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I just want to say that the Lake County Sheriff & the DA's office are masters at making victims feel like criminals. They say they have the best domestic violence team in the US. I think NOT!!! Especially Officer Lewis and his crew. They let the good ones go... like Officer Navarro.
I concur with the above post at 2:56 pm, these guys have been running their own show for to long. Time to put the hammer down. There is so much to bring out, how about internal department wife swapping, yup, and a lot more then that. It will all come out in due time just be watch.
Are you talking about Crane and Paulich?
I am thankful for this forum, finally a place where we can post and keep the heat on these guys. There is more then just Crane and Paulich although that is a good start for sure. :-} When does the major outside investigation start, I hope it covers much more then just the helicoptor incident. The dirty laundry that is going to be aired out to dry is huge!!

While I appreciate and agree with a place to post thoughts and opinions regarding Rod and Jon, aka God and Jesus, I think the biggest statement will come next year when both are voted out (or not). If we try to remove them from office at this point, you can bet that it will get delayed at least until the next election.

I know of someone who wanted to launch a valid, local investigation into the activities of both of these gentlemen, as well as, Dave Geck, Corey Paulich and his partner. This person had respectability and civil investigative experience but when he volunteered to look into three of Lake County's elected officials his request was dismissed by three District Supervisors. I'd love to say who it was, but I better get his permission first.
The Sheriff is an elected official and does not have to be a law enforcement officer. Sheriff Mitchell has been in office way to long. The good ole boy approach has been in this county for years. It is time to make a change and I mean a change from someone out of county that does not have "GOOD OLE BOY" ties with any of his upper management. I think then and only then will we see a substancial change.
It would seem to me that Hopkins is the bad guy right now. With Dismas aquitted, some body must be guilty. Why hasn't Perdock been indicted? How can the Board of Supervisors stand around with their finger up their collective arse and not take some action. Where is the state attorney general. It is obvious to anyone that our county is run by a mafia type orgainization that must be stopped.
GREAT WEBSITE , but we need action, not more words.
A strange post from anonymous 441 pm, I suspect this is the same type of person, who would say, Uh I don't care if they tap my phone I don't have anything to hide. Duh, this is the very type of person, who turns around one day and see's that all their freedoms and liberty's are gone, and doesn't know why. There is no giving up now folks, this party is over, and its just waiting for the ticker tape parade, once these punks are out of office. Oh and by the way there is more to come on this website, there is information out there which is going to blow the cork out of the bottle, stand by and keep watching and posting.
Ah! The spell checker is finally here! Spelling and grammar is not everyone's forte`.

"....give it up people...."? Are you suggesting Perdock should not be held accountable for his actions? At first glance, it appears he may have been driving recklessly for the conditions. That alone warrants investigation.
Spend an hour and scan the released information. Check out pages 16 & 17 of 27 (the Slabaugh Secramento investigation) quoting Calif. law Specifically section T-14 which in effect says that Perdock must be held accountable every bit as much as Dinus was. It clearly states Perdocks responcibility to proceed at a safe spped based on weather and visability. As I have said before, Mitchell isn'[t as culpable as Hopkins in this mess. The DA makes the decisiion as to who gets charged and for what.
Oh, this is what I was referring to...beating a dead horse...Yes everyone should be held accountable for their actions but sometimes bad things happen to good guys just keep repeating the same old stuff about the case...what goes around comes around your rambling on and on is not going to change anything....oh and DUH they can't tap your phone unless they have evidence of a crime or wrong doing Mr. liberty....
Time to pass on commenting to brain dead in above postings, suspect they may be a few bricks shy of a load. There is no doubt that the DA has full responsibility for not going after Perdock, however information coming to the surface now suggest that The DA and Mitchell are tied at the hip on this and many other situations. I would hope that both Hopkins and Mitchell would step down. Of course that is highly unlikley. Sooooooooo we will keep the heat on.
Some of you may already have this information, however I will pass it on to all of you for those that havent. First of all as you are aware, there was a DEA raid several weeks ago in upper lake. Part of the story was in regards to an "informant" who decided to roll over on some people the informants name is. SHAWN JONES. It is suspected Mr. Jones may be somewhere in the Redding area, it is also rumored that he is running another possible growing operation up there, that's right, and this was the DEA's big operative. It is important that anyone who has information as to his whereabouts and his activities, get that information up on this thread. This is a guy who spun the DEA a tall tale of international intrique and drug cartels. It of course turned out not to be total bogus, so when the DEA and their goose stepping creeps came into town, they expected much more then they got, and of course were not to happy with the minor results of their efforts.

There is connectivity to the Sheriffs office and this raid, and it appears someone may have a vendeta out for Tom Carter. The inside rub of this will come out in due time I suspect. I think the Sheriffs office and the DA's office are and have been out to take people out whom they deem have to much information concerning the internal goings on in their respective organizations. In a further update, the DEA came back into town, and took private property from one of the individuals whom was caught up in the small time raid the DEA conducted as mentioned above. We need to be sure that when ever anyone has knowledge of the DEA coming into our area, we get the word out and track their activities as much as possible.
Yes and we still have the answered question of why there were two sheriffs cars parked down the hill from the DEA raid location,this question has been asked several times and still know answeres, it has been indicated to us that the sheriffs dept doesn't even know when a DEA raid is going to take place, this of course is a bunch of crap and a cover up as usual on the Sheriffs part.
Hey this is a great website, I think everyone should pass this site on to other concerned citizens. I think the local sheriffs depts personnal and the DA personnal should start posting and give us the inside information that they for so long have been wanting to express, but of course due to fear have not been able to. I do know of two officers who have said they posted comments here and we appreciate their efforts. It was also indicated that as they become more comfortable there will be more postings.
Sometimes we have to keep BEATING THE DEAD HORSE until everyone gets so sick of it that they bury that dead horse: in this case we need to bury both Hopkins and Mitchell in the upcoming election. That election is a year away and we can't let this thing just die a natural death or life will go on as usual in Lake Co. Good ol boyz will run things from the back room. What is really a shame is that fully half of the current Deputies know what is rotton but will not speak up for fear of reprisals from Mitchell and Co. What we need is one more qualified and non-contraversial person to step up and run for office of Sheriff. That way there would be a run-off and we could pick from the best. Mitchell would not be in that run off IMHO
Anonymous 9-14 @ 12:06
You got it right, but don't fear, the truth is coming out and soon and with a big bang. Roumor has it that Hopkins will resign due to the scandal that will follow
"The Watcher" WE KNOW
This thread is starting to catch momentum, down under I hope you arn't actually in Aussie land, and thanks for the BTW on the possible Fed visit, lets keep our eyes out, eventually I think we need to great these guys upon their arrival, if we can get the heads up information in time.

On an above comment posted on Sept 11 and 7:56 Officer Navarro was mentioned if that poster is still watching this blog can you clarify which of the Navarro officers are you indicating, It would either be Derek or Sean, thanks for the help.
I would like to see some postings from the citizens of Lake County on any abuse the Sheriff or CHP may have done to you. There are many stories out there concerning this and I think this would be an excellent spot to start posting these stories.

yes, that is a good idea on the above post, we can assign a number to the story and track it to be given to the proper investigators that we hope will soon be here looking into both the DA and the Sheriff.
I had money stolen from me by the Sheriffs dept. and know of others who have as well. I want to come forward to the proper investigators, but I have to know that it is safe and it cannot be to the local authorities.

Thanks for the help.
I remember listening to the local radio show a few weeks ago, and a couple of people called in but said they would not go on the air,because of their fear of the sheriff and local authorities, so I am sure their are many out their who have stories to tell I would love to see those posted.
Great website, thanks for the help
KC Bramlett and Rod Mitchell.... lets talk about that for a minute and how the local authorities harassed Dennis Bramlett for months on end to keep his mouth shut... He would rather give up his wife than deal with these good ole boys...
OH! So it's no wonder Mr. Mitchell had no desire to investigate wife swapping in his upper management positions. He can't even keep control of his own penis...much less his golden boys;)
yes exactly what I heard about Mitchell, the details are quite interesting from what I have heard, getting caught banging some gal(KC) on the old office desk was it. I mean really I don't get, how in hell have these people gotten away with it? I think for so many years the old boys of lake county could have cared a less, now that a more progressive group of human beings has come into the area the shit is hitting the fan. Well let the fan run and let the shit fly I am tired of it. These assholes are going down dammit and it is way past time!!!! And by the way screw his Golden Boys the only thing golden about them now is going to be the golden shower we give em on the way out the door!!
Good afternoon citizens. I have some news of interest just obtained from a reliably source. The Lake County Sheriff Union (DAS) has just been ordered to pay now fired, Deputy Derek Navarro 7,000.00 dollars to cover his attorney fees for his pending sexual intercourse case with a fourteen year old school girl and her friend. Don’t believe, 4th floor of the courthouse. Ask for the superior court clerk and obtain this public document for yourself.

A deputy who Rodney Mitchell, placed as the Middletown school cop just prior to the discovery of these crimes. This deputy is alleged to have a years worth of sex with this little girl and her girlfriend. As I heard it, the two had been given marijuana to smoke and handcuffed together while this cop screwed them over and over.

Shame, shame, shame, this DSA. Also this same DSA is supposedly getting ready to publish as letter to you, the public saying they are great, happy, and nothings wrong within their department. BULLSHIT!!! Rodney Mitchell’s little soldiers. So let’s add up just a little bit of Rodney Mitchell’s crappie internal happenings.

Derek Navarro screwing little girls and feeding them drugs.

A lietuent getting helicopter lessons with stolen DEA monies and then crashing his
Whorly bird (Dumb Ass)

A sergeant at school in a different city pulling a loaded handgun on another sergeant while drunk and fighting. Yeah, ask me later about that one ha ha. Shit he got promoted for that.

Let us not forget Rodney Mitchell’s masterpiece, Bismark.

A bad little Sheriff you be, Rodney. While you’re sweet bed ridden wife of 30 years waits for you at home. You’re away on the county’s dime as you Rome.

Her name is KC, a sweet little thing who works on the 4th floor for all the judges. Rodney our fat little sheriff fucking her YES! KC mother's residence of all places in Lakeport. Rodney the entire neighborhood knows about your exposed little toe. Just ask them for yourself. Fooled on one sorry to say.

I post only facts in truth! Never to deceive simply just to intrigue. Rodney Mitchell, I attack your intrigurty. Please! Please! Respond to this. This is your shot at disproving what is posted. However be fair warned, I have evidence which I will release.
would the cop pulling the gun while drunk possibly be Garzoli? Hmmm anyone with that info would be appreciated.
If you know it is a sergeant out of town at a school, drunk, pulling a gun on another sergeant, then why don't you say his name, Patrick Mc Mahon. Why play the fishing game??
This is about the "John Gray/Eric Joaquin" case.I wonder if the officers who processed this crime scene would feel the same if it was one of their loved ones involved. I wonder what they did "exactly" while they were there all day, there was no signs of any finger printing done, the bedding was left there and they sure didn't look very good for evidence. One of the first blogs i read when this first hit the news made reference to a "law enforcement type" as saying ""There's two less scum-bags we have to worry about" I can't tell you how much that statement "really" says just how much of an investigation is going to occur, "NONE". Hopkins probably hasn't even read the whole discovery, I'm sure he could care less about it. He looks at this as another notch under his belt. I have lived in this county for 12yrs now and what i heard when first moving up here has come true.
As a young adult living in this county my entire life i am absolutely disgusted with our police department. I hope they get exactly what they deserve. They are lying cheating asshole rapist pigs.
If our small town system wasn't so fucked we wouldn't feel scared to post our names. This is a safe place for individual voices to be heard. If we are creating a shit pot just so we have something stir we would be no better than the liars who poorly run our county.
oh the great complainer is back, dude stay off the website, if it seems sooooooooooo unbelievable, but for some reason you keep bouncing back on. we don't mind really, go away, no big deal, :-} that what is happning with Perdock,Garzoli,Mitchell,Hopkins????????"truth seeker" maybe the tragic death on the lake and the circus act following will give people the courage and voice that is needed even if it is anonymous for now.
A pot club here in this county that everyone wonders how it stays open with so many complaints from neighbors and having a record of closures. The word is officials on clearlake city counsel are being paid off as well as a few county officials... he openly brags about having Lake County Law enforcement and officials in his pocket.
I'm a prop 215 patient and the criminals in this business are obvious. It makes a person wonder.
This is about the "John Gray/Eric Joaquin" case.I wonder if the officers who processed this crime scene would feel the same if it was one of their loved ones involved. I wonder what they did "exactly" while they were there all day, there was no signs of any finger printing done, the bedding was left there and they sure didn't look very good for evidence. One of the first blogs i read when this first hit the news made reference to a "law enforcement type" as saying ""There's two less scum-bags we have to worry about" I can't tell you how much that statement "really" says just how much of an investigation is going to occur, "NONE". Hopkins probably hasn't even read the whole discovery, I'm sure he could care less about it. He looks at this as another notch under his belt. I have lived in this county for 12yrs now and what i heard when first moving up here has come true. Well here it is again and not anonymous
n the summer of 2008, marijuana plants were discovered on property
owned by a member of the Lake County Board of Supervisors.
Background and Discussion:
The Grand Jury is charged with investigating all allegations of
inappropriate conduct by elected officials in the County. An additional
criminal investigation was conducted by the Sheriff’s Department that led
to no charges filed against the District Supervisor. Findings:
1. The property in question is extensive and expansive.
2. The illegal “crops” were initially discovered when the District
Supervisor had an associate working on the property.
3. The District Supervisor contacted the Grand Jury when the “crops”
were discovered and cooperated fully during the investigation.
4. During the tour of the property, the District Supervisor revealed to the
Grand Jury several locations where the “crops” were found.
5. The locations of the “crops” were in remote areas. Dangerous “booby-
traps”, set by the individuals responsible for the “crops”, were placed
in areas of the property with the intent to seriously injure or kill
trespassers. 7. The “booby-traps” found on the property endangered the District
Supervisor and his family. The Supervisor’s family was limited in
where they could travel on the property because of the existing
8. The committee found no evidence to suggest that the District
Supervisor was involved in the illegal “crops”.
An additional
criminal investigation was conducted by the Sheriff’s Department that led
to no charges filed against the District Supervisor.Sooo. After reading #7 more than once. I'm still trying to understand how The Supervisor’s family was limited in
where they could travel on the property because of the existing
hazards? If they didn't know they were there? Is that the same as being afraid of the dark?
Shouldn't Derek Navarro be on megan's law?......I would want to know if that creep lived close to me.
What i want to know more so than where he he back on with our sheriffs dept?
I'll call you on the one about Sheriff Mitchell's infidelities. It is not that I think you are lying, I would just like to see some evidence for what you are saying. It is a completely slanderous statement supported by no evidence. You say everyone knows about it, but I didn't know about it and I have lived in Lakeport since I was five. I know it is a small county and rumors spread like wildfire, but just show us evidence rather than just saying you have it.

I see too much speculation on this board. If you really wish to insight the public to change you need to give facts and not just these rumors I have been seeing over and over again.
That post of 11:41 above is a great post, the #7 question is exactly the paradox of the statement. These are the little twists and turns that we have to watch for, reading between the lines, because you can actually figure out what is really going on in this county, if you reverse what they are trying to say and then see if it makes sense!!:]

I think if we look into the way they handled the charges with Perdock, we will see that the Sheriff played a game with how he initially charged him and then changed it. More to come on that, but it appears as if they pulled a quickie so that if Dinius was found not quility perdock could not be charged with the same charges or similar ones.

Thus only being able to be charged with a minor crime, if this true then we will know why no one is stepping up to charge perdock. Details pending.
Ok, so we know Mitchell has a opponent running against him in this up coming election. So, what do I see. I'm at the County Fair, see Mitchell in dress uninform. Whats he doing? Patroling the grounds? Maybe! But, What I know for fact is that while patroling if that indeed is what he was there to do, he was also campaigning! Now, correct if I'm wrong. But, while in uniform he is on the Tax Payers Money and campaign is something that should be down when not on the job! I would like to see, a accounting record of just how are dollars are being spent according to Mitchell! Garzoli and the helicopter, Tax Payers Money? Campaigning, Tax Payers Money? Hopkins pursuit of prosecuting the wrong people, how much has been spent? Are the records? How much of OUR MONEY is being spent foolishly?
Excellent post above 3:28. All good questions and that area does fall into the Supervisors arena. They should be on the entire DA/Sheriffs Asses on this. Garzoli and the helicopter is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to monies being spent by these guys. I hope the Supervisors will step now, and investigate the whole system and the money being used in each of these organizations.
To the "great complainer I don't see you coming forward with your name. We need to be anonymous sometimes to protect our families and other interests. You will learn my name eventually. I can hardly wait.
Is the sheriff paid by the hour ? or is he paid a base salary and considered to be "on duty at all times"
I rather suspect the latter.
Not trying to stand up for Mitchell, for I think he sits at the right hand of the devil (Hopkins being the devil himself)
Just trying to be fair and reasonable.
No not every single thing on this site may be entirely true. But generally it is right on the mark. This will also be for the investigators to sort out. And by the way when are they coming? Maybe we actually need the FBI. Garzoli and "The DEA colleague" that's federal in my book.
Scott Feil and Dave Garzoli shared the same helicopter. They shared the cost of the delivery and return of that helicopter. Does that mean the DEA grant paid some of the Feil helicopter lessons? The same DEA who arrested Feil and still won't let him out of jail? Up until the crash Feil was the only person who knew Garzoli was flying the helicopter(on a DEA grant!)
Dear "Great Complainer" you smell like a cop. A dirty cop. Maybe your name will surface here wheather you say it or not.
Derek navarro was that your babysitter? The one you said her bones will be scattered throughout the county? Did I see you in safeway with her the other day? She looked Pregnant!!

Also, I've noticed when the cops come underfire they go crazy busting people, its called smokescreens, So everyone be careful watch your back.
All right you may a post of mine several hours ago concerning what they did to the perdock charges and how they may have twisted them around a bit so Perdock couldn't be charged. Well here is the answer from an "insider" at the DA's office.

If Dinius was found not guilty of manslaughter then Perdock could have been charged with the same manslaughter charge. But because of the DUI bodily injury charge they used, that same charge can't be used againist Perdock, as long as they spun the charges like this and didn't establish Perdock to be BUI, of course because they didn't take his blood alcohol!!!! Tricky business, and that's how it works in this county eh!!!

By the way what happened to the 3 people witnesses who saw Perdock drinking at Konocti???? For those who have information on this aspect of this case come forward on this forum and give us the truth

Oh, in answer to an above question yes Garzoli is the one who pulled the gun.
Don't be too hard on Garzoli just yet. When Mitchell turned on him he got a bitter taste in his mouth. With 20 years on the force I'm sure he knows where the bodies are buried "so to speak." If he finds the 'Need" to talk about "?" This would be a good place to start. He has been informed of this site.
how come no charges were made on Navarro for this very disturbing post? where were the girls parens? how long ago and was this on Hopkins watch????? WTF please respond.
People lets get back to Rodney's little affairs. About oh lets see, 12 years ago. Our then new sheriff was having an affair with a Lakeport Police Officer's wife. Her name is Tracy Taylor. She has moved on after getting a divorce and finding a new county.

So we have KC at the courts and Tracy a coppers wife. Two so far. But we know there's more. Maybe the department's evidence tec? Rumor has it Rodney has been having an affair with this female employee within the last few weeks. Oh no!!!! Bad little sheriff.
Navarro was charged many years ago. Trial Pending.
Up until the crash Feil was the only person who knew Garzoli was flying the helicopter(on a DEA grant!)September 16, 2009 4:50 PM So Feil is running the SO. Does Mitchell know this?
I have never seen such an enormous pile of roumor, inuendo, and gossip as I see in the column. It is getting to be repeticious and boring. If any of you yahoo's REALLY want to put Mitchell and Hopkins out of business, you should start supplying facts and times and dates. Not just a bunch of B.S. that isn't verifiable
GET REAL, no one is going to take this seriously
I have never seen such an enormous pile of roumor, inuendo, and gossip as I see in the column. It is getting to be repeticious and boring. If any of you yahoo's REALLY want to put Mitchell and Hopkins out of business, you should start supplying facts and times and dates. Not just a bunch of B.S. that isn't verifiable
GET REAL, no one is going to take this seriously
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : September 17, 2009 1:38 PM Got anything to add besides criticism?? If not go away!!
Great last post, Feil is running the SO, Does mitchell know this? Love it!!! Now The Tracy Taylor incident comes into play, This is stunning, how in gods name did this guy ever get re-elected as the years went by. I tell you the folks who lived in this county in the past were either very ignorant, or were just good ole boys who thought it was cool what this scumbag was doing. But really my question and it is a bit scary is, did and does Rodney have that much power, and could he but that level of fear into people so none of this came out to any degree that he would come under fire?

I need to hear some former or current sheriffs get on here and give us the inside deal on this. Along with that I would really like to know what and how much does Hopkins know about all of this. I mean if he has knowledge of this, and has never brought it up or gone after Mitchell, that in and of its self is a crime.

Anybody with ideas on this please post asap.
Isn't this entire blog about your criticisms of the sheriff? You tell someone to leave because they want you to supply facts for your criticisms and outlandish accusations? Seriously... come on what is wrong with facts and proof. There are reasons none of what you are saying about his infidelity has been in the news. There is no evidence to substantiate your claims. Stop bitching and do the leg work to get some real dirt on the sheriff. This whole blog is a big joke in my book.
Fucking hippies!
If you tally up the posts to date, abut 80 % sound like folks who have been (rightfully?) busted and are taking out their anger on the Sheriff. About 10 % are morons. And 10 % have some constructive ideas but the loser stoner//dopers just keep trying to yell louder than any one else or come up with something to top the guy just before him/her.

Come on folks, facts are needed, not rants and raves. If you have the facts, post them, if not go back to your hovel and drink some cheap wine and than go to sleep.
Cheap shot 3:38. I only drink $2 buck chuck and I do not live in a hovel, I live in my truck (behind scentry market most of the time--free power and water)
Big joke, I think not my citizens. Regarding Rodney’s affair with Tracy Taylor. Here it is. She separated from her husband who I believe she had been cheating on. I could be wrong about this part. This part is correct. Tracy had a new steady boyfriend at the time of the affair. Rodney met Tracy at the gym in Lakeport. He then started fucking her while at work and while off work. Here’s the good part he he.

The boyfriend found out! He was so fucking pissed off; he went to the sheriff’s department on Martin Street during business hours to say HI! To Rodney. (Remember this Rod!?) But poor miss understood Rodney, refused to see him. Cowardly little manjina. The boyfriend made such a scene, Rodney came out of his little cave of an office and invited the boyfriend in for a forgiveness chat. ALL the office employees saw, heard, and knew what was going on.

Now as for Rodney having that kind of power, yeap! Sorry to say. He has the power to pencil fuck anyone out of his/her employment. Sad isn’t it. That’s why it’s so important to elect someone new!
Date? Time?
How about all the concealed firearms he lets the citizens have? That scares the shit out of me... As a wealthy trust fund hippie from the Bay Area, I am vehemently against any sheriff that allows citizens to protect themselves.

This is not your county. You did not grow up here. We don't need you to tell us how backwards and stupid we are. Go back to San Fran with the rest of your kind.
youtube has a great little video of Garzolis HARD LANDING!!!!!!!!! the recovery effort anyway.great way to spend eradication funds .So sad some of those Upper Lake boys didnt shoot your sorry ass down.
this webstite is not what I thought it would be. Just a lot of gossip and non facts. To bad.
Isn't this entire blog about your criticisms of the sheriff? You tell someone to leave because they want you to supply facts for your criticisms and outlandish accusations? Seriously... come on what is wrong with facts and proof. There are reasons none of what you are saying about his infidelity has been in the news. There is no evidence to substantiate your claims. Stop bitching and do the leg work to get some real dirt on the sheriff. This whole blog is a big joke in my book.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : September 17, 2009 2:53 PM++++++ Just to show you this is not just some local dope smoking hippies stay tuned when we go all over the internet+++++++ +++ Looks like the last chapter in your little book, See ya Wouldn't wanna be ya!!
Best results use Then
Morningstar57 / LakeNative
written by Ringen, September 03, 2009
I am retired LCSO Sergeant Kip Ringen. I retired honorably on April 15, 2009, after 30 years in law enforcement, 27 of those years at Lake County S.O. (I was here while Rodney was rinsing produce in Sacramento)
First, yes, I was placed on administrative leave four (4) hours after informing Capt. Russ Perdock and Lt. Cecil Brown about discrimination and racial slurs directed towards Frank Rivero. These actions and comments were made by other deputies about Frank.
Secondly, I initially considered running for Sheriff myself, but I believed Frank was the best candidate to protect the citizens of Lake County and lead the Sheriff's Dept. in a new and positive direction. So, as soon as I learned Frank Rivero was running for Sheriff, I immediately placed my support behind him.
On August 5th, I posted on Frank's facebook that I supported his candidacy. About an hour and a half (1 1/2) later I received a call from the D.A.'s office. I was told that I could not stop by the investigator's office any longer. I was told that they did not want it to look like the D.A. was supporting Frank.
Thirdly, Frank is absolutely correct. The positions of child abuse detective and elder abuse detective (which are grant funded) have been vacant for years. Children and seniors are the most vulnerable citizens in our society. I find it appalling Mitchell has left these positions unstaffed for so many years.
I dedicated 27 years to the citizens of Lake County. I would still be serving the county if not for Mitchell's mismanagement of the department.
As for "OU812," quit hiding behind the keyboard. Have some courage and put your name out there, I did.
Worth reading...
This is morningstar and the above post was written to me by kip on Lake County News Blog. There are many more LCSO who have stepped forward in filing complaints against Mitchell along with Hopkins. Its called a process! We won the battle with Bismarck and now we are headed for war. Frank Rivero has stepped forward to replace Mitchell as well as Don Anderson has stepped up to replace Hopkins. Over these past few years and reading many of blogs, all I can say is keep on with the fight, AND SHOW YOUR FUCKEN ASSES UP AT THE POLLS TO VOTE! I see alot of bitching and didn't see alot of voting!
For a long time most people didn't think it could happen to them. The "PERSECUTION" of Bismarck opened their eyes. If we keep the Spotlight on them the voter turnout will show it this time around. Good will win over evil. Don't give up the fight.
Everyone needs to keep it up! Post facts!
A while back John Hopkins wrote a letter to the editor of the Record Bee and he started it off with " Why would our small town support a drunken sailor? " I would like to know why our small town would support a DA like Hopkins and dirty, lying, child molesting cops and dirty favoring judges! They are nothing but liars! They need to do what we pay them to do! Last I checked I didn't want to pay for a cop to rape and molest two young girls! I mean come on! How sick in the head are these people?
I love this website!!!!
To the morningstar post via ringer 30 year officer, Thank you, thank you for that post, I am very grateful for your contribution and the courage to post that comment,I hope someday we can meet, so all of these concerned people can shake your hand.

I believe it may be approaching time to bypass the election, it may be at this point a Grand jury may need to be brought in this is a process the citizens can start. All those who testify can do so with out prejudice and this mess can be brought to a close. I would hope that all efforts are being made to insure that both the DA and the sheriff receive this website and copies of these postings. All of you who have been posting are to be commended. Somebody told me about this website and I was so grateful when I went to it.

We continue to need the help of those out there who may be afraid to post, please tell us your stories, the time has come, we are in this for reasons greater then this little county, this says to everyone who finds out about it, that we stood up, and we supported each other and we stuck with it and won. Thanks everyone for your help
To the officer who posted via morningstar. Beautiful man run for office, run for something man, we need people like you in our county, thanks for the help.
If you think it is interesting how on certain occasions the sheriff is around the area when the DEA comes into town. I can tell you why it is. Because for so many years Rod and the boys have taken out if you will vendeta's againist people they deem to have to much inside crap on them. Look at what happened recently in upperlake with the DEA raid on Tom Carter and a few others. Remember the two sheriffs cars reported to be at the bottom of the hill by a witness. Well that should give you a hint as to how they work it from inside the sheriffs compound. Anyone with information about vendeta's and or stories of this happening please post them so we can put the whole picture together of this corrupt organization, including the hopkins gang of thugs!!
Has anyone seen this?
im 50 years local and not a dope smoking hippie........the drunken sailor comment from Hopkins was the last staw for many of us. lets get together and take back this beautiful county. town meeting? open forum? We all stand together they cant arrest us for that. Maybe invite Channel 7 I team . The Grand Jury was a great idea as well.
Im in for that . lets get some people in here from the Capitol City they are all over the boating cover up . The Attorney Generals office is listening we need to hit them hard and let them hear the rest of the story........
How can we make surrounding county's aware of what's happening here? If the saying is, come to lake county on vacation. leave on probation is true Maybe some that have passed through have a story to tell.
Very interesting. Not from lake county but your neighbor to the west. We have had the same kind of things going on wife swapping, drinking officers,corruption,lots of stories of payoffs, bad cops that no one can fire,huge spending, and lack of respect to the BOS and citizens of our county. . Primary problem is the pot industry and the untaxed billions of dollars it generates and the new hub of organized crime Mexican,Russain ect. and thoses assocated with it. Good old boy club with lots of old money and then throw in the pot money. Cannot recall having a child abuser officer though. You might have have us beat on that one. We need some change over here to but like you guys its hard to take a Mason down. Plus these guys love there job running around having the time of there life on the taxpayers dollar. Flying around in helicopters, fast cars wild women, beautful mountains and residents with fear.
Any of you that believe Ringen are going to be sorry. All you need to do is ask him to show you his IA file. He is LYING TO YOU about his discipline. I heard Kip was put on admin leave because when he made his report to admin about racial slurs toward Rivero he was told to put it in writing(exactly what good sgt. would have done to begin with) and he REFUSED-that is why he was put on leave-insubordination-not because he reported racism. Ringen was the WORST sgt ever and should have run out long ago. Have Ringen show the IA report.......I guarantee he won't.

Now about RIVERO- He can't handle a single call for service without calling a senior deputy to ask what to do......

He failed to force his way into a house to check on an elderly person who was found AFTER Rivero left- DEAD by a neighbor who knows....they may have been alive when good ole RIVERO was there. If he would have just broke the door open he may have saved a life.....

Rivero recently lost what should have been the arrest of a good crook because he doesn't know basic search and seizure laws. The DA had to drop the case because Rivero did an illegal search of the suspects car(violated his 4th amendment rights).

Yeah there's your next sheriff and his staff (Ringen) are all fools.....
"Hey Stupid "above post About Ringen & Rivero. Good to see we got you schiting your pants to try and cover for your butt buddy Mitchel. This isn't about getting Rivero or anybody else elected. It's about taking out the trash Mitchell and his butt buddys It's good to see that we are such a thorn in your side that you can't stay on topic. Now go change your shorts.
Hey, above comment- You did not need to get nasty on that comment. Obviouly, it came from someone with valid information about Rivero, who just may be our next sheriff. Don't get me wrong, I think this forum is great, but we need to know more about our candidate too.
Holly crap, want to know more about your current sheriff? Well ask him about trying to have sex with one of his current Sgt's wives. Yeap that’s right, he tried to get into J Rivera's pants several times. Oh by the way, she was and is still a dispatcher supervisor. But after she turned Rodney down several times, she got shoved in the coroner of the department. In other words, she is being shit all over by the department's administration. Wow penis Mitchell. Is this the person you want in office?

Now for Rivero, he handles himself just fine. In fact, he goes out of his way to make sure the calls he responds too are in fact handles correctly. The part about the elderly person. Whoever you are writing this crap, at least print the truth. Rivero went to a call to check on a person a neighbor had not seen in a few days. He knocked on the door, looked in the windows ect. The same thing all cops do every time we get a call like this. He even spoke with the person who called in length asking if the neighbor felt a "FORCED ENTRY" was needed. Guess what! the neighbor said no as did the SGT who was working that day after Rivero briefed him. This could have happened to any deputy responding and would have. In fact, now Sgt. Andy Davidson responded to the same type of call years ago in Nice. He did the same thing leaving the house. But holly shit, the second call reporting the same thing a day later reveled two dead murdered people. So get your facts straight before you throw all your crap around. As far as Ringin, well I’m fairly sure he will speak for himself. Now respond with your childish lies so other can see your writing style and ignore you. Bye now and no believe it or not, I’m not a Rivero supporter yet. But it’s looking dam good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your comments about Ringen was dead wrong. I am a deputy and I would never give me name out because I know how management works. I was there when Ringen and Brown got into it in the office. He was not charged for anything that I have read. It was purly administrative due to a dislike for the sheriff and Brown. Although Ringen has a hot temper, his actions are usually to protect the deputies. His breakup with his wife was due to his constant union work with the state that took him out of town constantly. Want to read a court case about Ringen against Mitchell, Go to the below link that ended up being case law.

I'm by no means a Ringen fan, but get your facts correct and stop slandering a cop that did his FULL career and retired.

As For Rivero, I have a hard time supporting him, but Mitchell seems to have forgotten he too started this way. Mitchell has just a part time deputy in Sacramento before being a deputy in Lake County. He was a detective only for a little time and then a sergeant. No management skills or business management experience.

Rivero: A police officer with SFPD (10 times larger than Lake County), a narc for several years and then ran one of the most successful funeral homes in the bay area. He sold his businesses at a great profit before becoming a deputy with Lake County. He was even a temp. sergeant.

As for the dead lady remarks. I will tell you first hand, if Rivero did that, he would be in big trouble and Mitchell would have jumped on that for policitial gain. The caller wasn't sure to lady was in the house and turned down Rivero's request to force entry.
This is what hollywood makes movies about. This is stuff that would be hard to make up
September 18, 2009 5:07 PM, I’m an LCSO employee and shamefully admit it. You on the other hand are an LCSO employee and deny it. You started by alluding that you “heard” this fairytale you told as if you are not an employee. By doing so, you immediately lost all credibility. You are one of Mitchell’s many department shills.

Now for the facts: Ringen was a 27-year veteran who defended the troops, and yes, unfortunately, even lowlife invertebrates like you. He stood up to Mitchell’s inequities refusing to drag himself behind Mitchell like you do. For 16-years, Ringen selflessly put himself between Mitchell’s fuckery and us. Again, when I say “us,” I unfortunately include the backstabbing, rumor milling, racial profiling, dirty searching, false arresting, constitution-shredding non-cop-cops like you.

With regard to Rivero, if you live to be 100, you could not approach becoming half the cop or one hundredth the man he is. Rivero has forgotten more about police work in the last 10 minuets then you will ever know. It’s no wonder you don’t want him elected, you will not survive a Rivero administration. Your fear is transparent and wise. Keep writing, the more you write the closer he will zero in on who you are.
September 18, 2009 5:07 PM & September 18, 2009 6:21 PM Have reason to worry about Rivero becoming Sheriff. Then they will have to start doing their job and pull their own weight. I'm sure Rivero knows who the are, If not when the time is right I'll let him know. As for "OU812," quit hiding behind the keyboard. Have some courage and put your name out there, Kip did
Dear Shamefully Employed by LCSO,

I needed to look up the word "shill" and this is what I found . . . "A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services or a political group, who pretends no association to the seller/group and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer."

Seems you couldn't have found a better word!

Here are a few more definitions for "shill."

–noun 1. a person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating, as at a gambling house, auction, confidence game, etc.
2. a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty.

–verb (used without object) 3. to work as a shill: He shills for a large casino.

–verb (used with object) 4. to advertise or promote (a product) as or in the manner of a huckster; hustle: He was hired to shill a new TV show.
Here's some more shilling, for those that are interested. . . . as quoted from Merriam-Webster . . . .

Main Entry: 1shill
Pronunciation: \ˈshil\
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: 2shill
Date: circa 1914
1 : to act as a shill
2 : to act as a spokesperson or promoter (the eminent Shakespearean producer…is now shilling for a brokerage house — Andy Rooney)
Do you think Mitchell, Rob Brown and Garzoli, right now, are contemplating how they will survive this shit storm??
Anyone know why Hopkins was asked to leave the The Lake County Diamonds band??
It's about time somebody has enough balls to run against this guy.
So who really believes that Rob Brown didn't know about or it was his plants on his property? I mean come on! Really you don't know what's going on on your property? I don't know about that. Did anyone see the Press Democrate? Oh my god the picture of Rob Brown is hilarious!! Anyone got info on this?
So does Rotten Mitchell think that he is in the mob like Tony Soprano? I mean he acts like it right? Do whatever he wants! Fuck people's wife's, cover up cases, rebuild the reports for us to see. I mean this is ridiculous! We don't live in the tv show "The Sopranos". This is real life where we are all of the victims in it if we don't have enough pull ourselves! It's bullshit! We need proof! Good hard evidence to take them down! Everyone keep it up! And for those of you shit talkers saying we're hippies or idiots go somewhere else and live like cowards!
Be careful of the cops pulling you over for bullshit things and planting things in you car when you aren't paying attention. It's happened before!
People are saying bad things about Rivero and all I have to say is that pick between the lesser of the two evils! Anyone but Mitchell has got to be better!
Mitchell still covering for Perdock? Questions: Is Perdock still on paid leave of some sort? Is the Perdock IA investigation done? What was the IA investigation about? If these questions can be answered it could show the extent that Mitchell wiil go to keep Perdock around. Is he letting the dust settle and then bring Perdock back into the ranks? Any infomation on the above that can be brought out could show Mitchell for what he is and also keep the Perdock issue alive.
This is way off of our topic, which is supposed to be Sheriff Mitchel. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in the name of fairness regarding allegations of Rob Brown growing MJ on his property. This man is a supervisor and a successful business owner. I am sure he makes enough $ and would not need to risk growing on his own property. This is jst my opinion.
Misinformation is being leaked by LCSO Detective Tom Andrews about Frank Rivero to his (Andrews’) girlfriend, Haley Ostern. Tom Andrews is attempting to politically sabotage Rivero. Haley recently contacted Rivero through his facebook page and accused him of losing a good case. She said the DA had to drop the case because of Rivero. Haley’s allegation was untrue, but that’s not as important as what follows here:

Haley neglected to say where she got the information. Rivero, who keeps close tabs on the Good Old Boys, asked her if she was Detective Andrews “Friend.” After additional prodding by Rivero, Haley fessed up. Haley wrote to Rivero, “Yes, I am a friend of Tom's. But he generally does not talk about work outside of the work place. Let’s see, “He GENERALLY does not talk about work outside of the work place?” Tom, isn’t it inappropriate to release misinformation about a criminal investigations? Last time you were kicked out of detectives for failing to respond to you’re on call duties. Now you’re releasing information to the girlfriend in order to smear a colleague.

Tommy, what happened to the smack you shared with your recruits about what a shit hole the LCSO was, the racial profiling, and Mitchell’s unfair treatment of you. Oh, that was before you were re-promoted / re-GOBed.
How Much is enough? and how do you know when you have it? WE may never know the truth. But to say he is Innocent because he owns a business Doesn't Mean businesses can"t be bought with drug money.
Sorry about the last post it was broken up due to being to long. However I think the point was made. Remember no divide and conquer, keep the focus, let's roll!! I will post the last sentence to Hopkins and Mitchell: You bit off more then you can chew, and now that your evil mouth is full, were going to shove it down your fucking throat and watch you you choke to death on your own meal.

God I love a good battle for a good cause!!! :-}
I am a deputy and will not give my name. Look what happened to Beland. Andrews started out as a deputy, then a part time detective, tossed out, went back to detectives, tossed out, became an FTO and now he's back to being a detective. Tommy, you're better off not getting involved with this race. I work North and I'm going to keep an eye on you. Rivero might have some problems, but who doesn't. I agree with the above comment, pick the one you like the least and you will pick Rivero. At least Rivero is standing up against a current sheriff who only looks out for himself. Is there some reason why Mitchell can't put a minority in the chain of command? Lets see, Morshed and Rivero tested for sergeant and neither were picked, although both had been sergeant's before and currently have a clean personnel file. As for the comment about Supervisor Rob Brown, I have known him most of my life and I am familure with his property. I believe Brown had no idea about the marijuana on his property and I know how he feels about dope. He is a very big supporter of law enforcement and I don't think he's a fan of Mitchell right now. If you ever worked clearing a marijuana grow (like I have), it is not unusual to find a grow in thick vegitation and the only way in and out is by helicopter. Isn't that right Garzoli?
Are you saying Garzoli was working on his own crop with that copter?
There is going more help here. Maybe join forces?
If you have problems getting there use then
No, Garzoli has pulled a lot of illegal grows and can tell you how hard it is to get too.
ok, so out of curiousity does anyone have a compilated list now of what our deputies, sherriffs, and supervisors are illegally doing/have done? If so I'd love to see it spelled out name by name. It seems like a better way to call them out.

we want the truth, and once we get it we need to use it to get back peace, equality, and justice in our nor-cal counties.
anyone up for a sit in?
A list is being compiled, many things have yet to be posted on this site, it is at times better to not show the whole hand, we don't want these punks to be able to react to all the information and try to cover their asses, its an old trick to say, let me see what you got, just so they can then react to it. Lets put it this way for now, its enough for a grand jury and more. This site is bringing out much more as well, so lets keep going, the rats are getting restless.
By the way the time for a march on the DA's office and the sheriffs office is approaching. They will be confronted by the public and great members of this posting group. All in due time, all in due time.

We need more inside folks contributing, you all are doing a great job congradulations are sticking up for our community!!!
Is Perdock still on paid leave?
Not that I don't wish to slam Hopkins and Mitchell, God knows that's a favorite past time for me. But there seems to be a cover-up going on that doesn't involve these two, directly, and I'll be posting that information as soon as I can get the person who gave me the info to post here with more details.

However, back to Hopkins and Mitchell, there is a difference between doing things correctly and doing things inappropriately. Calling the DA and Sheriff punks and asses or any other slur is juvenile at best and takes away from intelligently gathering as a community to right a wrong. I know the whole idea here is anonymity and freedom of speech but to be taken seriously, I strongly suggest everyone refrain from those kinds of terms in regards to two elected officials.

Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Mitchell enjoy those kinds of posts because they display frustration and aggravation, but not creative solutions. I think a committee of citizens should be formed to gather information, listen to the voices of the community, and when enough information has been gathered, take action to not only remove these two gentleman but to have charges filed against them. It can be done. I'll even offer up a PO Box for the information to be sent to.
I will ask again. Is Russell Perdock on paid leave? Just wondering if he is still being covered for. I have asked this question before, but I guess no body knows.
The "Official Case File" that Rod Mitchell posted on the Sheriff's website from the boating accident has several questionable pieces. Including Page 8 where it says that Sgt Hoffman took custody of the blood samples from Dinius and Weber and took them to the Sheriff's Dept in Lakeport. Perdock's blood, drawn @ the same time frame, was taken by Sgt Beland and taken to the Lower Lake SubStation.

This is just the kind of questionable behavior that casts suspicion on Rod Mitchell, why wasn't Perdock's blood taken by the same Sgt and to the same location? I know the BS answer, what's the real one?

Rod really wants to be "open" about this case he needs to answer the hard questions.
The answer to the last post is that the blood samples were taken from different places. One from Redbud (clearlake) and the other two from Lakeport(Sutter). Evidence taken from the south county would logically be booked into south county evidence, as which Perdock's was. Evidence taken from the north county would logically be booked into north county evidence storage, as was the other two. When an accident happens, such as this one, it's logical to take the people to seperate locations (if possible) so that there is no drama having them together. Not questionable behavior... logical.
Can anyone tell me whether the smattering 10 have become a smattering of 15. I gaurantee you that is you were to call another one of your peaceful protests again, the same people would show and no more! All talk, whine, and complain about everyone and everything, yet you all sit behind anonymous names and keep typing. I saw only two faces throughout the Dinius Trial from day one all the way to the end. Is this how you think you are going to turn heads, think again!
How is that logical, when there's quite a distance between the two hospitals allowing BAC to be obviously lower? Especially if rate of speed is involved. I'm sure they didn't drive Code 3 to Redbud. I know I wouldn't! Is there no logic in that?
Everyone seems to have forgotten about the very recent Dave Brown investigation. Yes the Dave Brown investigation. It seems employees at the sheriff's office had made SOOOOOOO many racial remarks against a select few deputies, County Counsel hired Dave Brown to investigate. This due to several pending lawsuits by those deputies against the county. WOW!!! Hey Rodney boy! How about posting that on your web page. That is if you're so open now. Everyone here knows your reading this. Don’t be a chicken shit. If you want to keep sitting in the big chair then act like a big grown up boy and not a child.

Comment: How is that logical, when there's quite a distance between the two hospitals allowing BAC to be obviously lower? Especially if rate of speed is involved. I'm sure they didn't drive Code 3 to Redbud. I know I wouldn't! Is there no logic in that?

Response: This might answer why Beland wanted to PAS Perdock. The distance between Redbud and Sutter from Konocti are almost the same (just ask Kelseyville Fire). The evidence room for Lower Lake is just around the corner from Redbud. The evidence room for Lakeport is in Lakeport (a few miles from Sutter). The real question is why did it take so long to get Perdock's blood?
I don't remember a DAVE BROWN investigating that case, but CECIL BROWN did.
September 19, 2009 10:56 PM Can anyone tell me whether the smattering 10 have become a smattering of 15.++ If you take your other shoe off you could count higher. Just trying to help.
I agree with the previous comments regarding the way we conduct ourselves here on this blog. Our goal is to share information, not throw out insults if we are to be taken seriously and gain more supporters and contributors. I am thankful for the deputies who have left comments. It is a shame that the S.O. has been divided for so long.
People need to stop insulting each other! Tell you stories and facts! Act like adults not the children who run out law enforcement!
Sorry meant to put OUR law enforcement
The stories are there, I think a lot of citizens are questioning some of the stories and appreciating the inside scoop! There are obvious discrepencies in what the public knows and what really happened. This is a good way for everyone to see the corruption and help get Rod Mitchell out of office.
Dave Brown DID do an investigation concerning racial profiling, racial remarks and discrimination within the Sheriff's Dept.
Dave Brown had been a D.A. investigator for this county and retired about 8 or 10 years ago. Since then he has been hired by the county, on a contractual basis, to do investigations for the courts and county counsel.
The Board of Supervisors were informed of the problems within the department concerning racial profiling and discrimination and ordered an investigation. Anita Grant, the head of County Counsel, directed Dave Brown to investigate.
Dave Brown interviewed many S.O. employees, including Mitchell. Once the investigation was completed, it was promptly buried.
The victims of the racial profiling have hired attorneys and are preparing to sue the county and the Sheriff's Dept. This is going to cost you, the taxpayer, millions of dollars.
Sheriff Mitchell says he wants transparency. Well then, why does he not post this on his web page? Call him and ask him for the information. I bet he will not give it to you. I bet he will say that he can't talk about ongoing investigations or litigation.
Call your county supervisor and ask them about it. Call Denise Rushing directly since she was the Chairman of the Board at the time the investigation was ordered. Call Anita Grant at the county counsels office and ask her.
As I stated before, this is going to cost you, the taxpayer, millions of dollars. Just another example of how Mitchell has failed to run the department properly.
As for the question about if Perdock is still on adminstrative leave, the answer is yes. He is still off and being paid his full salary.

and for the person that asked about Navarro, he has not been hired back by the department and his case has not been brought to trial yet.
For those who don't know, peace officers are protected under the Peace Officer's Bill of Rights. Government Code Sections 3300.
If an investigation is underway, neither the press or even a Board of Supervisor can review that case unless it has been closed and sent to the DA for criminal charges. If a manager, Mitchell, speaks about an ongoing case, that statement can be used against him for the employee to have his charges dropped.
Navarro is still being investigated by the DA's Office, not LCSO, he is officially terminated. Perdock is on leave with pay. Sonoma Sheriff's is conducting an Internal Affairs Investigation on Perdock because of his friendship with LCSO and the DA's Office.
Navarro is not on the Megans Law websit because he has yet to see a court room. Whether he does or not will be interesting.
Do you know that Michell went to the accident site after the boats collided to give Pero a big hug and tell him it will be okay. That is fact, if Mitchell wanted to be so forth coming with information about this case then why did he make sure he was excluded as being there from the report.
Just wait and see, Mitchell will feel the heat and throw his buddy Perdo under the bus...
Also if you know how to read these reports he released to the public, you would see that all the people on the sail boat were listed as victims of Perdo. Perdo also tested positive for OPIETS...How come that never came out.
If someone has something else to say about Rob Brown, let's hear it. But lets use a little common sense here. Who would go through the trouble to plant marijuana on their property just to turn themselves in just before harvest? Maybe he thought he might get caught? All pot growers think they might get caught, but they don't tear their crops out regardless. If you get caught you can still use the excuse you didn't know it was there. I have owned rural land for 30 years, and there are parts i have never been to, and it's not as large or rugged as Rob Brown's. He has turned himself in for two years in a row. This doesn't make sense. Bark up another tree.
somebody up there said "good cops... like Navarro." I thought they must have meant Derek. I figured he couldn't have meant Sean, since he stole money from me (and I know I'm not the only one). This happened over a 4-6 year period... I will be here when the investigators come. Great website! keep it up.
I know a tow-truck driver who is afraid to come forward. He told me the story of a man who retired and withdrew all his life's savings in cash with the intent to buy a house. He was pulled over during a traffic stop. The cops stole approximately $100,000 from the man. after the man was on his way to jail, the tow truck driver saw the remaining two officers counting the man's money. He was told to forget what he saw... or else! This happened about 7 years ago. I think the tow truck driver will talk if he feels he will get some protection.
RE Officer Navarro...posted by Anonymous Anonymous : September 15, 2009 10:52 AM.

I believe it was Derek Navarro who was SO kind & empathetic. Lake County wants ALL their employees to be cold-hearted assholes. That's why I was let go at my county job. Too nice and all the clients let me know they were bummed that I was gone. They said I was the nicest and most helpful.
Another request from 9/21 @2:55pm... if anyone knows what happened to Officer Navarro, please post it here. thanks
Navarro works part time for his brother in the PI business.
TO Anonymous Anonymous : September 21, 2009 2:11 PM ~~ I bet I know who that tow truck driver was.
3:07pm... thanks. that was quick! ;)
To anonymous sept 19 10:56 pm. Only two faces from day one till the end. The rest of us were working and logging on every evening to read about how our corrupt DA tried to twist the truth that eventually sank him... guess he looks like a drunken sailor now!!!!! And who can be there every day and take notice of faces, the DA himself? A lot of people watching and wondering why the SHERIFF AND THE DA would go so far and cover up the truth. Someone knows the rest of this story..........
I would like to hear more about Detective Tommy Andrews
What Hopkins,Mitchell,and Perdock have done to Dinius just got them that diamond lane know the fast track straight to HELL!!!!!!
Being a somewhat "disinterested observer" I would say that 80 % of everything posted on this forum is without evidence or back up. IF you want people to believe in what you are posting, for God's sake, post enough factual information so that one can draw a conclusion as to wheter you are just some jaded cop, or a doper who got busted and hate all law enforcement, or someone who actually knows something. Otherwise, this is just a lot of rethoric, bitchin and moanin. Personally, I would LOVE to see some incriminating facts so that Hopkins and Mitchell go down. But so far, little evidence has been presented.
Have been looking on youtube for that cleanupclearlake and cant get anything. when will it be up?
If it were not for the people that I respect and that respect me, I would not stoop so low as to respond to the B.S. being posted on this "thing". I am a Lake County Deputy Sheriff and I will identify myself. Tommy Andrews here. Here we go: Yes, one day I came home and told Haley about a forgery case I was working and how and why the DA's Office rejected it. What ever conversation took place between Haley and Frank is between them as it was supposed to be a private conversation. It was not mis-information and people in relationships do talk. If I offended someone by talking with my cohabitant, then I apologize for offending who ever you are. I find it hard to believe that my "recruits" banded together and compared notes on how I talked shit about the department and tought racial profiling. I actually enjoy my job, that is why I have been doing it for the past 18 years and 5 months. After being assigned to patrol for 1 year and 10 months, I promoted to Full Time (since there is no such thing as part time) Detective. After about 5 years, I was reassigned to patrol, tossed out if you will, but then tested and earned the promotion again. After about 4 years I was reassigned to patrol, because I had been in there a while, read the reassignment letter. I tested again and was promoted to detective and here I am. I also recently tested for sergeant, along side Morshed and Rivero, and based on whatever criteria the panel used, came out in the top 4. To whom ever the "coward" is (feel free to actually identify yourself) that is keeping an eye on me, I do my job well and am easy to find. If Deputy Rivero believes I am trying to sabotage his campaign, he can call me and we can talk about it. I mean no disrespect to any readers, you'll hear no more on this "thing" from me.
I commend you Tommy Andrews for stepping up to the plate, and commenting on what is being said, True or Not! And I agree with you on conversations with a significant other after a hard days work. Gezz, if you can't talk with your mate you many as well be single! Good Luck within the LCSO, and hopefully, when all is said and done you will still be on the force!
Sept 18 - 7:52pm
Thank You for your post. I did check out the website you provided and was pleased to see that what you stated were in fact FACTS! This is what I like to see on these posts.
Seems to me someone within the LCSO had it in for Kip. He took all appropriate measures to show the courts his intent and honesty. Kudo's that is the way the system works! I hope for others in the same position as he was, do the same.
Shame on you Tommy...I have always thought of you as a man for the people. I would hope that you have not joined the ranks of the "Good Ole Boys". It would be a terrible shame if you have changed to fit in, I never knew you to be that way. You can't slander other officers to your girlfriend or whom ever and think it's not going to get out here in the public, considering your beloved LCSO in under the microscope. You should probably give Rivero a chance instead of trying to kick him down before he even gets started. That would be the right and honest thing to do. I know you have worked for the SO for many years, and have done a great job in the past. Just because Rodney likes you again doesn't mean he is loyal to should know that by now.
Whatever Tommy does in his personal life is none of your business! Unless of course he is doing something against the law. What he says in his off time from the LCSO is his right providing he does not bring it into the workforce. You, I or no one else owns these officers.
Clearly there is no room for honest truth on this blog nor do "YOU" want it. Anyone who comes on here and says anything positive about the department will be labeled a "good ole boy" by people who either don't don't work here or DO work here and do a shitty job and have been held accountable for said shitty work, so it is a lose lose.

You are not interested in truth only unsubstantiated gossip and chicken shit accusations with no basis for any of it. If any of the garbage alleged on here were true, those with the info KNOW they could put it in writing and assuming it was true, it would be handled appropriately. The fact that you are too scared to confront your co-workers by writing up all of their alleged misdeeds does not mean that Mitchell is at fault for not correcting the problem.

I can assure you that if you put it in writing the problem will be handled accordingly. If it ain't in writing , it didn't happen.

So all of you chicken shit deputies on here spouting off, put it in memo form and turn it in to Captain Howe and I guarantee you the problem will be solved. If your too much of a pussy to stand up then YOU are the PROBLEM.
Perdock is a real problem and still being paid. So putting that in a memo would it be handled? All can see how this problem is not being handled "accordingly". This is not a chicken shit accusation or gossip, but again you can see how it is not being handled "accordingly" or handled "appropriately". Mitchell is the problem!
If it isn't in writing it didnt happen? What the hell is that? Even when it is in writing it is that of what the Good Ole Boys want it to appear as. Thats a real Joke!
I wouldn't believe anything said or in writing at this point. There has been so much untruth it sickens me. I sat in court throughout the Dinius Trial and heard for myself. My God, we didn't even need a jury to decide. The entire court room including the judge knew what was going on. All those officers who sat up on that stand and lied or should I say obviously lied, only dug their own holes. We that people will fill that hole up so that this will not happen again!
(Maybe the department's evidence tec? Rumor has it Rodney has been having an affair with this female employee within the last few weeks. Oh no!!!! Bad little sheriff.
# posted by Anonymous : September 16, 2009 9:05 PM )

To whoever wrote this statement; this borders on slanderous. I am the female Evidence Tech (there is only one tech) that works at the Sheriff’s Department. I have worked long and hard, as a single mom, for many years to be able to make a difference here in this county. To have one person create any doubt in another persons mind is extremely unfair. What evidence do you have that this has taken place? Maybe you should check your sources more carefully. Better yet please share with the people of Lake County what evidence you have that this has taken place. I believe in honesty and integrity; anyone that knows me would know that about me. If this Blog is truly to reveal facts, then please do so.
Here is a site that describes a lot of events from about 1999 to about 2006 There is a lot of about the GOB system, How it got that way and how it hasn't changed. I'm not swearing that it's true that's up to you to decide. With a little research I think you will agree things haven't changed that much. If your new to the area or haven't been involved in the goings might find it interesting. It is/was the lake county free press...
Did you hear that all you chicken shit deputies? Put it in a memo to Capt. Howe and some authority will handle it accordingly.
You might as well write your complaints on your pink slip.
Female evidence tech. Very sorry for having to mention you. I hear you! But funny thing, I read that posting over and over and guess what? Never did I read, YOU DIDN’T SLEEP WITH THE POOR LITTLE FAT SHERIFF. So what is it? Please be careful with your answer. Come out and say you didn’t or don’t reply!

Now as for the boggler ranting and raving about unsubstantiated gossip and chicken shit accusations. Go cry to someone who gives a shit, stupid! I mean really, what’s your IQ? 12? Only gossipy bored dumb asses like you and I are here on this additive passes time. So go to the store get some female products to stop your uncomfortable ness and shut the fuck up! Sorry everyone else.
Lake County Wine Auction, Record Bee pics todays edition (Weds. 9-23-09
Did you see Moe and Larry (Curley is still off I guess) smiling and lookin good in there finest fashion.
I will bet ANYONE A DOLLAR TO A DOUGHNUT that one year from now they won't be there and they will have read the hand writing on the wall. They ARE TOAST and the voters of this county will toss their collective asses out on the street. The next thing to go will be the Board of Supes as they come up for re-election as they are fully complicit in this whole cover up. Home many THOUSANDS of tax payer dollars are down the drain by now? AND, we haven't even paid off Dinius yet!!! That will be a BIG number. Just watch them try and hide it!!
How do we know that "T. Andrews" actually wrote that comment? (Sept. 21--9:14) Couldn't anyone write it and sign his name??
(Female evidence tech. Very sorry for having to mention you. I hear you! But funny thing, I read that posting over and over and guess what? Never did I read, YOU DIDN’T SLEEP WITH THE POOR LITTLE FAT SHERIFF. So what is it? Please be careful with your answer. Come out and say you didn’t or don’t reply!)

What exactly do you believe honesty and integrity to mean? Someone with a brain in their heads would know that includes having sex with a married man….. So, I believe I did answer your question. You obviously do not know what Honesty and Integrity mean, I will be more direct; No, I did not. Now stick with the Truth… or do you really know what that means?
Your nose is growing!!!!!!!!!!! Evidence tech! Now I have to go and read another science fiction. lols
What exactly do you believe honesty and integrity to mean? Someone with a brain in their heads would know that includes having sex with a married man….. So.Shouldn't the answer be, not having sex with the poor little fat sheriff? The question wasn't about having sex with a married man. Maybe that's a notice to the others in the dept that are married.
Mitchell said in his Debriefing piece.....It is my intention to release this department’s entire case file as a PDF on our Web site for the public’s review. Obviously very few citizens will have the time to read through a voluminous record like this. But those same people may have important questions about their Sheriff’s Department’s role in the investigation and they deserve answers to those questions. It will take a few days to get the PDF created but I will have it posted the moment that it is ready...Pretty crafty wording there Mitchell, The questions from the people who didn't read the whole report will be referred to the PDF for the answers to their questions?...The questions from those who did read the whole report. Your questions won't be answered because they are related to personnel matters and dept policy.... My question to you.Do you think we are that stupid?
Bottom line people, we could careless who is banging who within the Dept. Thats something they all have to live with as well as deal with. Although, it does add to the list of Bad Role Models for our community as well as our children!
And Tec, if you are, shame on you! I know single moms need lovin too but find your own man!
Mitchells debriefing is a total JOKE. Your questions won't be answered to your satisfaction. This is just another one of his ploys to try and make himself look good within the publics eye. What he is failing to realize, he is a day late and a dollar short a long time ago. He holds no merit with the community any longer and all he is doing to fighting the inevitable. BYE BYE Rodney! Your time is coming to a end, do the right thing and step down now before you are even more humiliated with the count of the other words try and say what face you may have left!
I know that evidence tech first hand and have worked with her for 10 years. She would never stoop that low to endanger her job. She has had a hard time the last few years and should be commended on the hard work she does. She is a true professional, does her job with pride and has always come to my aid when I needed evidence processed. When my wife was ill, she contacted me every day to see how she was doing and to give support.
For reasons everyone knows, I would never put my name on this form, but the evidence tech knows me. If she wants my name, just contact your neighbor with the red house and american flag. When you meet her you'll know who I am.
To the anonymous COWARD who made the ludicrous outrageous insinuation about the evidence tech:
Your attempt to desecrate an innocent person’s character just to take a swing at the Sheriff, is slander, a defamation of character, and civilly illegal. Your flagrant heinous fabrication sends a belligerent message. You snicker and hide because you know a public statement of that magnitude and nature would not only ensure you a black eye and a bloody nose, but it would make your statement criminally illegal as well. The fact that you use her as a target demonstrates your venomous frustration and cruel desperation.

Knowing her for about the last eight years, my perception is that she has an exceptionally unwavering high (1) moral and (2) ethical standard, who can gracefully be anyone’s friend without compromising her values. You will not find a more helpful, honest and trustworthy person to victimize. Perhaps this is why you chose her for your diabolical sick twisted tirade. Abusing her only validates the notion that she is highly respected and a pillar of the community.

of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong;
(2) eth⋅i⋅cal
Being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, esp. the standards of a profession:
What is happening with the Perdock IA investigation? Has it been completed? What does the investigation allege? Will the results of the investigation be released to the public? Is this one of those cases that will be kept under wraps and "everyone will forget about it in time"?
Forget about, I don't think so. Kept under wraps, always with LCSO. You must remember Rodneys famous words, "Its a personnel matter". Election is just around the corner, and those of us who have had enough, will be at the polls saying so. The only way I believe we will get any updated info, is from our local reporter Liz. She seems to be able to get the facts, update the facts, and present the facts in their entire form!
My Name is Nighthawks and most know me as Gina. I was one of the original smattering prior to the Dinius Trial. I sat in everyday that it was possible and watched as well as listened to all testimony. This blog kinda reminds me of the trial. Hopkins leading a three ring circus. I began the protest to open the eyes of the public as to what was going on in their backyards. I feel that has definetly been accomplished! There is no need to hide under Anonymous names any longer, unless of course you are LE and fear losing your job. Those of you in LE that want to be heard, I hope you have sent your letters of complaints off to all the appropriate agencies. If so, its high time you take a stance and be known to the public so that we the people know who you are and can trust in you as a honest cop. Unless whoever started this page is some sort of investigator trying to get leads as to what to look into and where to look, this is a waste of time except for the fact, you can vent with no repercautions. Good Luck to whoever is trying to do something with this all. Bottom line is: Get out and vote in this upcoming election. Be sure to check out your canidates, question them fully, and decide who it is you want to have working in your behalf as a citizen of this county!
Good Luck All, we all have a job to do, and a very long ways to go!
Gina, we know that you have worked hard helping bring out the wrong doing of the LCSO and the DA's office. It is appreciated by all that are seeking justice in Lynn Thortons death. I also sense a little bit of discouragement in your post that maybe outside agencies are not responding to the obvious wrong doing in Lake County. Sure voting out Sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins is a giant step in the right direction. But Russell Perdock needs to be held responsible and brought to justice for killing Lynn Thorton. Until that is done, justice will not be done.
Jon Hopkins, of course you have a greater interest in the trial of Gerald Stanley, who killed his third wife here in Lake County 30 years ago. You might actually win that one, especially since he has confessed. But Jon, do we really need to spend the money on this case? He's been on death row for 25 years. He's already going to be executed and he's not going anywhere. Don't waste our money.
You've earned my respect, Tom Andrews, and now I would like to ask you, and any others, this question. In the last year or so, two task force members were let go for signing a false police report. This was not public information but i know it to be true. My question is: How many false reports were made? How many innocent people might be in jail because of these task force members? If a citizen signed a false report they are looking at perjury with possible jail time. A police officer needs to be held to a higher standard. Why are they only dismissed and not facing criminal charges?

All of their reports need to be reviewed by an outside agency.

Don't give me any crap about names, dates, or places. You know what I'm talking about. this is in writing! I won't send anything to a P.O. box. I still must protect innocent people here. Let us know when an outside agency comes to investigate. I will be first in line.
I know one deputy sheriff who was fired because he told the truth. Maybe all officers who have been fired or resigned under Rodney's watch should be questioned.
Post 3:25pm
I couldn't agree with you more! Perdock is the guilty party in Lynns Death. Hopkins saw to it that the statue ran out so that he could not be charged appropriately. Unless, the internal investigation that is going on now finds wrong doing with him somehow, he will walk away from this as intended by Hopkins. I don't know the law as well as some out there. Do we have a lawyer in the house to inform us what if anything Perdock could still be charged with? Personally, at this point I have approached every avenue and am at a deadlock at this point. So my only other alternative is to focus on the next step and that is getting Hopkins and Mitchell out of office! I'm open like always to any other suggestions!
When I first started reading this blog I thought it was a terrific way to collect information, a fact finding recap, all in one place. Please keep your posts factual and do not ruin the effectiveness of this blog.

I have numerous issues with the LCSO & DA, all documented, going back to a 1989 murder in Cobb. I will be providing all concerns at the appropriate time. Currently, I have submitted a request for charges to be filed against an individual, to the appropriate law enforement agency and I'm awaiting their reply. Seems I'll be waiting along time as once I submitted the documentation for review I can't get a return phone call. I'm a reasonable person and felt the need to give the authorities once last chance to do the right thing. Enough is enough and I've had just about enough. Once I've made the decision to go public I will not back down. So, those people in LE who've I've approached for help, know exactly who I am. I either get the cooperation that the LAW says I'm entitled or I talk, simple as that.
Those of you that think mitchell uses "its a personnel matter" as an excuse need to read 3300 of the government code . It is a come for mitchell to disclose discipline info unless the officer to the release. Ringen relies this law to keep all of you buffaloed about his antics.
Above should read "crime for mitchell" not "come"
Anon 9-25--7:59 AM
What we need to get those two incompetents out of office is two VIABLE candidates to run. Then, the concerned citizens of Lake County need to get behind them financially and other wise. They will need to be very pure and no past history that can be used against them. Hopefully the community isn't too deeply beholden to Moe-Larry-and Curley and will go to bat for a huge imporvement in how Lake Co. is run. THEN we will get the superviors who are almost as scummy and the two buffons.

I personally am ready to support any viable candidate, SOMEONE STEP FORWARD !!
There is going to be a sobrity check tonight. I wonder if they will use the same breath-alizer that they DIDN'T use on Perdork?

How about it Sherrrriffff ? Get it calabrated yet??? (joke)
I'm going to delve into our esteemed DA for a bit. I had the unfortunate displeasure of working closely with him for nearly 3 years. I personally handed him Roland Mosser's head on a platter with irrefutable evidence. Two years pass and he tells me, and I quote, "We have his wife, we're almost ready to press charges against both." Next quote from him during Mosser's first time in court, "We offered a deal to Mosser, he pleads guilty and we drop the charges against his wife. He'd be smart to take it if he cares at all about her because we have all we need to convict her."
Flash forward to Lake County News' article, they have nothing against his wife! I have seen incompetence first hand before, but nothing like this from an elected official. When Gary and Ron took the investigation further and put in countless hours of work, Ron told me that he wasn't a financial expert. They worked very hard, especially Ron. They should have foreseen the need for a forensic audit prior to filing charges, but now they can get it right. The people of Lake County need a conviction in this case, he IS guilty. I know for a fact that he's guilty. In 2007, the DA and Sheriff placed White Collar Crime at the bottom of importance. This case is needed to protect the County's elderly. A loss will be devastating on so many different levels.

Good luck Gary! I hope you win this one for everyone in the County who has been ripped off by con artists and thieves. Speaking of which, when is Ellen Pearson going to be charged?
I am guilty of not reading every post verbatum and if someone has broght this up previously I apologize. But the citizens of Lake County have a golden opportunity to destroy the DA and do it legally now.

Back story, I lived in another state long ago where I was raised. The DA of my County tried a case against an accessory to a crime similar to Hopkins trial of Hughes. The same thing happened, the man who actually killed the would be burglar killed an innocent woman because she walked across his yard after dark two years after the original murder. The press went nuts, newspaper, television, radio, they butchered the DA. He ended up resigning amidst an official inquiry, the bottom line is he ignored the fact that the man who killed two people had a history of mental illness and drug abuse and everyone in the County believed had the DA not resigned charges may have been filed against him.

I doubt that charges can be brought against Hopkins, however, it could happen. But what can be done is contacting every newspaper, tv station, etc across the country and share this story with them. Bring some heat down on Hopkins. He lives for his face being on television and having his name in print, let him die by it! I've begun contacting various news outlets from their websites and so far all of them have a contact us link to submit information. Hopkins should have and could have foreseen that a man capable of murdering someone who was already shot and fleeing is certainly capable of murdering someone innocent. I encourage everyone to visit news outlets, go on the offensive and put Mr. Hopkins on the defensive. He sucks as a prosecutor, let's see how good he is at defending himself.
Speaking of ethical and moral, can any one say with any certanty that Mr. Perdock is actually working or on leave of some kind. AND, if he is on leave, what is his pay status. These are very easy questions, simple to verify, and it should not be real hard to ascertain if he is being paid--under what system?
Does he have sick leave? Does he have Workeman's Comp.? Is he "disabled".

These simple questions should be easily answered and than an investigation can be made as to how he is getting legally paid.

As for Hopkins, I wish that the person who is spreading the rumor that he said
"the people of Lake Co. ar mostly too stupid to care if I am re-elected. I am not in the least bit concerned" Agan, rumors don't mean anything unless verified.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Great Post! Like always its YOU, ME and THEM!
No deputy with the sheriff's office will give out thier name if the remarks makes the sheriff look bad. If anyone knows of another agency (Attorney Generals Office or special investigator for the BOS) assigend to look into this, I WILL turn over years of management cover ups, lies and false statements. Just tell me what agency I need to talk too.
Lets see, where can you send your complaints. Its kind of hard to do when you have Atty. General sleeping with Hopkins, Hopkins sleeping with Mitchell, Mitchell sleeping with Perdock, and Perdock sleeping with Tami Turner! Ok, so forget the DOJ, Forget Arnold he is to busy cutting back on budgets, Forget Mike Thompson because he is sleeping with anyone that will throw a vote his way. I'll tell you what I did. I gathered up all my evidence and information and met with the FBI. Yep, the FBI and from what they tell me is that they have a list as long as Santa's coming in from Lake County. So put it all in a large envelop and send it on its way.
While you are going after Hopkins and Mitchell, Try Judge "Headroom" on for size. Talk about the decay of our court process. You cant get anything done in that court room. The inmates clearly run that asylum. If the good "jurors" of Lake County only knew how much "truth" the good judge wont allow them to hear, they would be appalled. Ask any Juror who has sat through one of those horrible trials with him. He cant make a decision when to use the bathroom with out consulting his law books. Oh yeah, he is an indication of what the voters get when they blindly vote for "Change"..keep that in mind when you have a choice in 2010. Just because someone steps up to run for an election, dont assume things will get better. Do your research and and make a decision based on facts, not based on emotion or rumor.
Dear Out of Work.... You missed the point of my little speech entirely. Point being, MOST of what is written here is complete garbage! When people start slaughtering the reputation of someone who truly does not deserve it, because of their own ignorance and lack of self control, I get alittle pissed. And how catty of you to point out my mispelling. But since you did, I also left off an e in 'none'. Guess you didn't see that mistake, Einstein.

Also, had you kept reading, you would have discovered that I've worked for the Sheriffs Department for 12 years. You sound like an inmate who blames their entire arrest record on being in this county. Sorry dude, it ain't the county, its you! I moved here 16 years ago from Napa County, because as a single mother with four children I could not afford to live there. Best move I ever made! I came here and started a new life, built up that life, and now live very happily with my children and grandchildren all close by.

As for being a 'cold-hearted bitch', well, I certainly am not that. And if you knew WHO I am, I'm certain you would agree. So, how come I still have my job after 12 years??? Hummm??? Maybe you should scrutinize yourself closer as to WHY you lost your job. Maybe theres something that you're not entirely being truthful about with yourself. Just the way some inmates do when they get 'busted' and try and blame in on everything but themselves.

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors that I may have subjected you to.
Everyone should go check out the website
It's about the evil and unethical lawyers
^ Link is not working
Tues. May 2nd Mitchell said
Sheriff Rod Mitchell did not release information about the crash until 6 p.m. Monday, two days after the crash, and then issued a press release after being asked about the incident by reporters.
The sheriff said there was no delay in reporting the boating accident. He said his office does not normally issue press releases on Sundays.
"It's typically done the next business day," Mitchell said.
Wed.May 3rd Mitchell said

Mitchell defended the length of time it took for him to issue a press advisory about the accident. Nearly 48 hours passed from the time of the accident to the release issued Monday afternoon.
Mitchell said he thought it best for him to gather the available information and write the press release himself, rather than staff members junior to Perdock. Mitchell said he was concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest because Perdock is the department's No. 2 administrator.
"I'm his boss. I don't have to worry about that," said Mitchell.......In the meantime, Mitchell said Perdock will remain on the job.
"Everything about this case, however, is off-limits to him. Everything," said Mitchell.
Mitchell said Perdock is a trusted assistant, who's been with the department for nearly 20 years. "He's a good, decent man," said Mitchell.
Blood alcohol samples were voluntarily given by Perdock, sailboat owner Weber and a friend, Bismark Dinius of Carmichael.
Mitchell said the samples have been sent to the state Department of Justice, where it could take several days or longer before the results are known. "Given my chief deputy's involvement, I wished I had them in front of me right now," said Mitchell.
Tues. May 2nd Mitchell said
Sheriff Rod Mitchell did not release information about the crash until 6 p.m. Monday, two days after the crash, and then issued a press release after being asked about the incident by reporters.
The sheriff said there was no delay in reporting the boating accident. He said his office does not normally issue press releases on Sundays.
"It's typically done the next business day," Mitchell said.
Wed.May 3rd Mitchell said

Mitchell defended the length of time it took for him to issue a press advisory about the accident. Nearly 48 hours passed from the time of the accident to the release issued Monday afternoon.
Mitchell said he thought it best for him to gather the available information and write the press release himself, rather than staff members junior to Perdock. Mitchell said he was concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest because Perdock is the department's No. 2 administrator.
"I'm his boss. I don't have to worry about that," said Mitchell.......In the meantime, Mitchell said Perdock will remain on the job.
"Everything about this case, however, is off-limits to him. Everything," said Mitchell.
Mitchell said Perdock is a trusted assistant, who's been with the department for nearly 20 years. "He's a good, decent man," said Mitchell.
Blood alcohol samples were voluntarily given by Perdock, sailboat owner Weber and a friend, Bismark Dinius of Carmichael.
Mitchell said the samples have been sent to the state Department of Justice, where it could take several days or longer before the results are known. "Given my chief deputy's involvement, I wished I had them in front of me right now," said Mitchell.
Interesting blog, ladies and gentlemen, I live in the far north of this state and have been tracking these types of blogs for nearly a year now. I run a nationwide cop watch organization, we work pretty much under darkness as we find we get much more done that way.

This blog trend is growing 10 fold a month in most states I won't go into the reasons for this right now, but just wanted to give you all my two cents worth. Here it is.

What's happening on this site is very typical as the site begins to unfold, and take its own course. To all the cops who have posted on this, and I have read the entire thread, you are talking the same talk as all others do, in other states and this state. It usually goes like this for the ones defending their postion and or their boss. First you here the "people give me hugs, and shake my hand and I am a good little soldier, and I hate this stupid blog page, and you hippies and lowlifes, and Jailbirds are just toothless crazy's and on and on. Get over it, your a cop period, it's just a job, your not amazing, your not a hero, your a cop. You get no credit other then having a job, you get up every morning, have a cup of coffee, and march your ass off to work like everyone else. So cut with the cry me a river.

To those who post as if they are the intelligent ones, the "YOU ME YOU ME" post is a perfect example, you ain't smart, you in fact have less of a clue then most, you just think you have it figured out.

To the "evidence Tech" issue I read, get over it, there's carnage when things go bad, you'll live, and to those defending her, "she would never do that" move on your defense of the poor mis-judged girl is unnecessary she can handle it her self, see cops always trying to be hero's.

In closing, who ever the cops have been that have been willing to join this fray, and speak out, you have the power, you are the hero's
trust me I have seen this before, your boss and the powers in place will be going down.
To who ever started this blog, stop with the apologies, keep up the pressure, don't try to play this game their way, these guys are nastier then you might think despite everything written so far, they are on the inside even worse.

To others posting keep posting I will be watching this, and others as well, we are in a growing police state, keep aware, don't give any ground, archive everything on here and use it. Get it to others!!!!! Use every means at your disposal, I can tell you by the sound of the law inforcement folks on here, you have hit a nerve.
It's about the evil and unethical lawyers
You know what... You're creepy. Your opinion and views of this page are creepy, and your organization sounds creepy. And, you know what they say about 'opinions'...

I'm not looking for kudos from you or anyone else, and I'm not applying for sainthood. I just happend to be really proud of what I've been able to accomplish, to date, and you have no right to devalue it. Not only that, but who are you to categorise me in the first place. The maliciously slanderous comments I made were intended to give people an example of how they sounded, not to make reference to any person in particular. I'm sorry you didn't pick up on that. You read a few paragraphs I wrote and all of a sudden your informed enough to tell people 'who' I am.

I think you're a douchebag. But, thats just my opionion.
Thats 'opinion'
as I said HIT a NERVE, We will be watching good luck
Short and to the point if their lips moves they lie.
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