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Here is a great comment from the previous thread. Reposting:

I had lunch with a San Francisco Police Captain who I have known for years. His Dad was a well known and highly respected Homicide Inspector who had the Zodiac serial homicide case among many other well known cases. I had been my friends since most of you were a twinkle in your Daddy's eye. I asked the Captain if he knew Frank Rivero from his days at SFPD and he said in fact he did and they had worked together in Narcotics. He described the assignment as an elite high profile unit that took only the better young Cops.

I mentioned nothing about politics or the fact that Rivero was running for office and he knew nothing about it. I asked him for his opinion of Rivero, good or bad. He told me his experience was definately positive and he felt he had done a good job when they worked in the same unit. He had nothing negative to say about him and felt he was a good Cop.

This is coming from a good Cop and respected Command Officer who has grown up around and served with some of the finest Cops in the world. A hint for those of you from SFPD the team was John F. and Gus C, I know you will recall these two old boys with fondness and respect, nuff said.

Considering all Mitchell's BS in his political ads acusing Rivero of being everything from Hitler's love child to the anti Christ I think that recommendation says a lot. I doubt Mitchell could ever find anyone who enjoyed such respect in the law enforcement community to say such good things about him.
# posted by Anonymous Old Cop..... : October 12, 2010 5:45 PM
This is addressed to 10:05 - And Everyone that gives a shit!
Sorry Ollie but enough is enough. My name is Gina Bezoni (spelling is correct here). I use to not only read but comment on this blog and many others regarding the Dinius Trial and the Election. I use to post under the name of NIGHTHAWK here. After the primary election I took a step back to not only Watch, Listen and Hear what was going on around me and my community. It not only saddened me but digusted me at the same time. I have not been on this blog posting but I have been following what has been said.

I attended the Dinius Trial almost daily. I wouldn't have been able to if it wasn't for Renee Wafford giving me a ride. During this time we became friends. She has her thoughts and ideas and I have mine. We agreed to disagree on alot of issues. That being said, recently, I was told by her and Kip both that Frank placed me in a category along with them of being insignificant. No Biggie! I told Renee that I would approach Frank when I felt the time was right and confront him on this statement.

Whether Renee and Kip have switched camps is their choice. Not that I agree with it, but it is still their choice, for whatever reasons.
Yes, I questioned Frank as sheriff and still do at times, but I also get my questions answered one way or another. This I do for myself and for no other reason. Guess you can say, I'm my own investigater and will make my own decision as to what or who I feel will be my vote.
Now, to answer some of your questions sent to me via email, I have not jumped the Rivero Train. I could careless what Frank does in his personal life, what Renee or Kip do in theirs or Mitchell for that matter. What I care about is Lake County and my families welfare.

Yes, Kip and Renee came to me to discuss who I was voting for. At the end of our conversation, Kip asked me not to vote if I was unsure. Bottom line here is, I am voting for Frank and with my vote and when he takes office I will be watching him in office to assure myself and the people of this community that we who voted for him are satisfied with that vote. What he or any other person who takes office concerns everyone and things will not go unnoticed.

Some have question if I am still friends with Renee. Truth, as of the most recent display of a video done by the known KKK Clint and posted from her onto my wall on Facebook, I will tell you exactly what I told her.
I removed it immediately! I will not be affiliated, take part in, or have anything to do with any part of anything or anyone who is a racist, its not my style. That that was too way out there for me!

If this ruins the friendship between those whom I have been apart of throughout the Dinius Trial or this campaign, so be it!
Never ask me if you don't want the truth!

So there you all have it, straight from my mouth. Nuff Said!
I hope you all do the right thing and make your own decisions on who you will choose for your next Sheriff.
For me it will be FRANK RIVERO!

Gina Bezoni
Everyone is still here supporting Mitchell and it looks better everyday as people realize what Frank really is and what you drug dealers are. Rivero's signs are being taken down by the property owners and that shows they will be voting for Mitchell. Even Tom did not put signs back up at his wife’s hair shop in Lakeport. To much bad press, other shops did not realize till now the connection to drug dealers? Rivero had 3 different arrests not a ticket. 2 of which were felony arrests. It is just impossible for this site to tell the truth and it shows the last few days by you having no posts except the fakes you put up. If not for your own posts this site is all but dead
Reposts from old thread to catch new thread up:

Gina, just so you know....Frank Rivero never took your name off of his website. It was suggested he remove Kip and Renee because previous political candidates had some people say they weren't really supporters (as it hadn't been done in writing), and it was something that could have happened to him, since you get people who "change horses in midstream". I never heard Frank say he thought you were insignificant, and I'm on his team. Just wanted you to know that.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : October 12, 2010 3:38 PM

new poll at www.lakecountymanifest.com! Who is the better Sheriff's candidate, Mitchell or Rivero? Cast your vote now!
# posted by Blogger Lake County Manifest : October 12, 2010 4:23 PM

Now just one vote corruption boys, and by the way we have checked in with all the recent deaths in the past year, and will cross check to be sure the Mitchell/LCN campaign team do not try to use dead people as registered voters.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : October 12, 2010 4:36 PM

I wonder if there has ever been a newspaper online or print that has so blatantly campaigned for a corrupt canidate the way LCN has. I also think LCN has gotten themselves in a bit of tampering trouble, not a legal expert but in the wind is some thought as to the illegal activities of this paper. Hmmmm
Comment repost:

In today's Record Bee, Sheriff Mitchell again is hitting on Rivero and his decision to keep his personal file closed. By LAW, Rivero LEGALLY has every right to keep it closed, But Mitchell and his GOBs just keep harping on this item over and over again. I thought that this item was over with, and here it is again. This is called BRAINWASHING. If it is brought up over and over again, maybe it will stick in someones head and they might begin to believe it. If what Mitchell is trying to do is true, he should publish the item for all to see. He knows that very few individuals will actually take the time to research the accusations so he just keeps on pushing the same old comments and remarks hoping to sway the voters to vote for him, because his file's are open. Big deal, this is nothing but old crap and a boring and childish game that Mitchell and his boys cannot seem to stop playing. There is a smell of desperation, and it is coming from Mitchell and his GOBs. Rivero's decision to run against the deeply rooted Sheriff and his GOBs could not have been a simple decision. Did he really know what he was up against, maybe, but once he decided to run he never looked back. This is a do or die battle to the end, and on Nov 2nd only one of them will continue to be wearing their police uniforms in Lake County. I believe that Rivero will be the winner, but when politics/politicians are involved, and politics is a DIRTY SLEEZY GAME, so no outcome can ever be guaranteed. I believe that mitchell and his GOBs will use every trick possible, legal or otherwise to win the election as they have everything to lose if they are defeated. Many changes are needed in Lake County and Rivero will do his best to make those changes. If Mitchell wins, everything will be as in the past, and the past has not been a good one for the residents of Lake County. We have to end the DICTATORSHIP that presently controls Lake County, and Rivero will be the one to do it. Sincerely, anonymous ME.
Repost from old thread for catch up;

I have a concern, in watching the events of Mitchell in the past year, I believe he is tampering with Federal Cases, potentially tainting jury pools and purposefully leaking information to the local media, condemning people, in fact being at times libelous and slanderous. He has tampered with the Carter situation, using false charges not associated with cases and condemning them illegally and unfairly. He has shown a pattern of being the only individual with access to certain information, leaking that information to his campaign partner LCN/Record, and then moving forward with plans to charge people. I believe there have been many instances of this, and it would also mean no person could get a fair local jury in our local courts. I don't like the connection between LCN/RB and Mitchell and believe some of this activity is illegal and morally wrong. In the Carter case he has tampered with his case which is a federal case and I am going to look into these actions on his part.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : October 12, 2010 12:08 PM

mitchell's bunch has a shady past. Officers breaking the law, protects their own lawbreaking officers, writing false reports, ignoring witnesses and PLANT/SETUP others. Plain and simple if a sheriff deputy doesn't like you he will find a way to get rid of you. History repeats itself. Mitchell's thugs should be called the Mitchell dirty dozen.

The people haven't had a chance in 16 years of Mitchells regime now we can work together to bring back decency, respect and honesty into the sheriffs department and what a choice we have-never felt so good to work for someone like Rivero.
Vote 4Rivero.
In my opinion, Deputy Rivero is intelligent, competent and well suited for the position of sergeant. I feel that racial animus and the “Good old boys system” at the LCSO have prevented Deputy Rivero from promoting to sergeant.

I swear under penalty of perjury that the aforementioned is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Sgt. Kip Ringen
You can find the entire old threads on the side panel of this page, we wanted to post some of the significant posts of the past day since there was so much good truthful information on it. We are caught up now and let's keep going only a couple of weeks to go and we have the opportunity to bring a new sheriff into our county and begin the process of change and transparency. Have you noticed we opened up this Blog over a year ago, and one of the big catch words we used over and over was transparency, now this word is used by all the people running for office in this county. It is the critical and most important aspect of what we are striving for. Most don't even grasp the significance of this work in government, but slowly they all will learn. Happy posting the Lovelace group of concerned citizens.
Be sure to check out the comparisons at the top of this new thread between Rivero and Mitchell pretty significant indeed.
Rivero will never ever match up as a person who would be a better Sheriff than Mitchell............
Jesus Marygrace get your head out of the sand. Mitchell wouldn't make a pimple on a real professional Sheriff's butt. Face it your hubby is stuck in Napa and good riddance to him and the scumbags like him. Your deal with Rodney the good Christian family man is going down the toilet.
all you want to do with RIngen is just smear another human being....your group are full of those types who wait for slime to vomit on this site...Kip tried to be a supporter of Rivero until he saw the type of person he was and going to be to disassemble the Dept, anyone who says IF I DON'T WIN I AM QUITTING...is a quitter and I never would vote for a quitter.............no back bone just a bunch of hot air to rile up the county, Rivero needs to go to a county that does not know all about him and start over cause we sure don't need another law suit from his racial claims of mistreatment.
better to have a pimple on the ass than to be like ZZZZZZ with the pimples on his crater face
Ringen has done a great job of smearing himself without anyone's help. He has made a fool of himself repeatedly on this Blog and with his own big mouth and everyone has his number. Plus Mitchell has made a fool of him too.
755 - now that's really a statement we would expect from a moron. I guess you showed us.
Don't you find it interesting when Robert Jordan released Rivero's private information from the only place you could get it the personal file or from his own records, that not a word was said by Ringen. Everything was ok, the minute something documented in his words was posted there is anger. Where is the moral acumen, were is the stand up for simply what is right. When was it that a man would step up to the plate and admit the wrong doings of Mitchell, from Rhonda Rully to all the bogus accusations. Seems to me there is something wrong with this picture. There is a certain time a man must be man stop the whining and put your stock in the truth and the truth is Mitchell is a corrupt and rotten little man. He is getting his just due, and there is more coming down the road for Mitchell, he is gotten himself in real deep now, from Dinius to libel to tampering with a federal case, not a pretty picture.
753 How about "if I'm scared, because Mitchell threatened me if I run, I'm not worthy of the job.?" What a loser. If I was Rivero, and lost to Mitchell, I would quit. Why would a good honest man with a background to be proud of (check SFPD and his many awards)want to work under Mitchell, who would proceed to "destroy" him, just like he did, and threatened to do to other deputies? Thanks to the voters, Mitchell will be out of office in November, and Rivero will re-organize the department, and make the Sheriff's office respectable again. Law suits? there are plenty already in the works. And the Dinius suit will be the coup de gras for Mitchell and his steroid underlings.
Just a heads up a lot going on, as we have been posting, the Manifest has the great poll going, and new articles are up, along with an article by Carol Stambuck on the Dinius case. A very good read, The paper is exploding and we are very happy with the progress, and are very grateful to everyone for the support. Go cast your vote on the poll and let's rock, exactly 3 weeks as of today till the election. Time to kick it up and make one last run to the election!!!!

The Lovelace Group
I bet you dream the word Denius...................if you did not have that name to copy paste you would sure be lost Loser, pot people who spend nothing to support their Candidate for Sheriff, what a shame you don't put your money where your Mouth is...................
* Mody
* sunshine
* Maedeoipa
* hating clearlake
* IgorFlay
We want to welcome these new people who have signed on to be members of the Manifest, thank you for your support of the paper, and to everyone else, please sign up when you get the opportunity as this is a community paper and it is the citizens paper.

Thanks Everyone
"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"
...Oh Yea You did...........NOT
928 ha ha ha ha it is Dinius so no we don't dream Denius. Oh my God how dumb are these Mitchell supporters.
928 we don't need to put money where our mouth's are...we put our VOTES!! Rivero for Sheriff!
someone told me that there are cops around here who steal kids. i hope to God that isn't true.
I see Ringen and his felinme has been making an AH of himself again on the Blog again. How many times do you have to suck up to Rodney Kipper before you get the message.
Feline, Katwoman, sidekick, stooge......
Ringen and Katwoman (Kip & Kat) are bothj Mitchell's stooges


1 derogatory a person who serves merely to support or assist others, particularly in doing unpleasant work : you fell for that helpless-female act and let her make you a stooge.
• a person who is employed to assume a particular role while keeping their true identity hidden : a police stooge. - Yes & No
2 a performer whose act involves being the butt of a comedian's jokes.

Maybe: Chump
chump a foolish person : how can this chump be a detective?
• an easily deceived person; a sucker. aka Kip & Kat
Did Rivero steal the puppy that Deputy Bryan Martin shot and Mitchell covered up?
Doesn't the LCSO under Mitchell have a rule about employees being involved in incidents off duty that would make the department look bad? I guess not or Mitchell himself would be in hot water.
The LCSO only has rules that apply to certain people, not Mitchell or his gang. It's do as I say and not as I do.
I wonder if Sheriff Mitchell ever took the time to look into Bryan Martin's background before hiring him or did he just do the Judge a favor? You might take a minute to make some calls Rod or send your hired thugs to Pismo Beach and sniff around. You may find a little more then you are willing to admit.
Hey so whatever happened with that big announcement about Sacramento that was supposed to be released on October 2nd? Like so much trash thrown around on this site, that was a lie too?
Good question 1121, I asked the same thing myself. Inquiring minds want to know and Mitchell doesn't want anmyone to know.

So, gang what's up with all the talk about Mitchell when he was a Sac Co. Reserve Deputy?
"I wouldn't lie to get my job and I wouldn't lie to keep it" - Rodney K. Mitchell, prevaricator extraordinaire
That means liar Pinocchio Rod.....
A racist: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist, Rodney Mitchell, Rod's gang, Clint Fitzgerald, aka kkklint....
Did Rivero steal the puppy that Deputy Bryan Martin shot and Mitchell covered up?
# posted by Anonymous : October 12, 2010 11:10 PM

Um, I believe that's Lt. Brian Martin now
Is it true? Did Mia leave this world? Does anyone know for certain if this is true?

If so, does anyone know about a local service?
As I am at odds with my local government.I have used what ever I could to get their attention. I have found my view with what my rights are, the reason for their oath and more important the reason for government would be off the scale. First I payed all fees did not lie or cheat This local government.To make this long story short. I found that one of the county's employee did not do his duty and I reported the same.Here is what I found. Other employees that would lie for the first person Then all that took a oath for what ever reason would do the same as the ones before.So this is what I have found I have no rights other than what they say.They can lie and cover the lie up for their is no one to tell them they can"t. Then all the excuses why thy are allowed to do so.Then again I ask you can those in your government lie? then cover them up for what ever reason That is where we are and why the Dinius fiasco They have lied for so long and no one has told then they can't. sorry about being long winded.Have a good day. Please vote for officer Rivero
MGM and Friends, When you had your prayer circle at the debate in Hidden Valley, what did you pray for? Did you ask for forgiveness for all the lies that were about to be told? Did Rod ask for forgiveness for all of his affairs? Did Pat promise to never pull a gun on one of his fellow officers again? Did you pray for the officers who have addictions to drugs and alcohol? Did you pray that Rob would be successful with his crop this year? Did you pray Russ would repent? Did you pray for Dave to be kicked out of the Gemini Club? Did you pray for the innocents that Rod has abused and put in jail? Would you pray for Mia?
Did you remember to give thanks to God and to ask that only his will would be done?
Did you remember to keep your prayer in the closet, for I hate loud prayer and public salutations.
7:09- Where did you get this information?
709 if you have significant information on some situation with MIA please post details or send message to sheriffmitchellwatch@gmail.com
Here is Ron Green's opinion in Lake Co. news on the Dinius situation, wow what a hammering on Mitchell great job Ron, we will post in two parts.

Sheriff Rod Mitchell at the debates and in a handout has been blaming District Attorney Jon Hopkins and accepting absolutely no responsibility for the Perdock/Dinius fatal boating collision fiasco.

However, the recently filed federal lawsuit by Dinius barely mentions Hopkins, but places the blame squarely on Mitchell's shoulders.

Mitchell has already served longer than any other sheriff in Lake County’s history, and he is trying to rewrite history in an attempt to get reelected for a fifth term.

The Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara Law School is co-counsel in the federal lawsuit along with Laurence Masson of Berkeley. The Innocence Project usually does not get involved until after an obviously wrongful conviction, but the Dinius prosecution and protection of Perdock by Sheriff Mitchell was so blatant that the Innocence Project became directly involved in Dinius' successful criminal defense, and is intimately familiar with the thousands and thousands of pages of discovery, reports and testimony from the trial.

I have carefully studied the 14-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court, and according to the complaint:

(1) Sheriff Mitchell conducted a corrupt investigation of the sailboat collision, and conspired with deputies to deliberately conceal exculpatory evidence and to fabricate inculpatory evidence.

(2) Capt. Perdock’s powerboat was speeding in the range of 40 to 60 miles per hour when it collided violently with the sailboat being steered at the time by Dinius, thereby killing Lynn Thornton.

(3) As the sailboat headed out that fatal evening, it passed Bayshore Marina owner Doug Jones, who was onshore about 200 to 300 yards from the sailboat, and Jones observed its navigation lights on. On the morning following the deadly collision involving Capt. Perdock and Bismarck Dinius, Jones told Deputy Lloyd Wells, who worked in the Sheriff’s Marine Patrol unit and who had responded on scene to the boat collision, that he had observed the Dinius sailboat with its running lights on. Deputy Wells prepared no investigative report of this information from Jones.

(4) For more than an hour and a half, Sheriff Mitchell was on the scene where the boats were towed ashore.
Here is part two and then we will post some of Radio show Herbs comments on the piece, Herb calls it like it is and then destroys OU812 who was trying to defend Mitchell.
Great stuff.

(5) Sgt. James Beland sought to administer an alcohol breathalyzer test to Captain Perdock, who was at the scene onshore, but was ordered not to, and thus a breathalyzer test was never administered to Perdock.

(6) Mitchell and others intimidated and coerced Sgt. Beland, until his trial testimony, to conceal that he had been ordered not to administer the test to Perdock.

(7) Konocti Harbor security guards saw Perdock at the Konocti bars in the evening shortly before the crash. Two deputies walked through Konocti following the collision and inquired whether Perdock was there earlier in the evening, and the Konocti security guards told the officers that Perdock was in the bars that evening, but no investigative report was ever prepared by the deputies.

(8) Two days after the collision, Mitchell asked a Sacramento County deputy sheriff to conduct a supposedly independent and thorough investigation. But, the Sacramento deputy never seriously considered Perdock as a wrongdoer, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office gave the Sacramento deputy no interview reports of third parties who saw the sailboat navigation lights on the evening of the collision. The Sacramento deputy only interviewed Perdock and two onshore witnesses who saw or heard the Perdock powerboat immediately before the crash.

(9) Under Mitchell’s leadership, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has a custom, practice and unwritten code of conduct protecting favored employees such as Capt. Perdock, and punishing employees, such as Sergeant Beland, who resisted favoritism when it crossed the line.

And that’s just from the complaint filed in U.S. District Court. In addition, there was testimony at trial that following the collision, the boats were left unguarded, and Perdock and others had access to them. Also, the chain of custody of the blood samples was extremely problematic, and the samples were accessible to Perdock and other deputies.

In addition, there was testimony at trial that after the collision Capt. Perdock remained in a supervisory

capacity to the deputies investigating the collision. Most of the Dinius jury thought the sheriff’s office was acting like the Keystone Kops.

Sheriff Mitchell can tell us the earth is flat, and he can tell us the Dinius fiasco was all Hopkins' fault, but neither is true, and the voters will not be fooled on Nov. 2.
1st comment from Herb hammering a poster named Bearer. Notice who he nails at the end of the comment, the libelous liar of Lake Co. News.

"It is a sad state in the legal system
when a duly sworn lawyer misleads the public by stating the sheriff decides which cases to prosecute"
Does green's letter state that the sheriff decides which cases to prosecute?
It does not.
More slight of hand from the libelous liar of LakeCoNews.
Now good old ou812 the infamous poster who always gets his but kicked when he tries to be more intelligent then his knowledge base. LOL Herb smacks him hard.

That is hysterical...here are the exact words that OU812 wrote yesterday about a COMPLAINT against Rivero...
written by herb, October 12, 2010
"Whatever definition you're using certainly isn't related to the law if you're able to dismiss court records as something other than evidence.
The charge he (Rivrero) was arrested for, my friend, was possession with the intent to distribute. That's drug dealing by any reasonable inference of the facts. The cops who arrested him seemed to agree. ...Unless of course you think those cops were lying. That IS evidence of drug dealing..."
So an untried, unpresecuted complaint against Rivero is "evidence." But when an allegation is made against the Sheriff her says: "As an attorney, Mr. Green knows that a complaint or a lawsuit is NOT evidence yet he presents it as such..."
Can you imagine the cajones it takes to espouse one point of view one day and the opposite one the next day, in black and white on the same site, the only difference being whether the COMPLAINT is against his favored candidate or the opponent of his favored candidate.
Some free law school for OU812
written by herb, October 13, 2010
1. A criminal indictment is a “complaint filed by an attorney.” Nothing more. That attorney is the DA who can file a complaint against anyone he wants.
2. Once the complaint is filed, the accused has a preliminary hearing. The judge at the prelim must decide whether there is sufficient evidence to try the defendant for the crime. At the preliminary hearing, the state must establish "probable cause" of two things: that a crime was committed and that the defendant l committed it. "Probable cause" is a low standard of proof, in fact so low that less than 5% of cases are dropped at the preliminary hearing stage.
3.If the DA can prove probable cause at the prelim, the case goes to a jury trial where the standard of proof is much higher: “beyond a reasonable doubt. Defendants are presumed to be innocent until a jury of 12 people finds beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.
In the 30 year old Rivero accusation that OU8123 keeps ranting about, the case never even got to a preliminary hearing. Never met the low standard of proof of probable cause. Got dismissed almost immediately.
Still for OU812, this is ”ample evidence” of guilt. Why? Because
OU812 wants to make Rivero look bad for political reasons.
Now when we look at the case accusing Rod Mitchell of wrongdoing, OU812 says: “Two different animals, my dear friend. One is a court record of a proceeding, the other is a legal document filed by an attorney.”
Herbs final destruction of OU812 he called this post some free law school advice to OU812..Beautiful

The difference is that one is a criminal complaint and the other is civil. Other than that, they are the same. The filing of a complaint by an attorney is not “evidence” in either case.
There will be a court record of the accusation against Mitchell just as there is a court record of Rivero's case when he was a teenager. If the case is settled, there will be no proof of anything either way but by OU812’s standard, there will be “ample evidence” of guilt.
Mitchell hired Rivero with full knowledge of the 30 year old proceedings.
We have lost several posts this morning, on this new thread, appears spam protection is working overtime, if you lost a post please let us know we are working on it currently and think we have it figured out. Sorry if anyone lost a comment you may re-post if so.
The poor corruption supporters just can't get over the Blog, the last few days of postings have been great. I for one came onto the is site over a year ago, I said to myself this ain't going to last a week. To my surprise this group of people has kept their word and has done exactly what they said they were going to do. I continued to think for a couple of months that this like almost every other cause in this county was going to dry up. Either because the Mitchell punks would drive them down and attack them or they would just fade away as time went on. To my surprise this did not happen, and I applaud you folks for you efforts. Keep it up, it is appreciated by many of us.
I'm sick of Mitchell digging up Rivero's past. I don't care if Mitchell was a Eagle Scout when he was 17 years old. It was a LONG time ago. I want to see Mithell's vision for the future of the Sheriff's department. Enough of this crap about comparing his career to Rivero's. All I see is this constant one-upmanship garbage. Show me Mitchell's plan to improve our county's sheriff's dept. Let's move forward folks.
He can't show you a plan because he doesn't plan on improving anything within his dept. Everything is fine and you folk don't know what your talking about. Besides he is way to busy trying out of desperation to dig up garbage and its just that garbage on Rivero. He can relax come the 2nd cuz we will not only need him no longer but we dont want him any longer! Oh wait, he can't relax, he will be busy with his shedder.
Not only will he be busy with the shredder, but he will be sitting on the defendants bench while attorney Masson grinds him in to pieces just like a shredder. You know what the great thing is Mitchell's ego is so big, that he will think he can stay with Masson, he will think he can dance dance dance, and oh my is he getting a rude awakening. Hoppy probably knows better and will be more meek. But Mitchell oh no he is going to use the word specificity just one time and Masson will crush him with it!!!! LOL
For those who couldn't make the sheriff debates, TV8 is supposed to show the HVL debate held Oct. 6 from 9-11 p.m. tonite.
The Lake Co. Bar. Assoc. debate held on Sept. 29 will be on from 7:30 to 9 a.m. on Thursday, & the Board of Supervisors debate held Sept. 27 will be on from 5 to 7 pm. These are always subject to change.....
The DA debate at Board of Supervisors held on Sept. 30 will be on from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday. This has been a public service announcement.
S- thanks for the public service announcement - R
Oh man watch that debate, see Rivero pound Mitchell into the ground it is a classic, get your popcorn and watch this epic!!
Hey Mitchell what ya going to do when the come for you!! I can't wait for November!!!!
This is about the "John Gray/Eric Joaquin" case.I wonder if the officers who processed this crime scene would feel the same if it was one of their loved ones involved. I wonder what they did "exactly" while they were there all day, there was no signs of any finger printing done, the bedding was left there and they sure didn't look very good for evidence. One of the first blogs i read when this first hit the news made reference to a "law enforcement type" as saying ""There's two less scum-bags we have to worry about" I can't tell you how much that statement "really" says just how much of an investigation is going to occur, "NONE". Hopkins probably hasn't even read the whole discovery, I'm sure he could care less about it. He looks at this as another notch under his belt. I have lived in this county for 12yrs now and what i heard when first moving up here has come true.
Look for a great ad in the RB tomorrow!!!!
Here is another lie and smoke screen from the Mitchell/LCN campaign team, they did not qualify on Sept. 1st Liz knows it, go to the courthouse you will see it is the 10th of Sept. Oh Liz is helping Mitchell out because the hate piece that went into the RB was without documentation and they did not fill out and sign the proper papers till the 10th eh Jordan. Oh Liz how low will you go?

In support of the two sheriff candidates, two committees have formed: Family & Friends of Lake County Law Enforcement in Support of Sheriff Rod Mitchell-2010, which qualified as a committee on Sept. 1, and Families and Friends for Democracy & Justice in Lake County, which has not yet qualified, according to statements of organization.
Regarding Mia, I saw a post on Topix regarding her passing and I responded with the same questions posted above. When I went back to check for a reply the whole thread was gone.
Wasn't Mia accusing people in the LCSO of distributing child pornography?

Wasn't there a post the other day about kids going missing?

Does anybody have Mia's notes?
Post 6:31 - She sent some of what she had to many so that not just one individual had it and I'm trying very hard to locate all of it. She was working on telling her whole story about LCSO and even writing it in a book format. Hopefully, all of it was obtained and is in safe keeping! As soon as I hear anything I will post it.
The thread was not removed it is available by clicking on the link on the side of the page which will take you back to the last thread, this is a new thread we started a couple of days ago. So if you click on the last link you can get dates on the left hand side you can get to that thread. This happens when we start up a new thread. Sometimes people get confused when we change the thread, sorry for any difficulties, hope that helps. The Mia information is still there and available. We to are waiting for an answer to the question concerning her, and have not heard if it is valid or not.
We had heard that much of Mia's stuff had been placed on CD's, that is hopefully going to be made available if something has happened.
check the obits - she passed on 9/5, why wasn't it posted on the Manifest?
Oh that is so sad my gosh, the Manifest does not watch the obits of the paper, and we would not post anything of that nature unless we knew it to be true. Our heart and prayers go out to this wonderful loving person. Who was attacked without mercy by Mitchell and his gang of thugs. This is a sad day for Lake County we hope information will become available as to services or other such events. Everyone please keep the blog informed of other information as it is available. If someone can reconfirm it is in the obits that would help as well.
Distribution of child porn by deputies? Children then missing???? No offense to anyone here, but if this is true, this needs to be brought up with the Feds, especially if le is involved!!! Has anyone done this, or is this just rumor?????

If this is just rumor, then be very careful about things like this. This is beyond a campaign issue. Far, far beyond...
It's a total fabrication and has been reported so many times that the woman lost all credibility.
Good example of Rivero taking the high road...
I see MGM is at it again touting her so called prayer group. Are they selling annointed prayer cloths blessed by Rev. Rod Mitchell to help his holy war against the people of lake County. Look up the word hypocrite and fool Marygrace.
Yah, good idea, make fun of those who choose to practice prayer.
So sad about Mia. I know her other name and I found her obituary in the RB. I don't know if her claims have any truth to them but she was a character. She loved it when I told her I found her intriguing.

Rest in peace Mia.
we would not post anything of that nature unless we knew it to be true.


That is such a crock of crap, You put anything on the blogs no matter if they have any bit of truth to them or not.

Everyone knew MIA was not all there, and I bet you will blame her demise on the Sheriff You like to put everything else on his door step.

Rivero will never win, He does not have the valid votes, the last vote was a fluke he won...............It will not happend again.
Excuse me post 10:22- Alice (aka MIA) may not have been all there in her last days. My God, the woman had been fighting cancer for many of years. She surpassed the time the doctors gave her.
Her goal in her remaining days was to expose LCSO. This woman fought hard and long to do so. May she rest in Peace! I too at one point thought the same as you until I took the time to look into her allegations. Unbelivable what information this woman had obtain and the facts to back it up. So before you start shooting off with your fricken mouth you too should find out the facts of the reality of what in the hell is really going on here within your community. My heart felt, sincere sympathy goes out to her friends and family and most of all her daughter! Stop condeming people before you actually take the time to listen to what they have to say. Your a fucken idiot and please come face to face with me so that I may tell you too your face.
Gina Bezoni ( you got it GINA BEZONI)
FYI: Alice's husband was a LCSO and through the GOB Network had her pegged as a 5150. Hmmm could this possibly explain why the woman was treated in the manner she was treated for all these years? Wake up people. James Henderson is dealing with the same crap. He knows the truth and has been fighting for years. You all are just now seeing what has become of our so called LCSO.
Sorry Ollie, but like I said earlier, enough is enough and I have had enough. Keep your eyes open now, lets see what happens from here!
I will now say Goodnight! I look forward to a new tomorrow and will be spending it with my grandson. One who has not yet been tarnished by all this bullshit. Memaw, will do the fighting for him in hopes for a brighter future for him! GB
I only knew Mia in passing and nothing of child porn in the sheriff department. I found her most credible knowing all that take up the gauntlet will be full of passion and called every name in the book from the bureaucrats that would be exposed. This local system with its arrogance avoid the truth if need be. There is no over sight. So you that think I'm just a bag of wind that might be true but I do not lie, Theses local bureaucrats lie and cover the lies up. You say not? Then why all the hoopla over the Dinius case? Why have all in the system kept their mouth shut? No one looking for justice other than the people,not one bureaucrat.
1248 Mia had documents..Mia's ex-husband was a LCSO, she did say there was porn within the LCSO. When she and her husband divorced she was given the everything in the home. When she was away briefly she arrived home as the her ex and his SO buddies were cleaning the house out. When she called no one responded from the SO.
She had documents of her husbands wrongdoing she said, along with others and had been seeing a legal adviser. Much of her information is online with exception to some information she didn't want to hold on to.
I saw a large ad in the record-bee, the Deputy DA Association is endorsing Doug Rhodes for DA. I would think that is a BIG endorsement.
Only to those that think the system is honest and works for the people. post 8:14 other than that it tells me who not to vote for.
James, are you wanting us to believe that everyone in the DA's office is dishonest?
I have seen much of Mia's documents. I only knew her for a short time, but I knew her long enough to know she spoke the truth. She was a little scattered, you would be too if you would have experienced what she went through. I saw the handwritten letter from her husband Paul (LCSO), apologizing for his alcohol abuse and the porn. She told me her husband started by driving to San Francisco to retrieve the child porn and distribute it to the other deputies involved. Did you ever wonder why Wiley only got home detention for the child porn on his thumbdrive? If any normal citizen would have been caught they would have been locked up in the slammer for years.
I had known about the "Gemini Club" for years, but it was Mia who told me the name. She told me who started it and who many of the members were. She told me about the founding Doctors house that was built by a CHP officer. The officer supervised the house building while on duty.
She told me about when they shot her up with drugs and dropped her off on Mt. St. Helena without any clothing. She told me about when the LCSO had her committed to a mental hospital for 15 days of observation. (a doctor finally released her when he realized what was up) She told me not to tell anyone what they did to her daughter.
With the help of her own lawyer, (a Gemini Club member) they took her dog. They took all her belongings. They took her money. They took her house.
I have some documents that I will pass on to Lovelace. If you have some please do the same. Use their G mail, it is secure.
Mia has passed, but her memory and her work will live on.
BIG endorsement? BIG whoop de doo
8:52- Do you have the document that was also written to her by the wife of a LCSO? They were her neighbors at one point in time and its written and signed by the wife!
I love the part about Mitchell's experience. If he has that much great experience, than why couldn't he handle Perdock or Garzoli? Why didn't Mitchell order the Dinius case locked down? Why did Mitchell arrive on scene at the Dinius accident and never contact anyone in on the sailboat. Mitchell couldn't even review a simple grant request.

Can't wait to see the fat man fall.

I know MIA had to relocated several times because of the constant harassment thrown at her by the LCSO Dept. I also know that her husband still has ties within the dept. It has something to do with narcotics, and child porn. I also know that the GOB network doesn't stop in Lake County and that the ties to other counties are unbelievable. Check with the records of her last location in Fairfield. I know of a more recent incident involving LE there.
DSA endorsement would have meant something to me in a place like Marin County or Contra Costa County, but here it tells me whom to avoid. And please tell me, isn't GOB Dutra his son-in-law? And no influence was applied to the vote? Riiiiiggggghhhhttttt.......
Doug Rhoades shouldn't talk within earshot of other people. Doug said he has all of the Jon Hopkins money people behind him. Doug also said he was trying to get Hopkins to endorse Don Anderson.

More back room deals by the same Good Ole Boys. In this election a DSA vote might be the death of a candidate.

If you want the same old crap vote for Rhoades. If you want change vote for Don Anderson.
9:01, Yes I believe I do have that document. I will look today and pass it on.
Good morning Lake County, so much in the news the last few days, and it appears the Mitchell/LCN/KKK campaign team is on the run, and the election is drawing near. First of all below is a great opinion piece by Mitchell Gonzalez recently retired from the sheriffs department and she nails Mitchell hard. Great job and thank you Mitchelle for this great opinion piece. More to come from the Lovelace Group.

Gonzalez: Injustice in justice
Written by Michelle Gonzalez

As a recent retiree from the sheriff's department, it saddens me to read and hear the innuendos, half-truths and, in some cases, lies that are circulating about the sheriff's opponent. Character assassination in the name of politics seems to be a national pastime, but in my mind that doesn't excuse it.

Deputy Francisco Rivero is on unpaid leave for the duration of the campaign, while Sheriff Rod Mitchell receives full salary and the use of supportive employees and their families.

The voters of this beautiful county showed their clear preferences in the June primary election with all of the candidates' qualifications available to them.

I hope that the voters will again vote their consciences in the upcoming November election.

Michelle Gonzalez lives in Kelseyville, Calif.
Post 8:43. Hear is how I look at it, If I know how much dishonesty there is with in that court house. How could they not know? They know. They took a oath and keep their mouth shut. If I know about the dishonesty .they know.Most would like to cut them slack as the police officers. I say again if they know of any maleficence It their duty to report it. The took a oath.We are where we are because lying is endemic and over looked in that court house. This system looks out for themselves at the cost to the citizen. I find it hard to believe their that naive and would not know.
We are receiving a lot of information on Mia and the history of what the sheriffs office did to her over the years, some of which has been posted on the Blog recently. Another bit of information is that when Mia's husband decided he was going to leave, he was found clearing out the house of everything stripping it clean, and she called LCSO for assistance, they refused to respond and she received no help, of course he was LCSO so that fits perfect with the Mitchell thugs MO.

Keep sending us the information and thanks everyone for the support and please take note of the nasty comments upon a person's passing by the Mitchell supporters, a disgusting group of individuals to say the least. Way to hammer them Gina, and of course the profanity is well placed and in this situation allowed.
Below is the link to the facebook page of Clark Mitchell the son of sheriff Mitchell. It is a great page and shows him to be a progressive sharp creative young man. The kind of young man we would like more of in our county. Of course as the story goes Mitchell kicked this young man out of the house because he smoked a bit of pot and told him basically f-off at that point it was understood the young man went to Ukiah. Here is the typicall GOB Mitchell at his finest. It was said that he was told something to the effect that you better not hurt my career with how you are and booted him. There you have it, Mitchell even throws his kid away for his own paranoia and egotistical concerns. Seems to be a great young man. Take a look.

Can someone confirm that there is an ad for Frank Rivero in the Record Bee this morning, I had heard there might be one coming and a great one, but do not have access to the printed version of the paper? Thanks
9:12 so dont be so evassive tell us what u really think!
Remember is was Doug Rhoades who was ask if he would prosecute
Russ Perdock for perjury. Doug, replied, no he wouldn't. ANDERESON said he would have.

That says something-it says the GOB want Rhoades, so Perdock doesn't get caught with perjury...

All Anderson. All Rivero.
Hinchcliff's backing is about the same as if he was Jon Hopkins himself-it's poison to the DA candidate.
What I do know after ten years with this bunch in this local government The system is not for us its for them. Most have seen with the Dinius case just how far they will go. I will say again I was not shocked that the system would act as they have,I had seen just what they would do.I had met all the players had their lies. The board of supervisors are as bad as Mitchell They do not stand on the citizens side but the other dishonest in our government. and I swear to what I said is the truth. I would add ethics honor for their duty is lost. arrogance of power I would guess.
The following is part of an article written March 29, 2006 to Sheriff Mitchell, by someone whom I don't know personnally, although some of Lake County Citizens know him.
There will be comments like this one till the elections Nov. 2nd.
Did you or did you not hear at the retirement party for your second in command, Lieutenant Jeffrey Markham, where as another officer supposedly asked: "Jeffrey, what are you going to do with your spare time?" Jeffrey Markham's answer apparently was: "I will be sitting in the front row of the bleachers watching the shit go by in this department". What confidence he has in his former boss!.
The Historian
10:50 I thought, due to the dinius case and others, the goal was to remove Hopkkins. Rhoades answered the question honestly, maybe he has good reasons why he would not prosecute Perdock for perjury. I liked the way he handled other questions including why he would not open a DA office in Clearlake.
157 "maybe he has good reasons why he would not prosecute Perdock for perjury". Maybe doesn't cut it. That's a weak answer to an important question. Don't you think that you should have expected to hear what his reasons were, before going along with a non-answer? Also, why would you not want a DA office in Clearlake?
We have just gotten some input indicating that Rivero signs are being stolen at an alarming rate, one individual that within one day they saw 6 to 7 signs that were there yesterday and gone today!! Mitchell and your chumps are running so scared they are increasing their sign stealing rate. These scum's will stop at nothing. Disgusting people, I cannot wait till November and Mitchell can be given his marching papers. He fights now for the keys to his own jail cell!!
Ya and "maybe" Perdock had a good reason why he decided to travel at 50 miles an hour on a dark night. Vote Anderson, and let's make it a clean sweep!!
signs do not a cqmpaign winner make you guys told me that over and over again, also the bigger the sign is not always the best, heck if there were any around my area I would be surprised THIS IS MITCHELL COUNTRY...WOO WHOOOOO
The signs are being taken down by the property owners that realize what Rivero is and have changed their minds. My neighbor put his in his tool shed last week.
sign drama
apparently is this your first rodeo?
signs don't vote -- just ask ron paul
Now just one vote corruption boys, and by the way we have checked in with all the recent deaths in the past year, and will cross check to be sure the Mitchell/LCN campaign team do not try to use dead people as registered voters.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : October 12, 2010 4:36 PM

yo which way is it you check or you don't check, you are making us dizzy first you say you never check the OBITS so don't know if MIA is 10-7 she was a constant blogger on TOPIX hey I heard as a fact she even pulled over once to interupt an officer who had a car stopped just so she could pass out more of those old yellow papers trying to convince someone that her X was a bad guy......I don't hate but I know many who will not be sad not to read her rantings, and any info she sent to this blog is now hearsay...
231 Where the hell is Mitchell country? and
254 your statement doesn't mean a thing, because you don't reveal who the property owners are. I can say some of my neighbors replaced Mitchell signs with Rivero signs. Nice try. Vote for the best man...Rivero!
oops I meant 240 not 231
The post from the historian post is back up it went to spam on the filter it is now posted at post 1:48.
Keep posting Mitchell scum upon the passing of a human being, you look real sharp doing that. My my such little men, such little plans such poor execution..LOL
The reason the issue of the signs is being brought up is not that signs have a thing to do with winning an election, but that it shows the thief's that are Mitchell supporters, and in fact it is funny as you boys still think they do have something to do with it because you are stealing them. Now listen kids, the citizens have been right every time from the victory predicted in the primary to the removal of Hoppy, and now what will be the removal of Mitchell, do you really want to keep playing ball with us because you haven't got any game???
way to go 344, victory will indeed be sweet!!!!
Ha ha 240 must be posting from the SO office. LOL he is so happy he does not see any Rivero signs!!!
Mitchell country my ass. He's not even from lake county so rave one dipshits.

Keep a close eye out for people stealing signs or check dumpsters to see where they have been thrown. If you see someone get their license number and report it here. There is no questions that the Rivero signs or being taken by the fine upstanding citizens and god fearing people of the Mitchell mob. Has anyone ever heard Mitchell come out and ask people to play fair and not stoop so low as to steal signs? No, and you never will.

Its funny the Deputies never seem to catch anyone doing this but they are supposedly all over the county on patrol. They never find a stolen sign on a car stop. Perhaps they should look in their trunk.

Maybe Rod is saving the Rivero signs to throw darts at when he has all this free time after being booted out of office. What punks these Mitchell people have proven themselves to be but never does Rod stand up to their type of antics. Why? Because he is one of them.
Mitchell's campaign thugs just show why we need to get rid of Mitchell himself. These are the people who are supposed to be sworn to protect their community, NOT. If half the things being said about Rod's office were true he should be in jail.
Vote for Rivero and Anderson and let's run these crooked punks out of the county once and for all.
157 and Doug wants pot legalized for 21 year olds so they can smoke it freely around the sheriffs office.
No on Rhoades. I want equal treatment with or without a badge for same crime.
Man these Mitchell boys take a pounding when they try to come on here with their crap, way to go citizens and thank goodness for this blog, it has awakened some very angry citizens and brought us together for a common cause.
Doug Rhodes smokes pot, and he is known to be a bogart, when he gets the J he doesn't pass it on, I have no problem with that mind you, better then the drunk Mitchell supporters with their coors 36 packs, but let's go ahead and get it all out in the open.
funny isn't it this Blog is the perfect trap for the Mitchell/KKK/LCN supporters they come on here and then get snapped by the trap, yet because this is the only site with constant citizens input, they have to be here. Golly what will you do?
yes the perfect trap... just not the one you think.
Doug gets his pot from his daughter and son-in-law Lake Co. Sheriff's DFeputy and Mitchell GOB Joe Dutra. One big happy family blowing the stolen weed amnd laughing at us. I hope Rod wins or they may have to start buying their own and stop stealing it from the (other) dopers.
Soon the FBI trap may snap on Rod and his gang and they'll learn the jigg is up for crooked Cops.
My District Attorney vote goes to DON ANDERSON without any hesitation. I'm still undecided between the two Sheriff candidates. I'm just wondering, what will happen to this blog if your guy doesn't win? Honest question, looking for honest answer.
The District Attorney's office needs serious change. The Deputy DA endorsement shows me they don't want change. Status quo is great for those individuals, but what about the rest of Lake County? It's time for a change! Please cast your vote for DON ANDERSON on Nov 2 (or NOW if you vote absentee). A vote for ANDERSON is a vote for change. A vote for Rhoades is a vote for more of the same nonsense. Besides, do we really want that close family connection between the DA's office and the Sheriff's office? I see serious conflicts of interest! VOTE DON ANDERSON FOR LAKE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY!
Don Anderson lost My support when I saw him pitching his book at the fair and then the photo with Frank, blew chunks,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hey did anyone else hear them ron Frank Taylor this morning on the scanner? not sure if it was a traffic stop or a car crash, hope it was not something he can use to fill his newspaper with I fill it with same stuff after I read it............Garbage
Why does it bother you that Don Anderson had his book at the fair? Seems like a silly reason to pull your support.
I see the kids are out to play this evening so I will say goodnight and see you all in the morning! Thanks for all the great input and I truly look forward to meeting with you all!
If you are undecided at this point in time 629, you lack enough credibility to warrant an answer, figure out the sheriffs race (which should not even remotely being in question) come back with your decision and we will worry about other questions, what this Blog will do after the election should not have a bearing on who you vote for for sheriff.
Thank you 724, have a good night.
7:37 - happened to me here too. I will say though, that even though some, I said some, on here are grumpy old men,(figuratively speaking) there is stuff scattered around here you can gleam. Honestly, go talk to each of the candidates. I'm sure you'll find as I did, that one looks you in the eye, and the other shakes hands like a school girl, and hardly ever makeseye contact. Seriously, give it a try and you'll know who to vote for.
Wassup with the bs comments about Rhodes? First, the pot comment is off the wall, and yes, he did say he supports Prop 19, but so do most Californians. As for conflicts within law enforcement, I didn't see you mention that Anderson has represented his own kids in court for criminal charges, and at least one of his grandkids father's is in prison. Now that strikes me as a kind of conflict too. So I don't know that anyone has really clean hands there. As for the Perdock comment earlier, Rhodes never said he wouldn't prosecute Perdock for perjury. He has comments about the Dinius thing, and said that if there was evidence of some crime, he would have prosecuted Perdock, but didn't think a conviction could have been sustained for manslaughter. That's on tape from more than one radio program and/or debate. And I think Anderson's statements about his "citizens advisory counsel" from the lat debate summed up a lot: 15 people he hand selects, chooses to keep or not, and their meetings are secret. What kind of open government or transparency is that?
926. Rivero won't need me when he is elected anyway. I am not a deputy or in government, just a citizen that has heard enough from the inside and outside to convince me that Mitchell's reign should, and will end in November. Why are you so against change, after 16 years? the County deserves it.
I also didn't mention anything about Rhoades' pot-smoking, stripper daughter. ;)
I wasn't bad mouthing anybody when I stated there would be an obvious conflict when, say, Deputy Dutra sends a report over to his father-in-law at the DA's office. It doesn't take a braniac to see where this could be a problem, especially if Dutra happens to have a personal vendetta against the person he's written his report about. I'm sure Rhoades would believe anything his golden son-in-law had to say/write/fabricate/report/etc.
I wish I had a magic potion that could make all you mitchell people see you are and have been manipulated by the republican strategies of distort and deflect the truth to their advantage. Mitchell is supported by the hot shots of that party and they don't care what's at stake as long as they get their guy in power. They have the money to put on a blitz, so keep your eyes open. There is a class war going on and we the people of Lake County are the target of those who want to keep the power.During the last few months I have had the front row seat at some of the best meet and greets for both sides. Iam a person who has voted republican for a very long time and for the first time I voted a staight democratic ticket. I am ashamed of the greed and opportunistic thinking of my party of choice and ask all to cast their votes responsibly. Even if you don't have money you have a good brain and a good vote so don't b e fooled by the strategic deception being waged by the Mitchell camp. please think about the Dinius issues still coming forth don't forget the multiple EEOC complaints coming as well. Vote Rivero for Sheriff and Anderson for D.A.
9:59 Believe, aka: go along with
I've heard plenty from all sides, the Mitchell camp, the Rivero camp and both DA's camps. I have an inside view if you will as people close to me work on the campaign teams for all of the candidates. I've listened to all sides as I have a great respect for those that I speak to on a regular basis, some family members, some not. My family will be voting for the candidates that we feel will benefit Lake County and our fellow citizens to the best of their abilities and for all the right reasons.

My family has decided our 7 votes will all be cast for Don Anderson for DA. We’ve agreed that both candidates are qualified for the position and although Mr. Rhodes is a polished public speaker we’ve collectively agreed that he is more likely to be more focused on becoming a glory hound then representing the average citizen. The DA should be more focused on behind the scenes and spending the majority of his time managing the department. Mr. Anderson has an objective approach and will represent the average citizen more effectively because of his experience in all avenues of law, his morals and his undeniable commitment to our county.

The race for our Sheriff is not so easily defined. We all agree Mr. Rivero is NOT the most qualified but a few are concerned about the sailboat accident and the fact that the 2nd in command was not held accountable. We all agree that Mr. Perdock should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to yield the right of way to the sailboat but some feel that should not be the only reason to cast a vote for Mr. Rivero. We all wish to pay our respects to the family and loved ones of Lynn Thornton.

Now at the risk of being deleted I will share with the readers that my family will cast our votes; 2 for Rivero and 5 for Mitchell. My family has tossed out all of the crap we heard and read about each candidate and formulated our opinions based on what we have seen and personally observed in the debates along with our day to day observations.
Nope, won't the SO kickin' butt. That work will go to the DA as these punks have been under the watchful eye for quite a while and they've racked up a raft of bad karma. Bottom line is they've broken multiple laws and wowee folks are sharpening pencils to lay it all out.
Course there are probably more than a few decent law abiding citizens out there just hankering to land a few well deserved blows for good measure
I would glady Volunteer My time if You need some help.
1. Lake County needs an honest Sheriff, and Frank has shown that he calls it how he sees it, regardless of what people might think.
2. Frank supports complete transparency and community involvement at the LCSO. This will generate trust and cooperation and will make law enforcement more fair and more effective.
3. Rivero will create an Under-Sheriff position, which we hope will be filled by candidate Jack Baxter.
4. Frank knows what it's like to be harassed by police when you've done nothing wrong.
5. Frank's reason for becoming a cop was to fight injustice. His history of legal battles proves this. Frank will go to bat for you regardless of your income or ethnicity. Frank respects you as a human being.
6. Frank has a history of sound management practice.
7. Frank has led a clean campaign, (which is amazing, given the level of crap that his incumbent opponent has slung at him.
8. Frank's election will bring honor to the department and to the county as a whole.
9. Frank's election will be good for boat tourism (google "Bismarck Dinius" for more info).
10. Frank is not Rodney Mitchell.

10 reasons that Mitchell is demonstrably bad for the county:

1. Mitchell pulled strings in the Clearlake Government to have his opponent's videos pulled from the local PEG channel, TV 8. This violates our constitutional right to free speech.
2. Ever since Mitchell was mayor of Clearlake, the city has had the worst crime rate in the whole county.
3. Crime in Lake County has escalated since Mitchell became Sheriff.
4. Mitchell's priorities for "Serve and Protect": 1. Self. 2. His rich friends. 3. His employees.
5. Mitchell runs a dirty campaign; witnesses have spotted patrol cars on the scene where Rivero signs were vandalized with razor blades. Mitchell and his goons have issued threats to various members of Rivero's campaign team and supporters.
6. Mitchell utilizes close personal connections with local media, including the Record-Bee, L*** Co***** N**s, and Bi-Coastal Media for campaign purposes.
7. Mitchell is under investigation by Department of Homeland Security for misusing government equipment for campaign purposes.
8. Mitchell has abused his position of power for campaign purposes.
9. Mitchell has also abused his position of power for sex.
10. Mitchell protects many of his favorite employees from facing charges for their dangerous and violent crimes, including DUIs, manslaughter, grand theft, and rape.

A vote for Mitchell is a vote for elitism and tyranny.

A vote for Rivero is a vote for justice.
You Mitchell supporters, all this animosity is not from only the Dinius case. We have met you and you have run roughshod over more of us than there is of you. Pay back is a bitch. I for one have had all I care from you. This thinking that you have a right to lie,cheat and cover the lies up. Have no ethics or honor for the oath you took. Then the gall that something is wrong with me because I care not to have you in our government.You along with Bell California show the arrogance of bureaucrats.So just move on and get out.
Or it could be another setup from the Mitchell campaign. A man was acquitted for a DUI and you are making Rivero a criminal?
More Bull
I have no trust in this local system and that would include mitchell and most within that court house. To leave in place the likes of Mitchell is insane Where did this noting some from that bureaucrats can lie,cheat and cover their lies up then reward them? shear insanity.
James you statements are really bullshit as you won't look at your own man and realize he also lies, covers his arrests, has no morals uses the race card when it helps him and surrounds himself with drug dealers. You opinion is worthless at this point and it shows that you will say anything.

You can pickup a CD from KPFZ and listen to Dougs own words.

Vote no on Rhoades, I don't want the LCSO smoking pot on my time.
u r 2 funny Rhoades is running for DA not sheriff. the issue isnt if Rhoades smokes pot or if Anderson has a drink after hours. it is who would make a better DA. Hopkins is out, change is coming, I think Rhoades has better management skills and is more dedicated to his profession than Anderson. The Deputy DA Association endorsement says that as well.
I would hope everyone would look at the whole candidate not just one answer to one question.
Post #8:23 First of all I call no names. This site is not to keep Mitchell. Officer Rivero has done nothing to me. I have had Mitchell as much as I care to. I will say again I will keep the one I may not know over the one I do. How brave you are call me names and then post anonymous. So you would have me keep a dishonest person that I know of for one I do not know? That is insanity but I have met allot of those in this local government. Have a nice day anonymous.
Food for thought: Are we against a certain system, because the "system" holds different ideals? And do we then support another side, with big issues of their own just because it is closer to our own belief system? IMHO what needs to happen is that when this election is over, we need to throw the communities weight behind the winner, and institute non angry watch dog groups ( I really don't think Lovelace is a particularly angry group. I think most everyone will understand this later ) to keep care of this county. Remember, they work for us, not we under them.

I will be running for Sheriff in 20 years ;). But seriously, this election has become the vote for the lesser of two evils. O can not wait until a mam/woman with integrity and honesty runs for sheriff. They already have my vote.
Might I ask How much tolerance Should one have for those that would lie to send another to jail for one of their own bureaucrat? That's the short of it.Then you would have me vote for him. I say again that is Insanity. Post 9:06 I do not know Officer Rivero to be evil I can not say the same for Mitchell I know him, and his cheating on his wife tells me what he is.
I place no weight with the DDA's endorsment of Rhoades, they were all hired by Hopkins. And do you really want to talk about someone having a drink after work or being drunks?? You obviously haven't been down to Molly's, TJ's or TNT's after work or and the weekends. There you will see your DDA's in all their stuper....drinking it up and stumbling out. Often accompanied by an off duty LCSD or two. There is no one is this county who can point fingers at others for drinking, everyone does it to some extent, everything revolves around it...period!
People need to vote Mitchell's Dirty Dozen out on Nov 2. If they don't-then expect the same crap...to continue with innocent people becoming victims of the LCSO. Perdock wasn't the first LCSO covered by other officers who lied and altered investigations to protect one of their own. We have heard from many Dinius(s)here with their own experiences of the LCSO. The same old names come up. We can't allow our corrupt SO to continue under Mitchell any longer. On Nov 2nd make it a changing day and vote Mitchell out of office. We don't need officers breaking the law and wearing badges-how many broke the law in Bismark Dinius case?
How many lied on the stand?
How many lied on the reports?
On the investigation?
How many ignored what witnesses said?
Make them accountable for what they did to hide the evidence.
How many profiled?
How many are involved with the EEOC?
How many are named in Beland's petition and not disciplined or fired?
SAR monies gone, where?
How can Mitchell campagin on our time and not his off time?
Tell us Mitchell about Jeff B Markham and the SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWSUIT the COUNTY had to pay out and Mitchell wants to put him back in working-right-puting the County at Risk again for another lawsuit. How much was paid out?

No on Mitchell.
852 No on Rhoades. The District Attorney's Office is in shabbles. Rhoades is a GOB, his son-inlaw is a LCS deputy. He said, he would not prosecute Perdock for perjury. Rhoades wants to legalize pot for 21 year olds to smoke. Well will Joe smoke on the job?
Anderson wants training for the DDA, and he won't have a confict of interest because he doesn't have family members working within the sheriffs office. And Anderson would have prosecuted Perdock.

Seems Rhoades tilts the scale where Anderson levels it. Big difference. Rhoades picks and chooses who he would prosecute and Anderson it wouldn't matter who...Equal justice.
Although I feel Rhoades is a bit more organized than Anderson and presents himself well, I WILL NOT be voting for him for this one reason and one reason only. He is to well connected to many within the GOB Network, and I feel that until we do away with that entire mob nothing will change! And I for one am more than ready for change!
James. I am referring to the lesser of two evils, not to call either candidate evil, but rather both have negative marks in their record. It's the personal attacks that need to be kept in check. I haven't read all your postings, so this is not specific to you, but speaking of the families etc needs to be reigned in. What this county seems to need is unification. No one is dumb enough to think that one man can change the problem. Rather the onus truly lies on you, me, and every other citizen in this county. To hold accountable, and to be accountable. Plainly speaking, I don't know that Rivero has enough experience. Mitchell appears to have experience, but has gotten out of hand in some ways. We need pride in our sheriff, not discontent. Frankly neither candidate instills pride to the vast majority. Some, from what I gather, are so desperate for change, that a short term fix seems to be popular. Maybe I am just way off base, but that is my opinion.
October 14, 2010 11:11 PM "I will share with the readers that my family will cast our votes; 2 for Rivero and 5 for Mitchell."

Every family has at least one malcontent,But Five? WOW!!! For those of us that didn't know how fortunate we were, THANK YOU.
Xar over 5000 people voted for Frank Rivero in the Primary, and another roughly 10,000 will vote for Frank Rivero in the upcoming election in November. Thousands upon thousands have a massive amount of pride in Frank Rivero. None on the Mitchell side have ever been able to post a statement concerning pride with Mitchell, if you haven't been on this site for the full year it has been operating, you will not know that we have asked the Mitchell supporters to tell us about Mitchell's leadership his employee relations, his effect on the wider view of the county by national and state views. Over and over we have asked, we get nothing. What we got was an attempt to bring Rivero down to Mitchell's level. Perhaps you are not aware of this old campaign effort people have used in the past when they have a candidate who's record cannot be supported. Do you see the difference? The pride we have for Rivero is huge, it is his strongest point in comparison to Mitchell. Hope that clears that up.
Oh nonsense. Plenty of posts have given Mitchell hi marks, you've just deleted them. I don't get how you call yourself a group either.
You people keep bringing up 30 years ago, where Rivero experienced phony charges in Florida that didn't stick. He was a young minority, who was picked on like many others at that time. Stick with the present and the backgrounds of both candidates. A much awarded Rivero when he was with the SFPD, as a working inspector in one of the worst neighborhoods. He was instrumental in bringing down a vicious narcotics gang. He received the highest honor for that alone from the chief of police. I hear that Mitchell has received awards in the past, but not for hard working police work on the street. Also the suit Rivero placed against the city of San Francisco, was for misappropriation of funds given to a rival funeral company that processed deceased people who were already listed as dead. He won the case after 15 years. he was awarded 1.5 mil, but has shown that it cost him most of the money in costs over the 15 year period of his suit. he did the right thing, he fought a different kind of crime...stealing from the citizens of San Francisco. He has successfully run his business for many years, showing his ability to manage people and money. How can anyone say that he is less qualified than Mitchell, who has proven many shortcomings, which you have seen here, over the past 16 years. Why not replace him. Should one person have the office of Sheriff forever? I think not. Rivero is open to two terms, and would bow out earlier if the people felt that he was not doing the job. What more could you ask for? Imagine, the people will be able to have a say in the future of Lake County. And they will be listened to, not told. Democracy coming back to Lake County! Vote for Rivero, Sheriff of Lake County!
1134 Ok anonymous. I see you folks are trying to dig up anything to get people to not vote for Rivero. I have no idea whether what you say is true or not, but I'll tell you, Mitchell has lied and cheated so many times over the years, that it doesn't matter to me, because I don't think that instance will have anything to do with the future of Lake County. I know you want to do anything to trip Rivero up, because it looks like he will be your next sheriff. What will you do then?
Good comment Clark and as you can see we never never can get the Mitchell supporters to post a thing about positives for Mitchell, of course as everyone knows the ease with which Mitchell can be brought down is beyond their control to off set it. It is sad to say the least that this has been the Mitchell MO. The campaign team says to themselves OK look we cannot raise our guy up so the only thing we can try to do is bring the other guy down. Sad but true this must be their only approach.
I just saw Mitchell ad on Fox news. Is that desperate or does he have too much money to spend?
Let him spend it 1:56 lmao. Everyone I know has made the comment the he is a laughing joke and just doesn't see anything wrong! He is in total denial and continues to make a fool of himself. Keep up the good work Rod hahaha.

I'm inclined to agree with post 2:04. I do have to give him credit though. He is showing those who already know just what desperation leads to. Its his last attempt at trying to convince the unconvincable lol. When we see his AD's on TV all we do is say Yeah Right try again buddy. LIAR LIAR LIAR, shame on you Mitchell. We will all be glad when we don't have to look at him any longer. It makes us all wanna vomit. Disgusting I know!
Mitchell's record should and must speak for itself and gives all the reasons any clear thinking person needs to justify firing the man on November 2nd. He has made himself and his office a laughing stock within the law enforcement community. His insistance on campainging by threat, false statements and scare tactics are a disgrace and he has shown himself to be just one more sleezy politician who is looking out for himself and no one else.

I would vote for a dead skunk before casting my vote for anyone like Rodney Mitchell. He is exactly what is wrong with Lake County and the old practice of bowing to special interests and the wealthy who feel they are Lake County. Shame on Rod Mitchell and on those who work for him who condone his way of doing things.
The special interest groups in Lake County are working overtime to see that Mitchell is re-elected. They want no part of doing business with the Sheriff if fair and competitive bidding is used. What they want is a Sheriff in their pocket who will award contracts to the highest bidder as long as they are a political supporter and the tax payers be damned. That is Rodney Mitchell and we can no longer afford people like this in government. Sixteen years of mismanagement, failure, cover ups and special treatment of special people is 16 years to much. It's time to try someone new.
Rodney Mitchell and his good old boy team are just the tip of the iceberg in local government and this is just where we must start if we want to restore a clean honest governemnt. We must vote people like Rodney Mitchell out then deal with their hired henchmen. Those who prove to be dishonest and unprofessional must be encouraged to seek employment elsewhere. The people of Lake County deserve better then what we've been forced to put up with for 16 years. Lets start by voting Mitchell out then start looking at other corrupt elected officials. Now is our time to be heard through the American voting system.
Xar : October 15, 2010 9:06 AM

Hmmm not sure what you mean. For me it is a matter of democratic procedure; 16years is a long time for any elected official. I like Mitchell. He saw us through dangerous times.

I am not a democrat and have little respect for that party. Jerry brown ran Oakland into the ground. He did little for California as governor and now he wants back in? No way, sorry. Meg Whitman? Ebay was her crowning achievement. Stop there. She spent 140mil thus far to get elected. Why? She obviously doesn't need a job. No way Meg! No way to servitude with China. No way to more special interest. Nice try. Had us going there for a minute..

My point? The people run the government. The economy sucks. Democrats are happy with social programs that keep people dependent on government, more food stamps..

I say government is there to create a good economy so people can earn a paycheck. This is a republic, not a socialist state.

I think term limits are democratic. Give Frank a try. He comes across like a cop not a politician. I like that. I know allot of dems support him, but I honestly think Frank is about going 10-8 and getting to work.

Lake co is about freedom. Go after crime but don't mess with people- works well up here. Drive your Toyota Prius if you want but don't force it on people. Some of us don't want to live in Marin or Palo Alto.

I dunno, just some thoughts.

1009 said "Rhoades wants to legalize pot for 21 year olds to smoke." Been paying any attention to the polls? Prop 19 is likely to pass. Marijuana is here, and will always be here. He said he supports regulation, legalization and taxation of the product, just like alcohol or other "drugs." Apparently the majority of Californians agree with that. So what's the beef? That by legalizing it we remove the huge profit from people who present grow undwer 215? Is that your real point? Prop 19 and its later revisions would essentially do away with the 215 requiremenhts, making it available to any adult. I don't see the big deal with such a plan. As for the DDA endorsement, these are the folks who are doing the actual court work day in and day out. It's the leadership issue, not the front line workers that caused all the problems in the DA's office. Oh, and BTW, Rhodes mentioned first that training, including a mentor program, was essential to the DA's office. FYI.
RedC - I could not agree more with your take on the Dem v Rep bunch. Brown almost sunk our ship once before with his appointment of Rose Bird and the Supremes. Now he's pushing Camilla Harris the San Francisco DA who is a Jerry Brown clone. She is running for Ca. Atty General. My money is on Steve Cooley the LADA for to AJ. He has a long record of prosecuting corrupt public officials and politicians and is strong on criminal prosecution also supported by all major law enforcement agencies.

Here we have Rod Mitchell and I m,ust say I do not like him since having the opportunity to get to know him and see how he operates. His past record of failure should be proof enopugh but hs corrupt and dirty campaigning has sunk his ship with me. I agree give Rivero a chance and if he doesn't do what he says kick him out in 4 years. Sixteen years in office with a record like this is just to much.
Does it really matter what Rhodes or anyone else thinks about MJ and Prop. 19? If it is voted in by the tax payers they must follow the law unless they are like Mitchell who feels he is about any law or rule.

I agree with an earlier post in that who really cares who the DFDA's support. They are like the DSA, just one more special interest group looking for a weakling to sing the right song. They are afraid of the possibility of any change which really concerns me. Why is Lake Co. law enforcement officials so afraid of change as long as its positive change. None of us are perfect and change is never a bad things.
Rhodes comes across as being arrogant. The petty side of me sees a man who dresses like Col. Sanders and comes across like Boss Hog running for public office. We have to many arrogant politicians and don't need one more. At least Anderson who has the same experience and background comes across with humanity and seems to lack the political arrogance of the others. He does not seem to be as well connected with the good old gang who thinks Lake County belongs to them and them alone.
The process that will unfold in regards to prop 19 are of a gradual process of legalization, this process is associated with the ability of the local state and federal governments to monetize the process of legalization, it is that simple. Think about it why does the DEA continue to concentrate on those growing not on federal forestry land but on those individuals growing on their own property? The answer is simple, they (the DEA) wants the assets, they want to claim the house the car the boat etc. They get nothing for killing an illegal or two and pulling the plants. Though we want them to go after those in the national forests destroying the natural land, they don't because they get nothing for it. The states and local counties are willing to allow prop 19 because they can attach taxes and permits etc to it. The Federal Government just came out today and sent a message to the DEA telling them you keep going after the local growers in California we don't care if they pass prop 19 or not. Why? follow the money. Now another little factoid, the federal government has taken out the patents on THC, Oil, Bud production and processing, that is correct you can look it up on the patent page on the internet. Why did they do this well I think you know the answer to that and it is a simple one, follow the potential money. The feds don't want to go after the Coke, the Meth because the big boys and the toys they own from it are generally not in this country, so therefore they get very little asset's and money from a bust. You see citizens they don't care about you and what is hurting our society, they care about the money. At some point in time it will be necessary for the local communities to take a stand against the DEA, they are rotten to the core, we all know that and remember Rodney and his boys get certain "monies" from the feds when they are involved in assisting the FED's in a bust. LAPD recently had to return 175,000 dollars to Scott Feil, for a bust in San Diego which was done with an illegal search warrant. The DEA was the acting agency on the bust, but the LAPD got "certain" money for helping. It is never about doing what is right, it is about screwing the public and taking the money and running.

This is the Lovelace group
Lovelace - what's the email address to send you a letter?
asshole@liars club.com
That's a good one but if i use that I'll just get Rod Mitchell and his gang of twerps.
Anonymous : October 15, 2010 4:37 PM

The Sheriff should be the Sheriff. Objective and professional. Keep the politics out, Democrats and Republicans alike need justice. Were Americans. I refuse to attack the incumbent. That would be unfair.

No special interest, just law enforcement.

Lake Co is a small community and a more "spirit of the law" approach is often better here, but when they gotta "take em down" we need to support these guys and gals in uniform.

Frank announced that he supports the right to bear arms. I think this is a good thing. Citizens have the right to self defense when faced with great bodily injury or death, and cannot retreat. (In some states retreat is not expected, but this is California..).

I don't think people need to worry.

Now if in several months we see CARB inspections stations and people getting dragged out of their cars like Nazi Sac. for having a cold air intake on their ride-revolt! Let the coup begin!! Go Sema San http://www.semasan.com/main/main.aspx?ID=/content/SEMASANcom/HomePage!! Let the lawsuits begin!!

Send all emails to sheriffmitchellwatch@gmail.com thanks to everyone communicating with us and any letters opinions and or information should be sent to that address.

This is the Lovelace group
Frank has a wonderful ad in th RB today; cutting on Mitchell for throwing more mud.
And asks for the real answer to , "what is Mitchell hiding?" and goes on:
Could it be the 10 Federal Civil Rights lawsuits against him, including one alleging corruption? Source: 9th District Federal Court files." and goes on to quote the case of Bismark Dinius, Plainiff vs Rodney K. Mitchell in his individual capacity & Official capacities. "Or could it be a growing list of state civil lawsuits and personnel claims for wrongful termination from a long list of his former deputies?"
The huge lawsuit that was just declared 4 days late and was prevented from being heard....another injustice that Mitchell has gotten away with. (or should it be said he had some inside pull that terminated the case) That case won't be heard, lucky Mitchell...............but Mitchell won't be lucky in this election;
he's over with.....the case that couldn't be heard was a mirror of the Dinius case
only there wasn't a death involved......it was a destruction of a person's life
none the less, due to Mitchell and his corrupt/evil staff.
Open letter to Sheriff Mitchell, March 29th, 2006 by J.S.
Did you or did you not release an elderly Lake County resident from the local jail with an 0.08 alcohol level which resulted in a major tragedy just minutes and a few 100 yards away from the jail after his release? I am wondering in what folder you are going to file that tragic incident. Under justice terms, using the words: Tragedy or involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide or perhaps premiditated murder? Knowing that you settled this case, how many millions was it for? Of course you can't reveal the amount. Who is going to pay this blunder, you or the L.C. taxpayers? By the way, was there a press release about the settlement by our local C.R.B.(censorship Record Bee run by Hugo Chavez) or did you edit this report and mixed it with the dirt at the pig pen on Martin Street?
Stop Rodney Mitchell"s Mickey Mouse command, vote for Frank Rivero. The Historian
If just on the outside chance that Mitchell should be re-elected I want to say shame on us for not being alert on our feet. We the people, not we the good old boys are in charge.Our vote is our power. I have voted and my vote was for Frank and for Don. So don't blame those of us who told you Mitchell supports " I told you so" Mitchell is going to court whether he is sheriff or not and Lake County is paying for his abuse no matter how the vote turns out. So if Mitchell is re-elected he will still be a pain in our ass. Frank if elected and his supposed "arrest" won't bring any problems to us. Mitchell will eventually be leaving us and I say sooner than later.
The ad today in the RB was a stinging ad hammering Mitchell, if you have not seen it, grab a copy of the Bee out of the trash or read it before you wrap the garbage in it. This was a great ad, and tells the real story for the citizens to read. The election is approaching, the time is drawing near, please remember Monday is the last day to register to vote, if you are a Mitchell supporter you have until Wednesday, so take your time, for all the Rivero reporters you must be registered by Monday, get it done by the end of day Monday and get ready to cast your vote for Rivero, November 2nd is going to be the greatest day in the history of Lake County and a new start for all.

Also a question to pose to everyone, we need to contact the register of voters remember in the primary where it was almost a week and a half before the counted the absentee ballots, well we do not want that same slow count situation, let's get them counted as they come in, and do not do the same stupid thing again. We want the results done the night of the second period, no screw ups no late counts. If someone has information on what their plans are please post it.

Love that ad nailing Mitchell
So you'd rather talk about clothing than substance. Big Deal. You'd rather talk about perception, than substance, again big deal. I give you information, and fact, and you'd rather talk about bull puckey opinion. So be it. you can't see the reality through your bias. Rhodes comes across as arrogant. Yeah, I think so too at times. But then when I'm sitting in court, I see that his clients like him and more importantly, the results he gets for them. That's more important to me than any perceptions of people who aren't there and aren't represented by him. Today was a great example. I sat in court for a while and he did a great job for his clients, and didn't bow to anyone. Maybe a bit of "arrogance" is a good thing when your clients' lives are at at stake and you're not willing to back down. My vote is still with Rhodes, and I think his clients, who can vote, will do the same.
Oak:I will use your word "Onus" If i report,its those in this governments duty to correct for their lies . You can not have a government that allows for those that would lie, cheat and cover the lies up. Then you have what is going on now. There is nothing that will last,nothing that allows for that dishonesty.This dishonest has been going on a long time before the Dinius case.I have said before and I say now Mitchell and Hopkins only opened Pandoras box and allowed all in Lake County to see the evil of our system. If its not correct it will just get worse. a friend of mine "would say after you are aware don't bring it on you.I take no pleasure in a government with so many bureaucrats that would stick it to up rather than for us. I say again I tell the truth.
Many people are planning to be in San Francisco when Mitchell is on the stand for the Death of Lynn Thorton, we cannot wait to see him as a defendant on the stand getting his ass whipped by attorney Masson, also remember the majority of the Dinius suit is calling out Mitchell, for his corruption and hidden agenda associated with trying to get Perdock off the hook, this is going to mean Mitchell is going to be in San Fran for a long long time and will be found guilty, of his connection to the cover up, which then means crimianl charges will be filed following the information being divulged in the civil suit, we cannot have a man elected who is heading for jail and going to cost the county millions, vote Rivero
Yeah well lets see Mitchell's arrest. He made only 1 since 2000, that 10 years.
He's a manager nitwit. Ask the commander in chief of the US armed forces how many people he's killed in combat why dontcha.
6:49 - Have you ever received a citation (criminal or traffic) and paid a fine of less then $200.? There is no difference between that and the fine Rivero paid for an infraction citation in Florida more then 30 years ago. Wake up kiddies an infraction is not a big deal and doesn't hold a candle to the things Mitchell has pulled and so far gotten away with.

I miss the point being made by 653 - so Mitchell has made one since 2000? He's the sheriff, its not his job to make arrests and if he did make one it sounds like someone else is not doing teir job. Mitchell is a politician and an administrator not a Cop so we don't expect him to be making arrests or writing citations. We expect him to do a good job of administering, managing and leading his department which he has never done which is why he must go.
6:53PM He made only one arrest since 2000.
Was that Nine Green's home invasion robbery in Upper Lake, so he could cover up his involvement?
The Historian
I wonder if 6:48 has any idea how many 'ifs' are involved in his statement? It is entirely possible that there is no judgement for Dinius, let's just imagine the judge doesn't take kindly to drunken sailors for one. Or the fact that the case wasn't even investigated in county. Could be a very bad move if Dinius takes the risk.
See the problem is the commander who does not shoot people also is not crooked. LOL listen this is real simple, Rodney is corrupt, he is not fit to manage a team, he cannot manage himself. Do we have to keep repeating the 10 civil lawsuits now in federal court with him named as a defendant in those cases, do we have to name all the employee lawsuits, do we have to bring up Dinius, do we have to bring up Garzoli-gate, do we have to bring up the Beland lawsuit, the wright situation the Morshed situation. Come on Mitchell supporters he is directly associated with a known racist KKK Klint, Klint is posting on the hate Rivero site non-stop, he loves Mitchell. What about the EEOC violations the screen tests, the rotten corrupt cops he has working for him, you want us to name all of those as well. Pleeeeeeeese don't try to bring Rivero down to Mitchell low low level you will lose that battle every time. LOL
"Soon the FBI trap may snap on Rod and his gang and they'll learn the jigg is up for crooked Cops.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : October 14, 2010 6:22 PM "

From what I'm hearing you are in for a big surprise.
724 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah I can't stop laughing on that one, that case is a done deal, finished the end. You know the jury is going to nail Mitchell to the wall, a beautiful women was murdered, they will be told, the boat was traveling at 50 MPH in the middle of the night and then the cover-up, oh my my, dream on, Rodney is finished, he is so guilty, Mickey Mouse could try him and win. lol You look so bad when you try to defend Mitchell, the party is over for him, and imagine when Masson brings up Rodneys record as posted in comment 727 and the jury hears what a corrupt and evil racist he is. Oh my it is not going to be pretty, and believe me all that will be allowed in the suit because it is a civil suit and much lee way is given. Oh no my friend this is not going to be a pretty picture for Rotten Rodney. He he
728 yup Rodney is in for a big big surprise friends, you are right post 728 exactly right.
All I'll share is that your absolute misuse of the word 'murder' should be an indication of your powers of logic. It ain't over til the fat lady sings. Now go get a dictionary.
Oh and for the record, judges get pretty testy when they hear overblown claims that have no bearing on the case. Like corrupt and evil frinstance.
Beautiful dreamer post 736, the jury will not rule on the word Murder but it will be used and she is dead due to the actions of deputy and then the cover up of Mitchell following it. No my friend Mitchell is a done deal, and oh by the way, Mr Masson is the top civil rights attorney in the country he know what he is doing don't worry about that. Now go away your getting your butt kicked.
523 RedC. Attacking a bad incumbent is the American way. You look at Mitchell's record just over the past 5 years, and it it speaks for itself. Mismanagement, screwing his own deputies, responsible for much of the Dinius fiasco, doing a terrible job running the jail, etc. So why shouldn't we go after him. He may have started out ok 16 years ago, but then he built a gob group that has acted above the law, and has diminished the respect the public has had for the Sheriff's department. I say, get some balls and call for his ouster, and make him pay for his own lawsuits. We the people should refuse to give one dime to defend him. Sitting on a fence has never accomplished anything. Rivero for Sheriff.
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