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Lake County Government Watch

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July 11th, 2014(updated)

This is the Lovelace Group of Lake County and this is our Blog page. This Blog is dedicated to the good citizens of our county and with their help and dedication to change and transparency. This site now has 6 years of existence. It started several years ago dedicated to the removal of two public officials holding office in our county. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell and District Attorney John Hopkins. As our group began to look at the actions and incidents of corruption, elitism, and crony-ism that was entrenched in our local governmental system it became clear that something must be done to change the course of the past 15 years. Lake County is one of the lowest rated counties in the state from health criteria to water quality. Meth is still a severe issue, tourism is dying, and housing value is stagnant. Our lake is dying due to total government mismanagement.  Change is needed.  A model was created, this model was based upon the use and concept of social communications and Internet dialog to promote public awareness and further the cause of radical change in our community. By various means we brought our site to the attention of the citizens and public officials in our county. Now approaching  one million comments, several elections, and an amazing county, state and country wide audience we are pressing forward for even greater social change and policy restructuring within our county. Environmentally and from a governmental failure, our county is dying.  

What has been accomplished thus far would have been hard to imagine 48 months ago. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell has been removed from power, District Attorney Jon Hopkins has been removed from power. One of the driving forces for the exposure and removal of these two corrupt individuals is a terrible incident involving a boating accident on our local lake when a sheriff's deputy named Russell Perdock drove his speed boat at high speed in the middle of the night over the top of a sail boat just leaving the docks with running lights on killing at a far to early age a beautiful women name Lynn Thorton, at the helm of the sailboat was Bismarck Dinius. What followed is hard to imagine. Then sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins charged Bismarck Dinius with the death of his passenger Lynn Thorton and protected their deputy Russell Perdock, charging him with no crimes. During the course of the criminal trial cover-ups, illegal actions, jury tampering, and a host of other issues spelled the doom of Mitchell and Hopkins and the total unanimous jury acquittal of Bismarck Dinius. A federal civil rights trial of massive proportions has been settled in San Francisco federal court with several million dollars going to Mr. Dinius. Both Mitchell and Hopkins were key individuals in the attempted prosecution of Bismarck Dinius and cover-up of the truth of the accident. With this incident in mind we launched the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog, of which our URL remains the same but our Blog name has now changed to Lake County Government Watch. During the adventures of our first year we were able to elect Sheriff Frank Rivero into the sheriffs position.  For 4 years running the GOB network has attacked sheriff Rivero. A phony Brady process by DA Donnie Anderson, a Trumped up recall attempt by Brian Martin and Rob Brown, and a vote of no confidence by the BOS were some of the constant attacks by this elitist network.  Now in the recent election, the local media showing no journalistic integrity has assisted in taking our sheriff out of office, he is being replaced by a Good Old Boy who is directly connected to former sheriff Rodney Mitchell.  Although we will have one or two new supervisors in district's 2 and 3, we are saddened with the loss of sheriff Rivero. Sheriff Rivero was of Cuban blood. The severe racism still embedded in the power brokers of Lake County and their family and friends remains a major issue.   However we are steadfast in our dedication to you the people of this county and of  furthering transparency, honesty, and government integrity in our county and beyond.  

What we have found during the course of our own investigations in the county is stunning to say the least. It was discovered that a local Internet paper called Lake County News run by Liz Larson and her husband John, in our opinion were in collusion with local government officials. We then exposed this paper for its biased and fascist operations discrediting their reporting and any semblance of credibility they once had. The Record Bee has done no better and due to a massive amount of pressure local editor Mandy Feder is leaving the paper. Both papers outright attacks on Sheriff Rivero scraped the bottom of journalistic integrity.  One of the more significant discoveries also exposed several of our local Board of Supervisors to the citizens scrutiny. Most significant is Rob Brown, whom we continue to bring the light of transparency and exposure to his actions and Neanderthal approach to governance.  

As together we continue our Blog and our efforts towards community awareness and change we want to thank the many citizens from deputies current and former to just good folks helping and offering assistance.

This process of change in a county or government system run through an entrenched multi-generational nepotistic, wink wink, system of government(GOB's or Good Ole Boys) is difficult to accomplish, new ideas and change are not embraced. Those that have the power and control will not give it up easily.   Thank you for joining us here, we are the voice of the voiceless of which in today's world there are far to many whose voices are not heard.

Finally as of this editing, we are but a few days away from 2,000,000 page views in 6 short years, in this a county of 60,000 and change. All of you are the reason we hit that milestone.

The Lovelace group of concerned citizens

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