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A junior administrator? An intern from Mitchell's office?
That would be an admirable goal, but I find it hard to believe the folks who run this website have had such a sweeping change of heart. I'mthinking they've been hacked.
OK. This is crazy. WTF happened?? I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone
did you guys get served with a cease and desist order or something?
I still think the sight was hacked.
Hey everybody stand by, no big deal, we will explain the situation in a little while, we were not hacked and all is in place as it was. You can continue to post, if you would like to send an e-mail to us to confirm all is well, please do so. We will respond to you quickly to let you know all is well, disregard the upper posting we had a joke played on us, that wasn't suppose to actually go to the site. Our bad on that one. We will give you all a full overview later this evening. Thanks to those who have already e-mailed and asked what was up.
It is actually quite funny, although we put a scare in a few people, sorry about that, the Blog is up and running as usual. Stand by for further in a little while.
Oliver is back thats to bad I was starting to believe the truth could be posted here.
My sight has been sight has been hacked, oh wait, you meant my site has been hacked? Shitos, my bad sorry
This is the Lovelace group, all is back in order now and we are sorry if we scared anyone. The Blog is going full tilt again and we are reemphasizing our commitment to the removal of Jon Hopkins and sheriff Mitchell half of which is already done. We know have to worked toward the removal of Mitchell in November. This is going to take hard work and dedication, it is going to take a concerted effort and getting the vote out, everyone must do everything possible to assist in this endeavor. We believe that with the help of all citizens and of all those needing and wanting change in our county we must keep the pressure up and the focus on Mitchell. This site has become the greatest change agent the county has ever seen and we now want to take this power and this success to the final stage in November. We can do this, Frank Rivero needs all of our support he needs volunteers, for phone banks, volunteers for signs, volunteers to get people signed up to vote. We are asking all of you to now contact the Rivero campaign team tell them you want to help in what ever way you can. We see light at the end of this long and difficult path we have been on but the fight is not over yet, there is much to be done, and even though it has already been a long and hard fought battle we should not rest on our past success. We must turn it up even more, and get to all the debates and all the events that will be held between now and the election. Thanks to all of you for your support and your dedication to this cause.
So what happened?
Don't miss tomorrow nights debate at the BOS Chambers it starts at 7.
Crazy fun, in essence we have a copycat site, if you will that we keep off the net but in our possession, it is an exact duplicate of the site you see on line when you come to post comments. So if we lose the layout we do not have to recreate the whole thing, but can simply use the template set it in place and role. We did this to safeguard the site and to be able to quickly put it on line, should anything happen to the online site. We had a member decide to play a trick on some of us, and they wanted to send the fake site you saw to some of us after they made changes and thought that would be a cool and funny trick. Well they replaced the existing site accidentally and up it went!!!! No one knew as no one was on the site. So we saw it, and yikes the rest is history. However it did offer the chance to execute our reemphasize plan to the citizens which was not going to happen till Monday. We simply did it tonight instead. Whew that was great had us jumping for an hour!!! :-)
thanks for the update 845, everyone please make it to the debate and show our support for Rivero. We are as Lovelace has just posted at critical mass now is the time to come together as one. Let's roll!
First…I cannot stand Rob Brown, however he was not growing marijuana on his property! The problems are first, he was unaware of MJ growing x several years and I do believe a property owner should be held accountable for “tending” to the land they have assumed responsibility for. Next, since he did not, he should be held financially responsibly for the clean up efforts, not the taxpayers! Additionally a nice big fine might be appropriate for being irresponsible and endangering the health and safety of others!

Onto Rowland Mosser, the man is a con artist from way back with a history in Las Vegas. The Board of Directors at the Lucerne Senior Center, which included Dr. Bob Gardner as chair, allowed all of this to happen with full knowledge that severe problems, financially were occurring since Rowland’s arrival. Independent financial auditors were giving their reports yearly to the board at the senior center and yet no action was taken!! I tired to no avail!

Next, I could care less about who Rod Mitchell is sleeping with! What I care about is how he does and doesn’t manage his department.

As for an elder abuse detective! I was privileged to work for a wonderful man up to his last weeks of life. He was loved and well known in the town of Lucerne. Another caregiver, of this same individual, stole his credit card and was seen on tape at Wal-Mart charging over $800 as per this man’s daughter.
She was arrested via Officer Elvis Cook on a charge of 484, theft by forged/invalid card on 9/8/10. She bailed out for $100! I called and asked Officer Cook why this woman was not charged with elder abuse, 368E? He was very defensive and began INTERROGATION of me as to my date of birth and address etc.! In short the DA will hopefully catch this error and properly enhance her charges! This is a felony, not a simple misdemeanor! This, in my opinion, is called selective arrests/charges. They slam dunk one and release the other without following the letter of the law! Officer Cook tried to give me some BS about the charges changing because of the persons death. I explained that he was still alive at the time this occurred. This appeared to piss him off even more! He then told me this is what his Sgt. directed him to do! I ended up talking to the Captain who told me that additional charges will be and have been initiated. Why were they not at the time of arrest!? If additional charges have been initiated why has she not been re-arrested on those charges? Seems pretty clear cut to me! All I can hope for…all we can hope for is that this kind of BS comes to an end with a new DA and Sheriff.

Any women out there….I need your questions and comments for both Rod Mitchell and Francisco Rivero. KPFZ “Woman’s Voices” is privileged to have Rod on our show this Thursday from 9-10am and Frank the following Thursday. We will not be taking call-in questions or comments for these shows. Ideally I would like questions specific to woman. E-mail me at,

Thanks to all…..
Final Approach To The Elections
As election day approaches we would like set a new tone and re-emphasize the goals of the Blog. That goal has been the removal of Jon Hopkins and Rodney Mitchell. In that light the goal remains the same.

We would also like to set a new tone for this Blog. The old rules still apply. Very limited profanity, keep your caps to a minimum , and absolutely no cut and paste. However let's try to lighten up the personal attacks. When the election is over the healing process must begin. We all will still be living here together, and we can make Lake County a better place to live. Our members still believe the corruption in the Sheriff's Office exists and must be eliminated. Our goal is to gather the information needed to bring this about. We need a new Sheriff that will open his office to the public and bring in transparency and citizens input that is so greatly needed. We must remember the Sheriff works for the people, not the other way around.

As you might know we have been very busy and we will try to bring up the archived post as soon as possible.

Keep posting and let's finish the job.

-The Lovelace Group
I just can't believe that the helicopters can fly every place in Lake Co. and miss Rob Browns 5000 plants. Yes he should pay for the cleanup. He should also stand trial for the crime.
Too bad, you could have actually done something to benefit the county instead of continuing to try to tear it apart. Well, NEWSFLASH, this county and its citizens are a lot more resilient and intellgient than you give us credit for.
Is that why you spelled intelligent, intellgient?
oh btw...APS (Adult Protective Services)never returned my call regarding my concerns with the above, X 3 attempts!!
I understand your concerns about the case you described, but even with the limited facts you’ve presented, the case is unlikely to proceed as an elder abuse.
In 2004, the United Stated Supreme Court decided “Crawford v. Washington” which made it virtually impossible for statements of the elderly to be admissible once they passed away. Even recorded statements, if they hadn’t been subject to a cross examination by a defense attorney weren’t good enough. So, unless this case had gone to a preliminary (Something that doesn’t happen for misdemeanors) hearing AND your friend had testified and been cross examined it’s unlikely his statement can be used in court against the suspect.
A second problem arises as a result of the legislature changing the monetary threshold between misdemeanor and felony thefts. The previous threshold was $400.00 but it has been changed to $1,000.00 which to be honest is more reasonable in light of reducing prison overcrowding.
So given the facts, the case you’ve presented is a misdemeanor theft, the victim being the estate of your friend. The bail schedule in Lake County is set by the courts, and absent a compelling argument by law enforcement or the district attorney, judges usually do not vary from it. Bail bonds usually require 10% of the total bail to secure the bond, but most, if not all, will negotiate they bottom line, so $100 might be a fairly normal amount of bail.
The right to confront witnesses and the right to bail are both guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. So as much as the case you’ve described feels unfair, it likely is the best result that could happen.
Seems to me Deputy Cook was correct when he advised you the death of the victim changed the way the case could be prosecuted. Had your victim been alive to testify it almost certainly could have been charged as an elder abuse, but again, there are misdemeanor and felony levels of elder abuse. The case you described would almost certainly been charged as a misdemeanor.
Sorry for your loss.
I find it a very telling "sign" that there are now Mitchell Signs, where Rivero Signs used to be. Hmm..?...No Worries, just some of the Insignificant People doing their part to make sure a Cuban Felon dosen't become Sheriff.
Dosent Von Moreshed run the Elder Abuse Dept? Most likely no time to work trying to keep track of McPherson
Ol brucey oliver wendell batman wouldnt admit if the site had been hacked! I think its funnier than hell, and its gonna just keep getting better. More Skeletons to soon fall out of Franks Closet, and its not even Halloween yet!
1035 It has been over a year and you are still sucking hind teat. In more ways than one. HEEE HEE HE
Hey 10

10:35 If the site was hacked, do you think the new opening paragraph that was put up, would have been put up, by a hacker? ie: a corruption supporter? You can't even think straight. Take it at face value and give it a try.

At the Pear Festival I heard two steriod looking deputies telling a group of kids, "Don't get on that train it;s full of drugs."

It's one thing to intimidate adults, but man you guys are out of control. Down with the GOB's
Diya read what McClain had to say in response to the Grand Jury Findings? well check out Topix and post your two cents, I just did.

I haven't be active on here in a while but can't resist adding my 2 cents in about the Grand Jury response from Our Chief, who is mostly not available to be heard from or seen, his office hours are scant and the hours he actually works are few, i would hope the city council or those running for the two seats would sure take a hard look at the corruption going on, it does sounds like Bell Ca getting lots of tax paper bucks for doing not a darn thin McClain how do you live knowing you are not earning your pay, yet you can afford to live out of the city that pays your unearned money.

McClain You are a disappointment to those who trusted you would fill the office of Chief and lead the city, so far the only place you lead anyone is over to Main Street Cafe for You meeting with you Brass duo for your extended lunches, Yes we see you there,but since You don't know Us you have no idea we are there,

You seem to be on a kick of firing good officers, they have been out on the street doing their jobs what did they really do verbally stated to someone what they thought about you, the word is out you toss the officers who disagree with you under the bus and out the door, YOU ARE A SHAMEFUL MAN. You may have the City Council fooled but wait until the next meeting when we open their eyes to your agenda the last three months your absence has not gone unnoticed.

I don't like Von but she is not the DA investigator for Elder Abuse, that is way too hard and too much work involved and she could NEVER do it or if she attempted it she wouldn't do it right, she handles the Domestic Violence cases - this should give you an idea of how well those are probably handled. Lenny thank you for letting us know about your treatment by Officer Cook, I believe that attitude is a reflection of the top of his department and they seem to have forgotten they are public servants and not high and mighty know it alls who have the right to grill and attack you because you simply asked questions. Shameful really and makes the citizens trust LE even less. We need change and November can't come non too quick. As for Rob Brown, I totally agree with you that he should be responsible for the clean up since he didn't bother to check his property but of course we all know that will never happen and us taxpayers have had to foot the bill. These abuses need to stop, the dirty campaign tatics need to stop, We need Rivero for Sheriff for a step in a new direction.
Also Lenny, why do you think the Captain told you the charges were amended but only after you dared to ask questions. They probably didn't know the law that pertained until you spoke up then they pulled out the old penal code book and looked it up.
11:52 Couldn't agree with you more about the Company One Keeps.. And Rivero lost every ounce of Crediability he had when he put that Shank in Kip Rinngen's back. That's the only reason we were going to vote for this unknown. And I'm glad Rivero showed his true colors (and arrest record) AFTER Ringen left his Camp. Everything happens for a reason. And I overheard Rivero at a function talking trash about Ringen & Ringen. Something to the effect that they deserved each other.... As Happy as they are, we couldnt agree more! It's good to see them happy. Mitchell isn't no Choir Boy, but he is the lesser of 2 Evils.
Mitchell is totally evil!!!!!
Ringen exited Rivero's campaign when he got caught lying. It wasn't the affair, it was the lying. He belongs in the Mitchell camp along with the other liars. I think you misspelled shank, didn't you mean skank?
6:52 couldnt agree with you more about the company one keeps. Ringen couldnt get the undersherif job from rivero so he says never mind all my trash talk about Mitchell, I meant Rivero.
you say ringen and ringen, he move back with his wife?
I wasn't supporting Ringen. I support Rivero.
Throw the bums out! Rod Mitchell and his gang have zero credibility. Zero!
Framing an innocent man while protecting Perdock from prosecution thats what Rod Mitchell did. Garzoli will never face charges for embezzlement because of the Rod Mitchell and Buchholz connection. The EEOC complaint and all the lawsuits will be hidden from the citzens if Mitchell is allowed another 4 years- we can't afford this nor the corruption Rod brings with him.
I think Mitchell is afraid to take questions on the air and 88.1 had to promise him if he appeared on the show there would be no questions...
Everyone knew Ringen, had his own agenda. Ringen is just like Mitchell a very vindictive man. If Ringen was appointed Undersheriff, we would have more employee lawsuit filed against Lake Co. Mitchell and Ringen deserves each other.
Now we are back in bussiness no new topics just the same dead minds and same old crap. I love this group with my morning coffee.
Mitchell has about the same lack of credibility as Mary Becker.
807 go over to LCN same dead crap no new debate news.
Rivero put a "shank" in Ringen's back - Come on Kip, a shank, why not just put your name on it. No one believes you in the first place.

Tell us about the county job with Pers retirement benefits Mitchell promised to give you? Obviously he could not come out and give you your old job back or rehire you as a Deputy but he could pull some strings under the table for you. The word is out so stop acting like you are just in this for the people. Like Mitchell himself you are in this for yourself as you always have been.
I just read the Topex remards to Mary Becker's attack on Baxter's credibility. It seems with few exceptions the people are down on Becker and see her as a Mitchell pawn. The people who posted pro-Becker and Mitchell were the same old racist's Mitchell's followers who cut and paste here. None have anything new to say so they continue on the attack making up their own spin on everything.
When a department head like sheriff Mitchell credibility is in question. The departments credibility is also questioned.
So thanks to Mitchell and one more under the table deals Ringen will get his final three years toward his retirement allowing him to max out. Well, good luck Kip, that's what you wanted all along and this way you won't have to work directly for Rod who spent years screwing you. All you needed to do all along is crawl on your belly and hiss his ring in public.
828 Well hello, that's what we've been saying for months. That's exactly why the LCSO is not trusted or respected by those who they are sworn to serve. Mitchell constantly gets caught lying and so do his special people.

If Rod gets voted out his special boys will be forced to get off steroids but look at the bright side, their cojonies may return to normal.
Will Mitchell release the shooting report on Sgt. Ski to the LCN as he did on Rivero's?
Who is the SO Deputy or Sergeant with the Nazi swastika tattooed on his body?

What's up with that? A prank of an immature youth before going into law enforcement or the sign of a white supremist racist? What has Rodney done about this?
Why doesn't Lake County do random drug testing on it's employeer working in critical positions like the SO Swat team? These men may be forced to make split second decisions under extreme stress which have a direct affect on the lives of others. They are much more likely to be placed in a position where deadly force is needed. I would think with all the negative affects of illegal steroids on the mind and body this would seriously affect their performance.

We don't need Deputies running around looking like Governor Arnie with the likely potential of going into a roid rage at any moment.

If Rod and his SO Swat deny they are on it do random drug tyesting and send it to an independant Lab for testing to be safe. This may save someone's life and the tax payers a lot of money.
The GOB's come on here accusing Rivero of walking with dopers and marijuana growers but these same people smoke pot at home or among themselves all the time. These are the signs of the times and not much different then the old evening highball after work accept its not legal.
Rodney is hiding under his desk, Afraid of the public.
Rodney can no longer get his fat butt under his desk but he can still lock the door.
835 Ski
7:45, That would be a NO, Kip has not been with Barbara in 5 years, I believe they are either legally seperated or finally in the process of getting divorced, just the same as his significant other. I think the Poster was refrencing the significant other, the little red head that he lives with ,who raises those weird bald cats. But what does that have to do with anything? Whats a matter? cant stand to see two happy people in love when you are so miserable in your own life? So, Please do tell what it is that Kip lied about? Knowing what I know, the only thing I can think that Kip might have stretched the truth on is... Rivero being a GOOD Deputy.
840 Your suggestion is a valid one, except for one thing. With Mitchell in charge, you will never see it. Drug testing should have been administered on a regular basis all along. There has been talk by people over the years that they have heard of the use of steroids, especially by members of the SWAT team. But with Mitchell calling the shots, how can we make him schedule testing? Hopefully he will soon be gone, and Rivero can be asked to set up a testing program, which I am sure he would do. Of course, that is another reason that the GOBs in the department don't want Rivero to be their Sheriff.
Mitchell why did Sacramento Co. refused to hire you? and what happened in District 4?
Are you kiddin' me???? We don't have random drug testing of our LCSO employees? That is shameful. The feds do it. You have to, to protect the public. It doesn't have to be frequent or expensive or violate their rights. It just has to be possible and done occasionally, to weed out the illegal drug users and those so pumped up on steroids that they are wild eyed and mean.
Today at 6:28 see yesterday @9:51pm....first time any of this makes sense. Still leaves me wondering why the Captain said the charges were amended to enclude elder abuse!? However for and to 9:51 if you go to the DA website and check out their Elder Abuse site and/or look up the penal code via google...$800 is a felony. But you do sound like you know what you r talking about. What I need to do is follow this one through! And if I am correct...Hopkins can go out making a difference!
See you all tonight at the debate @ the BOS chambers @ 7pm
For me I will vote for the unknown over the known 16 years of Mitchell is enough for me.
Hopefully the sixteen years of broken promises will end Nov 02, 2010. When Sheriff Mitchell is voted out of office. Sixteen years of Mitchell and his corruption is enough. We the Citizens/taxpayers won't forget Mitchell, Because we'll be paying for years too come.
I'll bet Mitchell is in his office, reading the questions submitted to LCN for the debate tonight.
It would be interesting to know how many questions were submitted and who decided which ones will be asked. Let's see who the easy biased questions go to. Since the questions come from LCN I just answered my own question.
For me the question of who will win the sheriff's race is only one part of the reality of Lake County. There is no doubt that immense change is needed, and it is needed in a thousand and one different areas. What has to be considered is the make-up of this county. The road for Rivero is still to be determined, as we have no real polling in this county. Nothing that shows us what the trends are. But here are some things to think about. Who and what type of people will vote for Mitchell? There are a number of different types of people. 1st is the ignorant ones, these are the people who are stupid enough to believe the words coming out of Mitchell's mouth. These people are not sharp, they have lived in this county for many years and are not the most wide and deep of thinkers. Some are children of parents who also lived in this county for many years. This is an influence that is passed on from parents to children. You can see these people in the county, generally not to sharp, very closed minded, unable to form their own opinions, followers, and less then stellar thinkers. We all know them, we see them and they are unable to be moved by intelligent conversation. Next you have the GOB network, this is a simple one, they to are unable to admit the short comings of this sheriff despite his record, and are connected to other business's and government entities who do not want change for the sake of those connections they have. Third, is those that simply do not have a clue, they don't read the papers, they wouldn't know Dinius nor a single thing about this case, or Garzoligate, or Beland, or anything for that matters in the county. A sad group of people, without the ability to be moved or changed into the right frame of mind for earnest conversation.

From Rivero's end of things, you have a number of different types. More progressive in their thoughts and ideas, they understand the greater reality of why great change needs to come to this county. They understand that throughout the years those in power being not the sharpest people have nearly destroyed this county. Bad decisions, bad management, and more concern for their own lot in life then that of the citizens. This is the BOS, and others running aspects of the local government. However Rivero to has issues with some who at the present time are involved in activities which will make little difference to the county and who are not taking enough time to assist in the Rivero campaign. There are those as I heard on the radio, trying to start a different currency in a small citie or group in the county. I wish those folks would set down their pie in the sky ideals and concentrate on the reality that if Mitchell stays in office it doesn't matter what fun little ideas they come up with it will all be for naught. There appears to be a lack of understanding of the importance of this election, and that must change. You can play house all day long, and even have groups like transition Lake County. They are spending a great deal of time on this fun little idea, while they spend no time supporting Rivero and understanding you can have transistion groups and funny money ideas till your blue in the face, but reality is 20 to 25% unemployment and a corrupt LE, and a dysfunctional BOS and government needing wholesale changes is where the point of concentrating needs to be. These people need a wake up call to reality, and they need to change their focus to strictly the election of Rivero and then the wholesale removal of the others in government as the opportunity arises. Someone needs to get to these people, tell them to wake up and get their asses off of what will be a wasted effort if change does not come to this county by way of the elections. Bring these people in line, get their focus in the right direction, get out the vote, and you will have a win for Rivero.
post 2

Lake County has a reputation of dumb people and or conspiracy theorist who focus their attention in the wrong directions, La La land is a wonderful place to be but everyone better get out, support Rivero, make sure everyone votes and use that energy for that purpose. If Mitchell wins the state and the world won't give Lake County any credibility and we will go down as the dumb hick county that won't even vote a corrupt and rotten group of people out of office, because of their ignorance, but hey what about those Upper Lake bucks, ya that's real neat, your trying to build the city across the river, but haven't even started the bridge to get there. Wake up Rivero supporters, and work on the campaign to elect Rivero. If you spend one minute of your time on other ideals, you are fooling yourself and hurting the counties chances for change. I even found out some of these people did not vote in the last election and are currently not registered! That is a scary concept.
Where is the report of Ski shooting that guy ?And isn't it a no brainer that the guy is on steroids.........!!!! I mean look at size of his neck, that just is not a normal corn fed home grown boy. That is chemical enhancement if ever i saw it.
Steroids have been around in the Sheriff's dept, for 15 years or more. Management was told about the steroids uses and did nothing!!! You know just close your eyes and it goes away. Mitchells management.
11:19 AM Reading is fundamental. Go do some.

"The format will be a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with the candidates questioning each other."

Go throw your poop elsewhere, monkey.
Well, it is harvest season after all...

"Hey everybody stand by, no big deal, we will explain the situation in a little while, we were not hacked and all is in place as it was. You can continue to post, if you would like to send an e-mail to us to confirm all is well, please do so. We will respond to you quickly to let you know all is well, disregard the upper posting we had a joke played on us, that wasn't suppose to actually go to the site. Our bad on that one. We will give you all a full overview later this evening. Thanks to those who have already e-mailed and asked what was up.
# posted by Blogger Oliver Wendell Douglas : September 26, 2010 7:43 PM"
1135 There should be a investigation into why it takes soooo long to do a investigation. Is it that they think the citizens will lose interest and forget? Or is it there is no pressure to do their job in a timely matter? Maybe they should become weathermen, They too are mostly wrong and still keep their job.
Steroids cause frustration and rage in more than 90% of users. Testing for this illegal drug should be part of the program. It would be in the interest of all our well being. Please make the SO an honest ,respected group by getting Mitchell out . Lead by example and lets do the right thing.
frustration and rage will cost us, the taxpayers money. So testing is a must be done.
I work at Ceridono's Hair Co. I have been there for a long time now. I do not appreciate what is being said about where I work. We are real hair dressers and we really do do hair and we DO NOT sell any kinds of drugs out of our salon! This business is not a front for anything. Who are we laundering money to? PG&E? We who work there are doing what everyone else in this god forsaken town are trying to do! PAY OUR BILLS! If you want to run your mouth then please step forward and say it to our faces. Come in my salon and show us your proof! If you are so big and bad and know everything then please come show us. Tell me your name. Take a look at our clients. Some of them consist of lawyers, judges, DA Jon Hopkins, and also Sherriff Mitchell was a client of mine and his wife came in for a long time too. So please with all do respect shut your mouth unless you got evidence! And also what ever happened to freedom of speech? Isn't that why we live here. We can't even put up Rivero signs with out someone stealing them! Give me a break! Go live in another country if you want to be that immature and petty!
1222 PM
What in the hell are you talking about?
Excellent post 1222, and thank you for setting them straight. The Mitchell gang, is fighting against anyone and anything that is remotely associated with not voting for Mitchell, little do they realize, how many votes of yours and your clients they are losing. Way to step up to the plate and tell it like it is!!! Thanks
I will put people straight! I want evidence instead of words! Our sign wasn't taken down it was stolen!
ahhhhhhhhhh and then we see them posting as if because of their pressure the sign was taken down. This is the essence of the corruption, the lies and the state of our current sheriffs office. Attacking people and anyone who wants them removed from office. It is a sad state of affairs. To all the Rivero supporters reading this, please if you are getting a haircut or a perm, or a trim, whatever please patronize this fine establishment, show them that the people are with them. Help them and go there to get your haircuts...Thank you again post 1245!!!
12:22 PM The proof is in the pudding. Why don't we all just wait till after the DEA and IRS finish up their investigations before getting our hair cut their again. Better safe than sorry.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Both partners in the hair shop have men who grow and sell pot and that is a fact. And if they want to have Rivero signs then get ready for everyone to know the truth. I'am sure some of that client list has not realized the connection to Tom and the other man. I believe there is still more to come.
I know one of the people at the shop and don"t think she wants a bunch of low life Rivero supporters showing up. They just told you that their clients are some of the ones being bad mouthed by this site and Tom. She must only like their money.
Sounds like all the lawyers, judges, DA Jon Hopkins, and also Sheriff Mitchell need to be advised of the connections of this place. I doubt they will be hip to that connection when the media gets a hold of it.
So does anyone know anything about what has been going around about Rob Brown's son? Cases of rape that were slept under the table? Heard there's a video.
1;31 I would not think that some of their clients will be happy finding out their hair shop has a direct connection to the people that call them a-holes on this site. And the connection to the pot would be a little rough on a few of them. Poor bussiness move people.
Bruce did your Mom tell you not to smoke pot?
158 As long as they do a good job I doubt many clients will leave them. Finding a hair dresser you like and does a good job can be tough, when you find one you don't give them up.
144 I've been wondering about this too.
159 Did'nt your mom tell you not to be an idiot? I guess not.
Well, 12:22 since you are an employee you probably aren't privy to the full scope of the financials. And you haven't figured it out on your own because... well let's just say you didn't study cosmology in school.
12:22 Who owns the property Tom? If not maybe the owners and other bussiness don't want to be dragged into this mess. I guess a check on the tax role will tell us who owns it.
2:01 You are right again just because I and my freinds and their wives are being called enerthing in the book on a site with a connection to my hair dresser that is no reason to leave. No I will just keep giving them my money and be happy. Here is your sign. Lets see what they say after finding out.
Whoa listen to you 1:59, 2:03, and 2:13! You should really go back to middle school if that is how you want to act! Didn't your mom to have respect for all and if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all! Tell the facts and stop badgering people and acting like you are in high school.
220 Agreed!
2;20 Whoa listen to you did you, miss 1;09 and 1:14
It looks like for now you have done that
You know, Rivero has stayed on the high road, with honesty, straight forwardness, and is always open to talk to anyone. you people who are against him have been wallowing in the mud and throwing lies about him on the blog continuously. You always jump back and give the same old rhetoric about his past. If you want him to answer your questions, don't just blab here. Contact him. He will be open and answer any questions that you have, contrary to what Mitchell would do. Mitchell has shown his inability to form a well organized Sheriff's department. He is already heading to face charges. Not only by Dinius, but some of his own deputies that he has thrown under the bus. 16 years going down hill. What do you have against someone new to run the department. You don't like Rivero? Well, he is the only one that is standing up and running against Mitchell. Give the new guy a chance. I think that you will (if you are not a GOB) glad to have someone in charge that will be open to the deputies and the public.
441 Rivero did not accuse the entire department. He was not the one that did the outburst, it was the GOBs who cut him off with yelling at him while he was giving his end of debate 5 minute speech. Remember? He stopped and gave up because of your rowdiness. He is right about being afraid to drive in Lake county, because some deputies have profiled drivers, and even put drugs in cars to fake a drug arrest. What atrocious acts? He has no connection to the blog, as Lovelace has stated many times. Close association with known criminals? What known criminals? You might as well throw some names out there. Accusations are not prosecutions. You keep saying he sidesteps a criminal past. Prove it. He has opened his past to everyone numerous times...or weren't you there when he did? Leaking what confidential information? The Rully case was exposed before he mentioned it. Blame Mitchell for that fiasco. Mudslinger? Give us some proveable quotes by him. You won't find any, because he is not a mudslinger like Mitchell and the GOBs. Mitchell says nothing at the debates to show the voters any reason to keep him in office. Rivero has given some good solid ideas (some already stolen by Mitchell), that people can look forward to bring the Sheriff's department back to a department that can once again be respected. Mitchell is being sued by his own people. He is a back stabber, and they found that out. Rivero is the man. And you will find out soon enough. He will bring back Law and Order, and Mitchell will be Gone!
WOW, the desperate boys are going at it 100% now. You can be sure that it is NOT the Rivero group that has turned this blog into the dirty fiasco that it has become in the past few hours. We all know the perpetuators, and the desperation is really showing up on this site. I think that Mitchell should attempt to put an end to the trash by demanding that even he is embarassed by what is going on, but I doubt that even he cannot stop it now. It is out of control completely, and at the rate it has escalated, could possibly turn violent. Our gun toting good ole boys have dragged this county into the gutter. Maybe it is time to close this blog and end this trashy in fighting, and that will end the internet bull shit session that is now useless to us all. I am glad that my CCW is up to date because I may have to carry consealed for my safety as well as the safety of us that may become victims of the gun toters who are now completely out of control. Nuff said for now. See you all at the meeting. A pissed off citizen, ME
It looks like it took me about 5 minutes to wipe out the vandalism that Mitchell's Copy-and-Paste Brigade spent two hours perpetrating. I wonder if that's a proper use of Mitchell's campaign resources....?

I sure won't lose sleep over that question.... it's not my problem! You boys do what you feel like you have to do!

-Lovelace Admin
This is an exceedingly important election; I'm not sure most voters truly understand just how much November will decide the future of politics in Lake County for the years to come. Currently, politics in Lake County has concentrated power among a small percentage of people. In my opinion, this doesn't work very well in a community.

Financially, the Lake County government is ahead of most other counties; we are one of the only local governments in California that is not in debt. We have to thank for that, among others. However, the collection, administration, and spending of such monies is largely decided by a loose knit circle of friends who have taken it upon themselves to decide precisely who should and shouldn't be allowed to live in the county. This elitist subculture maintains dynastic family ties in the county, coupled with a strong buddy system based on the simple rhetoric of "I'll help you out, you help me out, nobody needs to know" and "Don't mess with us or we'll squish you like a cockroach."

The end result? Wanton wastes of taxpayers money and federal grant money. A heavy-metal ridden lake when there are grants readily available to clean it up. No-bid contracts. Clearlake filling up with former gang members from San Quentin. A secret deal with sex offenders being housed (subsidized) in Lakeport. A woman dies in a boating accident and there is no justice. Flagrant racial profiling. Torture. Framings involving baggies of crank thrown into a "suspect's" car.

This culture is apparent in every County department from the BOS to Child Support Services, but it is most apparent in the Sheriff's Department, where the buddy system can be fatal. Felonious Sheriff's deputies that are allowed to continue "serving" as authorities.

We have noticed that this subculture can only exist in utter darkness; the instant the eye of the community passes over it, it scrambles to disappear like a vampire from sunlight.

Another type of politics is possible, but it requires people to demand it. We demand it with our words, actions, arts, and ballots. It also requires a strong leader; I believe that's Rivero.

Go ahead and ask him a question. Any question. Think of a really tough one. Try it. He will look you in the eye and answer you. He doesn't even blink.

Not bad for a cop.

He's got a strong sense of justice, he's qualified to handle every aspect of his position with with both strength and sensitivity, he's good with money, he's tough on grime and fights bad breath, and if you ask him a question he doesn't bullshit you! What the hell do you want in a Sheriff, anyway?

God Bless America!
Let's end this nonsense and Vote Rivero!
District Attorney and Sheriff's Candidates to Appear at Public Forum

Candidates for District Attorney, Don Anderson and Douglas Rhoades, and for Sheriff, Rod Mitchell and Francisco Rivero, will participate in a public forum at the Soper Reese Theatre on Wednesday September 29 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend the event that is being sponsored by the Lake County Bar Association. Lakeport attorney, Judy Conard, will moderate the forum.

"The actions of the District Attorney and Sheriff can have a major impact on the local legal community," stated Mary Heare Amodio, president of the Lake County Bar Association. "Members felt we should host a forum that would allow local attorneys to ask questions about issue that effect the members and their clients."

The Association chose to have the event at the Soper Reese Theatre in order to accommodate public attendance at the event. "We didn't want the event to be an "attorney-only" event." said Ms. Amodio. "The Soper Reese will allow plenty of seating for both members of the legal community and the public, and will allow the local community radio station, KPFZ, to broadcast the event live from the venue. "
The comment about Olivia Peregrina is true. She grows and smokes weed and puts it out for everyone to see but why isn't anyone calling the feds on her? Maybe because of who she works for.
September 27 at 2:04 can you not spell COSMETOLOGY??? Well there you go you idiot that is how it is spelled. Do you even know how much a COSMETOLOGIST can make in a day? More then you I am sure in a week!
Cosmo's don't make diddly. By the time they pay for the chemicals, renting the stations and all the other fees, they make about 10 bucks an hour. And lots of them cheat on their taxes since it's frequently a cash business. So I wouldn't be running around bragging on being a cosmo.
Man did Rivero get it handed to him tonight. When asked to name only 4 murder vicitms , Frank there with a look of utter desperation. He finally had to admit that he could not think of even one murder victim. I heard somebody in the audience say Lynn Thornton, but obviously Rivero does not think she was murdered or he would have been able to pull that name out of the hat.

Good thing it was a partisan crowd, at least rivero did not embarass himself in front of swing voters.
So 9:57 what salon do you work at if you know so much about it?
one that's better than that supercuts you work at.
When Frank asked Rodney Mitchell what he would "do over" about the Bismarck Dinius case if he could, Rodney answered that he would have done a better job on the public relations aspect of it. "The Facts" sheet he has been passing around illegally because it isn't labeled as political propaganda is not facts, but opinions, and the jury thought the items listed by Frank in the question should have been the ones "done over". Perdock should have been denied access to his boat and the blood evidence as well as the automated reports, and should have been removed from supervisory duties of employees being questioned about the incident by Sacto. law enforcement. He was still their supervisor and could affect their work or future... I don't care if this is a small county and you can have "bleed over" as he called it, you shouldn't. Now we are being sued for much more than the cost of changing his duties for a year or two (or even better, putting him on administrative leave), and I don't blame Bismarck Dinius. I also don't see the issue of Frank being more familiar with Lynn's name as a victim than the others. He wasn't sheriff of the other murders, but is familiar with this one because of circumstances and press. Mitchell needs to go. Frank deserves the next four years. At least he would have called the victim's family.... Sandy Bayles
So Sandy, you were a juror at the trial, correct? How many times did you see Rivero there? Was he there complaining about Perdock and the big conspiracy? Was he hanging out with Lynn Thornton's family, there on the right side of the courtroom, you know, behind the defense table..Of course not, Frank did not give a crap about Lynn Thornton until he decided to use it as a political tool. After the trial, he had plenty to say about it. Ok, Sandy, did Rivero call Thornton's family after the accident? When was the first time he spoke to her family? Why don't you tell us? When did Frank Rivero first have contact with Lynn Thornton's family? I bet neither you or Frank will say when that was, easier to pretend you never heard the question, right.
Dear Sandy,

That fact sheet was in fact part of a two page handout that was labeled in accordance with FPPC guidelines. It has now been labeled seperately as well so that it can be handed out individually if need be. I would hope you and yours would have a stronger complaint to the FPPC so as not to come off as whiners.
Well Sandy, when did Rivero first call Lynn Thornton's family and extend his condolences? Maybe you were not in that loop, so why don't you call Frank and have him tell you so you can tell the rest of us. I would but frank is too busy to return my calls or emails.
1045 Why is it always After the fact with mitchell? He never has time to do it right the first time but he always has time to do it over.How many do overs does Someone need after doing the same job for 15 years? Is mitchell a slow learner or what?
1052 Isn't it the sheriff's job to inform the family when there is a death? mitchell wouldn't even return calls let alone make one. Yea,like We need more of that.
Sandy, Rivero has beeen bringing up the Dinius case, ad nauseum, and he can't remember that Lynn died in the accident, and, his blogbuttbuddies say it was a homicide and Mitchell and his Deputies are going to be tried in Federal court for it. Why would we want a Sheriff with that poor of a memory? And you should have paid attention to his expression when Mitchell quoted Frank from his press conference on the old courthouse steps. Did Rivero actually say "screw you" when he was referencing the direct order. Maybe Dan the man from tv still has the tape that was rolling....
1058 I say screw you and mitchell too. When you have been screwed by mitchell you have the right to say screw you don't you think? At least Frank didn't take mitchell's attempt to screw him lying down like others have.
1100 I would think with all the steroids you wouldn't have to pick on a woman but I guess I under estimated you.
I wonder if Rodney could name four of the ten Federal lawsuits that he is named in?
11:15, Hi Renne, did you just say Thornton's family got screwed over?
1132 I thought rodney didn't read the Blog Or is that your way of checking in so rodney can pat you on the head in the morning?
You don't need a lot of hat hooks when the Sheriff botches a case as much as the Bismarck Dinius case was....I understand that this election is about waaayyyy more than that, but this is the part I feel that I can contribute significantly to, and I'm going to keep saying it until the cows come home - Lynn Thornton and her family did not get justice, Russell Perdock got away with manslaughter, and Lake County deserves a change. Rodney Mitchell only wants to keep his job, and he will say and do anything to make that happen. Frank is a caring person with as much experience as Rodney had when he got the job, but he has a lot more scruples and cares more about people, so there. Go Rivero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1136 When rodney pats you on the head make sure he is standing in front of you this time.
When mitchell told Perdock and Garzoli to turn around and put their hands on top their heads they didn't expect what mitchell was going to do to them.They kept saying to themselves No Way, mitchell wouldn't do that to me. Maybe the other guys but not me, Surprise!
What you people say on here makes little difference. People have already made up their minds about who they are voting for. Rivero people will vote Rivero, Baxter people will vote Rivero, Mitchell people will vote Mitchell. Rivero will win and Mitchell will be out. That is just the way it is.
Do you guys keep in touch with Perdock and Garzoli? Or did you cut him off and send them down the road like rodney did?
And to think I always respected law guys are over the top. Time for a change.
You can't hold it against people when someone who's been maligning them for months suddenly gets a little dose of his own medicine. At least I hope you're not that superficial. For the sake of the human race that is. Cops are people too.
Seems to me the over the top comments are coming from Rivero supporters, who suddenly are faced with the reality of their grossly underqualified candidate.
1143 Was Russ and Dave at the debate to support mitchell? Russ was mitchell's number two man and Dave was next in line at one time. What happened to them? Dave has a suit against mitchell, You should pay attention so you will know what to do when it becomes your turn.
I guess it's pretty clear how the debate went. Rivero supporters are conspicuous in their avoidance of talking about it, while trying to dredge up the past over and over and over.
1221 If you don't learn from the past you are destined to repeat it. Not this time Bucko.
1221 To talk about Russ and Dave is dredging up the past? I thought you were brothers in blue. Is that anyway to treat your brothers? Just cast them away like they are some bad memory? Did you learn that from mitchell or is that just the way you are? And after all those years the brotherhood means nothing.I see how you are and so does everyone else.
They aren't my brothers, I don't know either one personally or professionally. Which brings up and interesting mindset many of you appear to suffer from. Not everyone supporting Sheriff Mitchell is a deputy and not everyone who posts that support here is a deputy
You are and that's who it was directed to. You guys are so easy. Nice try. If you believe that anyone that responds to you is a druggie low life lawbreaker then it's ok to assume you are a low life LE that doesn't respect his brothers when they are down.
1238 If Russ and Dave aren't your brothers in blue, Do you condone the way mitchell treated them? The cover up for Russ was one thing but there was no excuse to crap on Dave and end his career.
Dave crapped on himself period!
From last night’s debate:....Why won't Rivero open his personnel files? Why does he want "transparency" except when it comes to his own issues? He says that he'll only release his financial information if he's elected, and only then because it's a requirement. This guy is not the guy we want at the helm of any organization. My favorite part at the debate was when Mitchell called Rivero out about only wanting transparency when it didn't involve issues regarding Rivero. The crowd started laughing and one nutjob lady in the back screamed "it's not funny!". Then several people yelled back "it's the truth." No doubt the people on this blog will try to spin the debate to make it look like Frank was victorious, but ask anyone that was there and they'll tell you (if they're being truthful) that Mitchell handed Rivero his own backside. True that Frank had a couple good points about Mitchell and the job he's done so far, but honestly Mitchell clearly outperformed Rivero and demonstrated that he is by far more qualified and able to run the office of sheriff than Rivero is. Ask someone who was there. I'm not saying that any staunch Rivero supporters are going to change their votes, but even they would have to admit that Rivero was not on the same level tonight, and he did not demonstrate that he is ready to be the top cop in this county. The one good thing that Rivero has done has been the spark that lit the fire under Mitchell to get him to implement changes that were and are needed to improve the department. Thanks Frank. You may leave now.
The Dinius case, only brought to light, all problems within the S/O under Mitchell. I don't believe Rivero worked at the S/O, when the boating accident occurred. Mitchell statement that "he wished he'd done a better public relation". Mitchell is the investigation, you screwed up. Mitchell is a disgrace to his office and the Citizens of Lake Co.
The Citizens don't trust Law Enforcement, because of Mitchell today. Citizens serving on juries, will remember the Dinius case. Officers creditably will be looked at and questioned more. Some criminals that should be locked away, will walk. Because of Mitchell actions.
6:34!! EXELLENT Last Liner! Mitchell had his Wake Up call. Now it's time to send Ol Francisco back to wherever he came from (Miami) So he can return to his life of crime. Sorry, I mean life being descriminated against by the police.
Are you saying that Mitchell has failed to supervise and implement charges for fifteen years? why the hell, did we pay Mitchell for fifteen years? If Mitchell wins (i pray he loses) do you think Mitchell will continue to improve the department? He won't!!!.
Post 6:45 am, if people serve on a jury and let criminals walk because they remember the Denius case, then they should have not have served on a jury. When you say that the citizens don't trust law enforcement because of Mitchell, that is just like saying that law enforcement should not trust any of the citizens because of what one person did.
Post 6:58 am, that one person was Sheriff Mitchell. He sets the tone for the department. If Mitchell lies, so will his officers. If Mitchell mistreats his officers, they will mistreat the Public. It's called "leadership" something Mitchell never had!!
Mitchell played stupid as usual.
For us that have been abused by the system with no recourse as we do not have their power or the arms that back that power up. Any change is welcomed. I will vote for officer Rivero. For me not to do so only tells those in power I agree with all their dishonesty. That is the way with the arrogance of bureaucrats. I state again I tell the truth and give my name to add credence to my words. I will vote for the one I do not know over the one I do. Please vote for Officer Rivero.
Two points this morning; It is easy to see by the quotes that Jack Baxter can not stay with the truth. That has carried over from the people he had to remove from his support list. The other thing after lasts night debate is Rivero is done and should realize this post and Tom the Weed man has hurt him beyond repair. PS Sandy we have heard the same thing over and over we are tired of it. Thanks for you time
Good letter in LCN this morning it shows Jack as he really is.
Lovelace, it's time don't you think you show mitchell and his gang the door. They can paste all what they want to over on Lizzie's site. Why do we have to read their Mitchell should be put in jail for what he's done to the people of Lake County.
807 "on the coat tail of the Lynn Thorton passing?" "on the coat tail of the Lynn Thorton passing,?" Is that what you call it? Not only Did the SO cover up for Perdock Now you are dismissing her tragic death as PASSING? Way to go Pat.
How about Mitchell being about 15 minutes LATE to the debate last night. This is a reflection of his years of department neglect and is the problem with his platform:
While it is never too late to redeem yourself as a person, it is too late to redeem yourself as a Sheriff. Too many lives have been destroyed by your claims of “I did not know", and “ I am saved by the grace of debate!”

Vision me screaming right now: It is your job to know what is going on. Knowing what is going on is the number one priority of any supervisor and leader. Then and only then can one make good decisions. Although you have made some great improvements, you have failed miserably at disciplining your Dept. Your subordinates are supposed to keep you posted about current affairs. If they are not doing so, it is your job to take the appropriate action. You sound like a child who is saying, “I did not know”!
You don’t want to know! Reminds me of a song, “ Lookin like a fool wit yo pants on the floor.”
I state again I will vote for the one I would not know what he will do over the one I have see what he will do.To keep Mitchell would be insanity he needs to go
The demeaning comments made by the Sheriff's supporters have convinced me that they have respect for no one. They assume that anyone who disagrees with them must be a criminal lowlife. Unfortunately for them, there are a large number of Lake County voters who they know nothing about, because they go about their lives without coming to the attention of cops. In other words, they are good citizens and they can see they effects of corruption on this county and they also vote. Remember when you are in quick sand, the more you struggle the faster you sink and your expressions of your hatred for anyone who disagrees with you is pulling you down.
How about Mitchell being about 15 minutes LATE to the debate last night. This is a reflection of his years of department neglect and is the problem with his platform
Frank can be early to anything, he hasb't worked as a deputy in nearly a year, while Mitchell still works and you can't understand if an issue came up at the last minute that caused his coming after we were awaiting his entrance.
How many murder victims can anyone name off the top of their head without any chance to research or look it up. Tell me who could do that. Names are like a blur in the law enforcement business. The reason Lynn Thornton's name is sensationalized is because of the blatant and flagrant charging of an innocent man and the obvious delay in charging the responsible person for the purpose of running the clock, statute of limitations. The big smoke screen that makes the rest of the blunders of this case seem inconsequential.
9:19 just because we don't come to every debate doesn't mean we won't vote. Some of us actually have lives and work, etc. so that we can't always show up, but we will be at the polls and we do listen to the radio. Your response just makes my case. As I recall, some attendees at previous debates have had some laughs at your candidate's expense also. I deplore the nasty comments made about both candidate's family members. They should be off limits. The behavior and past performance of the employees of the Sheriff's office are however significant. The obvious favoritism in law enforcement in this county is certainly a major concern to the citizens and to any tourists thinking about visiting here to spend their money. I can't understand why business owners in the area would want a continuation of the situation, which has given this place such a black eye.
10:36 Who broke the law that backs Rivero. Name any convictions. None. Remember innocent until proven guilty? His background of 30 years ago was revealed in San Francisco and to Mitchell when he was hired. of course now, Mitchell says all was not revealed. Well, I say, it's a piss poor Sheriff that doesn't do a thorough background check before a hiring. It is so easy in this day of instant communication. Mitchell easily uses the excuse "I didn't know". Just like the Garzoli case. He didn't know he was using funds to learn to fly a helicopter. Of course later, when Garzoli crashed, and everybody knew, Mitchell says that he takes responsibility. He seems to only take responsibility after the fact. These are actions that affect us, the citizens. Remember, we pay the bills, and Mitchell should be accountable to us. And he is going to be accountable in the courtroom, with suits against him, including the one by Dinius, that's going to cost the County a bundle. Get him out while you can. We can't afford another four years of a Sheriff that has destroyed the credibility of his office. Hopefully, a new man, Rivero, will be able to clean up his mess.
Whoops. my answer was to 10:47
A helicopter has just landed on Rob Brown's property, a few minutes ago, it is a Red Helo, unknown if reach or other, any information please get it on the Blog ASAP.
How interesting that Moitchell asked Rivero if he could name all the homiocide victims over the last two years. Later he too said he coul;dn't name them either so what was the point of the question other then an attempt to pshy out his opponent. I think it was a stupid question by Mitchell. When will he get down to business and tell us what changes he has in mind for this sinking department?
A Red Helicopter just landed at Rob Brown's house. We'll keep you updated
This is on his property at Cobb
11:09 Everyone that grows pot and sells for a profit is breaking the law. Are you going to sit and tell me that these grows by this Upper Lake group do not make it to the market place for cash. Don't even go there that lie would way too big to hide. Tom still has a court date with his helper selling the starts. You can not grow large crops and post 215 cards thinking that has it covered it is against the current law. Rivero and this site talked about the need for trasparency but that did apply to Franks dark past just to those you want removed. I would imagine you don't pay to many taxes or as you say bills. Rivero has no ethics or character past and present and now the company he keeps show that. WE do not want to work with, around or for him. Let him work for Tom Carter as once he is gone someone will have to run the operation and Rivero's past shows he has the experence for that job.
It may have been Rob's mother-in-law. She was picked up by Reach, and is being taken, according to a neighbor, to Santa Rosa.
How interesting that Moitchell asked Rivero if he could name all the homiocide victims over the last two years. Later he too said he coul;dn't name them either so what was the point of the question other then an attempt to pshy out his opponent. I think it was a stupid question by Mitchell. When will he get down to business and tell us what changes he has in mind for this sinking department?
lake counties finest thugs
Mitchell, brown, perdick, ostini, wells, pick, frey, ski, garzoli, martin
Gpd help us if we get four more years of Mitchell and his Deputies. I have always, always been on the side of the law and enforcement, although I sometimes met over zealous police...but I have never heard such a rowdy, obnoxious group of testosterone loaded (if not steroids) people in my life. Vile, hateful stuff. Can't have a civil conversation and talk about both sides of any issue. I move we vote them off our island, except those who have Mitchell reportings to disclose that support the original intent of this blog. Let them go play in their own sandbox, please??????
1208 add Pat Mcmahon to Lake County's finest thugs list.
Micthell, Brown, Perdock, Ostini, Wells, Pick, Frey, Ski, Garzoli, Martin, and Pat Mahon. Now call it Mitchells gang of thugs.
1109 better update his resume if he doesn't want to work for Rivero.
I see the Mitchell supporters are working overtime on the Blog today spreading their version of the debate.

I thought Mitchell was well prepared and rehearsed. He had his papers to wabve around and constandly took notes. He was definately slick but I heard only one new idea from him and that was mentioneed months ago by Rivero. That was to put MDT's in SO cars. At the time Rivero talked about it Mitchell said it couldn't be doner and now hje says he will do it. Not his own idea but a good idea.

Mitchell paid political consultants are doing a good job preparing him for his scare and smear campaign since each of his questions was designed to cast doubt or confuse without him having to produce evidence. One example was Mitchell stating Rivero's attorney asked him not to release the findings of the Ruly investigation until after the election. I suspect this will come back to show another spion on his part.

He said Rivero has made statements then stated he had the CD to prove it if anyone wanted it. As usual he never did produce the CD. Innuendo and smoke.

Mitchell came in 15 minutes late with a poor excuse. The fact is this was just a ploy to knock his oponent off balance having to wait for him. Good ploy but anyone could see through it. He asked Rivero vague questions which really could not be answered like naming homicide victims then later admitting he couldn't name them himself. What's up with that besides just another ploy to create doubt.

Mitchell repeatedly described himself as the man who always stood up and accepted responsibility and ownership for his failures. Truth is my montra. Based on his past history of lying and passing the buck to his subordinates this is hard to swallow.

The room was definately stacked with Mitchell's crowd giving him a home town advantage. This group was noise, disruptive and often rude to the point that evem Mitchell had to ask them to tone it down. Elizaeth Larsen of the LCN was the moderator. Unlike the moderator in Middletown who took control she was imneffective allowing the spectators to get out of hand in disrupting the debate. Not surprising since she and her husband are out front Mitchell supporters who use their LCN and Blogs to support their choice and to attack his opponent.

I thought both candidates handled themselves well. No one got angry. Some questions were good while others were stupid, To me Mitchell came off as arrogant and "slick" as one would expect of a professional politician. Rivero did well in spite of the fact that Mitchell's loaded questions were designed to confuse rather then addressing the real issues.

Who won, I guess this depends on who we talk to. I rate this debate as a draw but the arrogant self righteous attituide of one candidate came through loud and clear.
Attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

Rod Mitchell's attutude is clearly mirrored in his supporters. His tendency to attack anyone to does not support him or his views is clear. He has demonstrated his ability to deligate by putting up his followers to do his dirty work for him. He then sits back in denial, "it wasn't me." This we have seen many times over the past few years. His campaign of smear and dirty politics is obvious as is his unwillingness to inability to come up with new ideas on his own.

He says and I believe that when he was first elected he came in to office with good intentions and was a good Sheriff. At some point over the last 16 years he forgot what was important and allowed power and politics to go to his head. He admits he received a wake up call after the primary election and he has said it has motivated him to change his thinking. Unfortunately he has not changed his tactics. He is not the Sheriff we originally elected. I believe he is burned out and has failed in his duty to our community. He has had his chance, now it's time to give someone else a change and hope they can do better.

After 4 years if they can't do better then Mitchell then we'll need to vote them out too and look for a good candidate. If we return Mitchell to office nothing will change and in 4 years we'll be right back where we are today. This is not a good thing.
You may have issues with either candidate or perhaps you just don't like one or the other. Think which one will try to do what he says he will and which one will try to make things better. We no longer need at attituide of arrogance and disrespect for the community. We no longer need a culture of employees seeing themselves as being above the law. We no longer need business as usual protecting wrong doing and jumping for special interests. Sixteen years has been time enough to show and tell and Rod Mitchell has failed us.
Total BS. I'm assuming you feel common sense or someone else's view is total bullshit. You see things your way and I see them mine. We each feel we are right and that's OK. That's what America is all about. Unfortunately some people feel their ideas and opinions are the only thing that counts and everyone else's are total bullshit.

This is the kind of arrogant attitude that many people resent. It's the type of attitude displayed by Rodney Mitchell who sets the example for his people. Is it no wonder his office is having such problems? We need a change and now is the time. You vote your way and I'll vote mine and when Rivero is sworn in to office on January 2nd we can compare notes.

If Mitchell wins I wish him the very best and hope he has learned something from this campaign, I hope he will begin to pay attention to the concerns of the community he is charged with protecting and serving. I doubt he will.

If Rivero should win I wish him the best and hope for the same things. Can you say the same?
"I never seen such a bunch of long faced sheriff's in my life" - Tom Horn, just before he was hanged.
Dr.Warner , one more innocent victim of Sheriff Mitchell and his so called on-going investigation team.... Lets drop the ball and then pick it up again later when we feel like doing our job. Not one thought for this man and his family, patients or this community as a whole!
Mitchell supporters. Why are you afraid of change and new ideas? What does he have on you or what are you tring to hide? What has Sheriff Mitchell really done for you? Look back at just how quickly he has demoted dumped your fellow workers over minor things or because they made waves. What has your DSA done for you? Do they stand up and fight for better working conditions and if they do does Mitchell listen to them. Do they ensure that your rights are protected when Mitchell goes on one of his famous witch hunts? Does Mitchell ever go before the BOS to fight for your wages and benefits? The answer is no. Think and cponsider trying someone new who has seen things from your perspective. You don't have to like him but your future and that of your family may depend on change and new ideas and someone who is willing to go against the status quo and fight for you.
Dr. Warner is a good example of the mismanagement, lack of leadership and accountabiolity in Mitchell's office. The accusations against this man are very serious and news worthy. If true we need to prevent him from having the ability to reoffend. If the charges are not true we need to shopw that right away and dispose of the case the right way. You don't sit on it for months and just say it got lost. Its to big a case to just get lost. Where is the supervision and followup Rodney says he practices?

Law enforcement needs to work just as hard to prove the accused innocent as they do to prove them guilty. This is done through a fiar, competant and objective inmvestigation. Once again this did not happen and their incompetance may have cost a man his career, his reputation and our community a good physician.
Yes lets stick to fact based info. Who would betteer serve the people and why. Remember they work for us . My vote is for Rivero . He has great ideas and i believe will serve our community well. 16 years is way to long for the same person , we need new ideas. I was behind a lady at the lake co fair some deputies tried to take her Rivero button at the gate , said not to wear them in here....... That was the deciding factor. Service not bullies is what we must vote for. GO RIVERO
Hello Lake County this is the Lovelace group, sorry for our absence over the last two days but we had and have lot going on and none of it is good for Mitchell. Oh corruption boys you did not think we were gone did you????LOL Dream on Corruption boys we have just started!!!

There is information we are holding on Markham that is not pretty and we have been working on that but are going to hold it for a while, you know timing is everything.

Now for those cops taking unusual rides to unusual places in the county, you are being watched and documented, we know you don't know it, and can't quite figure it out, but just a friendly be aware for ya.

Mitchell lied in the debate last night, and this is now known, again to be reveled at a later date. To the GOB's now we really start going, you young fella's didn't think we got going yet did ya!! Mitchell and you boys, you are ready to really get it on now right?

Listen there is so much to go over corruption boys we don't know where to start, hey how about a hint. Markham has a serious issue, and it is not pretty, and it is connected to Mitchell, let's just leave it at that for now. Timing is everything.

The campaign for Rivero is going great, the fear in the Mitchell supporters is growing and growing strong, and well it should be. Now we move to getting out the vote and making sure every single person is out there and voting for Frank in Rivero.

Much more to cover,keep the butt whipping of the Mitchell clan, even though it is easy to do and gets quite boring. Let's roll!!!!

Oliver your not spelling your name right and where is the gay color you normaly use?
Oh you mean this???? LOL
Oh no you mean this???
That little Orange thingy. Oh well we wanted to throw you guys a bit of change, so now we will post with Lovelace and the little orange thingy as you call it, and we will post with OWD. also, you know give you guys double the pleasure!!
Very nice
So now by post 259 we see that Mitchell supporters hate gay people. Nice we will put that with the mailer of Mitchell supporters comments. Thanks!!
Hell no Mitchell! Hell NO more Mitchell.

When you elect Rivero he'll remove the bad apples, out goes the liars and the memory failures, out with cover-ups. Elect Rivero for a clean sheriffs dept, Rivero won't lie to cover-up a killing like Rod Mitchell has. Rod uses lies to smear honest people, thats not the kind of person I want as sheriff. Hell No, we don't need anymore lawsuits either-vote that Hell NoMore Mitcell out!

I see your back to deleting anything that makes you look bad. I have decided that all I can do is copy everthing I post and be willing to paste it 10 -20 times so it has time to be read. I realize that this just makes a mess of the postings but if this site is going to remove them I don't have a choice.
Hello this is Bruce, as you see we are on the site, we have 3 on now from different locations as we are getting caught up and way to many things to cover. Good things by the way for Rivero not for Mitchell. But these are truthful and well documented situations that we are holding for the remainder of the month. we also have an interesting document on the way to one of our group, but more on that later.

Just want to pass on a few words to everyone out there. This cause was as all of you know started almost a year ago. We are proud and so grateful to all the support and kindness through the months. We created a model for change and will execute that model without fail, so that the county can continue its quest for change and transparency.

Peaceful transition is our goal, and from what we have heard and in some cases just recently documented this is not to be the case for Mitchell and some of his supporters. We want to urge all Rivero supporters to stay alert, and keep a watchful eye on some of these folks. Their actions we should remember are based on fear, and fear can drive people to do things they should not do.

Last we as a group want to preface the end of this statement by saying, the main purpose of the next 30 days is to get the information out to the public in a clear and truthful manner, to execute the original model we developed as we have so far, and to do it in a organized and precise manner. We urge all citizens to do what ever you can to help the Rivero campaign, volunteer, get on the phones, walk the streets, this win is not in the bag, but with our all out effort and the citizens we can win this election. Remember it is our firm belief that a Mitchell win, is the death of the county. If that were to happen, the state, and in fact the world will confirm their suspicions that Lake County is just a bunch of back wood GOB's and it will destroy our tourism, and any hope of recovery the county has. Stay strong, stay vigilant, and leave no stone unturned in assisting Frank Rivero in what ever way you can

Below is the saying we live our cause and our lives by, we urge everyone to take heart of this powerful and descriptive account of the conditions in our county with Mitchell in place, we will change this and God willing it will come in November.

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. ~William Ewart Gladstone

post 312, you are correct we will delete those posting that serve no mindful purpose or accounting or reality. The comments on hating Gay people are the perfect example. You may cut and paste as you wish, remember something this is not your site, you are not in charge, we are. You come to our house to post you have no choice. Therefore you live by our rules, and since this is our creation, our cause for change and our county, you will play by our rules. Sorry that is reality you may not like it. But we have the citizens here and we will do as they have asked us to do.
Opps sorry, or maybe not, but if you had a post dropped, in between our posts put it back up.
We thought we would put this writing up for the citizens to read, as it tells a story of a similar incident back in the year 2000, which also involved great strife and bad people. We know and believe that the good citizens will know what is being said in this piece, we also suspect the corruption boys will not get it, thus its perfect purpose, please read this and embrace in your own way. This writing was ceated by a difficult time similar to the battle we have in the county now. It is also a calling out to all of the good people in this county, to embrace this change, to hold on tight to the goal, to know we are right, and to never never give up. Copy this hang it on your door, or where ever you can see it. For the good deep people you will have a meaning from it for yourself, for the corrupt ones, they will only chastise it, or make fun as children will do, but for you that are out there fighting and knowing what we are doing is right and just embrace it and we, in time, will live it.


I am coming from some place, remembering something,
Asking questions, replacing the old ways of answering.
The old ways that brought me back again, to the fight.
Feeling some need, wrought from a hidden heart,
Tearing off worn clothes carried from an unconscious start,
Seeing for the first time what was wrong but never known.

Electric raindrops sometimes dance upon my heart,
The sound of truth heard through the pores of my skin,
Subtle vibrations of what is me, but seems a distant kin,
Pushing like waves through layers of old lives,
and old cries, old deaths, lost remembrances of time,
Hard habits built after the light first created me.

And you are this to, this song, this rhythm,
This beat in time, we've lost the words of it,
The depth of it, a rhythm without harmony,
A vastness walled in, and I can feel that cry,
Soul tears, speaking to my heart wounded of Love,
Speak to me, Speak to me, so I can surrender.

Bruce W. Forsythe
Thank you so much for that Bruce, these battles can be difficult and stressful, your and others courage in the face of these people and their actions is to be applauded, I don't post here much but have been watching for quite a while. If in there hearts the people stand up for what is right then it will be. Thank you.
Please send me some of Tom's pot I want to understand to.
I think he means that your post shows the exact reason why you don't understand it. Thanks for the verification of what he said would happen. Post 354
#4 Someone explain to this site and Rivero what transparency really is and how it works both ways. Keeping Rivero's dark past hidden was not it.
Here's to you and a tear in my eye, and look the Mitchell supporters doing exactly what was predicted. Men like these are far less then they would hope they could be. Thank you it gives me hope for November.
3:46 It sounds like you have been playing with something a little stronger than pot,
all the copy-and-pastes just make Mitchell look bad. You don't see any Rivero supporters acting like little children.
Great job Lovelace, we are with you and Rivero, we will fight all the way to November!!
Yes 401 it is much stronger then pot, it is called truth, something you would be well advised to seek out and understand the meaning of, oh and let Mitchell know when you figure it out.
Thank you for that poem, I loved it, and will place it in often seen location in my house!
I don't care who is the sheriff I find this place interesting and from what I see you have the option to remove what you do not like so what else can the other group do? I would not take some of the comments made here if I was not a Rivero supporter with out posting something back.
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