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hey 736 you can join us in San Francisco when Rodney is on the stand it will be fun.
So many of us site here pontificating and hoping to see Mitchell get what he deserves and in up in Rivero's jail. The sad part of this is Mitchell will probably never get what he deserves other then to get kicked out of office. He'll be the first one to roll over on everyone else and make a deal to save his own skin. He's proven this so many times in the past. Just look at all the former GOB's he's thrown under the bus without a second thought just to save his job.

This alone makes me wonder just how dumb some of his deputies and GOB's are thinking it will never happen to them. Rod Mitchell is loyal to only one person, himself and he doesn't give a hoot about anyone else. That includes his wife who hangs on him for the medical insurance coverage otherwise I'm sure she would have dumped the scumbag years ago.
Oh man I hope Dinius' attorney used the word murder in court. 'New York minute' comes to mind.

Now as an avid trainwreck watcher I'm curioius about something. In retrospect, was it a good idea to have three blogs to do the job of one or was that just too much effort? How are your efforts to capture the media market coming along? Lastly, how exactly does it 'avoid confusion' by having two blogs with nearly identical names?
If the people of Lake County are gulible enough to believe any of Mitchell's lies then they (we) deserve just what we get. One more crooked politician who has surrounded himself with crooked yes men that he has dirt on.

I believe the people of Lake County of the 21st century are smart enough and informed enough that they will see right through his lies and negative politics. Todays voters for the most part are asking questions and demanding answers and the will not settle for the Mitchell spin and dance.

If you stack Mitchell's SO up against the other law enforcement agencies in California they would not even make a mark. They are an embarassment to their profession. To clarify this I do not mean the majority of the officers in that department who go to work every day and do the best they have with what they have to work with and who they have to work for. They are stuck in a department that is out of control with no leadership, mismanagement and corruption from the very top. The are in need of an enema from top down to wash the filth out and allow the good clean Cops to do their jobs.
747 there are not two blogs, ok dipstick try to follow this, there is this Blog and by the way you are required to capitalize the word Blog on this site or your post gets removed. Second there is the Manifest newspaper which is an actual www domain officially registered, then there is the 2nd version of the paper that is in a Blog format, we have people running each of those entities, as it increases or coverage and expands us outward beyond the county. now what we are talking about is SOE's and other expansion and hit enhancing mechanisms which connect to each other and pass people from or to each of the sites. Listen we do not want to get to technical with you as you seem to get confused easily, but that should give you a general idea of the model and concept we are executing. By the way all is going very very well and thanks for asking.
747-I wonder about this too and being a poor computer Geek at best I don't understand just what is going on with this. Should we all be at this address or must we go to others and if so where?
753- Thanks, I guess I'm another dipstick but i got it now.
I have a question that I know is a major concern for Rod Mitchell's GOB's who are his deputies and who are working so hard to see he is re-elected by publishing lies and stealing signs. What's going to happen to them when Rivero is elected? You know the word will soon be out as to who they are and what they've done. Under new management the deputies will no longer have to fear Mitchell's retaliation and many may come forward to out the skallywags pulling all the BS.

What should be done with these people once they are officially identified?

Rivero has promised there will be no retaliation against anyone who supported Mitchell. Something we all know Mitchell would never do. What should Rivero do with these people who are unprofessional at least and have been accused of outright criminal acts?
I think every one of these scumbags should be fired first then prosecuted for their crimes. Turn it over to the FBI and clean house once and for all. What do you think Dutra and martin?
753 and anyone else that is wondering, this is the only Blog, the other two address's are simply the Manifest newspaper in two versions so we can get all the stories up that come into us. Simple as that. The address's are simple>

1. This Blog of course
2. www.lakecountymanifest.com
3. lakecountymanifest.blogspot.com

You will find interesting information on each of the sites, and they are set up to cross reference to each other. There are several reasons we are doing this, which has to do with us expanding the attention given to Lake County out of the county. SOE's are those mechanisms which cause our sites to come up when you do a google search. So if you punch in Rodney Mitchell Corruption you will find our sites easier. This also allows us to gather attention from geographic areas far and wide, such as the connection we now have all the way out to the Williams radio show in Utah, and such. Hope that helps.
8:00 says What should Rivero do with these people who are unprofessional at least and have been accused of outright criminal acts?
The same thing that should happen to Rodney right now kick him to the curb.
We all know Rodney and this henchmen can't get enough of this Blog and have someone lurking in the shodowes all the time. Do you think he might possibly learn anything from this? Do you think he reads what's being said about he and his gang and thinks perhaps he has done something wrong and maybe he should consider change?
Shilts: Important information to consider before voting in the sheriff's race

Written by Roth Shilts
Friday, 15 October 2010
Please do not vote until you have considered this information.

There was a sheriff candidates' forum in Hidden Valley Lake on Oct. 6. Francisco Rivero was asked about his role in a DUI allegation against a man who was ultimately acquitted.

Before addressing the audience, Rivero first looked at the police report that he had written about the case. Then he passionately explained to the audience of more than 100 people that the acquittal was not his fault.

Rivero said, “I did not do the initial investigation or do the FSTs (field sobriety tests).”

There is a video recording available containing every word that Rivero spoke during the forum.

There was a jury trial for the DUI case in question on May 5, 2009. Francisco Rivero was questioned under oath about his role in the DUI arrest.

Before addressing the jury, Rivero first looked at the police report that he had written about the case. Then he told the jury in great detail about his initial investigation and the field sobriety tests he conducted on that suspect.

Rivero said that he based his decision to arrest the man on “The totality of the circumstances of the traffic stop and my field sobriety tests, my observations of him between the field sobriety tests.”

There is a court transcript available containing every word that Rivero spoke during that trial. (Superior Court Case No. CR914199.)

Only one of Rivero's versions of this case can be true; one version makes him a criminal – guilty of perjury and other felonies – and the other makes him a habitual liar.

No matter which statement you believe, Francisco Rivero can never testify as a credible witness again. So Rivero should not be elected to an office of trust.

Is it becoming clear why the law enforcement community does not trust Francisco Rivero?

Roth Shilts is a reserve deputy sheriff serving Lake County since March 3, 1982. He lives in Middletown, Calif.
I hear there's another reason you re-opened the old blog brucey...

You gots a leak there bubba. Word is goin' round bout what you done and why you were cast out by the actual folks in charge.
That must just suck for a megalomaniac like you.

But on the face of it your explanation "so we can get all the stories up that come into us" is a lie since you have the same crap on the twins...

And is there some magical deal that makes one of the blogs world wide while the other is not so??? Makes ya wonder why they call it the world wide web eh?
Rivero has as much as Mitchell did when he was originally elected. The whiney dopes who make up his gang of crooks and complain will have only two choices when he is elected. One straighten up and do their jobs and 2 resign which would be the best of the two for the tax payers.

No one cares what these people think of Rivero and they do not have to like him. If they want their jobs they will have to work with him because the voters will soon have their way and their boys Mitchell will be out.

I'm sure the criminal element as you say are sitting back laughing their asses off at the real criminals in Mitchell's gang who are finally getting what's coming to them. The real criminal element in Lake County is Rodney mitchell and his GOB's.
I was directed to this site by a friend who thought it might help me in my final descision in my vote for sheriff. Im speechless. I read back about 5 days worth of posts. Is this site being ran by the "mean girls", you know, the blonde nasty high school brats. This is a joke, but very sad. Everything from name calling to friendships being divided/destroyed. And for what? Do you think either of these bozos running for sheriff are worth all the name calling and divided fronts? After reading posts from both sides, I feel like Im back in High School. All I have learned from this site is both canidates are worthless slime. And its too bad you folks dont go do something constructive with your time.
Yo 8:37 there's a huge difference between this and the nasty high school brats. Everyone wanted to nail the high school chicks.
833 - perhaps you and Marygrace need to spend time praying together so you're ready for anopther day of spreading lies and smut to the community.
If anyone deserves to be on the Brady list it's Rodney Mitchell who can't tell the truth if he had to. Just ask his wife.
Mitchell supporters will do and or say anything including distorting the truth to keep people away from the the atrosities that occured under sheriff Mithchells watch. Who is Bismark Dinius? Who is Lynn Thornton? What did Russ Perdock do and how did Mitchell protect his best friend and didn't he then back away from his friend and then push him under the bus. Mitchell is a classic manipulator and abuser.He wants this win so he can continue to Rape our community for his own purpose and for those that own him ( the republican party of Lake County). Has anyone seen the tv ads by Lynn Thornton's son yet. If not watch for it. He knows the truth about Rod and is ready and willing to expose Mitchell for what he did and blast him for who he is to the visiting populus of our county. Mitchell needs to go!!!!
837 You may be on the right track but what you are missing in the fact that the people of lake County are frustrated with incompetnent and corrupt law enforcement from their Sheriff. They are fed up his his lies and negative campaigning and they are fed up with the good old boy system bowing to those special people who buy the sheriff.
Roth Shilts supported Rivero until Mitchell told him that his support would cost him his reserve badge. Mitchell threatened o fire Roth using a screwup he and Ringen were involved in at HVL. At that point Roth decided to coward and supine himself to Mitchell. He now joins 44 other kiss asses that are afraid to stand up for what right. Shameful. By the way Rivero said that Brian Martin initiated the traffic stop and performed the initial field sobriety evaluation which is well documented and true. Mitchell's spin machine hard at work again.
837 - Take the time to call each candidate and ask whatever questions you have first hand. Rivero will answer your questions while Mitchell is never available. He dodges any calls and if you shoud corner him he is not capable of telling the truth.
Awwwwww 837 nice try you are a Mitchell supporter and you know it. In fact that is all the Mitchell supporters know how to do is try to attack this site, the Blog has been here and operating for well over a year, and we launched this very citizens action that is taking Rodney Mitchell out. Since this is the only site ever in the county to bring all the citizens together for one cause and that cause is the removal of Mitchell we often get people like you coming on and trying to discredit the site by acting like they are trying to make a decision between Rivero and Mitchell, when in fact you are just a Mitchell supporter trying to hurt the site, sorry been there done that and it don't work. Go up to the top of this page and read about the comparison of Rivero and Mitchell then you will know to cast your vote for Rivero. Good try though.
Isn't that interesting. Ringen has been gone for several years yet Rod threatens to can a man for in alledged incident occurring several years before that he ignored. That's exactly his MO and the law never enters in to what he does.
Get this word out to the citizens at large, I have heard today that Rodney is headed for another big problem, he has tampered with a federal case, and spoken and distributed libelous and phony information on federal cases, it appears that the potential exists that Rodney K. Mitchell may have made some big mistakes in his capacity as sheriff. More to come. This makes the Feds very angry when a dummy like Rodney adversely effects their cases. Oh Rodney, you are not the sharpest stick in the old wood pile. Maybe you should resign now and save the county having to experience such negative publicity. Just saying.
I have never seen such a bunch of cowardly sniveling punks as these Mitchell people. What will you do when he's out and can no longer screw with you? How long before Mitchell moves out of the county he loves before someone knocks his lying dick in the dirt. You know its coming. How many of his gang will be on hand to protect him once he's out? They will all be trying to suck up to Rivero saying it was never me it was those other guys.
I wonder how many of these Mitchell punks could make it through field training at any real department like Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose PD. I suspect most if not all of these punks would have been dumped within a month.

Rod 3 year wonders who see themselves as senior officers like Martin, Dutra, Frace et al would be run out of any real department. Those Cops would have slapped these rookie punks down for their big mouths from day one.
854 - This is not news, this man has been pulling this for 16 years and its taken this long for people to get the goods on him. Good bye and good riddance Rod, you've worn out your welcome.
837 has come up with the same BS for months. I was undecided until I got on this Blog and now I'm a Mitchell guy - right.........

How did we even end up with so many stupid Cops as we have in the LCSO?
Where's Kkklint tonight, polishing Rod's car, setting fire to cats or glaring at black people. Another staunch Mitchell supporter and racist who doesn't have brains enough to pour piss out of his boot.
Maybe Clint is sucking up the wine with Marygrace while her husband is busy tearing up signs. I hope he doesn't come home or we'll have another pistol brandishing incident.
If he get home you will likely have a three way with clint drinking pis from his jack boots.
The only way Clint will have a three way is with himself and two crippled slow moving goats.
That's the stunning thing isn't it. KKK as a Mitchell supporter, and the GOB's have been actually caught agreeing with him on the now defunct anti Rivero site. What are these people thinking. What is Rod thinking. It is time for the citizens on this site to call them out. It is time to call out Jensen of LCN who set up the anti Rivero site, and then posted as Thomas Paine and various other names he has been caught using, it is time to make it known that we the citizens of this county will no longer take it. We are tired of them ruining our county, we are tired of the 10 federal civil rights lawsuits, we are tired of the preventable deaths in our jails, we are tired of the killing of people in the forests, and then seeing that no investigation was done and we are tired of the corruption and collusion. Who in their right mind could cast a vote for Mitchell? How could you do it. The county has been dragged down to the abyss it is time for the nightmare to end.
Could LCN at this point in time even call themselves an actual newspaper, I think not!!!
What's that Brady thing about?
October 15, 2010 7:41 PM

Not sure how to take that.

Your telling me to get some balls? Start attacking the incumbent? I'm sitting on the fence?

I'm saying I support term limits. It's time for change. 16years is a long time for any elected official. Vote for Frank! I stood up for Frank saying the attacks on his past were unfair (they angered me enough to want to stop supporting those making the attacks). I am against racism and the status quo!

Folks on this site were attacking the Mitchell family and other family members. Attacking family from both sides. Saying things about Franks family, common, have some class. Family should be off limits.

Mitchell has some idiots like kkkclint and others I strongly disagree with who hurt Mitchell. Cost me my vote.

I refuse to let a bunch of angry little Toyota Prius driving democrats manipulate me. If that's not good enough I don't know what to say. Go suck up to Al Gore or something. Go destroy thousands of more jobs and put on your comfortable guilt free sandals.

Suspend AB32, yes on prop 23. I am a Californian, this is my state too!!!

Give Frank a chance to do some good. I have my own style. Even after the election is over we can still argue if you want. If ya all need a little drama, no problem. bring it.

Congressman Mike Thompson refused to endorse Rod Mitchell. The Congressman told Rod to quit calling him.
Mike you got my vote.
I like Mike too, but he has been in Congress for how long?

Please keep me posted regarding the date of the opening of the civil case by Dinius vs. Lake County. I want to be there looking anyone from LCSO or Sacto. in the eye. Sandy Bayles
Sandy, I want to go too. We can ride together.
I'm not a Congressman, but I refuse to endorse Rotten Rodney too.
Clearlake's Mayor Dale Neiman has seized all of the debate videos.
They were to air this week on Tv8. Neiman claims he needs to screen them. But, the real object of this is to stop the public from hearing them.

This is serious business when a Mayor picks and chooses what the public will have access to. Who is behind this? Rod Mitchell is the only person who has complained and Mitchell and Neiman don't want the public to see these videos.
There is an article up on the Manifest concerning the Clearlake video censure attempting to control what the public see's and hears, that is an a Stalinist move if you ever saw one, somehow the public needs to take TV-8 control back from the mayor and the council, it appears they are trying to stop negative information coming out on Mitchell and they are not allowing the last debate to be shown!!! How in the Fu*% can this be. Read the article, this is unreal! Where the hell do we live again, Russia or Cuba or China?????
7:41 Attacking incumbents is one thing. Attacking or dragging family in is another.

RedC - I am not a democrat, I drive an Suv, and I believe every law abiding citizen should at the very least own a couple of guns. So, I am not what you pegged me to be as a prius driving dem. Lol. I agree with you that there does need to be term limits. What do you propose they should be?

Lovelace and Ollie- thanks for your feedback too. As always, much appreciated.
PS the city of Clearlake owns the Staion and has full authority of what airs

you know Power, sorry they have it? Not Me
Have they played the last debate yet?. If not Rivero camp needs to get on their ass big time. They cannot deny the viewing of that debate, if Mitchell is involved in stopping it. I had heard that the issue was settled and that the video would be shown prior to the election. If that is the case there should be confirmation of it to make sure it is actually going to be shown to the public. Any information would be appreciated.
Well let's hope it is true 830 as that was a significant pounding that Mitchell took and the public needs to see the whole truth the standing ovations the hammering Mitchell took the support for Carter from so many people in the audience, the hugs and applause on each of the times Rivero stuck it to Mitchell all needs to be shown to the public. There is no way Rodney boy can get his way on this one, and it sounds like he won't. I had heard that Rodney was literally involved in trying to censor this from the public viewing of it. Hopefully that is another corrupt attempt by Rodney that will bite him in his corrupt arse!! Thank God for this Blog and the Manifest for ensuring that the public is informed we know we cannot count on the RB or Mitchell's campaign partner LCN.
You that would use words to pair me to Mitchell or the other bureaucrats in this local government. You can go to hell. I state again. I did not lie to them. I used our right to complain to our government under the constitution. Their view is I can complain all I would care to but there is no right to set the wrong right with them. Nor any power that tells them to obey their oath. Then the arrogance of power sets in. Then to lie and cover the lies up take over effecting all that works for our local government."Learn to get along" would be their motto so all over look their duty. I tell you all the truth this bunch we have as leaders are scum in our cesspool. I freely admit not having respect for those that take a oath,then do it to us rather than for us. Please allow me this view. Our government should not lie and then have no controlling authority so they can get away with it as it is now.
Saturday morning and the Mitchell morons are up early making themselves look foolish.
I recently heard that someone fitting the description of one Rodney K Mitchell was seen coming out the bedroom window of one of his former Deputy's house. There was also a report that MGM was seen walking some where near the scene with a big smile on her face . Pat simply stated " no comment"
Has anyone noticed that there are around 10 sheriffs cars setting at the dealership on main street. They have been there for months now, these are the cars that are suppose to be getting re-equipped and are the new purchases the Board of Supervisors approved. Well guess what the reason the public has paid for those cars and they continue to set there un-used is Mitchell has a good friend who does the cars, thats right those cars that we paid for are being equipped without competitive bids by one man who just diddles around and gets to them when he has the time. They set there now we have paid for them and nothing is being done. Now LPPD as an example put their cars out to competitive bid, I believe they went to Menlo Park to be done, as no one in the county could really do the job, and bingo those cars were done and finished in mere weeks, and are in use. Mitchell likes to claim how he buys locally, well Mr. Mitchell local is one thing giving the business to a good friend, for the benefit of a single person and the deteriment of the public monies is not how we need you spending our money. This is another example of the Mitchell elitist network screwing us. I am tired of it!!
Opinion piece by Jack Baxter submitted to the Bee yesterday, did not see it in the paper yet the Bee has used a major portion of their paper to tout the silly retrofit of the sheriffs cars as if it was a big deal, which it is not and they have had the equipment for a long time and nothing was ever done with it, again today the Bee shows they are in the same campaign boat as LCN, go to the opinion piece by Ron Green which is in the Record Bee today and hammer the comments section, here is the Baxter opinion piece which will also go into the Manifest. We will post in two parts:
part 1:

I read Sheriff Mitchell's political advertisement in today's Record-Bee marked “Paid for by the Committee for Sheriff Mitchell - 2010. All quoting the source: Public document search. What a disgrace that anyone even a politician would stoop to such a slanderous attack in the name of political campaigning. This is coming from a man who hired Rivero in the first place.

If Rivero were half the things Mitchell describes him as based on his "public records search" then Mitchell himself should be held accountable for incompetence in hiring such a “man of dubious standards” especially since he indicated the information is so easily available to anyone who looks. You just can't have it both ways Sheriff Mitchell.

I see this as more spin from the Mitchell machine, which is running on of negative politics and dirty campaigning. This coming from the same man who boasts he wouldn't lie to get his job or lie to keep his job. Its no wonder people are considering voting out political incumbents who practice dishonest campaigning.

To address the issue of opening ones personnel files to the press. Sheriff Mitchell controls both his and Rivero's personnel files so anything in those files in handled the department head, Mitchell. To me it’s unfair to say the least.

The Sheriff must by law open his personal finances to public review because he is an elected official holding a public office; he has no choice so acting like he is doing something to be open and transparent is ridiculous.

Rivero as a California peace officer has the right to keep his personnel file closed which is no big deal. As such he is not required by any laws to open his personal finances to public review until or unless he is elected to a public office. The fact that he has elected not to open his file to the local media is smart especially when you consider the fact that they seem to make no bones about favoring the incumbent through their articles and published political ads.
Part 2 by Jack Baxter:

Rivero has said he called a PORAC Attorney Michael Reines a well-known and respected legal defense and labor representative and was told not to allow the press access to his file because it would set a negative precedence, which would affect all California Peace Officers. Mr. Raines went so far as to say he would personally file an injunction with the courts to stop Rivero from doing so should he want to.

I was asked the same thing and I too contacted the San Jose POA's in-house legal council who also represents San Francisco POA. I was told not to do so for the same reason even though we knew there would be nothing for the media to find, again a negative precedent was stated. I also contacted a representative of the Los Angeles Police Protective League who said the same thing so what is one to think here, lack of transparency or protecting the rights of all peace officers against unwarranted intrusion by the media without a valid order of the court.

I hope the Lake County DSA will consider this, if Rivero were to be foolish enough to submit to this campaign scare tactic you could be next and where would your own guarantee of protection be? Rivero is standing up for his right and those of all peace officers and should be applauded, not attacked by the same people charged with representing the deputies. The DSA should be the first to speak out against this political ploy if for no other reason then to protect your membership of which Rivero is one. Your silence or lack of support is nothing more then thumbing your noses at your profession and your fellow officers throughout California for the sake of pandering to the Sheriff. As a career law enforcement officer and former POA representative I find the attempt to circumvent our rights for the sake of politics disgraceful and inexcusable.

Jack Baxter
Lakeport, Ca.
Thoughts and observations. I just opened my Saturday morning issue of the LC Record-Pee. I call it the Record-Pee because my dog loves to use it to relieve himself on which is about all its good for of late.

Front-page news - "Cameras to be installed in patrol cars" - The SO got 16 new MAV video recorders. Big deal and where is the news, they've had them for years. Now Mitchell can boast he has enough cameras to equip all the patrol cars he's had sitting around at the Ford dealer costing the taxpayers money and not being used. This is not to mention the line of patrol cars sitting in front of his office. Every deputy has a take home car so who is going to use all the cars that have been sitting around doing nothing for months? The jail inmates?

You can bed our local Ford dealer is not eating the cost of ten cars sitting on his lot that have not been paid for. Business dictates they sell the cars they have and there is no way they can store inventory that has not been paid for or they would be out of business. Please note that Sheriff Mitchell purchased these cars locally and the purchase was never open for competitive bidding by others, which would encourage the bidders to try giving the best deal possible to the taxpayers. Mitchell brags about this on the SO web site that he only buys locally so he approves failure to put the purchase up for competitive bidding which would give us the best deal possible and would encourage local business to be competitive. (Doesn't it make you wonder who the special interests are and why they are behind Mitchell? It isn't because he's such a nice guy.

I'm not saying the video cameras are nota good idea because they are and have proven to be a valuable tool for law enforcement.

Back to the LC Record-Pee under "Crime Time" and we see a full page listing the Sheriff's Police logs for the entire county over a period of 4, 24 hour shifts which total 87 calls of all types. What this shows me is that our deputies working in the field are not overloaded with calls for service. You do the math. This is what Rod Mitchell is trying to do through the manipulation of the local media to get headlines and show what a great and competent administrator he is. I believe it shows the exact opposite and it’s certainly nothing newsworthy.


Broken into? Somebody call the ...oh yeah they already knew!
Oh no! Somebody swiped Tom's favorite hair color! Oh the humanity...
11:29 are you accusing LPD of this? It is in their jurisdiction you know.
1118 - What a stupid thing to say. Buying local is a good thing as long as local business is willing to be competitive. I believe it may even be a legal requirement that public agencies accept competitive bids for al contracts so the fact that it may take longer really makes no sense. I would think the competition would encourage local business to work with the county to submit a bid which would not only help business but would also save the taxpayers too.

Why is Mitchell afraid to put contracts up for competitive bid to save the taxpayers money? Is Mitchell getting a kick back or is he just cultivating these special interests for political gain?

As far as Rivero hoping to move his Mortuary business to Lake County that's another foolish statement. If he wanted to he could but if he owns the business he could not get a public contract. Conflict of interest which Mitchell is never concerned with.
1141 - You may want to consider the fact that Rivero asked for and was granted an unpaid leave of absence by Mitchell to run for office and avoid any conflict of interest. Mitchell chose not to do so and he openly campaigns on duty, public time and using his SO car for his campaigning. Mitchell also uses county employees, equipment (copiers, computers, paper) and time to publish much of his campaign literature. Is this the act of a professional or of a crooked politician.
1141 - Mitchell and his lemings would not know the truth if it came up and bit them on the ass. He brags about not lying to get his job or lying to keep it yet he continually lies about everything. You have only to look at his record of deception.
The attack on Mrs. Carter's business was no random crime. It was a deliberate act of political intimidation aimed at scaring people who are openly against Rod Mitchell. Who ever the crook is who did this for Mitchell should consider just how long Rod will be there to protect you when you are caught. Think of DNA evidence easily left at the scene through persperation or body contact, forget finger prints and the use of gloves. You may not be as smart as you think. When you roll over on Mitchell he'll dump you like all the others.
I for one don't want a candidate who pretends to get all worked up over injustice but doesn't have the names of LaForge or Womachka on the tip of his tongue.
1152 - I'm not crying foul, just stating facts, which we all know. My own credibility has nothing to do with anything. Fact as Mitchell likes to say. He campaigns on the public dime.
DNA evidence from a burglary? Man you watch waaay too much TV. Personally I think that break-in over at the school was politically motivated because they stole all the candy and threw coffee and cocoa on the floor. Now that was a major bummer and I think Rivero's posse got the munchies and ransacked the place. That was no random crime.
LaForge is a LPD case not an SO case. Remember this Mr. Mitchell asked Rivero during a debate if he could name three or ten (whichever) murder victims in Lake Co. over the past few years. Rivero who does not work as a Detective could not. Mitchell then admitted he could not either. What does that say? Nothing, it was a dumb question from Rod in the first place. The question really has nothing to do with the qualification of either candidate it was just a Mitchell scam.
Ummm ya your credibility has everythign to do with it as the Rivero campaign smear machine has already been busted making false accusations.

Like Duby said "Fool me once. shame on. shame on you. You fool me, you can't get fooled again."
Maybe you should study a little more deputy and learn about DNA evidence and how it can be used. Granted, they may not spend time analysizing DNA evidence on a burglary but that does not mean if can't be recovered or used if the agency chooses to do so.

I said deputy, should I have said Lieutenant?
I think you are confusing the Rivero campaign with the Mitchell campaign using assholes like yourself to spin facts and spreak lies to confuse the voters. I think you'll find they see through your smoke and Mitchell is operating on barrowed time.
"Rivero who does not work as a Detective could not."

Most civilian folk in Lake county can name at least those two as they are both huge cases with tons of media attention and I'm willing to bet damn near every deputy can as well.

You lie about Mitchell not being able to either or maybe you can produce that so all can see. What is it with you and lies?
Blogers on this site are enjoying the last minute rush by the Mitchell supporters to smear everyone who doesn't agree with them. It shows their arrogant attitude which is a reflection of Rod Mitchell himself. This is not the kind of attitude the tax payers want from our elected officials or their employees. Consider that for a while and it becomes obvious why the community has no trust in our sheriff or his office.
Hey Martin, where are you and the gang going when Rivero is elected? Maybe you can start your own burglary business to feed the wife and kids. This way you can continue to rip off dopers.
I just have to laugh about the work credibility being thrown around by the Mitchell gang. They must sit up nights finding works that do not describe Rod to use them as if they did.
Read Mitchell's paid political campaign adds in the Record-Bee and LCN and say he's not trying to smear his opponent. What planit do you live on chump?
Isn't a proposed boycott of business a fundamental right of Americans? That's right, the Mitchell gang does not believe in the rights of anyone who does not agree with them. This Blog is set up for people to vent their frustration with corrupt public officials and crooked politicians. happens that Rod fits both those terms.
1210 Is that you Cliff or is it one of Rod's boys living in their dream world. You are going to have a long face on Nov. 2nd
Get a job Cliff, you little scumbag sponging of your Mama.
Is that Cliff? It's 12:20 and he's up early.
Who made the nasty attack on Marygrace earlier while accusing Rod of being see climbing out her back window? I do not believe a word of it. She may not be the brightest bulb which is shown by her actions and statements but she still has to much class to do a man like Rodney (Clinton) Mitchell.
Come November 2 there are going to be some very disappointed people in Lake County. Either Rivero wins and the Mitchell gang will be crying or Mitchell wins and the community and tax payers will be crying.
Lay off MGM, she's just working to get her husband's job back at LCSO since he's reached his peak of incompetance at Napa SO according to the Peter principle. We all know Rod has made another under the table deal and promises so Pat will continue doing his dirty work.

Noptice how Rod bought off Markham so easily and he bought Bryan Martin with a promotion. At least they got something from it, the other schmucks are doing Rod's dirty work for little or nothing.
The break in is not the only incident that has occured in the past few weeks, and all is being documented. Oh Mitchell boys and girls this is not going to be a pretty picture, I know I know you think you are getting away with it. But you just might want to recognize that we have kicked your ass for a year now won the primary and are rolling, you might want to think about the fact you have been out maneuvered at every step of the way. Not only is your credibility gone, but your jobs may be as well. Now listen up there is a lot happening behind the scenes Mitchell corruption supporters, and you are heading for a big surprise me thinks. We actually are hoping you keep up the escapades the noose tightens first with out the neck feeling it, then WHAM the floor drops out!!!! It has no gotten to the point where even the Mitchell people are telling Mitchell to stop, as he is looking so very desperate. But hey keep it up. We like drawing you into the little traps we lay. Funny thing is you fall for them every time.
Looks like Clint's Mom called him for lunch.
Yep, either way its a whine whine situation
Mary Grace reported to be a drunk, and boy she smelled like it at the Calpine event. LOL come on Iam just saying. Hey B-Gal? What a dummy.
No wonder no one wanted to run against the incumbant. When Mitchell stated that he would destroy anyone who challenged him , he wasn't lying then. It's probably the only time he attempted to tell the truth.Not only will mitchell go after his opponent but anyone who supports someone who opposes him. Tom I'm truly sorry that you and your family had to go through this. First Mitchell trumps up charges which were thrown out of court and then sanctions behavior that puts innocent people in harms way. If anyone votes for Mitchell they are chosing someone who will destroy anyone he feels threatens his likelyhood of being reelcted.
Whats wrong with you Mitchell supporters that makes it immpossible for you to see what is going on with Rod. He is manipulating you all. He doesn't love Lake County , he love using Lake County.
My business was ransacked also, Tuesday evening and again Wednesday. They didn't get in my shop, and it was done by the guy who owns a store in the complex. He is claiming he has been getting threatening phone calls from people to take the Rivero signs down; even posters on the bullentin boards. This person claims he doesn't want to loose business; and because I challenged him and left my signs up; he vandalized the front of my store, pulling signs down and throwing my belongings, chairs; even burned a meet and greet poster on my window. LCSO came out and said they are filing charges against him; although I haven't heard anything more. Rumor was he got arrested, but he wasn't on the SO site????? They are probably going to try and hide all this. I told the Officer it was over the political election and is highly illegal for any of this to happen. We caught this guy throwing stuff around and he was extremely intoxicated. Maybe Tom can send the Feds over here for another investigation. It's probably the same callers doing the threats.
Soon one of Mitchell's stooges doing his dirty work, spreading lies, stealing signs, doing burglaries is going to get caught. Maybe on a CHP car stop where they will find a car load of stolen signs or maybe by the real police on patrol finding them in a closed business. Then we'll see then squirm and want to turn states evidence and roll over on Rodney just as he will on hisown people over the Dinius case. Its just a matter of timing and maybe a little luck but you just don't know. Thats usually the way criminals are caught in the act.
12:24 Why would the community be crying if Mitchell is elected? Wouldn't that mean the majority of the community voted for him? :)
Nice to see the Mitchell gang getting their ass kicked as usual on the comments section of the record Bee. LOL God what a sorry rag. Hey Gary what is in it for you, well nothing after the election, oh my is this going to be fun to see the RB and LCN post the Rivero wins headlines, he he do you think they will try to bury that story, and what is with the constant "staff reports" now, no one is will to put their name on the articles anymore!! LOL
1237 is right. Rodney Mitchell and some is his office are corrupt. I did not believe it could be true at first but after listening to him and learning what's been going on in this county I do now. This corruption far exceeds politics its just plain criminal and some of his people think its OK because they are doing it for him. Does supporting a candidate for office make it OK to commit crimes? I don't think so but this is Lake County and the present Sheriff Rod Mitchell today.

He has threatened people who talk of running against him. He has threatened and intimidated anyoone who doesn't support him, this is common knowledge. This man is a criminal pretending to be a Cop. He must go. Hopefully to jail but out of office for sure. This goes way beyond Mitchell's lack of leadership or his mismanagement this is criminality.
This is the first year anyone has had the balls to stand up to Mitchell and to run against him and look what's he's done. In the past he intimidated others and scared them off like Markham and Ringen. Now he's under the gun and we all see how he acts. This is not what a professional law enforcement official should be.
That is a simple one, post 1242 it would mean the continued downfall of the county and we become the laughing stock of the state, in other words, it would show that Rednecks still run this county, and that would make anyone cry!! By the way with Rodney has coming his way, you don't want him as sheriff, he is going to be in San Francisco more then here, and with the libel and slander suits and tampering with federal cases coming his way plus the 10 federal civil right lawsuits to work through, I suspect old Rod is going to be real real busy, just not in the sheriff capacity. LOL
1242 - If Mitchell is re-electedhe will see it as a mandate from God and continue to run amok screwing the people and the tax payers. If he is re-elected then we have no one to blame but ourselves whch will show we want or deserve a corrupt government and a lying crook as sheriff.
1:PM I sort of disagree. It would mean the crooks and special interests will have their way to continue another 4 years of corrupt government and a crook in office. We are already the laughingstock of the state and up until now our county government is crashing. Its time to oust incumbents especially sheriff mitchell. That's sheriff with a small "s".
Why don't you guys grow up?! Do you feel like big boys and girls when you pick on people? I thought the purpose of this site was to discuss the Sheriff race in Lake County - NOT spread nasty lies about candidates' family and friends! I suggest you leave the wives, especially Mary Grace, alone! She is a good person, she is NOT a drunk, and she certainly wouldn't have an inappropriate relationship with Sheriff Mitchell or anyone else - she is married! You people make me sick! Your childish tactics are disgusting! I feel sorry for Frank Rivero - he probably had no idea what kind of horrible thugs you were when he let you endorse him! I hope you all burn in hell... Annathea, I'm talking to you too! You're walking a thin line! To support your candidates is one thing, to write slanderous comments is another!
Yano, for all your whining and lies, this is the only county in the state that is in the black. The only one.

So if that is an example of bad governance, I'll take it any day over your style. The problem is that you say you want to 'fix' the county and save it. But it isn't broken and doesn't need saving and especially not from you. If it were broken, we'd be broke or badly in debt like every other county in the state. But we are not. So if having a solvent county government makes us a laughing stock you go right ahead and laugh. We'll laugh too - all the way to the bank.

What seems more like it is that you want to make this county in your vision and those of us who actually know what the hell is going on simply aren't interested in your vision.
How many times has Pat used "his Snitch/Informants/Buddy's" to do his dirty work under threats of retaliation? Some say that is why Pat went to Napa? I know he claims more money was the reason but that's not what his sources say.
I had to put a sign on my door indicating that Mitchell supporters aren't allowed (you know, the circle with a line thru it)! I have a sign in my yard and a sign in my window by my front door, and still got a Sonoma County Sheriff trying to get permission to come in and change my mind. When I told him that 3 weeks in a courthouse on a trial where the deceased got no justice because they were prosecuting the wrong person was enough to open my eyes, he gave me the canned speech about how the DA determines whom to prosecute, not the Sheriff. He wouldn't stop even after I pointed out to him that I know that the DA can't prosecute someone when the Sheriff covered for him....blah blah blah. I felt like telling him to go back to Sonoma Co. where they probably don't understand the issue because they don't have a lousy Sheriff, but my husband politely told him to head on down the road. So I put up a sign.... they are so desperate they are getting pushy. Getting their "brothers" (most of whom I respect and support....) to do their dirty work. Gives you a good idea which ones are either naive or Good Ole Boys. And those ads are shameless too. I couldn't do that to my enemy,they are so outrageous. Go Rivero!!!!!!!!! Sandy Bayles
It is kinda odd that they want to bitch and moan over doing business with local businesses when this is the only county in the state that isn't upside down. I'd say that the proof is in the pudding.
Show me a guy who's been Sheriff in one county as long as Mitchell and hasn't been involved in legal actions and I'll show you a guy who isn't doing his job. Those suits are part of the package and you can bet your boots Rivero would have more of those facing him in his first year than Mitchell has been acquainted with in his entire 16.
Put that on top of total no confidence from the deputies and you have a recipe for recall - then we'll show you just how expensive your carpetbagger is.
Poor Sandy doesn't undertand how the justice system operates and can't acknowledge that she might have it all wrong ... our schools are a miserable failure.
Hey maybe she'll write a book so she can really have her fifteen minutes.

I sat on a jury and still don't get the legal system
by Sandy Bayles
I do understand the justice system, and got a fine education (in Virginia!). I just know a bunch of crooks and GOBs when I see them. It's called collusion..... Sandy Bayles
Who is the chicken signing under my name, rather than their own?
Umm no Sandy Mitchell doesn't do it personally. He does it professionally along with all the other department heads and Kelly's wisdom. It is a team effort that has proven successful. That is that team you folks have all been attacking.
Smooth move, attack success when all around you is failure.
And another thing. For all of the talk Mitchell does about buying local, check out how he spent his money on signs and stuff for his campaign. He bought from Texas, Georgia, and MA (is that Massachusetts, or no I guess it's Maine?) and others. I don't see much money spent in California, let alone Lake County. What a guy!
Ummm Sandy that was an imaginary book title for a book written by you. Tell us again about your education why don't you. Reading is fundamental.
You usually get signs printed where the best printers are. I imagine you'd be pleased as punch if he'd asked the Bee to print for him...
ha ha ha ha oh God that is the greatest statement yet by a corruption supporter, you my dear corrupt friend are filled with the wonder of illusion. Lol listen we are talking about us being in the control seat, you need to think about the odds against you right now, and you know it you just don't want to hear it. Rivero is on a roll, Mitchell is shooting himself in the foot, and if just a small portion of what looks like is in store for him comes to fruition his party and your ignorant following of him based on your total lack of intelligence and insight is not good. What you really need to think about is what are you going to do when Mitchell is defeated. The simple numbers say your weak ass and Mitchell's is done. We are getting out the vote and pushing hard. Rivero won the primary, has the backing of Baxter and his votes and no one is slowing down one bit. You really are in serious serious trouble here. You might want to get into the realitysphere of the situation here. Odds are your done Mitchell is going to spend a lot of time in San Francisco. What will take place in the county will be the citizens working hand in hand with the LE, transparency will rule the day, and cooperation with the LE will be put in place, not the current antagonistic relationship that currently exists under the Mitchell regime. It is reality, you know it, you don't like the idea, but you will come along kicking and screaming or you will leave either way I could care a less. Think about it, your not talking real sense right now, hate to burst your bubble but get real.
This is not about money you fool, this is about honest government!Mitchell is not honest when he says "I love this county" If he did he would leave now. How about it Rodney you ready to leave so we can get our lives back.
Now just awnswer me this one question.
Who takes over for the sheriff right now if he should not be able to perform his duty, another way of asking the same question, who will be in charge of the SO when he strokes out --- who's next in line?
Frank has a plan for the county even if he were incapacitated. The hope of an under sheriff would keep things more stable in a crisis situation. Think it through!
Heads up everyone we are running the spam filter right now, if a post gets taken down it will go back up when we place it in the spot it posted. Still working out some of the kinks in the system but its pretty close now. You can also repost if you need to, but looks like only 2 so far today. Just a heads up.
1:31 I'll show you a guy, former Orange County Sheriff Corona, indicted and in prison for corruption. Perhaps he will share his cell with Rod.

You don't know Rivereo would have more civil suits then Mitchell is just a year and neither do your boots who may think better then you do.

You say the proof is in the pudding and I must ageee. Just looik at what Mitchell's incompetence has done to this county and his office. You say this isa the only county in the black and I say you can cook and juggle books all you want but it still comes down to a lack of county services currently being provided.

Mitchell has never gone over budget but he has a good accountent to help him juggle. He still failed to provide proper service.

You want the sheriff to buy local and I agree but why can't he accept competetive bidding? What is he hiding and what are these special local interests doing for him. This is costing the tax paywers money for the sake of bowing down to a local business who is gouging us for over inflated charghes.

If you see Mitchell as your God then so be it, you are not the only fool in this county. I say you are a fool and you have feathered your next on my dime. So, in words even a Mitchell dope can understand, screw you.
After the Denius trial there was talk of recalling mitchell. It was decided not to spend the money as it was too close to election and that the election would oust him. The primary proved that the citizens no longer "fear" mitchell and that their vote "does" count. mitchells campaign practices have only reinforced the reasons mitchell will be gone Nov.2nd. hopkins didn't think he had anything to worry about either,Oops. The voters know that mitchell and hopkins worked together and they "Both" have to go.The voters did it to "one" and in Nov.they will do it to the "other."
I'll tell you who takes over when Mitchell strokes out. One of his suck up's who has been doing his bidding and dirty work for him.
Lets see if I have this right, 10 federal civil rights law suits, Dinius, Garzoligate, lawsuits coming from Garzoli, Belands, Moreshed, Wright, a total lack of moral acumen in the department, a man hated by 3/4 of the citizens of the county which is what the vote count looks like it will show, jail deaths, and preventable suicides for which lawsuits are pending. I mean really, you want us to tell the other LE agencies hey guys the Mitchell people say you are just like them!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha he couldn't even get an endorsement from the LPPD, upper management of the CHP won't get near Mitchell with a ten foot pole. He has slandered the SFPD, and gets a strong arm endorsement from the DSA which actually costs him votes, Rob Brown has left the campaign, not to be heard from, Ringen is now out, not to be heard from, We have Baxter. Jezzzzz we could go on and on and you want to tell the other LE's in the state they are just like you. LOL ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
God this is fun beating up the Mitchell boys, but golly it is so easy!!! ;-)
Word 158 LOL could not have said it better myself, and to top it off look where they have to come to talk!!! Our site, because with over 2000 individual IP's posting here, you guys have got to try and stake your claim on our site!!!! This is beautiful!
1:41 - is right on. The signs Mitchell did order came from out of state. This from a man who boasts about buying local. We have legitimate sign makers who do this very thing right here in Lakeport and elsewhere in Lake Co. Why didn't he go to them?

How many signns for Mitchell were paid for by the local tax payers by Mitchell using county owned computers, scanners, printers, paper, personnel and on duty time right there in his office? We paid for it which sounds unethical but I say it sounds unlawful. SO employees have seen it but are afraid to come forward fearing he'll do his famous witch hunt and they'll be out of a job. Those doing his illegal dirty work on county time will say nothing because he has got them covered. DO NOT think for one minute this has not and is not happening.

More corruption in Rod Mitchell's office and we the people are paying for it while he expects us to small and say "yowsa massa Rodney".
Have you noticed that the Mitchell gang continues calling names but never seem to be able to come up with good things done by Rod? They can't truthfully justify the things he's done so they blow smoke. It's all over but the counting boys. How many votes has Rod dug up from the cemetaries?
Mitchell's Bloger boys and girls are like a pack of little cowardly dogs yapping, running in circles and running in to nip others on the back then scooting away to hide.

Sadly the little dogs are rabid and they have made our community sick. It's time for a shot in the ass to cure this 16 year sickness once and for all.
When you see Mitchell ask him one question? Did you know about Jeff Markham and the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit and Settlement?
He won't answer the question. But I'll tell you he did know.
He didn't think the public should know that the County of Lake
was sued and had to paid out $$ all because of J B Markham.
So what does Rod Mitchell do? He brings JB back so he can do it again.
Let's not forget people who has been exposed as Rodney Mitchell's gang of thugs. Bryan Martin, Pat Mcmann, Frace, Dutra, Ski just to mention a few. I know there are more who's names will come out. These are the criminal yes men Rod has surrounded himself with and these people must go too. They talk big and threaten to quit if Rivero is elected then they slam him for saying he would not remain in a corrupt department if he is not elected. I say let them go but I'll bet few if any will. Loud mouth punks who think their badge makes them above the law.
Bryan Martin was just promoted to lieutenant by Mitchell as a pay back for doing his dirty work. He is now on probation. When Rivero is elected I hope he demotes this thug if for nothing else for using the counties official reverse 911 system to record and play a message asking the voters to vote for Mitchell.

Remember Martin the guy who Mitchell hired as a Sergeant to make his Daddy happy. The guy who was run out of Pismo Beach PD. They guy who lasted a week at the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement before Daddy got him in to LCSO. He is now Mitchell's mouth piece and stooge and when he's not shooting his neighbors dogs off duty he's running errands for Rodney. Corruption.
Just what did Mr. Jeff Markam do to be suid for sexual harassment? What's the details and yes of course Mitchell knew, he was the department head. Could this be why Markam pissed backwards and ran back to Rod the man who threatened to "destroy" him is he ran for sheriff? His endorsement is as good as a wag of used toilet paper.
Napa deputies (Pat) makes more a year than Lake County Sheriff Rod Mitchell does.
Markam may have or have had his own problems and issues which I'm sure has given Rodney lots of dirt he doesn't want to come out. The down side is that Markam is liked by some who listen to him supporting Rod and may influence their vote.

Any suits the county may have lost because of Markam or anyone else over there is just one more example of what has gone on for years in Rod's office. Forget Markam but don't ever forget the true cancer in that office which is Mitchell himself. We must all work together to get rid of Mitchell and now is our time to do it.

Markam has siad he does not believe any of the deputies are crooks which tells me he is blind or does not want to admit it could be true. Hoe could he not see if since he spent his entire career in that office although many of those identified were hired after he left.
Hey Pat, Informants are used to infiltrate bad cops too. Be careful who you cross/have crossed.

Be Careful.
225 - I dout that but I'm sure he is close. He's willing to take a pay cut to come back to LCSO as a Lieutenant or a Captain even. He knows his career in Napa is going nowhere so he's slithered back into Rod's pocket.

Besidesw his wife thinks by having him working back in LC she can keep an eye on him but it didn't work before so why will it work now? He's a player just like Rod MG and everyone knows it. You know it too but at the same time he's your meal ticket.

Get smart girl and dump him, get off the sauce, get back in theropy and you will have no problem finding a real man who will appreciate you.
Pat knows his number is up in Napa. They don't allow their deputies to rip off dopers and do burglaries plus they frown on screwing on duty in their police cars. Absolutly no sticking loaded guns in the faces of their co-workers not even drunk and out of town. Rod saved you on that one didn't he then he had to promote Pat's victim to Captain to muzzle him.

Pat wants to come home where he can get away with anything he wants knowing Uncle Rodney will cover it up as long as it doesn't splash on him.
The Fed's use undercover agents and informants to conduct integrety checks on Cops. What a great place for that but I'm afraid we may be left with just of few good people once they are done.
You ask why Mitchell did not use local businesses for his sign printing. Think about it. There are not that many around the lake for one thing and second they do not support him in anyway what so ever. Why would they print his signs and accept the crooks money!
Absentee Ballot just left. RIVERO, check. ANDERSON check. So Thankful to have the right to vote and looking forward to a New Year with a New Sheriff! RIVERO WILL BE SHERIFF...............
Money is why they would print it.

The point is Mitchell brags about only using local venders then goes out of state for his political campaign signs when we have sign makers here in Lake Co. Does he buy local only when he can get something or when its convenient?

Just one more of Mitchell's lies to scam the public.
Hell, I know of one sign maker that is just down the street from Mitchell's office but he supports local business, right.
The only thing at the present that Mitchell support would be the stock he bought in depends!
I just had a mitchell street walker come to my door to tell me what a great guy rod is. I told her I was not interested, I knew enough about that clown and I didn't like him. I then closed the door before I told her about how stupid and blind I thought SHE was for shilling for a crook. I already voted Rivero in my mail in ballot and I hope you all vote for him too. Don't be a mitchell lemming..... just saying
"I love the law, I love Lake County, I love the birds and the bees and I love being sheriff" - Rodney K. Mitchell

"I was a good sheriff" - Rodney K. Mitchell

"I don't know anything about Garzoli taking flying lessons on duty" - RKM

"I didn't cover up Perdock's crash" "I wasn't there" - RKM

"I've been angry and I lost track of what my people were doing but now I'm the new and improved Rod Mitchell" - RKM

"Frank Rivero is a crook, I'm not a crook" - RKM

I'm a Christian, a good family man and I've accepted Jesus, or whatever his name is as my savior" "I accepted Allah and Buddah and Jiummy Swaggart too"

"I did not have sex with that woman" - William Jefferson Clinton who beat Mitchell to that quote.

"I didn't lie to get this job and I wouldn't lie to keep it" - Rodney K. Mitchell
Good for you 310 - do you know who she was or can you describe her?
Mitchell himself came knocking on the door of a voter in Cobb a couple days ago. He saw him coming and ignored them. He continued to pound on the door until the man yelled out I don't want anything you have. Mitchell yelled back "I'm trying to keep my job."

To late, the man had already voted for Rivero.
LOL.. those are some of the best of comments, I have seen in a long time. great stuff wow what a beating on mitchell!!!!!
I went out of my way to display a Rivero sign in front of my home knowing that two my my neighbors are Mitchell people. Both are part of the special interest gang, one selling to the jail and one on Rod's phoney advisory committee that never meets.

I put the sign up at them since they have to pass my home every day. Now I livew for the day Rod's thugs show up at my door to tell me what a fine man and great sheriff he is and what a bum Rivero is. I don't like being disrespectful to women but i will not be able to control my tongue if these stooges show up to intimidate me in the name of Rodney K.

I too have already voted for Rivero and mailed it off. My only concern is that the Mitchell gang will start breaking in to mail boxes to trash ballots.
Has anyone heard where the little fat boy is campaigning today? I hear he is now showing up everywhere trying to intimidate voters into swinging his way. Won't work......
Will Rodney be invited to the Rivero victory celebration after the election?
"I'm not a crook" - "You won't have Rodney Mitchell to kick around anymore" - Quotes from Nixon and Mitchell
What a day of hammering this has been so far let's see the way I read it after looking at the posts of the day is:

1. Mitchell boys break into hair salon in LakePort, LPPD investigating.
2. Mitchell sends another desperate attempt in the mail to shore up his failing campaign.
3. Rivero ad on crushes Mitchell and tells the whole truth to the public.
4. Mitchell's attempt to censor channel * video fails, and the last debate will be shown to the whole public.
5. Mitchell suspected of other illegal activities attacking people using his deputies.
6. Mitchell's record of performance unable to be answered to by scum supporters.
7. Absentee ballots flowing in and the Rivero support are the majority votes>
8. Civil lawsuits with Mitchell named as defendant exceeds 12 now, he has no answer.
9. Markham has major lawsuit of sexual misconduct and Mitchell does not care.
10. Corruption supporters try to post major comments on the Citizens Blog and get destroyed.
11. Jack Baxter fires off scathing opinion piece hammering Mitchell.
12. Record Bee and Gary show their true colors by posting non-stories to try and shore up failing campaign.
13. KKK Klint shown to be major Mitchell supporter reafirming Mitchell's racist support and tendencies.
14. Mitchell has no votes from the Hispanic and Tribal communities in our county.
15. Federal investigations may be forth coming for Mitchell.
16. Mitchell has likely libeled citizens of our county and will be held accountable.

That is my version of the "sweet 16" for the day. Oh that is going to leave a mark!!

Oh just for desert:

Rob Brown and Kip Ringen known to have left the Mitchell campaign team afraid of their future in the county and tired of Mitchell's hateful actions.

That citizens is a great day of posting!!! I love this Blog!!!!
I don't what all the fuss is all about. Who cares that Lynn Thornton was killed who cares that justice has not been served. Rod says and Pat and Mary Grace can attest to the fact that Rod is an honest praying man.In fact, they have prayed with him, and God said NO at the debate at Soper Reese and then again at Hidden valley and if he prays even harder he will hear God say "NO" again in November.
I don't use drugs , I don't drink, however, I do Vote and my vote is for Frank.
For those who take religeon more seriously then some no one is slamming you or your beliefs. It's just that Mitchell is such a lying hypocrite who like all crooks who get busted ball back on Jesus to try to cover their tracks. In this casae Pinocchio its not going to work, you've said one thing and done another far to long.

Please continue to pray for and with Rodney, he needs it and while you are at it pray he gets his old job back as a box boy in Safeway. He's going to need it although they no longer provide health care.

Jesus loves you Rodney eventhough you are a scumbag crook and a corrupt politician. It's the rest of us who have no use for you.
356 I concurr. Mitchell's praying is one more attempt at trying to Manipulate others. He thinks if he is seen praying that the true believers will support him. I met no insult to true followers of Jesus. I attend church on a regular basis and I too pray. I pray that an honest man will come to lead the sheriff's dept and help to heal the Conty of Lake. I pray and also vot Rivero for sheriff.
Well said. While you are at it pray for us, the tax paying honest citizens of Lake County who have been held hostage my Mitchell and his gang of corruption way to long.
We know Rod reads this Blog although true to form he denies it. I wonder if he gets anything out of this knowing so many people have no use for him and see through his bad deeds.
Could anyone have believed that Rodney Mitchell and his band of thugs could go this low? Oh sorry for asking the obvious. ;-)
Anything taken in the Salon break in by Rodney's boys last night, I heard they wore gloves from someone one in LPPD and guess what no money taken!!!!!! oh oh this is interesting, Rodney how low will you go to attack the citizens, and what else have you done?
I too heard trhat no money was taken even though it was easily available. It seems their intent was to create total destruction of this particular business hoping to put them out of business. It has not worked and I've yet to meet anyone who believes this was a random attack that Mitchell and his gang were not a part of.

This is the man we elected as sheriff 16 years ago. He says he was a good sheriff and now he's just another criminal and crooked politician. What's next Rod, got a church to burn.
The people who broke into the salon wore gloves. It was suggester earlier that perhaps DNA evidence could have been left and the Mitchell gang went sideways saying they would never test DNA for a burglary. Humm, interesting. I wonder if it would be tested for a civil rights case and domestic terriorism which this is. Make no mistake about it, this was no random burglary or vandalism this was a planned attack on a political oponent who has been targeted by the Mitchell gang. It may seem like a minor crime but this is not when you consider the ramifications and what's really behind it.

Rodney Mitchell may not have personally ordered this or even known about it, I can't say. But you can bet your sweet ass his gang of GOB and supporters were involved.
I doubt Tom and Frank knew anything about it. Just another Mitchell spin which won't work.

I doubt the Cops were stupid enough to do this themselves but one must admit these guys have demonstrated a lot of stupidity in the past. My money would be on some fool like Clint Fitzgerald. The KKK way.

Interesting how people like yourself condone such things and kiss it off to being a stunt by Rivero. An easy excuse which no one would buy.
Sometimes Informants are called upon to do certain things to maintain their protection from exposure, Ain't that right Pat?
Don't bet the Rodney boys were not personally involved, someone makes a call to 911 and the sheriff receives it and doesn't worry about responding or assisting the LPPD, but they would be aware of the call, and be able to tell the boys to get out of there. You send a couple of cops listen for any incoming calls to respond by LPPD and your out of there. Come on folks, we all know Mr. Carter has a lot of info on Mitchell, we all know Mitchell hates him, we all know Mitchell has been going after him for years. Let's go ahead and call this what it is. Mitchell was aware of the break-in, and so were the deputies who support him it was planned by them in an attempt to attack the establishment. By the way heard that it is up and running just fine, and again Mitchell's plan is foiled. Stand tall Tom the citizens are with you, God bless you for your strength and fortitude in facing Mitchell and his scum friends down. You are the better man, and at the debate that will now be aired on channel 8 for all to see that will be shown. It seems to me, that at this point even the Mitchell supporters must be turning away from Mitchell, they are seeing the dirty dealings of this corrupt man, it must turn their stomach to see who they have been supporting. Any of you out there that for one minute think you are casting a vote for Mitchell, you better check yourself and where you are aligned, because if your heart speaks to you, you will know the right thng to do. Mitchell involved in the break-in of course he was.
To late Pat you have already been identified as a snitch and a backstabber along with Martin.
If you are talking about Mitchell's stunt at the Middletown parade it wasn't Rivero who reported him it was other concerned people.

You mention Rivero accusing Mitchell of campaign wrong doing and lying then you are off base again Clint. Mitchell has repeatedly lied to the community about anything and everything. He has published slanderous andcampaign ads in the papers. He has had his dopes like you passing out slanderous and untrue accusations against his oponent door to door and everyone has seen it. He through people loike you has shot himself in the foot by his dirty politics, which has cost him Lord knows how many votes. People are sick anbd tired of mitchell's excuses, lies and dirty campaigning and I suspect they are tired of scumbags like yourself.

So, flap your big mouth all you want but your boy is out in November and along with him will go those with an attitude like yours.
Boy are you stoned. You need to get out more and realize that not only is Mitchell going to be the Sheriff next month but all the rest of us are staying.
And just to show you how we roll, you can stay too. We'll all need a punching bag for a while so don't take it personal.
533 You are an idiot. This is just one more in a series of domestic terrorist attacks on a citizen who has stood up to Rod Mitchell. This is not his firsat stunt but one of his dumbest. That's to be expected with a man who surrounds himself by racists, kiss asses and yes men to do his dirty work.
Time will tell and we'll see who is laughing this time next month. Stoned I am not nor am I a fool like yourself who keeps on battering your head into the wall over a man who is a crook and failure.
Go back to dragging on mommys tit Clint.
First post 557, I am going to keep that post of yours and post it all over when Rivero wins just so I can rub it in. Your in dream land and I think Mitchell is going to do a lot more damage to himself as the next two weeks go by. He was involved in the break in, sorry to break the news, and the LPPD now knows the connection.
Let's hope they can prove it, doubtful, but at least it is getting out to the public that is the good news. Raising doubts about Mitchell and getting it out to the public is most important right now.
If I was inclined to vote for sheriff mitchell (with a small "s" and "m") I woulod be turned off my people like these thugs who comeon all the time spreading hatred and BS. As if Mitchell doesn't make himself look bad these people just make him look worse. Where has he collected all these dimwints in such a small county?

Keep up the good work Mitchell gang you are just helping anyone who was on the fence jump to Rivero. One thing that pisses Americans off more then anything is bullies and that's what Mitchell is and surrounds himself with.
I do hope these dummies arn't deputies because i'd hate to think we have hired such a gang of fools and bullies like this.
617 again you totally miss the points being made. Mitchell does not need to be blamed for things he hasn't done since he has done so many things on his own. Mitchell is his own worst enemy by pulling the stunts he does, saying the things he says and surrounding himself by the thugs he does.

Rod Mitchell is the poorest excuse for a Cop and a LE administrator I've ever seen. He has destroyed any reputation his office may have had and no one trusts him or his people. To bad for those good working Cops who do the right thing and get blame caused by the bad boys in Mitchell's gang.
Hey Guys
Rod, Clint and I are gonna go burn some crosses tonight. Anyone want to come play?
Does Russ Perdock still reside in Lake County? If so what does he do for income? Has a date for the Dinius civil trial been set?
613 I think you have your numbers screwed up. Post 557 was resaponding to the idiot on post 533. Shit, now you have me lost too I feel like a Mitchell man.
Russ Perdock is still living in LC and he is working in private industry. He is trying to start his live all over again and I think it has finally dawned on him that his buddy Rod dumped him. My guess is if he had it all dto do over again he would have bought a moped and not a speed boat and he never would trust Mitchell.
634 Good to hear that you seen em.... Both these men made fools of themselves in public and probably wish they never heard of Mitchell or Rivero.
638 - You were being cute I'm sure but then your true colors were run up the staff. Let me ask you what do you care who smokes weed, who you think is ugly. These people are not running for office, Mitchell and Rivero are. Why do you insist on making yourself look like such an asshole time and again. Do you really think you are helping Mitchell or do you just see yourself as being so much wiser then everyone else?

You remind me of a little man who has no job, who sponges of mommy and lives in her garage and who sits home all day hating the world because you are a loser.
That was Pat before he became a deputy.
Why did Rod cover for Pat when he got drunk in SH and stuck the gun in his co-workers face? Was it Bauman he did this too and why didn't Baumen kick his ass?
Has a trial date been set for the Dinius civil case against Lake County and others?
I do not believe a trial date has been set. Lets hope it's after the first of the year so we won't have to pay Mitchell to go lie in court.
Has a trialo date been set for Rodney Mitchell and his gang? They need to refer to the penal code section 183 covering criminal consciracy.
I support Tom Carter and I am not a doper or pro weed. I am a conservative republican.

I don't care if Mr. Carter grows week and if he is guilty of the crimes he has been accused of he'll pay the piper eventually. My issue is the fact that the Mitchill gang has condemned this man to be guilty without trial. They have bullied him and his family and tried making their lives miserable for standing up to Rod Mitchell.

I have no use for people like this and when they hold a public office and conduct themselves in this manner they are the ones doing wrong.

I listen to all the hate coming from Mitchell supporters. I read what's going on in thjis county and it makes me wonder who the criminals really are. If Mitchell condones these attacks on a citizen of the United States who has not had his day in court then what will he do to the rest of us. This is not right and I don't want any part of a sheriff who acts this way.
I love this Blog. I come on here and when I leave I really feel like a rocket scientist after listening to the Mitchell bunch.
Yes, you can fix stupid. Just vote Rod Mitchell out of office on November 2nd.
Wrao yourself in Mitchell's flag for what good it does you. He's still a crooked politician and you are still a fool.
Vote for Rodney K. Mitchell and make sure we have another four years of vindictiveness and corruption.
Its Mitchell or Rivero. That's the only choice and Mitchell has shown what an incompetent fool he is. Why not give the other dork a chance and saee how he does. He can't do any worse theN Mitchell.
Whether Mitchell knew about the break-in or not, you can bet he will deny it. Then, when the evidence trail connects to him, he will say "not to the extent".
8:04 Just because you have a victim complex doesn't mean you're not a victim.
Yes, you are a fool, enough said.....
I am a democrat. I don't drive a prius but I do drive a car that gets good mileage. Don't hug trees but have been known to water a few. Don't smoke weed but I have been known to toss back a glass of wine now and then. Don't own a gun by choice but know plenty of people who do. I like Mike Thompson and if it was up to me would keep him in office forever or until I didn't like him any more. Gonna vote for Rivero and if in 4 years I'm not happy, gonna vote him out. Same with Anderson. It's time to step in to modern times Lake County. This county like this country is a democracy. By the people, for the people
822 hits it on the head. This person is he classic silent majority who thinks for themselves.
I agree with you post 828, and Lovelace well said, right on the mark, and thanks for all you guys have done, it has indeed been an amazing ride.
I don't think Mitchel and his boys knew what hit them, they never thought they could be hit so hard, and nailed so square with the hammer.
oh Boy I have some Mitchell supporters on here ME TOO....
Spam filter his a few comments we put them up, when that happens your post will go back up at the exact time you placed.

Green acres is the place for me....Ollie
A few months back, people were talking about voting some of the good ole boy Judges out and were wondering when they would be up for election, interestingly this affection held by justices for one another carries on up to the Supreme court justices and the appellate court justices...well for your information, these judges are up for what is called "a Retention election" They hold a term of 12 years......if a justice receives a majority of "yes" votes he remains in the position another 12 years (or he could be voted out sooner)...If he is not voted back to serve another 12 years, than a new justice will be appointed by the Governor. These people are in the higher court that can rule for or against a case that has been rejected by the lower court (Lake Co. Superior Court) Being in office 12 and some longer at 14 years, can become complacent and familiar with lower court judges...friendlys....YOU DECIDE THE VOTE.....GO FOR IT. I voted 'NO' ........thank you.
“It is necessary for all of us to defend ou'r rights in this county and and we have set a deadline for Mitchell's fall. This county can not afford to live with weak transparency and justice. It is a panacea for the county's problems. Even the worst justice is better than the best of Mitchell's dictatorship,
Excellent point 1017 no on all current judges, time to clean house and bring in new blood across the board.
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