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Lake County Government Watch

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July 11th, 2014(updated)

This is the Lovelace Group of Lake County and this is our Blog page. This Blog is dedicated to the good citizens of our county and with their help and dedication to change and transparency. This site now has 6 years of existence. It started several years ago dedicated to the removal of two public officials holding office in our county. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell and District Attorney John Hopkins. As our group began to look at the actions and incidents of corruption, elitism, and crony-ism that was entrenched in our local governmental system it became clear that something must be done to change the course of the past 15 years. Lake County is one of the lowest rated counties in the state from health criteria to water quality. Meth is still a severe issue, tourism is dying, and housing value is stagnant. Our lake is dying due to total government mismanagement.  Change is needed.  A model was created, this model was based upon the use and concept of social communications and Internet dialog to promote public awareness and further the cause of radical change in our community. By various means we brought our site to the attention of the citizens and public officials in our county. Now approaching  one million comments, several elections, and an amazing county, state and country wide audience we are pressing forward for even greater social change and policy restructuring within our county. Environmentally and from a governmental failure, our county is dying.  

What has been accomplished thus far would have been hard to imagine 48 months ago. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell has been removed from power, District Attorney Jon Hopkins has been removed from power. One of the driving forces for the exposure and removal of these two corrupt individuals is a terrible incident involving a boating accident on our local lake when a sheriff's deputy named Russell Perdock drove his speed boat at high speed in the middle of the night over the top of a sail boat just leaving the docks with running lights on killing at a far to early age a beautiful women name Lynn Thorton, at the helm of the sailboat was Bismarck Dinius. What followed is hard to imagine. Then sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins charged Bismarck Dinius with the death of his passenger Lynn Thorton and protected their deputy Russell Perdock, charging him with no crimes. During the course of the criminal trial cover-ups, illegal actions, jury tampering, and a host of other issues spelled the doom of Mitchell and Hopkins and the total unanimous jury acquittal of Bismarck Dinius. A federal civil rights trial of massive proportions has been settled in San Francisco federal court with several million dollars going to Mr. Dinius. Both Mitchell and Hopkins were key individuals in the attempted prosecution of Bismarck Dinius and cover-up of the truth of the accident. With this incident in mind we launched the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog, of which our URL remains the same but our Blog name has now changed to Lake County Government Watch. During the adventures of our first year we were able to elect Sheriff Frank Rivero into the sheriffs position.  For 4 years running the GOB network has attacked sheriff Rivero. A phony Brady process by DA Donnie Anderson, a Trumped up recall attempt by Brian Martin and Rob Brown, and a vote of no confidence by the BOS were some of the constant attacks by this elitist network.  Now in the recent election, the local media showing no journalistic integrity has assisted in taking our sheriff out of office, he is being replaced by a Good Old Boy who is directly connected to former sheriff Rodney Mitchell.  Although we will have one or two new supervisors in district's 2 and 3, we are saddened with the loss of sheriff Rivero. Sheriff Rivero was of Cuban blood. The severe racism still embedded in the power brokers of Lake County and their family and friends remains a major issue.   However we are steadfast in our dedication to you the people of this county and of  furthering transparency, honesty, and government integrity in our county and beyond.  

What we have found during the course of our own investigations in the county is stunning to say the least. It was discovered that a local Internet paper called Lake County News run by Liz Larson and her husband John, in our opinion were in collusion with local government officials. We then exposed this paper for its biased and fascist operations discrediting their reporting and any semblance of credibility they once had. The Record Bee has done no better and due to a massive amount of pressure local editor Mandy Feder is leaving the paper. Both papers outright attacks on Sheriff Rivero scraped the bottom of journalistic integrity.  One of the more significant discoveries also exposed several of our local Board of Supervisors to the citizens scrutiny. Most significant is Rob Brown, whom we continue to bring the light of transparency and exposure to his actions and Neanderthal approach to governance.  

As together we continue our Blog and our efforts towards community awareness and change we want to thank the many citizens from deputies current and former to just good folks helping and offering assistance.

This process of change in a county or government system run through an entrenched multi-generational nepotistic, wink wink, system of government(GOB's or Good Ole Boys) is difficult to accomplish, new ideas and change are not embraced. Those that have the power and control will not give it up easily.   Thank you for joining us here, we are the voice of the voiceless of which in today's world there are far to many whose voices are not heard.

Finally as of this editing, we are but a few days away from 2,000,000 page views in 6 short years, in this a county of 60,000 and change. All of you are the reason we hit that milestone.

The Lovelace group of concerned citizens

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Ding dong the witch is dead...witch oh witch the wicked witch,,,,,ding dong the wicked witch is dead.,..high ho the darry'o sing it loud, sing it low, ding dong the wicked witch is deAD!!!
What a fabulous gift to the Press. A Sheriff with a criminal past! Gotta love that!
Mitchell's trying to skip town as fast as he can, I'd bet.
And connected in every way to an indicted criminal, that's gonna make for good reading.
1:05, do you know when Frank announced his campaign? because i'm pretty sure The Blog came first.
Frank Who?
Hey Gary Frace and your third world commercials for mitchell, lying, embezzling POS, I am going to file on YOU and everyone who covered for you with the DOJ. YOU lowlife POS!! I am going to take your ass down lowlife along with any of your stupid friends!! I said my prayers waited patiently for you to fall and now it is MY turn!!!!!!
Post 1:07

Trying to blame someone else for Mitchell's loss. Remember Mitchell tried to blame someone else with the Perdock coverup and see where it got him. Don't continue to make a fool of yourself.
Give it up, your day is over, done with....Mitchell the loser; tables have turned, We The People have spoken and it's a Great Day! There's a suitcase at the Courthouse, pack your bag and head out.
Hey Steely, have you seen the "report" against your "RACIST ASS"?? Guess what "girl friend" You got some spanning to do.
Oh man, its so cool the count captured this whole blog. Now it is entirely public record. No holds barred.
You know what, I can "prove" anything I talk about so...STFU!!
Its gonna suck to be the sheriff for a while.
I'm bettin' frank is gonna wish he'd lost before too long.
NOOOOOOO, It's called lay-offs.....because we work in an "at will" state.
Apologies accepted here any time your ready.
It appears that we are just sick of Mitchell and all the lies.......
How do you like him NOW Elizabeth?????????????
Ummm....I think it was Frank Rivero with 53, Rodney Mitchell with 47....
The news is out on sailing anarchy already, Soon it will be known world wide.

We did it!!!!
good news for the local press...
214 I'm guessing not so much. They have more fences to mend than the few mitchell supporters that come here.
Sounds like we can look for mitchell's slip and fall sometime around thanksgiving.
kkklint showed up at the court house and once again made a fool of himself shouting at Rivero. That man has a screw loose.
234 He made a a$$ of himself on the radio and then came into the station and made a a$$ of himself again. That boy is sick.
From the county backroads of Rednecks, to a team that kicked ass! Lake County is once again on the map for all the right reasons. Your Damn Right WE DID IT!
HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW? Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodby. Celebrate good times come on.
Completed Precincts: 53 of 53
Vote Count Percentage
RODNEY K. MITCHELL 6,919 46.1%

Final Final Rod is out and Frank is in just as predicted thanks in no small part to the efforts of citizens on this Blog and the good people of lake co. who are siock and tired and aren't going to take it anymore.
With Mitchell gone and his gang slithering under rocks who will we have to pick on? Besides kkklint that is.
Love the Fireworks Lovelace- Great touch!
The BOS and the City of Clearlake PD, have alot more to do folks its not over yet! There is still alot of trash out there that needs to be removed!
Has anyone taken thje time to see what the clearlake Police Chief gets paid. He gets more then the Sheriff for running that two bit department.
Good night Lake County or I should say good morning. Thank you Lovelace and keep up the good work. Remember we are all Lovelace.
Mitc-hell is.....Lookin like a fool wit his pants on da floor, Lookin like a fool wit his pants on da floor...
November 3, 2010 1:07 AM

Move forward..

Frank disclosed all that upfront. also, the questionable circumstances surrounding it, the profiling-overcharging etc. We all saw through it. Frank was truthful about it. He passed two backgrounds, one by Mitchell. Frank is also an educated businessman.

We welcome Frank Rivero!

SHERIFF FRANK RIVERO and the fat man goes down. Way to go Frank!!!!
Congratulations, citizens of Lake Co., you have again reminded the country of the benefits of a democracy.
Now what?
it's a wonderful day in Lake Co. Congratulations Sheriff Frank Rivero.
148 am

The whole time Frank was 53-55% Rodney 44-46%
Transition begins and Rodney most likely will use up all his vacation and sick time to Jan 5.

Before you leave Rod, just leave the book on Search and Rescue Trust Fund 694 on the desk. Thanks.

Thanks to the people of Lake County. WE DID IT! No thanks to LCN.
Ex Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell, it sounds so sweet!
Mandy and Lizzy lost too!
Now we will find out the truth on Beland, Morshed, Wright and Perdock. I bet the GOB's are looking for a very big hole to hid in.
Hello this is the Lovelace group and good morning Lake County!!!! We will be placing several posts through-out the morning, but first and foremost is to congratulate Sheriff Frank Rivero for a stunning mandate, and a stunning victory. He worked so hard during this last 10 months, we are all grateful for his tremendous effort, we know the great difficulties this presented to him, and we know the hardships he endured during the course of the campaign. We set out with 4 goals and they were the removal of Hopkins, the removal of Mitchell, the election of Rivero and the election of Don Anderson. Let us now take a moment to congratulate Don Anderson for his victory and we look forward to DA Anderson and Sheriff Rivero working together in the new Lake County.

Next we want to congratulate Olga Steele the campaign manager for both Anderson and Rivero and what a job she did, fantastic Olga!!!! Great job. To Rivero's campaign team they all know who they are, and to Louis Acosta as well a tireless worker who brought the Tribal and Hispanic community together for Rivero. So many to thank who have worked with us, but we will place posts up later on those fine individuals. These include the research people, the investigators, and you know who you are. We thank the many people who provided information to us. You know who you are, we will not use your names at this time and only if you folks give us permission. More to come in further posts as the morning goes on. To the citizens who have stayed with us through-out the past 14 months God bless you and thank you for your support and your contributions to the Blog.

This is the Lovelace group, hey check out the fireworks at the top of the page if you haven't seen them.

Na na na na, na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

We have been waiting a long time to sing that song.
With Mitchell out, I feel like Lake Co. voters have won the lottery !
Het Mitchell, how about relesing the EEOC findings now...
The voters of Lake Co. has fired, sheriff Mitchell. Mitchell may have fired a few deputies. the voters fired Mitchell.
Congradulations Frank your hard work payed off. Rod need help cleaning out the desk ? Several of us citizens want to help, thanksgiving seems so far away. I saw two deputies in my area removing thier Mitchell signs early LOL Guess they want to stay working. What a beautiful day
"Evil exist when good people do nothing" can not be said of you Lovelace. Some of the corruption is gone now to rid the county that they can lie and cover the lies up. Mitchell I will be pleased to hold the door for you on your way out. To have such a large number voting for Mitchell I would wonder if the dishonesty will end? Good luck to officer Rivero.
Sheriff Mitchell, two words can sum up you being voted out. "Perdock Coverup". Was it worth it?
What happen to all the Mitchell supporters? are they crying with little Rodney!
Congratulations to our new Sheriff Rivero. I can now say that my friends that work at the jail never supported Mitchell but they remained quiet and even had to march in support of him. So now I can say Mitchell you have been back-doored. What a great day!!
I think it would be wise to not rub in the loss to the Mitchell supporters. For two main reasons:

1 as Lovelace said earlier on, healing must begin.
2. Gracious winners go down in history as people worthy of winning. A great example is the Giants recent win.

Not all Mitchell supporters were/are corrupt. They are neighbors, friends, lovers. Some were scared, but soon will see that it is for the better.

Just my .02

And congratulations Sheriff Rivero. Best wishes, and God bless our new sheriff.
44 to Nothing

Rod Zero
How Many sweet rolls Kip eat at Rods going away party ? He is getting the same pumpkin Butt. See ya Kip, your even more insignificant today than yesterday
Ringen, now there is a laugh. He turned on Rivero and then goes back to Mitchell where Brown and Mitchell laughed their heads off. Ringen didn't have clue, took it up the shorts and now doesn't have one friend in the Sheriff's Office anymore.
Ringen got what he deserves he will get no sympathy from the citizens of Lake County. So Kip go live your life with the kat lady and keep your nose out of local politics you have marginalized yourself.
I congratulate Frank! Do us proud Sheriff. I want to caution many of you though...if you think this victory will result in the prosecution of anyone or the jailing of anyone, you're going to be sorely disappointed. The real world doesn't work like that. I personally spoke to Sheriff Rivero just a few days ago. He has a clear view of what he wants and he knows the challenges he faces. Don't put added pressure on the man for things he has no control over. He has alot of work to do.

Troy Brierly
We kept Pat out of LCSO, Waaaa Hoooooo!!!!!! It is too bad for Napa but someplace has to be stuck with him.
955 You got that right!
Mitchell is going downhill faster than a wagon full of fat kids!
Rivero does have his work cut out for him. He's taking over a large department (160 employees) and not one of them supported him. Rivero made atrocious accusations about the department during his campaign, causing patrolman to despise him. Every employee now knows of Sheriff Rivero's criminal past. To top it off, Frank has no experience managing Law Enforcement personnel. Sheriff Rivero has a tough road for sure.
Rivero and Baxter will be like President George Bush Jr and his vice president
1002 you post lies. The truth is there are/were supporters within the sheriff's office but their voice could not be hear for fear of being terminated-and Rivero's criminal pass my ass 1002, Clint you need help, place your call today and get Mitchell to give you a ride to Napa or he can send to deputies out and arrest you and place you into a cell-
It was a tough road for Dinius and Beland now hit the road jack.
Frank will handle the SO just fine. Private business is much harder than sucking the state dime. In private business there is no one to bail you out but yourself and Frank has proven he knows how to run a business!!
Justice for Lynn came last night, Hopkins and Mitchell struck out.
Handle the SO's that is a funny remark Handle
don't tell frank it was lynn who won the election, it could make his sad, if he did not wrap himself in lynn's death and the bismarc case he would never have won, but since lynn cannot help him now he will have to depend upon the fart duster to help him run the office that is too big for him since his experience has been with deceased people not living ones, who by the way oppose him for his nasty remarks vilifying them.
The number of sore loosers in this county is amazing. I did not know that Lake Co was known for sour grapes.
Grapes of Wrath
Losers No Sheriff Rod Mitchell supporters have never been losers we support Our Sheriff and will continue to do so. You folks however what will you do to help your new sheriff actually do his job, none of you qualify for a job at the SO
If Frank thought the election race was hard just wait until he takes office they say it is lonely at the top, HE WILL FIND OUT HOW LONELY
1002 - Clint, we all see through you. I see ypou ,make a fool of yourself at the court house last night trying to start an argument with Rivero who ignored you. Then he went to Tom Carter acting like the punk he is.

I saw Baxter was there too Clint, maybe you should have jammed him except he might have knocked your dick in the dirt.
With all the LE lay offs throughout Calif. there will be many people who will come and work here if you big babies at the SO don't want to. I for one wouldn't hire any of you.
Messages from the Lovelace group and the Blog sent to both LCN and The Record Bee:

To: Liz Larsen, Gary Dixon, Mandy Feder, C. Hammers, LCN and the Record Bee

Well listen you ran a good campaign, we want to thank you for the effort, we are sure Mitchell appreciated it as well. Now it is time for you to get about the task of attempting to regain some integrity, but you should remember these brief quotes.

"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful."
Edward R. Murrow

"There is no greater loss then credibility and integrity to a writer and newspaper, and harder still to regain, once it has slipped from the hands for that of poor decisions and bias intent."
Mark Twain

We don't think Mark would be very happy with you right now.

The citizens and the Sheriff Mitchell Blog site
Sore winners, are you?

"Gracious winners go down in history as people worthy of winning."
Yeah wonder what Mitchell will say to all the reporters now? Instead of its a personnel matter, we will hear NO COMMENT!
1115 Don't worry yourself about others. It doesn't look good on you.
November 3, 2010 10:02 AM

Frank will do fine.

1- LCSO is not a "large" department-(it is not a small one, but it is not a Sonoma S.O or a SJPD, or a LASD)

2-He is an experienced cop.

3- He has business management experience.

4-The fact that no one in the department supported him means nothing. In a department word gets around. Politics runs deep and the lashback on the deputy would be harsh. Too bad it's like that, but now that Frank is elected just support him and let it happen.

5- You guys keep bringing up "criminal past". Ok...Mitchell hired the man. Frank disclosed it on his site. He was truthful. The circumstances surrounding those incidences sounded questionable based on;


B- Overcharging.

People see through all that.

Also, if someone has incidents in their background according to POST it is not necessarily disqualifying.

Officers have been hired with past arrests, DUI's drug use etc. We all know this so let's move on.

It looks like most of the deputies have come to terms with the fact that they now have a new boss who is willing to try new ideas. I think we'll find that once they see what's going on they will buy into it and make this transition a success.

The only whiners are the usual suspects like kkklint who hates himself and everyone else. Clint is a "misanthrope." I know he has no idea what that is so I'll help him.

misanthrope: a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society. Some of us know people like this by another name, "asshole" aka Clint Fitzgerald.
CONGRATULATIONS FRANK!!!! This is a great day for the County of Lake!
Frank made a trip to look over his new digs, damn can't he wait until the turkey day is over?
"He can be the Sheriff of Lake Co but he will never be My Sheriff"
Oh you don't really understand post 237, you are simply unaware of what change looks and feels like, in due time, you will come along just fine. you are simply like a small child who is scared of something new. Like an ice-cream, it feels cold and you squint up your eyes but the then the taste hits your brain and you wow that is good. You will get, and then you will like the ice-cream.
237 So does that mean you are moving? Because if you live in Lake County Rivero is your sheriff whether you like it or not. It's just as well we really don't want your kind here. Sound familiar?
Rivero was elected sheriff by us the voters. Mitchell mismanagement the department for years, Mislead the BOS, The voters, his only command staff, an the list goes on...... Mitchell must accepted the fact "we the voters fired his butt !!!

What a wonderful day !
A wonderful day indeed 251
We would be remiss if we did not also thank Jurgen Schorfheide all the way from the islands for his support his cartoons and dedication from 3000 miles away, Thanks Jurgen!!!!
I want to say thanks to all the people of the Lovelace group, man you guys did a great job, I have been watching this site for almost 10 months. Thanks to all of you for taking the attacks the attempts to shut you down, the cut and pastes, all of it, you guys are the bomb!!!!
Thanks also go out to Mr. Jack Baxter, thanks for coming on board the train for change Jack, you know your help is greatly appreciated!
Hey losers. We are still getting the whining and stupid remarks that we got from you since the start of the campaign. It's over guys, so lets accept the fact that whatever you whine and cry about is just falling on deaf ears, just as it has in the past. You numb skulls just keep posting the same old trash that got you nowhere in the past. Why do you continue to show how badly your asses got burned? I guess that you have yet to absorb the fact that YOU LOST. Losing is not always a bad thing. but to you guys it's as if your whole world collapsed, and for you die hard fools it probably has ended. Post 2:37, nobody cares if Frank will be YOUR Sheriff or not, but it's a fact that Frank will be the SHERIFF of Lake County, and to the rest of us, we are proud to have him as OUR Sheriff. Think about this. Now that it's over, those of you who had to kiss asses to remain one of the GOBs, will no longer have a purpose. Soon you will all be just another name and number on the blotter. If you guys want to continue to kiss asses, have at it, as some individuals cannot survive alone, and I am sure that your buddies will be happy to let you kiss their asses just as in the past. I personally dislike whiners and kiss asses, so if you continue to post stupid trash on this Blog, I will enjoy coming down on you, because to me you whiners are nothing but losers without a cause. You all have a fun day, I am.
11:15 - my point was that the winners need to be gracious. If you look through any of my former posts, you won't find anything about me being "sore" about anything.
Frank has a tough row to hoe mending all the fences he's trashed I wish him the best of luck. But I won't hold out hope for his success, I doubt this site and the vicious campaign will be soon forgotten.
That and the fact that he has no support in LE will probably result in an early no-confidence vote and a recall.
I just hope he shoots his mouth off but good so he can produce some memorable quotes before he flames out.
Ahhhhhhh yes the fox and the sour grapes post 415, geeeee you could start a "blog" and go the next 4 years as a bring back Rod site..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lolol I made myself laugh on that one. No really do something original, don't copy us, you tried that with the anti-Rivero site and you see how well that worked. LOL, I swear I cannot stop laughing, hey how about this why don't you get a hold of the Lovelace folks, I hear for a very minor fee they will consult for you oh let's say based on Mitchell's admonition that he has all the money and power and can't be beat, they would not charge you more then oh 100,000 and Rod can run for sheriff in like Butte county, and they would school ya on their trade secrets...ha ha ha ha ha ha
Anonymous said...

You continue to think it's in the bag, and we'll continue to work to make sure Sheriff Mitchell, the best candidate, gets the job.
July 1, 2010 10:53 PM

Hey guys, how ya doing? Everything alright no bad events happen lately? How's the blog going, ok? Just wanted check in on ya all. Oh thought I might copy one of what I think is a very brilliant post that was on your site. You guys seem a bit quiet right now, you know there is another Blog called sheriff Mitchell farewell and man there are fireworks going off on the site and everything, check it out might pick up your spirits a bit. Ok well just wanted to check in on ya all you cause I care so much. Well ok we will catch ya on the flip side, have a good one.;-(

The above was placed on the now dead anti-Rivero site...couldn't resist!
I want to send out a load of Thanks to one tough cookie! Her name is Babe and she has been right by Franks side from the word go. She took alot of crap from the Mitchell supporters and rode a great ride. I commend her and the strength she put forward during this campaign to support Frank. THANKS BABE, YOU ROCK!
Ya way to go babe, we Love ya!!!!!!! thanks for everything, if you don't know her she is a ball of fire, and we love her!!
Another one of my posts were removed after being accepted???????????? What is going on??? You have to find a way of notifying us and to let us posters know if something is unacceptable and why. I am a Rivero guy who dislikes the Mitchell's boys constant whining and bitching, so I respond back at them with my own sometimes sarcastic words. I use few caps except when I am stressing a point and a few mild curses when I feel that they may help to make a point. In the future I will sign my posts as Mr X, so that you can post back to me if you intend to delete a post. We are on the same side. Thank you. Mr X.
I do not believe that Rivero has the experience or the ability to be successful as sheriff. I hope that I am wrong, and that he does well. He won the election fair and square, so he deserves his chance, and the support of the people, including within the SO.
Babe for Mayor of Hidden Valley. Hooray Babe.
527 With the support of the people,The dept. and you, He can't fail.Welcome aboard.
sorry Mr. X found your post in the spam filter, we have reposted it, you can cut and paste it to the front of the thread if you like. Some of the filters simply take a post out and put it in the filter. Sorry about that it is back up now. 2 of them were profanity from the angry Mitchell supporters so it worked for them. But got yours.

Troy Brierly....I have said it are one hot dude...just seeing your name on this site brightens my day...
This is Lake County. It's a great place and it has great people. It's time to come together and heal the riff between cultures and ideologies. It's time to stop hating and attacking the other side. Let's experiment. Let's try getting along. If it doesn't work, we can always go back to our small minded realms. The people have just elected a new Sheriff and a new DA. We should all give them a chance to make this a better place. Let's get behind them and help them bring back our tourism and our economic growth. Let's help them eliminate the Meth problem in this county. Find a community project to become involved in. Without an effort from all of us, we can only be mediocre at best. We can be an example for others. The world has watched Lake County for some time now, let's show them who we can be.
Congratulations to Don Andersen and Frank Rivero
The Employee's (The DSA & The Correctional Officers of the LCSO) are getting ready to do a Vote of "No Confidence" very soon after Rivero takes Office. I don't think the general public has a clue as to what Rivero is going to be up against. Can we say Mutiny? The only Deputy who supports Rivero, is a FORMER LCSO Deputy, Jim Beland. (kissing butt in an attempt to get his job back). Beland is nothing but a user,(it was great when he quit calling in an attempt to gather info). We are going to have Fireworks long before the 4th of July. Get the Popcorn, sit back and watch the show!
Hey Frank, now that you are elected remember who your friends are (wink-wink). We are counting on you not to investigate any of our "gardens". Thanks.
837 You are a lair.
A vote of no confidence? Would that be a secret ballot?
856 You are a loser in more ways than one.
Congratulations Rivero and Anderson!
8:37 and 8:56, You just can't stand it can you. 8:56, Would you like me to say the names of the members of your wife's co-op? Does she share it with you?
Dream on 837, and oh by the way a vote of no confidence sets no precedence to anything. Duh now listen, you can not shake us, you cannot shake Sheriff Rivero, you will get over it, and as has been said all along you will come along to the new Lake County kicking and screaming or peacefully, of the choice is yours, by the you are not even a deputy, but good try, conversations are already taking place the deputies are already contacting Sheriff Rivero, and you are a bit out of the loop, you do understand this is way out of a lowlife like yours league right. LOL

Oh uh post 856, there are no gardens it is winter. You guys really are not the sharpest sticks in the old wood pile ain't ya. Now a year from now you can put that post up, just to kinda give you a sense of how all plants grow, even tomatoes, they grow in the summer time, not the winter. he he

What a great day it has been, hail to the new Sheriff Frank Rivero!!
Ha Ha the tables have turned Mitchelle supporters! Hope the cops who say they are going to quit do because there are plenty of other cops from all around that have ben laid off that would love to take your jobs! Go run and hide Mitchelle people you're done!
Hey Jensen are you threating our new Sheriff elect? That might get you a date with our newly elected AG.
this blog wants Sheriff Mitchell's supporter to nnow kiss and make up with you people..........................KISS OUR ASS You vilified all of us and what goes around comes around, the pass back have just begun, You will get back exactly what you delt to us and the friends and family members of the good people who supported Our Sheriff.
So I hear Olivia Peregrina hasn't been her usually over cheery self lately? Maybe because all her trouble making has caught up with her. Talking bad about people, harassing people, fighting people, smoking weed, selling weed, screwing everyone's husbands and boyfriend, and let's not forget her recent arrest with her mug shot picture. She looks tore up. You know she was dressed skanky because they had to put a white t-shirt on her. Maybe she will learn that she can't hide behind Mitchelle anymore. I hear Markham's had it with her. Hope he fires her.
I know who you are 8;37. How many times did you run your mouth during the election and say you would quit if Rivero was elected? Well he got elected. I knew you wouldn't quit. You need those county paid health bennys don't ya? Don't you have diabetes? I remember those sores on your legs. I'm not outing your dumb butt because I know you are just messin with these folks but keep it up and I'll put your name all over this blog. There are many of us that aren't with you and your buds at the dsa. Keep this crap up and we'll be voting you out too. You can vote for anything you want but the state union will not support your action. With your record and big mouth, you'll be the first one to go, then how will you support your wife and kids. If you had a brain you'd be dangerous.
9:22 That sounds like a terrorist threat to me. Maybe the FBI will be interested.
Bet the DOJ would be interested too!
That makes mitchell a two time loser.
Mitchell couldn't handle his marriage, Perdock, Garzoli or Brown. He even lied to the BOS. Mitchell couldn't simply look over a DEA grant or assign a captain to review a lieutenant's work. Mitchell refused to lock down important reports like the Dinius and Wright cases. Such simple things like this that cost him his job.

As for the Vote of no Confidence, this a Sheriff's Department, not a Police Department. There is no City Manager that can fire a Sheriff. No vote of that nature will do anything to Rivero but start a war which the members will loose. Remember, it was Mitchell who fired Beland and Morshed with no evidence to back their claim. Why couldn't Rivero do the same to those deputies. Don't worry, he has no plan on doing that.

Mitchell is gone now, get over it. Learn to work with Rivero or find another job because those are the only two options.
Mitchell, take your GOB's with you.
I just read the Record-Bee from cover to cover to look for the article on the Sheriff's race. The only thing in the paper indicating that there was a race for Sheriff is in the letters to the editor.Seriously! Bias during the race was one thing, but to completely ignore it when they lost is beyond the pale. I am canceling my subscription. When they can't do an article on the most significant thing to happen here in years. The Record-Bee is an embarrasment to Lake County.
415 Trust-is 2 way-just remember he can hire and fire anyone now. A a citizen review- will be watching you. Performace and review? Poor-your done. Hey, Ostini! You'd better get those boating laws down and know them backwards and forwards-you'll be tested on it.
Ski, you gotta stop the racial slurs- real change is coming to the sheriff's office. If you don't like it- leave.
Rivero be a terrific boss.
I have as much compassion for Mitchell as he had for me , when I reported dishonesty with county employees. You that had no guts to stand up before the election,I would doubt you would have the guts now to quit.You have all been tainted by a bunch of dishonest bureaucrats. This system allows you to be on the shady side. I say again where are all those that are to oversee to corruption? So much for your oath. Sheriff Rivero will need all the help he can get If he is going to be honest.I do wish him well for all that he will have to work with.
it was Mitchell who fired Beland and Morshed with no evidence to back their claim
when YOUE Sheriff takes over he can check their files and see how Beland was already on report for poor job performance and Morshed well that is common knowledge within the dept of his overtime RIDE ALONG SEXCAPADES with a female in and on his patrol car, got busted down a rank, but then he decided to help out by accessing the private files. When Riverso sees ALL the Facts, he will have the option of doing what he sees as lawful, but those two will not be back too much evidence.

Hey how about No Headlines for YOUR NEW SHERIFF.......gotwhat he deserved after YOU PEOPLE slammed both local newspapers and You will get more of the same so don't hold your breath for any headlines to cut out and put in Your NEW Sheriff scrapbook.

Incidently any racial slurs is not coming from the SO's they don't operate that way inspite of the false alligations saying otheriwise.

GO back and read all the slam dunks against them, then ask why YOUR GUY will be a stranger in a strange land, not being in the loop with the guys/gals of the SO since Decemeber of last year.

I feel no Sympathy.empathy for Rivero whatsoever
8:53- You definetly have learned from the worst! Place blame on everyone but yourself! Now that the election is over you blame all the Rivero supporters for the negative comments. Well lets stop now. It was both sides contributing to this and you just tell me how Rivero could possibly control what comes out of the mouths of thousands of citizens! Suck it up and start taking control over what you do and stop worrying about what others have to say! Be a example not a contributor!
If there is something wrong with me because I have no remorse for Mitchell I can live with that Ive had too live with the dishonesty with this local government and then the Dinius case on top of it. Compassion is why we are at this point in time. As you have said before."Can't we just get alone.","Move on"or "just get over it" You lie,cheat,cover up the lies and you would have me Get over it? Compassion is over with this bunch and if there is any justice the fat lady has not sang for them yet. All this mess started with the board of supervisors,Miss grant,Reeves.T allow set the tone, the buck stops at their door.If sheriff Rivero becomes one of them I will protest as now. For what comes from eating so much cake will not be pleasant.
This is the Lovelace group, we have placed the blog on Mode, as we are working on an announcement that we will broadcast a bit later in the day. This will detail the time lines and purpose that the Blog will take in the future. Continue to post if you like while we restructure and prepare for the future.
Life goes on. There is always change. For everything to stay the same is impossible. Whatever is, and will be, is up to everyone. This is a turning point for Lake County, and if we all work together, we will succeed in making our area a place where people are proud to live. Negative thinking brings negative results. Haven't we all, at one time or another, felt upset about the outcome of an election? And then, move on, and do the best we can to work together because we really are one as Americans. Our goals are really the same. Jobs, health, love and respect for each other. After a battle, soldiers come home and we,once again, work together to rebuild our country. From now on, what we should talk about, is how our government can better serve us, and what changes should be made to make it happen. I commend this blog for making that the goal in the future. Your input on how things can be, or should be better in Lake County, is what I, and I'm sure most people would like to read. With Rivero as Sheriff, and Anderson as DA, you will be heard, and if changes are needed, they will be made.
Dale Nieman and Clearlake Police Chief just resigned!
Don't take your attention away from hopkins or mitchell either. They can both do a lot of damage before they leave for good. Soooo much to cover up and so little time.
Hi Lovelace,
I would like to make a few suggestions that will help make the Blog a friendlier place to visit. Too much of a trashy and hateful attitude has permeated the Blog for long enough. The ridiculous and the meaningless sentences with the deliberately misspelled words are just childish and stupid. If curse words and childish like sentences have to be used by so called mature individuals, then the users comments should be deleted from the Blog. If some individuals cannot express themselves without having to use trashy words, then they are too stupid/ignorant to even be posting on the Blog. There are many ways and words that can be used to get a point across, but if you cannot do it, just shut up. There should be no personal attacks allowed under any conditions. If someone wants to personally attack or threaten someone, do it to the individual personally and face to face. I doubt that will ever happen, as those clowns who hide behind anonymous will not have the guts to do it. The past election has proven that we have more than enough stupid individuals in Lake County, and they live and work amongst us. Lovelace, I believe that you will have to take a stand, and place some controls as to what is accepticle on this Blog and what is not. If the jerks cannot spread their hateful bull shit on the Blog, they will most likely go away, or at best the rest of us will not have to read their useless trash in the future. We will lose some individuals, but they are the ones that we do not need on this Blog to begin with. I hope that what I have written here will help you to have a better and friendlier Blog in the future. Sincerely, AL B, Lakeport.
Wow, Like Rats jumping from a sinking ship! Dale sure isn't wasting any time now is he. 6 more days thats it? And his reasons are because Jeri Spitler and Joey won the election. Hmmm, think its because they are on too you Dale. You pulled this in Fontana and now your doing it here. Do I hear the shedders running, what is it your hiding Dale? As far as McClain, goodbye, we don't need nor want a outsider who is being paid what he is to absolutely nothing for the city. Heck the guy is never around! Guess they heard they were next on the Lovelace list to remove!
Another job for Mitchell to apply for. Will we ever be rid of this asshole?
As all of you now know or may not chief Allan McClain and Dale Neiman have both resigned from office following the council wins of Jeri Spitter and Joey Luis!! This comes on the heels of Rodney Mitchell's loss in the recent election and the resignation of chief Burke a while ago from the Lakeport city council. It looks like the Rats are leaving the ship exit stage right. You may engage in conversation on this subject on the Manifest Clearlake Police watch forum on which there is a link on this page for that. It is being speculated that connections to Mitchell, remembering that Mitchell workedf as mayor in the city of clearlake and it has been suggested that their is much discussion about the activities of these individuals and their connection to Mitchell and the activities illegal and otherwise that some speculate has been going on for a long time in our county. It is curious to note that following the hard work done to elect Frank Rivero for sheriff, many now see the citizens of the county will not take the corruption and illegal activities anymore!!Th!! Also some speculate that knowing we were going to point our next phase of investigation and research directly on the city of Clearlake that they did not want to take the heat we were going to bring their way.

This is sweet justice for the announcement we just posted today of our name change and reopening following Thanksgiving and what was going to be our new direction towards Lake County Government over site!!!! The citizens are speaking and the rats are hearing the talk.

Please be aware that Andre Williams is having a party at this place in Clearlake starting at 5:00 this evening, and we are sure this is going to be a strong subject of discussion at the event tonight!!!!

Wow the effects of our little Blog and the removal of Mitchell and Hopkins is spreading fast and the citizens are taking back their County!!!!!!
You may go to the Lake County Manifest to discuss this amazing development and connections to the great work the citizens and this Blog are accomplishing. As you can see our new focus will be on our county government and much more work to be done. Would not be surprising to see others feel the heat from our group and think better of staying in power.
Need I say more?.....
Please see our comment at the top of the page as to what the future holds and why we are on Moderation mode, you may entertain discussion on the Manifest concerning the lastest events in the city of Clearlake and the work that will be done in the near future.

Thanks to everyone
Anyone want to bet Mitchell tries for a work comp medical retirement?
Andre for city council? ; )

Is 8:37 Mike Silva????????????????????????
8:37 wouldn't happen to be MIKE SILVA??????? He threatens to quit all the time...He said he was going to quit and go to the fire dept but that never happened.
To 11/3 @ 8:37 pm: A "vote of no confidence" is meaningless when made right after a new official takes their position, and without any time to adjust to the position or become accommodated to the job. When timed as such, it is looked at for what it is -- an imtimidation tactic often taken by Unions, etc, to try and manipulate to get their way. It doesn't mean that the official will lose their job, nor does it mean that there will be another general election. Should the existing deputy sheriff's association attempt to do so, they will likely find the public will not be supportive - once AGAIN. Should you choose to take a confrontational and manipulative path, you may find you have taken the road that leads to your own private purgatory, fed by your own behavior - a self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. On the other hand, our county has suffered enough. The healing needs to begin. Have you never been in a new position? I know you all have, when you took that first job after you graduated from the academy. Think about what it felt like to tread that unfamiliar turf. Please be responsible and do your part to assist your sheriff-elect to take office; you may be pleasantly surprised. We are willing to move past some of the things that have been done by the existing LCSO deputies under Mitchell's command, and hope for a much-needed fresh start, but it will take the cooperation of all to do so.
Please see the information on the top of the page as to the current status of the Blog and what the future holds.

Thanks the Lovelace group
Lovelace: What is not to watch in this local government? I found no one that would not hide the truth so they would cover up for each other. The Dinius case is only the tip of the ice berg.The dishonesty is within the mass. All the dishonesty lingers because those that took a oath, elected the status quo. No controlling authority to over see. Miss.Grant would use her power to sway the grand jury. That the government can lie and cover the lies up as with the Lewis phone misuse.They believe its their right to lie,cheat and cover the lies up.
goodbye Mitchell !!
The party is tentatively on the 20th. Mark your calendar and stay tuned.
I hope and trust that this transition will be both mature and civil.

I want to thank Rod Mitchell for all of his years of service to this County.

I want to congratulate Frank Rivero! A new era in law enforcement (for the trend is to drop the later!) has arrived for this County.

As such, my first request would be to have that horribly embarrassing poster, brought to our attention via TV7, removed from the main office!

I fell like our voices were heard....and unfortunately that does not happend to often!!
Nope it was changed to the 21st at Konocti Vista Casino. Should be a great turnout.
Notice Sign removal requirements:

Section L-ove/L..lace...states the following concerning sign removal following a campaign and election.

In the case of timing in regards to sign removal, all Mitchell signs must be removed prior to the victors signs being removed. The removal requirement, states in paragraph 3 section 2 and I quote: All Mitchell signs must be removed prior to the removal of Rivero signs. Mitchell supporters must remove said signs in daylight hours only, and cannot remove them under the cover of darkness to save embarrassment and indications of ignorance or lack thereof for intelligence to due to the position they took. However business's who posted signs are required further by section 3.2.1a to leave posted signs up for a minimum of one year to diminish as much as possible customer flow into their establishments.

Just saying...
Let the shredding begin! The LCSO pickup truck was seen a few minutes ago at the dump station on Soda Bay Rd throwing huge clear bags of blue and white shredded paper into the recycle area. They have made at least two runs so far today, with several dozen bags' worth in the pile.
R-B didn't like my post this morning regarding only 4 sentences about our new D.A. and sheriff. I guess the truth hurts. I guess they don't realize that we can see their censorship for what it is. I guess they will lose another customer because I want the news, not be treated like mushrooms and fed crap.
Yes I noticed the RB has closed comments on that article now!! My Gosh can they be more blatant in their actions, what a total joke.
Please check the top of the page for the overview of where we go next on the Blog.
I see Rodney's campaign web site is gone and he'll be right behind it.
Grand Jury Report is out and so is Rods responses to it.
Goodbye sheriff Mitchell, you loser !!!!!
Lovelace: You could start with what constitution is and why we ask some bureaucrats to take a oath to it. The dishonesty is rampant.A government that has become for them and not the citizen.The bureaucrats lie and cover the lies up. The Diniuse case has proved all I have said for the last ten years. There all birds of a feather. Thank you guys again.
We would like to request of the citizens and participants of this Blog during this interim time that we are undergoing our planning for the future that you submit to us your concerns and suggestions of issues and individuals to look at for the second phase of our operation. Any conditions, incidents past or present as well as ongoing in our county are open to potential investigation and overview, you may submit them to the account or directly to the forum, as previously indicated we will remain in Mod mode until December 1st and then begin the process of our next phase. Thanks to all of you.

The Lovelace group
Are our posts going to be put on the Blog??? When I ask for the newest posts nothing happens??? Confused DUUUUUH??? AL B
Hello Al these are the newest post's it is much slower now and will be till we relaunch in December, not as many will post as we had of course during the past year, as it is going to be in mod mode for the next month or so. You can post and we will put the post up as we see it. Hope that helps, we have put this information up on the top of the page as to what the plans are.

The Lovelace group
Just a update we are getting some good responses to the inquiry concerning what the citizens feel needs to be looked at when the site re-launches in December. those have been sent to the e-mail account, you can send them to that account or post directly on to the blog. Some of the suggestions by the citizens so far are as follows:
1. The totality of the BOS, and any and all business or other connections each may have.
2. Exp[oration of adherence to the Brown act by the Board of supervisors and or other government entities or people.
3. Requiring a monthly update from the BOS of all expenditures including the board members business/trip/mileage/lunch/ etc. monthly statements
4. The totality of redevelopment and grant monies and uses
5. accounting by the BOS of hours/time worked each month
6. Agreement by the BOS that the cannot campaign for the sheriff position or DA position in future elections.
7. A review of all contracts currently in place with private business and the county.
8. A review of each new contract signed before agreement to review any out of area potential agreements that are not locally designated.
9. A complete review in a number of areas concerning the City of Clearlake and the city of Lakeport.
10. An every 2 month review of all civil or other lawsuits filed or pending against the city or officials, with status updates and overviews, sooner if conditions warrant.

These are some great ideas that are coming in, please submit yours when you get the opportunity.
Hi Lovelace group. Thanks for the response. I will just have to be patient, but will be looking forward to December. Last night I attended the LCPOA (Lake County Police Officers Association )monthly dinner. It was a pleasant get together, and even though most of the folks knew that I was a Rivero supporter, I was still welcomed by my friends. Only two individuals ignored my presence, but I know that eventually they will become friendly again. I believe that most individuals who seemed to despise each other through the Blog posts will get together and become buddies again. Those who do not adjust will end up being outsiders as the department grows and closes ranks. I am confident that Mitchell and Rivero will work together to make the changeover as smooth as possible, regardless of what happened in the past. Rivero had a add in todays RB that spoke of some of his hopes for the future. His ideas are excellent, and I am looking forward to working with both of them in the near future. Sincerely, AL B, Lakeport
Hello everyone, we have just received word that the victory party for the election of Frank Rivero will be on the 21st of November at the Konocti Vista Casino, this will be a celebration of the great victory of sheriff Rivero and a celebration of the citizens working in concert with our new sheriff and the beginning of a new form of government and cooperation between the public and our county government. The starting time will be announced. The Thorton family will be there as well as many others involved in the hard work leading to the election of our new sheriff and the removal of Rodney Mitchell from power!!! Join us in one of the biggest nights of the year ever in Lake County.
Dear Lovelace: As you know I do not post on this blog...However, I am filing with the DOJ, SO & DA a complaint against Martina Santor, Gary Frace, Dave Brown, John Flynn and anyone else who Colluded with DSA President Gary Frace..... The President of the DSA-Deputy sheriif's Assn. who embezzled from Gossett Alarm Corp., his dying aunt's company from 2002-2004 inclusive!! I am going to show PROOF of all of their wrong doing!! I have waited until now out of FEAR of retaliation from the Mitchell regime!! A family member posted something about what Frace did to his Uncle Mike back in Nov. 2009 which resulted in a three day F-U fest by Mitchell supporters. It took me writing an email to Lovelace to get all of the horrid nasty posts off of the Blog. Needless to say. I became a Lovelace supporter!
I have the blessings of my son's attorneys to make this post because we have a new Sheriff & DA! Thank You Lovelace for supporting my son against those who are truly evil....From a mother who loves her son,,,THANK YOU LOVELACE, ELECT SHERIFF FRANK RIVERO and DA MR. DON ANDERSON for being there us!!
Mrs. Ted (Lenore) Gossett
My refrain is as before and as usual with the same remarks.I have found the dishonesty from top to bottom in Lake county government.The first amendment to our Constitution gives me the right to petition my government but they have the view they do not have to do anything to resolve my dispute. Then to lie and cover the lies up is acceptable. So Lovelace you will not need to look too hard to find the dishonesty in this local government. How this government will use the grand jury for their advantage and Miss Grant would be one place to began. Thanks to all of you.
Post 339 thank you so much for the comment and the information that you are now going forward with your legal action. For those who are not aware this information has been held in confidence for many months by the Lovelace group for Ms. Gossett and their family. It is with great hope and anticipation that the Gossett's are going forward with this action. We remind the members and citizens of the Lovelace group that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the legal and other actions that will now take place with the removal of Mitchell and his supporting GOB's as those who were in fear of retaliation now can come forward in these actions.

Some citizens who during the course of the last 14 months would disparage the Blog for it's anonymous posting allowance, did not and have not realized the severe and dangerous situation that has existed in our county for many years. Of course during the course of the past many months many have come to us and told us their stories and asked us to keep it under wraps until the danger had passed via a Rivero and Anderson victory in the election, which we have done in support of these people. We have and we will now support these good citizens in their actions against some of these terrible and corrupt individuals who in the past have been a threat to our citizens. To those naive and less then informed individuals which range from Supervisors to some unknowing citizens your apologies are accepted and as time passes and other actions are taken you will see the further proof of the dangers that existed and until January still exist to the average citizen in our county. We had hoped that MIA would have made it to the end of the election, but this was not to be the case, however there are others who are going to take up that cause.

We can also recall a supervisor Denise Rushing who was quoted as telling individuals to be careful of Mitchell, and that she herself was concerned about Mitchell based on certain votes and actions she may take. Unfortunately she did not have the citizens best interest in mind and hunkered down playing neutral despite this understanding, to the detriment of the citizens of the county. We remind everyone you cannot tell a book by its cover, and some who talk the talk in reality never walk the walk. Yet in pandering to some would disparage the very mechanism (this Blog) that exposed and brought to light these conditions. Shame on those for your lack of action and lack of moral judgment which should have caused you to stand up and be counted as officials of this county and employees of the citizens.

We know of several other supervisors and county officials who were given significant information concerning the activities of Mitchell one who even indicated his understanding of the situation but refused in words to us to take action. This will no longer be the case, and the housecleaning will take place as each supervisor comes up for re-election. There is much information in our archives and research information that will be brought to bear that has not be given out to the public as these opportunities for change come to pass.

To the Gossett's if there is anything we can do to assist you with information, comments in the archives or other documentation please let us know and keep us updated as to your progress. Thank you so much for your support through the months.
Please keep reminding people to watch what they say until Mitchell has no power. Thanks.
to gossett's no need attack Santor or Flynn these are good people and yes you and Love Lace may disagree they have done nothing to you
Post 1109, you may not have the shall we say full view of the history and facts of this situation in total. You might want to wait to see what is the full breadth of the situation. Just to think someone is a "good" person is not enough. There are also quite a few questions concerning officer Santor of LPPD, who behind the scenes is being watched very closely. By the way if anyone has information on LPPD Santor please post on the site.
The Santors are good people if they are your friends. If they are not, then it's a different story. If a lie needs to be told, to protect one of their own, they will tell it.
post 11:13 yep your right I dont have all the facts and it is Martina that im refering to forgot that there are 2 Santors.I do not agree with attacking her or Flynn and if Gossett's have been wronged I hope she has her day in court.
That is a very honest post 1132, thank you, I think we should let the cards play out and truth will come to the surface in due time..
Hi Bloggers,
It is very noticeable that since the election is over there has been very little trashy BS posted on the Blog. I realize that there will always be a few individuals that cannot/will not accept what has occurred, but they are in the minority and in time will vanish from the scene altogether. I am looking forward to the changes that will take place when Rivero officially becomes the Sheriff. I know that many of us have some good suggestions to pass on, and I know that Rivero will consider them all. I personally am looking forward to working with the LCSO again. I had a rewarding and fun position as a Volunteer for many years, and it was quite interesting as well. You all have a great day. Till next time, AL B, Lakeport.
AL.B Lakeport
Do you think the volunteers will be friendly to you as I noticed a lot of them were on the list of Sheriff Mitchell's supporters?
Nov 3rd, The day after the election

Big bust in Buckingham.
The LCSO Marijuana Suppression Unit, I don't recall having heard of this unit. Do we have a LCSO Meth Suppression Unit. When will they start to work?
At a presentation to the Buckingham Homeowners Ass., a member ( possibly a Kearney? ) informs of a possible grow. A previous overflight detected this relatively small grow. Relatively small grow, compared to what, a relatively large grow that didn't get busted?
Why is this type of meeting being held in Buckingham? Are the rich growing pot to save their houses? Will there be other meetings in areas where there is lots more marijuana than in Buckingham? Sounds like political favors to me.

The Detectives went to check for compliance at this relatively small grow. After the obvious smell of processed marijuana, ( as if there is a different smell between processed marijuana and growing marijuana ) and no answer at the front door, the detectives went to the back door of the garage. Where was your warrant? Where was your warrant to enter the garage? Where was your warrant to go in the back yard?
As arrests were being made the owner drove up and was detained. Still no warrant has arrived. This looks like illegal activity by the Marijuana Suppression Unit.

Among backpacks, tents, and other camping debris, a stolen 9mm gun was found. This is peculiar language. Are they suggesting that the gun was not found in any one persons backpack or tent? It was just lying around? This is how they are able to charge everyone with receiving stolen property and committing a crime with a gun. Can you say, trumped up charges? Excessive bail. I wonder how many were bailed out by Brown Bail Bonds.

The owner had two Medical Cards. The California Supreme Court has ruled that there are no limits to prop. 215. Like it or not, it appears the only laws broken here were by The Marijuana Suppression Unit.

Numerous items of evidence of cultivation and sales were found. Usually this means baggies, scales and money. Here is the crux of the biscuit, where is the money? Along with a legal grow, this was obviously a trimming operation. The price for trimming a pound of Medical Marijuana is $200. There was 408 pounds of trimmed marijuana, which would be over $80,000. The 820 pounds of unprocessed marijuana would cost roughly $120,000 to trim.( minus the trimmed off weight.) There was no mention of any money in the house or the trimmers tents or backpacks. Over $200,000 and no mention of any money. This is unbelievably odd. In fact I don't believe it at all. Is this one of Rod's last money grabs on the way out the door?

These are tough questions that should have been asked by the Record-Bee's "Staff Reporter." ( would that be Rod's friend, Gary?)

Wow that is an interesting post isn't it. To much doesn't make sense in this incident, Rodney is this another one you are going to have to answer for. Where is the money. The warrant situation sounds suspect. Hmmmmmmmm
Typical non-reporting for the Bee and LCN all they are is mouth pieces for the sheriff, Mitchell that is.
On a more positive note the Raiders beat Kansas City 23 20. The game went into overtime. Go Oakland!!!!! Yaaaa!!!!!

Just read LCN's article. In it's details it said the 200 pounds found in the garage had only 52 pounds bagged up, as the picture shows. The black bags are the rest of the 200 pounds. The pile in the background is stems that are not usable. Where is the rest of the processed 408 pounds the Detestives found? Where is the 820 pounds of unprocessed weed? Something besides the weed smells stinky.
Sounds like there are alot of unanswered questions with the buckingham grow like it or not stolen handgun and indivuals with questionble citzen status.So at what size is a grow considered ilegal? so how much does one need for there own use?or is this just another money maker?
Hi post 2:10. I do not think that any of the Volunteers would hold who I voted for against me. I have always had a good repore with the other volunteers, and I am sure that the friendships I had in the past will continue. Does anyone truly know how many other Volunteers did or did not vote for Mitchell???????????? In fact, can we actually prove who anyone actually voted for in the Sheriff's election???????????????? It would be nice if everyone actually told the truth 100% of the time, but that is just a fantasy that will never exist. Have a great week. AL B, Lakeport.
Lake: 6 mature plants OR 12 immature plants AND 8 ounces of bud
Marijuana suppression unit? I wonder if that can be 'ear marked' under 'rescue' or 'search'. I know SAR was donated a large sum of money and the way Mitchell handled it, I believe if he deems it to be 'search' related, he can access the money at his will, without the SAR's board approval, even though the money was granted to them by private party, but somehow was controlled by sheriff, maybe because the SAR is an associated w/sheriff dept? idk

So if he were to buy, say, repelling gear, or radios, or helmets, etc, he could certainly earmark that under 'search'....and even equipt swat team.

I don't know how 'technical' this unit is, they may be using hand me down's for all I know, but, it was just a thought as to how this 'unit' came about.......
Here's another story and you can blame LCN for not asking questions.
McClain the police chief was making $115,000 a year PLUS $70,000 in benefits? Thats what the article says, so $185,000 a year? He should be charged just like the others who raped the city of Bell, California.
$185,000 for what? 18 or so officers, a secretary or two and now
that he's resigned he can collect 6 months of salary. Just a crook.
Meanwhile LCN didn't bother to ask the big questions but that's nothing new.
Those guidelines were suggested before the Supreme Court ruling. Lake Co, has not established any guidelines since.
I would like it known that all that work in our government may mot be dishonest but they work at the well of those that are. Those that have the power to curb,did not. Thus the injustice with the Dinius case. Is this all about the Dinius case? Or are there other reasons for the animosity? I think its more about us that have been touched with their dishonesty than about MR.Dinius. MR. Dinius was the Pandora's box opened by Mitchell and Hopkins to show Lake county how dishonest the local government is. This truly goes back to the board of supervisors, they allowed the status quo to exist. They knew said nothing,telling all to lie and cover the lies up was the order of the day by their actions. If you do not keep the bureaucrats out of Sheriff Riveros advisory committee it will be tainted as the Grand jury. I do not hate the government only the dishonest element of bureaucrats That are keeped by those that took a oath. Thanks to Lovelace.
Lovelace should change their image. How about John Wayne Oliver wendal North! Someone help me out here with a hero's name...
How about Billy Jack Lovelace. Or based on the reason for the Lovelace name, Watergate Lovelace? Or whistleblower Lovelace, or Wikileaks Lovelace which is where all the comments will be archived? Lot's of possibilities on this one. But to get back to the basics, personally I want to thank the Lovelace group for opening the eyes of so many people, for standing tall against the attacks and the corrupt supporters of Rodney Mitchell. Though some would try to attack the Lovelace group, even those voting the same platform as Lovelace did, that for the most part is done out of jealousy from the perspective that many may have tried to bring Mitchell down and expose the rotten regime of Mitchell, Lovelace did the most good for the county, can't wait to see where they turn their gun sights next. Thanks Lovelace great job!!!!
To Lovelace,

Recently a comment was submitted to this Blog. The author identified him or herself as a member of the Gossett family. A Gossett did not post that comment and it is believed that it was done maliciously by a third party seeking a negative reaction from some of your readers, perhaps provoking a similar reaction that occurred back in November of 2009 when factual comments were posted to this Blog in regard to Gary Frace’s questionable activities relating to the Gossett family both before and after becoming a Lake County deputy sheriff. During the witch hunt to reveal the identity of Lovelace, the administrators of this Blog. It is believed that friends or family of the Frace’s or others somehow related to the Frace’s launched a three day “cut and paste” campaign of libeled and harassment against the Gossett family believing erroneously that they were Lovelace and the administrators of this Blog. At that time a request was made by the Gossett’s to have the negative comments which pertained to them removed. You kindly complied.

In the Gossett’s best interest, my first thought was to contact you to have the comment falsely credited to them removed altogether however, after further consideration of your truthful and sympathetic response to it, I felt it would be in everyone’s best interest to replace that comment with this one. Your sense of fair play, your loyalty, and your honesty is touching beyond expectations.

The Gossett’s have no issues with Mr. Dave Brown.

Anyone who colluded, harassed, libeled/slandered or denied the Gossett’s their civil rights, either by action or omission and/or under the color of authority will be held accountable.

It is as simple as that!

Thank you
Thank you post 1159, we post your clarification. Thank you for everything, we will see you on the 21st we are sure!!
I call you the lovelace group good "citizens". To change the bad for good and with out calling for violence. All that I have met in this local government, condoned the lies of employees I would report for malfeasance with their duty. I was of the opinion that once the power that is,would adjust their view of me,then the truth would rule out. So what I would find is they would not only condone but would do what ever it would take to hide. So to all the Dinius case is only the tip to their dishonesty.It starts at the board of supervisors. I would ask again can the bureaucrats lie? And if they can who is to see to the justice of the person that reports the lies? Thanks to Lovelace.
Hi Lovelace.
There have not been any postings lately??? Are the posts that are being sent to you going to be posted on the Blog, and if so, when? By now there must be quite a few of them ready to be posted. I guess that I miss them, as most were either interesting, informative, and of course some were just plain stupid nonsence. I guess that I could call some of them part of my daily entertainment. Do you have any idea at all about what time on the 21st Rivero's party will be beginning? That's it for now, so till next time, bye bye. AL B
Rivero's party is from 3:00 to 7:00, Sunday the 21st. Come and welcome in a new era in Lake County.
A LCSO truck was seen towing Russ Perdock's boat out of Buckingham on Friday. Rodney, I don't think your shredder is big enough. Where are you taking the boat?
Did perdock vote for mitchell?
As most people are aware we are in stand down mode till around the 1st of December, you can read the top of the page below the new title we have created to get the overview of what we are thinking and where we are going. We also put out a request to the citizens for input on what the types of thing are they want us to look at when we relaunch, also we put out a few of the ideas of what we want to look at concerning the BOS as part of our next phase, and any input on those ideas is appreciated, you can post on the blog or to our e-mail account. And of course we will see everyone on the 21st at the Rivero celebration event at Konocti Vista.
They just don't get it! Thanks to the jury again. I sure wonder about some of those ddas here in the county. Is this what Hopkins has done- he calls this training! Heaven help us. Another waste of taxpayers monies! Another wrongful prosecution....Lovelace just add the name to the list of suits to come.
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