clear Lake Riviera of Kelseyville in Lake County.
My heart first of all goes out to Laurel Joaquin, also identified up til now as Lori, Eric’s mother, who has had very frightening nights alone. Laurel was kept from attending the trial because of her potential testimony as a witness, and then she was not called as a witness.
Eric told her things a few nights before he was killed. I do not know what he told her.
Laurel has had fear for her life every day, even when John Gray was safe in jail. She and her daughter heard nameless, unwelcome visitors in her breezeway and later pounding on her door just last night.
When Laurel is home alone at night, she hears voices and soft knocks on her door which she does not answer. When Laurel calls 911 for help, they do not take her calls seriously.
Following Eric’s death,Laurel told how Cody Watts brought a wooden bat with long nails pointing out at the end to Laurel, saying “This is the murder weapon.”
Laurel and her daughter Winter wrapped up the bat in a towel and called Corey Paulich, sheriff’s investigator on the case.
According to Laurel it was two weeks before Detective Corey Paulich responded to her call and came to her house. He swung the bat around and stuck it in some old mattresses and a couch in Laurel’s house. Laurel said she considers Paulich a “bad cop” and she told him so.
Cody Watts brought over Eric’s old antique coins to Winter Thomas, Laurel’s daughter, the night Eric was killed. I believe the timing of the coins being brought over puts Cody in Eric’s bedroom earlier that same evening, the night Eric was killed.
The coins were from Eric’s keepsake rocket ship piggy bank, according to Laurel and Winter.
Laurel mentioned Italian Mafia, Mexican Mafia, and Hell’s Angels to me more than once before Gray’s trial. Laurel also stated the Sheriffs department is also involved with the mafia.
Judge Mann seemed to ridicule the words Mexican Mafia
when Defense Attorney Kevin Ikuma used them during 402 evidentiary hearings at the John Gray murder trial.
Defense Investigator Sean Navarro in a telephone interview November 22 said one video of Mo Watts at the casino with his mother does not determine what Mo Watts did all night the night Eric was murdered. In the video Mo was was wearing one shirt, then the morning the law enforcement came to see the body, Mo was wearing a different shirt.
According to Navarro, the DA never went to the trouble of determining for sure where the Watts boys were the whole night of February 27-28, 2009, when Eric was killed. The DA

never did an interview of the Watts boys, according to Navarro. Rob Gray, John Gray’s father, said during breaks of his son’s trial he suspects Mo is an informant for the Sheriffs Department.
Kevin Ikuma Defense attorney e-mailed me that he would turn over all his files to help find Eric’s murderers if he was asked.
Laurel is afraid for the safety of her daughter Verna, who is presently with Blake Watts and Verna’s daughter, the offspring of Verna and Blake. The past few days, Verna has been beaten, and is talking about her own funeral to her mother over their cell phones.
Winter Thomas read accounts of the trial in the Record Bee, and told me where the stories were wrong. She knows alot about the case, but she is afraid of her parole being violated if she testifies. If the DA would grant her immunity or amnesty she would also have more information than was read from the preliminary hearing about the death of her brother Eric.
Laurel Joaquin said she has called Victim Witness for help, and never got a positive response. Ikuma told me that because she is a family member of the victim she is qualified for services from Victim Witness. Laurel has been afraid to talk because of what might happen to her daughter Verna, who is with the Wats family at the present time.
Laurel believes the Watts boys were involved in her son’s death, if not the direct attackers, the ones who set him up for other people.
As I wrote yesterday, Ikuma has a list of names which he tried to give to the district attorney to interview, and the DA did take that list to investigate. Rich Hinchcliff said last week in a phone interview that the DA’s office still believes John Gray is guilty
DA investigators are interviewing jury members from Gray’s trial to discover how the DA lost the chance of getting Gray convicted.
With Sheriff Rod Mitchell’s call this morning, maybe the investigator’s will look at Ikuma’s list he offered them over six months ago.
Garzoli files claim for damages against Lake County
Written by Elizabeth Larson
Wednesday, 26 May 2010
LAKE COUNTY – A former sheriff's sergeant whose employment with the Lake
County Sheriff's Office ended earlier this month has filed a claim for
damages against the county.

Sacramento Attorney Dan McNamara filed the
claim against the county on Tuesday on behalf of his client, David
Garzoli, 43.

Sheriff Rod Mitchell said Tuesday, “I have
not reviewed Dave's complaint in total with county counsel but I will do so as a response to the claim is prepared.”

County Counsel Anita Grant said the claim will be forwarded to the county's
third-party administrator, which will have up to 45 days to investigate
the claim.

If it appears the county is at fault, the
administrator would recommend a settlement, she said.

Garzoli is seeking damages in excess of $10,000, including attorney fees and
costs in regard to what his claim characterizes as “wrongful employment
actions” by the county.

District Attorney
Jon Hopkins currently is conducting an investigation into the matter
after state and federal officials denied the board's request for the

Garzoli's claim said he has been
deprived of his constitutional rights, which in turn has created “a
hostile working environment, embarrassment and humiliation that he has
had to endure and will continue to endure when he attempts to find other employment.”

Garzoli later was demoted from
lieutenant to sergeant, and sent an e-mail to Mitchell last Sept. 9
apologizing for the helicopter training.

A few days after sending
that e-mail he posted an entry on an insurance forum in which he said he was training to become an insurance agent and that he planned “to use
my knowledge of local crime trends to exploit peoples emotions to get

According to the claim, Garzoli has suffered emotionally and physically as a result of the disclosure about his

“He has been treated for high blood
pressure. These physical manifestations of the severe emotional distress caused by Lake County employees and representatives provides the basis
for the negligent infliction of emotional distress,” the claim stated.
Garzoli spent years sucking up to Rod Mitchell to bnecome his goldenboy then Rod threw him under the bus as soon as the heat came down. No real loss but it is typical of Rodney Mitchell. Fortunately the voters of lake county have now thrown Rod under the bus. Perhaps he'll be calling Garzoli for a job so he too can use his knowledge of crime trents to attrack clients.

Maybe Buffalo Rob will hire you as skip chasers for him although I doubt even the two of you together could catch your own ass with two hands.

What goes around comes around boys.
So, Dave's 45 days has been up for awhile, what's up? Are we supposed to feel sorry for Dave? I don't. Dave wants to be DEA and this is how he's trying to clean up his termination. That's why he is only asking a partly $10,000. This is a small amount for such a thing, which makes it easy for the jury to decide in his favor. Thereby cleaning up his record for future employment. This guy is slime and doesn't need to be in any kind of law enforcement. Let's keep our eye on this guy.

Why is this on the Blog now, anyway? It looks like a smokescreen to me. Let's get back to the discussion on the John Gray Matter. It smells like another coverup.
In the newspapers, the story was told about the investigators handling the baseball bat in a bag, but then left it at the scene. Two months later they came back and retrieved it as the murder weapon. Now we hear the story of Paulich contaminating evidence and seemingly threatening a witness by striking a mattress and couch. Paulich's use of the bat had to occur in the beginning of the case and not two months later when the bat was picked up as the murder weapon. And now we have an excuse as to why Paulich's fingerprints might be on the bat therefore contaminating the bat.
Hopkins, Mitchell, Paulich, and even Hinchcliff, you all stink to high Heaven, but I don't think Heaven is were you'll be going.
What kind of junior detective finds something in a bag at a murder scene, picks it up, doesn't look inside and puts it back? Yeah Right.
As a wise man once said, a truly wiser man than me. 92.8% of you couldn't detect your way out of a paper bag even if you were following Hansel with Gretel giving the GPS directions. Certainly, someone knows the truth. However, THAT TRUTH IS INCONVENIENT!!

Once upon a time there was a little boy. One day he realized that his pseudo-Jesusfreak parent(s), didn't have enough time for him because of his 15 sibblings. Jacob, how does it feel to have children the same age as your brothers & sisters?. So a concerned benevolent family realized the plight of this young boy who apparently, at the time seemed to have potential. This Family included him in their familial activities, they treated him as a son, they taught him how to hunt, shoot, hike and how to be a man and they employeed him. Then later they give him a glowing letter of recommendation for job in LPPD Law enforcement. WHAT FOOLS THEY WERE!! Herein lies the sad part of this story:
At this man's first opportunity as trainee/rookie member of the Lakeport PD, he turned on those who loved, cared and sacrificed for him. LPPD quickly disposed of him at which point LCSO employed him. LCSD-new hire-Jacob Steely, You ingrate, insipid POS, HOW dare you treat me thusly when I did nothing but treat you as my own and got you the job that enabled you to f**k with me!! You eligatarian bastard! You will answer to the God of your father & mother! You will swim in the lake of brimstone! Your lineage will be smitten by God for your sins against those who where foolish enough to care for you....Stay off my F**kin street, You F**kin F**k!!
1107 How right you are, they all stink to high Heaven. Paulich should be put on administrative leave w/o pay until he's investigated for his part in this, he knew what he was doing with the bat.
To all that read Lovelace,what I will say is the truth and have not varnished my words in my favor. Long before the Dinius case I found all that I would come in contact with in this local government To lie and cover up for themselves. No controlling authority that would take on the dishonesty with in. Lots of lip services to why their allowed to lie and cover up for each other.Not one bureaucrat had a reason why they should not lie only reasons why they could. I say that again. Not one, That is right not one.I would ask you, can your government lie and cover the lies up? If you think so who is to watch for those that report? I would say to all the reason for the Dinius case is because the system is full of those that lie and cover up for each other.And not held in check by the board of supervisor, Miss A.Grant when it is brought to their attention. So Mitchell or Hopkins is just a start the dishonesty remains in their wake.
This is to everyone.
I am wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday. We only get this day once a year, so you all relax and enjoy the eating goodies and the beautiful day we are having. Sincerely, AL B, Lakeport.
McClain No longer Chief of Police in Clearlake
so when is sonething going to be investigated about the others who have used questionable tatics the public and city counsil is unaware of going on and on?

My guess is talk to any of the patrol officers who have recently beeing Fired, and go from there and of course the Grand Jury report
I repeat the grand jury is controlled by those that you would report on.They will slant the truth to hide for themselves.The dishonesty in this local government has baffled me for a long time and had to come to the fact that its just the way it is. Hope you all had a nice holiday and of course a merry Christmas to all.
This is the Lovelace group we hope everyone had an excellent T-Day, and or are enjoying the 4 day weekend, we thought we would pass on the continuing good news in the election cycle, the race for AG has been conceded by Cooley to Harris, and we now have a progressive non-conservative democratic as our new AG. An early Christmas present and the process of change to a more intellectual and forward thinking group of office holders continues. Below is a brief overview of the article.

Republican Steve Cooley conceded to Democrat Kamala Harris Wednesday in the race for attorney general. This comes after the closest race for the seat in decades.

On Election Day Cooley declared victory but by early the next morning vote tallies showed that his declaration was premature. Though votes still remained to be counted, Cooley believed he was unable to make up the difference and thus conceded the race.

Harris, 46, will be both the first female and the first African American to serve as California's attorney general. She has served as a prosecutor in Alameda County and San Francisco as well as the San Francisco city deputy attorney, where she beat two-term incumbent District Attorney Terence Hallinan for the position in 2003.
We are receiving some current information on CPD of which we are being asked not to post at this time. This message serves to acknowledge to the sender the receipt of that information, and we will hold it until you think it is the time to release, thanks for the support and the information, quite interesting stuff, we look forward to getting the OK to post it and move on it. Thanks
Hey post 3:39, Sea monkeys, DUUUUUUH. Who or what are you referring to??? In the hobby world of tropical fish, Brine Shrimp is a living tropical fish food that are known as Sea Monkeys. Are you talking about fish food? HO HO HO. Please educate us on your interpretation of what or who is your Sea Monkey referring to. I am happy to see that the Blog is becoming fun again as well as being informative. You all have a fun ???? weekend.
I went with "sea monkeys," but I did consider "palookas," "mooks," or "nerdballs." Apparently my point was too subtle: When you are posting what amounts to gossip and innuendo about people, it detracts from your credibility if you cannot spell the names of those you seek to impugn correctly.
Sea Monkey aka Brine Shrimp fun to raise from their little capsules great for te kids to watch hatch and grow.
Hey 9:32, its nice to know that we actually have a few of us that know about those for real Sea Monkeys. I must have hatched millions of those Sea Monkeys over the years during my fish breeding years. As I said in my earlier post, this Blog can be fun as well as informative.

Post 9:13, good spelling may be impressive, but getting your point across is what is important. I am sure that many of the posts deliberately misspell words and screw up sentences to conceal themselves, and then use anonymous to remain incognito. I personally do not care if someone posts something anonymous, as I will sometimes do it depending on what it is. Aren't we supposed to be transparent? HO HO HO. That will take place after Mitchell is gone, but till then the BS probably will go on as usual. Has Mitchell and Rivero started working together yet? Now it is sleepy time, so I will say nighty night to you all, and sweet dreams, HO HO HO. Mr anonymous.
sea monkeys are more interesting than these monkeys. When will you tards get a clue?
I don't see why anyone would want to close idiot.10 that local radio is the shiiiit. Any tool with time on their hands can get a show. Course it winds up with any fool but that's the power of fools and tools.
The local media is not geared for the public protection but like our government for its own. I don't think they took a oath to defend and protect the Constitution as those in this local government. Their service is owned by them,unlike our government that is owned by us the people. I may wish them to report the evil in our government and know the system would be better off with the bureaucrats knowing their looked at. I will choose to allow them the freedom to say or print what they would. If we do not buy they go broke. I have always found Mr.Dickson willing to print my letters in their paper. There are more that need to go in this local government put the pressure on them.Mr. Dickso is not our problem. Brown,Grant and the board of supervisors are.
Oh maybe we will get a clue after another 80,000 comments, LOL!

By the way everyone the famous "train for change" which so distrubed the corruption supporters during the election is going to be running in the christmas parade, please plan on attending and give Mr. Carter a big hand for all his help during the election.

Good morning Lake County hope all have a great weekend!! Be safe in the chill and the rain.
Well despite Liz and Gary's campaign efforts here are the final results from the sheriff's race, as you can see Rivero increased his lead and percentage over Mitchell by a wide margin and received the mandate of the voters in no uncertain terms. Lovelace has stated early in the election that it would take 10,000 votes to beat Mitchell and as you can see that was exactly correct. By the way these percentages are exactly what the poll we conducted on the Manifest said would be the margins of victory.

In the sheriff's race, Francisco Rivero's lead increased from 8,102 votes in the preliminary count to 11,103 in the final canvass, compared to Rod Mitchell's 9,275 votes in the final count, up from the preliminary ballot count of 6,919.

The final percentage difference between the sheriff's candidates was 54.2 percent for Rivero and 45.3 percent for Mitchell, compared to 53.9 to 46.1 percent in the initial tally.
AS it goes.Thank God and greyhound they are gone. Also said before. Mitchell and Hopkins were met by the same ones on their way down that they met on their way up. Good by to bad rubbish. They should be in jail for what they tried to do. So much for oversight. Like Charlie Rangel they were only censured the rest of us would be in jail.
I have many south of the border heritage acquaintances, is it the general consince that with the new Sheriff ethnicticity that those of the same heritage will get a pass or a less ticketed life with the new LE leader? reason I ask is I had to laugh at their assumption, but hey just asking is this what is being said.

Clue Me in
Kust Curious
Post 9:13, good spelling may be impressive, but getting your point across is what is important. I am sure that many of the posts deliberately misspell words and screw up sentences to conceal themselves, and then use anonymous to remain incognito. I personally do not care if someone posts something a!!nonymous, as I will sometimes do it depending on what it is.

aw shucks you found me out, I do do that but not always on purpose, touch typing will do that to you sometimes thinking ahead of onesslf

OH OH OH indeed
Again with the 80,000 comments? If we add up all the comments listed on the main page of this site, we get a total of well under 30,000. So if 80,000 is a true number, 50,000+ thousand comments have been deleted. Seems there's more opposition or at least opposing views that the operators of this site want the public to know about.
Ha Ha Ou812 do we detect a bit of sour grapes???? Get over it, this site has been the most successful experiment in social communication this county has ever seen, your animosity is an indication of just that success. Had your corruption brothers been able to follow rules and hold their tongue their posts would be up to. However what you fail to realize is all the comments are archived, just because some are not showing on the thread means nothing, deletion from the thread, does not remove them from our archive. You know the way this site has destroyed your and Mitchell and his cronies credibility and achieved such great victories you would think you would give more credit for our smarts. Oh that's right sour grapes.
Hi Lovelace,
The post from 0U812 has stated some big numbers. Please clue me in as to what is going on with those numbers, and what are the opposing views that the poster mentioned. It appears to me that the number of posts that are posted on the Blog is very small? How many are actually being deleted, and if so, why? I am also curious about what is going on at the LCSO with Rivero and Mitchell. Do you folks at Lovelace have any knowledge regarding what is going on at the LCSO?
Signed, Mr Curious.
I am not Lovelace but I do know if you look at all the threads posted on the left hand sided of the page you will see where a number of them are able to be looked at. As well the original Blog page, had over 20,000 comments on it, they recreated the blog after about 6 months and started the count new as they revamped the site to gear up for the elections. We have already been told that the comments that are not visible are archived, which I found to be true. So there really is no question as to the viability of the amount of comments and the great success this site has had in our county. The deletions range from multiple cut and pastes which the corruption supporters attempted to bring the site down with, to the corruption supporters using foul language and not following the rules of the site. This is all very basic stuff, and I have followed this site for its entire time in operation. There should be no question as to the credibility of what is being said and the numbers add up.

I do not know what is happening with Rivero and Mitchell, but Lovelace has stated that Mitchell has pretty much gone into hiding, and with Hoppy calling for an early exit it is safe to say Mitchell is gone and no longer a factor in our county!!
I would agree with you 2:40 but I will still watch my back until Rivero takes over.
I know there are several LCSD who have some explaining to do.
Oh no doubt about that 250 and quite a few looking for revenge still, they are being watched very close, Paulich is on the radar and many others as we see how they decide to transition to the new leadership.
Sheriff Mitchell is still very much on the job, and Hoppy hey five days early that is nothing.
revenge doh getting stopped for broken tail light or no light on the license plate or even driving with suspended license is not revenge
Thanks 2:40 for the information. As for Mitchell, him being in hiding does not surprise me, as he has been severely embarrassed, and so have his GOB's and his kiss ass buddies as well. If it wasn't for Rivero, low life Mitchell would remain Sheriff, and things would go on as usual. There are still some of his slimy buddies that have to go, and in time they will. Have a fun ???? Sunday.
I"M here on this site to tell all that the dishonesty is not only alive and well with in this local government. There is the likes of the board of supervisors,Anita l.Grant,Dave Brown that fed on the dishonesty and allowed it to go on. Their actions long before the Dinius case knew and allowed by excepting the dishonesty,covering up for them. Using the grand jury so they would be complicit so to aid all their cronies. It is up to us if we live with the trash in this local government or dispose of it. Merry Christmas to all. Thanks to Lovelace.
I found this comment on Topix and thought it deserved an audience over here.

Improve local government by eliminating poorly performing department heads. The fish rots from the head down. Independently audit performance. Don't trust the numbers provided by the department head; they have been, to say it gently, manipulated.
Hold the department head responsible for departmental incompetence and failure to serve the public. Hold the Board of Supervisors responsible for not making department heads responsible. No news is not always good news. Department heads are loyal to their funding source, not the public they serve.
Send "secret shoppers" into county departments to request services. Find out what the public really encounters. Stop burying your heads in the sand!
The system only works if there is a place the buck stops. If not you have what we have now. Dishonesty at the core and we pay. Who would be the fool? Us or the bureaucrats we have not kept a eye on. Thanks to Lovelace.
It is sad to think that post 829 is correct and that those who are the elected officials must be watched liked little children. That they must be disciplined, and put in time outs for their wrong doings, but it is true. We have a very small pool of people to choose our supervisors from in this county, and the citizens must be far more careful in the future in whom they vote into office. This is difficult as the sad truth is we still have many ignorant and small minded people in this county. In the smallest number you can simply look at those 8,000 or so people who voted for Mitchell in the election. What can be in the minds of these people? How small can their thought process be, they run around like Sgt. Schultz of Hogans Hero's with their fingers in their ears yelling I see nothing I know nothing!!! We wonder why our country as a whole is in the shape it is in, well this small little county is a microcosm of our country and what it tells us is that there are still far to many ignorant and low-browed thinkers in our midst, therefore this will be a continuing battle until the time comes where we as a whole see the truth and reality of the politicians and those claiming superiority despite their actions and the results of their terrible leadership.
Looks like James and myself had the same thought!!!! Thanks James!!
The board of supervisors are our representatives. Have they by their silences told us who they were for? I know !!! met them long before the Dinius case. They allowed those that would lie, cheat and cover up, to exist within that court house. Have we come to the point we allow crooks to run our government and the best we can hope for is that we can vote some of them out? Thanks to Lovelace.
Hail Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder is back and he is on the attack. He has support from millions around the world, and his website is back-up despite the fascist and criminal attempts by the US government to bring Wikileaks down. Below is the lastest article concerning Wikileaks, and the "Doomsday file Insurance file" that has been created and distributed around the world. The total embarrasment of the political and world leaders is causing them great pain and harm. Our government is attacking free speech forcing companies such as paypal to shut down their support of him, and acting like a cold war Russian KGB. Go Assange, and I pray for your safety and continued work at bringing transparency and the truth to the public!!!

ulian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay.

One of the files identified this weekend by The Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file — has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia.

Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.

The military papers on Guantanamo Bay, yet to be published, have been supplied by Bradley Manning, Assange’s primary source until his arrest in May. Other documents that Assange is confirmed to possess include an aerial video of a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan that killed civilians, BP files and Bank of America documents.

One of the key files available for download — named insurance.aes256 — appears to be encrypted with a 256-digit key. Experts said last week it was virtually unbreakable.

Sanyo Electric: To Mass Produce World's Most Energy-Efficient Solar Cell
Politicians Who Own Stakes in Airport Scanner Companies
Obama Open to Tax Cut Compromise, With Conditions
Alabama Dad Tells Authorities Location of Buried Children
Florida Follows Arizona's Lead With New Bill Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrants

Click here to read this story from The Sunday Times.

The U.S. Department of Defense says it is aware of the WikiLeaks insurance file, but has been unable to establish its contents. It has been available for download since July.

Assange has warned he can divulge the classified documents in the insurance file and similar backups if he is detained or the WikiLeaks website is permanently removed from the internet. He has suggested the contents are unredacted, posing a possible security risk for coalition partners around the world.

Assange warned: “We have over a long period of time distributed encrypted backups of material we have yet to release. All we have to do is release the password to that material, and it is instantly available.”

The “doomsday files” are part of a contingency plan drawn up by Assange and his supporters as they face a legal threat. He is wanted in Sweden over sexual assault allegations, and the US administration is reviewing the possibility of legal action after the release of 250,000 diplomatic cables.

Ben Laurie, a London-based computer security expert who has advised WikiLeaks, said: “Julian’s a smart guy and this is an interesting tactic. He will hope it deters anyone from acting against him.”

Nigel Smart, professor of cryptology at the U.K.'s Bristol University, said even powerful military computers would be unable to crack the encryption. He said: “This isn’t something that can be broken with a modern computer. You need the key to open it.”

The file is 1.4 gigabytes in size, which would be big enough for a compressed version of all the files released this year and additional data.

Read more:
I say good job Assange and Wikileaks, I support their efforts all the way, you got to love those Aussies!!! Hope he stays alive!!!
As was said Lake County with Mitchell and other government officials is just a small snap shot of the country and the world as a whole. None are accountable, and become angry when the citizens take them to task. Tsk, Tsk!!
Interesting that the Sheriff elect has chosen to force all of the Deputies to go out and buy new uniforms and he is repainting all of the new white patrol cars just to stroke his ego. What a waste of money.
This is an important aspect of change post 416, the part that you and your Mitchell boy's have never understood, the new leader must always create his own environment, it creates ownership and respect. Respect of course being a word you nor Mitchell ever enjoyed. It is a new world with real intelligent people now, get used to it and start to learn.
The deputies do not have to pay out of pocket for the uniforms, so what is your complaint?
The deputies are payed 30.00 a month to assist in their uniform upkeep. You can bet they spend the majority of that on other things so no need to complain when you now need to put some towards your uniforms, get a grip, and understand when you are angry about the changes, it means Rivero is doing his job. It is the way of change!!
So, post 4:16, the deputies are paid 30.00 a month for the upkeep. Undoubtedly, they do not have to pay for the uniform itself. so, the deputies are not being forced to buy new uniforms.
Even if the deputies were going to be told to buy uniforms, they have compiled more then enough money through the years to finance the new uniforms. Either way this is just the usual complainers who will come into line as time goes by. You should hear the jail CO's whining, oh my gosh you would think they were stabbed by a knife, the jail is really going to get a work over they are a mess.
Can't hardly wait to see the new swat look..
Let them keep the uniform just take away the steroids.
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