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Thanks for being here Lovelace group. Frank Rivero, let's go!!! I know it is a long and difficult battle, you have such energy, you are on the side of right Frank we all know it. We are with you, and we will get out the vote and we will win in November!!!
Great post Lovelace, it appears that the thing that angers the Mitchell supporters the most is the truth. Why is that I wonder. Something is hidden they don't want found and the citizens feel it.
Thank You Lovelace! I was concerned to see the Mitchell crones at work here the last two days. I laughed when I looked on their Rivero-hate blog and someone was coping all the posts from here over there.

My husband came home today with a Pro-Rivero 4 Sheriff pin on. I would love to see someone tell him he can't wear it! Last time I checked we haven't main-lined any hard drugs lately and no one in the family is up at Hill Rd. or any other state facility. We haven't been on welfare or had food stamps for that matter. We did donate $$ to the fire dept. and some school district's sport programs etc. We did pay our (more than) fair share of taxes, shopped local, aren't racist or down on gays...we are just hard working people!

Oh...and we are voting Rivero 4 Sheriff!
Have a nice day :)
Thank you for your support 442, we are ramping up and rock and rolling. November here we come.
Well I just heard something interesting, from a couple of different people, looks like someone is documenting some very actually scary and bad bad actions being taken by some of Mitchell's finest, let me just say this, what these bad cops are doing is going to potentially be a huge story/stories. These people are unbelievable, this is nothing short of Hollywood. I have been told to say nothing of the details, and I will abide by that request, but when the public does find out, it is going to be a bad bad hit on Mitchell and some of his supporting deputies. This came from a few in the LE department and a couple of conversations were overheard.
There are lots of 442s out there! Mitchell supporters just want us to think that they are mainstream and we are far out! ha ha.....
Lovelace...I hope the documentation that is going to be revealed against the GOBs, will be bought out before the election. That would put the final blow on Mitchell's campaign.
Endorsed by the Lake County Democratic Party.
Endorsed by Service Employees International Union Local 1021
Endorsed by International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 624
Endorsed by Konocti Vista Casino & Hotel
Endorsed by Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino

This is the Lovelace group, above are just some of the endorsements and support that Rivero is gaining in the county, there is more to come and more that are coming on the Rivero Train. We have a message for all the citizens:

987-4467 this is the campaign phone number for Frank Rivero, we need all citizens to volunteer to help the Rivero campaign. They need people to walk door to door, they will give you the materials you need and the ideas to focus on. Please do not take this lightly, all hands are needed in many different areas. You must plan and take a weekend, take a day when you are off, or after work. Anyone who is going to cast a vote for Frank, the vote is not enough, they need your help in volunteering. Please do not say to yourself oh someone else will do it. Do not be complacent, do not think in terms of this being in the bag. There is a long way to go, and we cannot let Lake County die because of the election of Mitchell, if you Love this county if you care, then you know how important it is to help the campaign team. Olga is a great and dynamic individual a wonderful person, she and the other members of the campaign team will give you all you need to help. It is critical that for the next month we get all the help to the campaign team possible. If Mitchell is re-elected, we can kiss our county goodbye it will never recover, the state, country and the world will wonder who is it that lives in this county and allows someone like Mitchell to remain in power. Please do what you can every minute of your time is crucial and helps.
Endorsed by a rancheria that is committing human rights violations. How nice. So odd that Frank has nothing to do with this site and yet you have his phone number ready to go and are attempting to drum up supoort for him in the most serious of ways. No connections there.
You guys can't even keep your lies straight.
This is for post 12:20 - Thank You!!!! You speak the truth. I was at the debate. This is the second one I have attended and I have been following this campaign very closely. I am voting for Rivero and I am not a drug dealer, drug user, or a clignon as was suggested earlier. I will tell everyone I know, and that is a lot of people, what I witnessed at the debate of our so called "fine hard working law enforcement." They are a dangerous group. They had a mob mentality last night. I was there and saw it for myself.
Excellent post 652 and right on the mark, thank you for posting that opinion. Now let's speak to post 651, the phone number for Rivero's campaign is right on his web page, getting a phone number off a web page does not a connection make. Man it is tough to have to deal on these childish levels with these guys, but we must. Listen try to get this, yes we support Frank Rivero 200%, he is the citizens choice, and he is this sites choice. If you have an issue with that, it is your fear and your problem. Of course we are drumming up support for Frank Rivero, the majority of the citizens are watching this site. Of course we want people to volunteer to assist Frank in these last 30 days of campaigning. Now if in your feeble little mind you think that means something more, what pray tell would you be thinking. Oh by the way, since this is the only ongoing active forum in the county, and we are supporting Frank Rivero, you really don't have much to say about it. You can not like it, which we hope you don't because it means we are doing our job. Remember we now have nearly 2000 unique IP's visiting this site, I might warn you to watch your presentation, as 100's are watching this site daily from our county. With at times 200 to 300 posts a day and a record 423 last week in one day you darn well better understand the importance of this site and what we can and will accomplish through it.
We have just deleted and archived two more posts directly from Mitchell supporters describing their hate for the Tribal and Hispanic communities. This is very sad to see but it will be distributed to the citizens later in the month. There is a great pain that goes through many of us when we see some of those supporting Mitchell being so hurtful and showing such terrible racism towards those who are not white. It is a sad statement about Mitchell and a sad statement about some of those supporting him. We would wish that this was not the case, we would wish that Mitchell and his GOB's would have greater empathy and show greater kindness towards other humans who might not have their skin color. It saddens us to have to report this to the citizens, and it saddens us to know that still in this day in age such racism, such hate, and such vile individuals still exist in this county. But it is the truth and that cannot be denied.
7:05. Don't bs us. We know that the Rivero fund raiser is Saturday, October 2nd, at Moore Family Winery, 11990 Bottlerock Rd. from 4 to 8pm.
I am glad to see that this site has it's spirit back in gear! I was getting concerned that it was being censored or hacked by the Mitchell supporter that went out of his way to make himself visible at the debate last night that also happens to be the owner of a computer business in Kelseyville. Glad to see that I was wrong.
oh 7:05 is gone...oh well.
Sorry Clark, he was one who we archived as to his hate of anything and anyone who is not white and a Mitchell supporter.
427 I think there is much hidden within the LCSO office since Mitchell has had 16 years of collusion and extentions the web will be amazing..

Rivero is the man for sheriff.
Boy that is right post 824 that is why the fight and get so angry. They know when new people arrive what will be uncovered, will not be able to be covered by the shredder. Much the citizens will see will uncover connections and collusion that actually will be illegal activity, it would not be surprising to see outside agencies in here eventually and the investigations and what will be uncovered will be amazing.
This is going to take more than one episode of 48 Hours.
Oh this is going to make War and Peace look like a kindergarten ABC learner.

As a reminder to everyone, there are currently 3 aspects to the FPPC investigation concern Mitchell and the Campaign team, these are all 3 ongoing, and we can tell you those identities may have already been informed of the investigations. They, Mitchell and his campaign staff are aware of these actions we put forth, and we are watching carefully to see if the FPPC findings are accomplished prior to the election.

These areas are the illegal use of Homeland security equipment in the Middletown parade, and all of you may have noticed in following parades the practice was stopped when they were notified of the investigation. This one is also being investigated by Homeland Security, and we received verification of this along with identification assignments.The other Two being looked at by the Fair Political Practices Commission is the illegal distribution of the hate piece in the Record Bee and the illegal distribution by Mitchell of the yellow Dinius fact sheet as it was called. We hold out great hope that these can be completed prior to the election. More to come.
Too little too late Rondey
1057 So will it be a untimely death or just a passing when one of you or yours meets a tragic death? You have no compassion for a citizens tragic death but demand compassion when it happens to one of yours.Did mitchell teach you that or does it come naturally?
7:49 What does this have to do with Frank? And we don't have to explain anything to you. Your'e just upset because you can't cut and paste our comments over to your lame site. We know Rod is using campaign money to pay you two guys to blog here. What are you going to do for a job after the election? Oh wait, can you run a shreader?
The seeds where sown long before the Dinius case came in view. Those in this government with the board of supervisors and Ms. Anita Grant's blessing knew of the dishonesty going on but looked the other way. Mitchell chose after the hug to protect Perdock. where is those that took a oath? Standing up and looking out for the rights of the citizens?
8:38 are you saying you man has all those qualifications? I think not. Even if he did, I would say it hasn't worked. I be willing to try someone with an elementary school education over Mitchell. At least he would be honest.
Good morning Lake County, a great day of comments yesterday, the citizens are really coming out in force. We will repost the information on helping the Rivero campaign after our morning post. First of all to post 749, we know this is a very basic concept, and you liked trying to find a place for using a really big word like contradictory, and we are going to give a pretty gold star for that. But you seem to have a problem with understanding how our Blog works. The "deletion" comes for the fact we take the Mitchell comments about hating Hispanics, and the Tribal community and we save it i,e. "archive" on our list we are distributing to the citizens of all the Mitchell supporters comments. So yup deleted and then archived is correct.

987-4467 this is the campaign phone number for Frank Rivero, we need all citizens to volunteer to help the Rivero campaign. They need people to walk door to door, they will give you the materials you need and the ideas to focus on. Please do not take this lightly, all hands are needed in many different areas. You must plan and take a weekend, take a day when you are off, or after work. Anyone who is going to cast a vote for Frank, the vote is not enough, they need your help in volunteering. Please do not say to yourself oh someone else will do it. Do not be complacent, do not think in terms of this being in the bag. There is a long way to go, and we cannot let Lake County die because of the election of Mitchell, if you Love this county if you care, then you know how important it is to help the campaign team. Olga is a great and dynamic individual a wonderful person, she and the other members of the campaign team will give you all you need to help. It is critical that for the next month we get all the help to the campaign team possible. If Mitchell is re-elected, we can kiss our county goodbye it will never recover, the state, country and the world will wonder who is it that lives in this county and allows someone like Mitchell to remain in power. Please do what you can every minute of your time is crucial and helps.
If someone knows the time frames Mitchell was working for the city of Clearlake, please post those time frames on the Blog.

Is Rodney's middle name Keith?
The front page of today's Press Democrat has U. S. Census Bureau data saying that almost one quarter of Lake County's population now lives in poverty. It rose from 17.4 in 2006 to 24.6 in 2009. Now, we know that largely, that is the fault of the recession, but we also know that our reputation is affected by things like the boating incident with no justice, a death in the jail because the family couldn't get a suicide watch, a death on Hwy 20 of a elderly man because the Sheriff's Office said it wasn't their job, crime rates going up, the closing of Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa resulting in less jobs and places for tourists to recreate, and more. We have to work on improving our image. We have a new D.A. coming, let's get a new Sheriff to work with that office. Vote Rivero!!!!
Thank you.
I see the R/B has taken down the comments section, about the Sheriff's debate. I'll bet Mitchell was getting his butt kicked.
That is an excellent post, and to the citizens, we must understand what the re-election of Mitchell would do to our image and our county. It is scary to think about the continuing damage to our county and our image. We must get Frank Rivero elected to stop the bleeding. Post 954
Exactly post 1128, typical RB censorship, Mitchell cover-ups and the continued lying.
You are right 1128, i was on there just before they took it down, and Mitchell was getting destroyed by the citizens, I thought to myself, they are going to take this down, and bingo down it came. This is what you have citizens, you have cover-up, the destruction of freedom of speech, and fascism by the RB connected to Mitchell. Very sad.
The image of Lake Co. Law Enforcement is that of a joke. Sheriff Mitchell mismanagement of the department, has caused total distrust with the Citizens.
Mitchell admits to being "asleep, at the wheel". I'll bet Dinius civil attorney will be questioning Mitchell about his nap at the wheel. Does anyone know the attorneys address? I'll send him a copy of the R/B.
klint go crawl back under your rock
We took care of KKK Klint and his usual racist and hate filled comments, this is unfortunate that those supporting Mitchell have such hate for others who are not white and supporting him. Now the citizens are starting to see reality. KKK was booted out on his ear at Konocti, and now he must be booted out of the county. It is so bad that we good citizens have to live in a county run by a sheriff and his supporters who are so racist and hate filled.
I have heard something today, it is in part that some are looking into Mr. Markham, and that he cost the county 50,000 to 75,000 dollars in a suit of sexual miss-conduct with a former employee, and there are attempts ongoing trying to keep this under wraps. Also heard that Mitchell is aware of this and is trying to keep it under wraps also. I work in the county, will not say where of course and do not know who is involved in the search, but it is interesting, and heard this may come out in print?? Not sure what that means just thought I would pass this on.
12:40 When you say work in the county do you mean 'in' the county of Lake or 'for' the county of Lake? And what search are you referring to?
Awwww there you go again. Can't mention Joe W.s name here, can you say Morgan Jack is a murderer?
You people are so thin skinned.
Incumbents always run on their recorded of achievements, while in office. Sheriff Mitchell is running on his "promotes kept recorded", that's odd. Unless Mitchell has accomplished nothing, in sixteen years. Mitchell has admitted to "being asleep, at the wheel". The department, must have been on auto pilot, during this time period of fifteen years. A fifteen year nap, that's going to cost this County tens of millions of dollars. As voters/taxpayers, we can't afford Mitchell any longer. Vote Rivero.
Post 122 Mr. Markham is that you?

Search means looking for either information or confirmation of information. looking for something, looking for some information:

Websters says: I am searching, as in I am searching for information on Mr. Markham hey how did you get in the dictionary, must be an updated version.

Do you really think careful citizen is going to answer that first question?? LOL
If the information on Markham is true, it makes you wonder why these people are so willing to hurt their own lives and family for the sake of Mitchell? To all of you getting hurt by supporting Mitchell, you might want to think twice, because I can tell you and you know it, he would not do the same for you. Now Markham is either stupid, although I don't think so, or he needs to re-think about the light his support of Mitchell paints him in, and the rest of those as well. This is the perfect example of killing yourself while you protect the corrupt king, even though he would never do the same for you. Now if I add this up,I Mitchell being forced to admit "one" of his affairs as he could no longer deny it, and Markham with this potential issue. This is not good!
Hey Jeff any significance to the state of Oregon, any bad memories in that state?
Hey Jeff why was it you decided not to run for sheriff, what were the reasons?

Hey Jeff, why are you doing this to yourself and your family, I was a friend and I hope this hits the mark, you are supporting a bad man, you know it, stop. He is not worth it, no matter what the offer.
wow this is getting interesting.
I was going to vote for Anderson until I saw his posed with Riverso in an ad I threw up and then said no way jose
When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he will always declare that it is his duty.
Did anyone see the editorial section of the Press Democrat yesterday? The Record Bee wouldn't print it, so it made it's way to Santa's entitled "Watching Lake"....makes you think.
There you have the racist hate mongers associated with Mitchell in post 254, what a sad shame that Mitchell and his supporters are aligned with KKK Klint. Very poor judgement.

Did all of you citizens notice something interesting, Mitchell supporters scream like kids because the integrity of Markham is called into question, and he is not running for office they scream.

What have they been doing to Baxter? Attacking him left and right, and he isn't running for office. There it is again, pot calling the kettle black.
Captain J. Markham, remember Mitchell ordered you to do back ground checks, what's wrong with that picture Captain? Maybe punishment?
Watching Lake

EDITOR: On Nov. 2, the world will watch the Lake County sheriff’s election, yet local reporting is minimal and biased. Boaters and former tourists are following it because of last summer’s trial. Not sure what I mean? Google “Bismarck Dinius.” I was a juror, and I think your family, friends and relatives who live here need your input.

The incumbent of 15 years has run mostly unopposed. He stands accused of civil rights violations, racial profiling, poor management, favoritism and more. The lawsuits stacking up will cost a great deal of time and money. We are again a county “for probation or vacation.” Several former deputies complain of wrongful termination, including one terminated after attempting to breath-test the off-duty chief deputy who was driving the powerboat that killed Lynn Thornton. He was never charged.

We anticipate more mud-slinging at candidate Frank Rivero, against whom the sheriff began an internal affairs investigation during the primary, never publicly clearing him. Unethical? Yes. I encourage residents to register, watch debate videos on and talk to others. Ask about Rivero and see Ask about Sheriff Rodney Mitchell, too. This is important to three generations of my family and to our tourism, economy and quality of life.


Hidden Valley Lake
Blame the sheriff for the lack of toursiam is like blaming the bullet for firing the gun
I say No way Jose because it rhymes this blog is sure ready to pounce you need to put it on a list of words that cannot be said, again you want to stiffle my free speech. So if I have a friend named Jose, and he asks me if I want to go to a movie and I say No Way Jose, that is wrong, better grow up and not be so thin skinned as someone else said
when anyone supports Mitchell and post you call it mud clinging, well when you post anti Mitchell crapola we call it Bull Crap
I spoke with someone at the Kelseyville Pear Festival last week that told me that have friends (several of them) that have their own boats and used to come up every summer for boating fun. They won't come anymore...they meet him somewhere else. My eye Dr., who has a business in Petaluma used to sail here, but says it's no longer a place he comes, so don't tell me about none of it being the Sheriff's fault. I'm sorry you are sick of hearing Lynn Thornton's (spell it right, please) name, but I'm sure her family isn't and I know I'm not, because it is an indicator that something isn't right here, and we should work until we arrive at a place where we are pretty sure it at least won't happen again even if it is too late to get justice for her. All 12 of the jurors and alternates were hard working, caring citizens who were not tainted, and not looking for fame, just the truth. If you can't handle it, crawl back under your rock. Sandy Bayles
tour Siam??? Is that like a vacation trip to Siam in the east? No post 420 yrou know and we have it archived for the public to view before the election what your post's meaning was, and it is racist, and it is hateful and it is very typical of Mitchell and his supporters. Don't try to ass cover after the fact.

Remember everyone the debate tonight is at the Reese theater at 6:30, be there and support Frank Rivero.

We are however happy the debates will be over, even though Rivero continues to destroy Mitchell at them, they have served their purpose in this campaign, and due to the deeply divided lines between Rivero and the good honest people of the county and the Mitchell supporters it really does not serve much purpose. Debates have their place if they reach a wide and very large audience but in a county situation such as this they generally serve very little purpose. And considering that Mitchell is going to lie anyway it doesn't really matter. However for this the last debate please be sure to attend the event and give your outward support for Frank Rivero.

Also and most critical:

987-4467 this is the campaign phone number for Frank Rivero, we need all citizens to volunteer to help the Rivero campaign. They need people to walk door to door, they will give you the materials you need and the ideas to focus on. Please do not take this lightly, all hands are needed in many different areas. You must plan and take a weekend, take a day when you are off, or after work. Anyone who is going to cast a vote for Frank, the vote is not enough, they need your help in volunteering. Please do not say to yourself oh someone else will do it. Do not be complacent, do not think in terms of this being in the bag. There is a long way to go, and we cannot let Lake County die because of the election of Mitchell, if you Love this county if you care, then you know how important it is to help the campaign team. Olga is a great and dynamic individual a wonderful person, she and the other members of the campaign team will give you all you need to help. It is critical that for the next month we get all the help to the campaign team possible. If Mitchell is re-elected, we can kiss our county goodbye it will never recover, the state, country and the world will wonder who is it that lives in this county and allows someone like Mitchell to remain in power. Please do what you can every minute of your time is crucial and helps.
Way to handle it Sandy!!! As usual they can't touch you. Great Job!!
they won't come because they have to pay per boat for the quaggie sticker so stop the BC

Perdock was a victim of a sail boat with all on board over the legal limit of alcohol and not able to realize the lights on the boat were not turned on,details is not something party boats of people think about. You all want to kill Perdock and then you would be happy, he is the living vixtim of that moment in time that changed many lives. the juror i am speaking of was loud and clear the other night like he set her apart from he claimed I was on the jury, probably the same one who yelled out that's not funny, oh yea it was to see Rivero sit dumbfounded unable to come up with any one other name, he is grasping the sympathy vote, hey have him open his file like the sheriff has, oh no not that, but transparency is something he just talks about he is selling you supporter short.
Hmmmmmmmmm Markham your actions cost the county 50,000 dollars or more and Mitchell knows yet he brought you on to the campaign and will have you working for him if he were to win??? Pray tell what did you do to the girl? Where is she now? Oregon you say? Boy those common last names are hard to hunt up huh?
416 Lynn Thorton was retired Law Enforcement. Why don't you want to "align" yourself with her? Is it because Law Enforcement caused her death and you want her to be forgotten so you don't have to be reminded? I don't understand it, When Law Enforcement kills a suspect no problem. But when you kill one of your own It was Tragic,They passed on, Get over it, Don't align yourself with them. The citizens care more about your own and justice than you do.
Latest stat's estimate that Mitchell is costing the county upwards of half a million or more a year in Tourism dollars due to the bad reputation he has brought to the county, from the Dinius trial, to the multiple federal lawsuits 10 at least pending in SF federal courts, the deaths of innocents such as the wheelchair victim your deputies would not respond to. The jail suicide thought now to be a preventable death if procedures were followed. To Ski blowing a guy away in the forest, and one can see how much money Mitchell is costing the county. sad commentary for our county. Citizens it is important to rid ourselves of this dark and evil past, and build the bridge to change and honesty in our county, Rivero for sheriff will start us on the road to recovery.
First off your definition of the word search failed to address the question. Nice going.
Secondly "Do you really think careful citizen is going to answer that first question?? LOL." gives me cause to ask: How freaking paranoid are you?
Pull your head out before it's too late, it's a sad thing to live one's life in the darkness paranoia.
"Law Enforcement caused her death" is a falsehood. Once again you seek to connect dots that aren't even in the same book. But nice try.
law Enforcement caused by virtue of Perdock speeding in the middle of the night and crushing the sailboat and killing Lynn Thorton, that is a basic concept believed by all and of course by the jury as well, so you are out on that point. This and the combination of the cover-up by Mitchell and Hoppy(who has already paid the price and Mitchell is next) is not a pretty picture.

Post 442 of course the question was not addressed they told you nice try your not getting the answer to the first question. Paranoia?? not all, understanding truth and reality of course. Listen fighting words with you is like fighting with an unarmed man.

We thought the search answer was funny as hell, didn't you Jeff is it???
To all citizens, our Lovelacewwwireless account has been getting massive e-mails(which we appreciate) we are putting in a security change, and would like you to use until further notice. If in the last 3 days you have sent e-mails to the Lovelacewwwireless account please re-send to the sheriffmitchell account. Thanks everyone, and keep the information flowing!!
Sorry 544 we want to keep it a bit cleaner then that post, and the caps and stuff, no problem with the information just describe it a little different and take the caps out eh? Thanks!!
Liveblog anyone?
434 PM
Perdock is not the victim. Lynn Thornton was. It appears that Capt. Perdock lacks the common sense of a frog! Going so fast in total darkest.
How about a father and son out fishing, late at night. The battery on the boat dies, it's total dark no lights. Here comes capt. Perdock at 50 MPH, in total darkest hitting the boat, killing the boy. The only person(s) to blame are Russell Perodck for his actions. Sheriff Mitchell for failing to ensure a proper investigate the boating accident occurred.
This is called failing to supervise. It costs us the Taypayers money. Mitchell his a history of failing to supervise his department, please remember, Mitchell statement "the primary election was awake call and he was asleep at the wheel". Dinius attorney will hold Mitchell statement
against us the taxpayers.
We are live at the debate, do not know if the connection will hold but while it does we will broadcast live from the debate...Both are giving their overview, Franks was quick and to the point. Mitchell is ass covering right now, and keep's using the word fact, fact, it feels like he is hiding something, he is ramblings, oh he used the word specificity again!!!
Mitchell just told a lie. Correctional Officers can work as reserve Deputies.
They cannot do the same job, as they are paid for. (C.O.'s can work with Deputies on patrol, they cannot work in the Jail). Mitchell killed the Lake Co. Sheriff reserves program!!!
Specificity used 3 times, the first question is that the public has shown great concern about what is happening in the department. Mitchell answers first and brought up Markham, he is rambling again, talking about audits, talking about Markham, again he is quite boring in his responses. did not use the word specificity. Thats good.

Rivero is answering, talking about accesability, and how that does not exist in the current office. He is talking about civilian oversight he is indicating that the truth must be known by the public and we must have ligitmacy in our county, we do not have that in this county
Mitchell just told another lie. "I was not asleep at the wheel" LOL
frank said the reason there are for sale signs in HVL is because of people leaving the county
hmmm - never heard of the foreclosure crisis ????
asleep at the wheel is just an expression like No way Jose not to be taken as literal
great inclusive comment by frank about serving all of us
Definition of SPECIFICITY
: the quality or condition of being specific: as a : the condition of being peculiar to a particular individual or group of organisms b : the condition of participating in or catalyzing only one or a few chemical reactions
I was impressed by the specificity of her instructions.
Frank has hit more home runs. Mitchell sounds like he's confused.
Mitchell should just keep his month shut. It's making him look dumb. One more vote lost for Mitchell.
I wished Mitchell, was on the witness stand. More lies, more strategic deception by sheriff Mitchell. Mitchell nose is growing by the minute.
Someone needs to called Mitchell cell phone and tell him, to shut up, and act dumb. I now it's normal for Mitchell.
5:32 Now I get it. You can't spell because you think the dictionary is a comic book, funny as hell, and just laugh at it. Way to get that GED!
mitchell thinks he's in moot court - snore
The case law that precludes correctional officers from being reserve deputies is the "Garcia Decision". It killed reserve programs thru ought California law enforcement about 17 years ago.
Rivero hits another home run, on court orders. Mitchell go with the most recent order, I believe it's the law or case law. As Sheriff, Mitchell didn't know this why? Mitchell truly was asleep at the wheel!!!!!
Mitchell is right you must go with the most recent court order.
who? what case rod?
If two different court orders are produced to a deputy, they will enforce the most recent one. It's that simple. It will have the most recent date and signed by a judge.
Mitchell has just set Lake Co. up for another law suit. Just be save his politics career.
Overall View: River wins!!!! Pat please tell Mitchell, to shut up. Just acted dumb.
727 PM
Mitchell never said that!!! Mitchell sounded like an idiot tonight, like always.
I can see why he wants to be here his home does't want him back.
The Garcia decision, didn't kill the reserve programs. Go review Co. Counsel opinion by David Walker. It only applies to C.O. working as reserve Deputies, being made to work in the jail without being paid over time. Jail staff knows the criminals, better than Patrol!!
I truly think Rivero won tonight's debate. Mitchell sounded confused and made misleading statements. Rivero sounds like he wants good honest, hard working employee's. Officers that are well trained and really to response to the community needs. Mitchell sounded like a GOB defensing their actions. Nothing new to sheriff Mitchell.
So if Rivero acted dumb on Monday night and Mitchell acted dumb, tonight then they are the same, just dumb on different nights. So it follows that if Mitchell is bad for 16 years so is Rivero. Question is when did Rivero's 16 years start?
looks like your dumb started at 845
just trying to fit in here.
I used to have a lot of respect for Rob Brown til I found out about his actions lately. He has a huge truck on 11th st a couple weeks ago and it had huge Mitchell signs all over it and the property. Did anyone know that his position in office keeps him from not being able to support a running sherriff or anyone else. They all signed a petiton saying that they would not endorse anyone and it would be unethical. So he is now showing his side. He got in trouble and was told to take it down and he did but I'm sure not after a fight. He knew he was allowed to do that but he did anyways. Have much respect does he have for our county?!

He has also protected his son Steve Brown for years now since he was in high school from rape charges. Where has all this gone? I would like to know how he could rape a girl and his friends watch while she is passed out and there was a video of it. When the video was eventually shown at the same party later a couple kids said it wasn't right and told their parents and the girl and her parents. Somehow it was swept under the rug and he is still hiding it. Mitchell has helped him I'm sure.

Chris Salmina who also went to Kelseyville High School and was friends with Rob Brown's son Steve Brown has also had some rape and statutory rape charges against him. I believe the count was 19 cases. They were also swept under the rug. This can't keep happening! We need to put a stop to these young kids getting away with rape because of who their fathers are and who they know. It makes me sick. If this happened to my daughter and found out it got swept under the rug I would probably hurt someone. This is a horrible thing and it needs to stop.
I believe that there needs to be a limit on how long someone should be sheriff. Just like president and everything else. There is nothing wrong with a new set of eyes.
this is the lovelace group, this was a night to remember, Mitchell was a mess tonight, we had a blogcast going then the internet was shut down, hmmmmmmmm interesting none the less, we actually saw several Mitchell supporters, who started out clapping for Mitchell and ended the night clapping for Rivero. Rivero called Mitchell each and every time and it was amazing, to hear people moan and groan when Mitchell was talking was stunning to say the least.

Mitchell was actually stammering several times his feet were wiggling under the table, it was a poor night, the damage Mitchell did to himself tonight is hard to calculate, but it was not good.

telling the audience he is not talking to them was a grave error, he was at times acting like the audience was stupid, even to his own supporters. We can imagine he is happy the debates are over. Frank was compassionate, forceful, and on his game, a great night overall and a great end to the last debate. We can see after a day like today why the corruption supporters have run for cover. We believe the citizens saw the true Mitchell tonight, and it was not pretty.
To the individual who handed off the paper tonight, wearing the brown shirt with beer on it, we believe we may need to talk to you, as we may be holding the same kind of information. Please contact us by e-mail as soon as possible.

Rivero nailed Mitchell tonight on the Rully incident, had the letter from the lawyer, and tagged Mitchell in and out right lie.
Guys! That wasn't the last debate. There's one more...Greenview Restaurant of Hidden Valley Lake (south county) Oct. 6, Wed., 7-9 p.m. Outside the gates, so you don't need a barcode. Take Hartmann Rd. off Hwy. is on the left after the small shopping center and golf cart crossing.
Post 1037 you just ruined Mitchells day
Hey Francisco
Are you going to ever come clean as to why you left SFPD so fast? Or are you going to let me wait until the ultimate moment to tell the truth to that poor county you are trying to dazzle with your BS. Have you forgot some of us, you know, your former Co-Workers from SFPD who were more than happy to see you clean out your locker and leave. Paybacks Francisco, Paybacks. Hey, How did that rehab work out for you after you got a little to over zealous "testing" the powder?
Tell me more 10:56 please. He won't be truthful so I'm hoping you come through with the goods.
Don't you folks up there in Lake County worry, as you are finding out, Francisco Rivero is far from a truthful man. And watch your wives and daughters too. I thought he was my friend until I caught him in bed with my wife. He destroyed my marriage. Im watching from afar. Maybe I should just show up at one of the next debates? Your current Sheriff isnt the only homewrecker. But you current Sheriff has more experience than the "Grave Digger". And Sheriff Mitchell has repented for his sins, unlike Francisco, who hides behind his religion.
Well 1056, so co-workers at SFPD were happy to see Rivero leave? Who are you, anyway? Another phony statement. Since you are representing SFPD officers, you should reveal who the happy ones are, and some substantive evidence to your accusations. The end is getting close, and I expect diatribe such as this to surface at this point in time. Did this revelation just come to you? After all, you had a year to bring it up. LOL.
The Grave Digger, now that is a new one, you will have to be trasnparent giggle on the transparent. But this blog makes you tell all the gory events. I have asked many times about where Riverso lays his head for th enight but no one answers, he has a home in Middletown but the mother of his son lives up on cobb,so feel free to post the info otherwise they will just pass you over as a Mitchell plant, they don't think their Hero is tainted.
this is the lovelace group, this was a night to remember, Mitchell was a mess tonight, we had a blogcast going then the internet was shut down, hmmmmmmmm interesting none the less, we actually saw several Mitchell supporters, who rted out clapping for Mitchell and ended the night clapping for RiveroXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXLIES ALL LIESCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
10:56 I figured there was a good reason a millionaire would leave SF. If what you say is true you should contact the local media up here with the proof. Nobody wants a bad Sheriff.
On that note, I've never had a single bad experience with the SO and I've been pulled over plenty of times and had them at my house on 911 calls as well. They show up quick, professionally take care of business and then followup. Just like I would expect.
Never have I heard a bad word, gotten a sour look or a bad vibe. Sure don't know what all those supporters of Francisco are trying to sell but it don't smell so good.
One specific thing that bugs me is the proposed approach to overflights at Upperlake looking for grows. Those grows throw so many nutrients and silt into the lake they cause huge blooms up there. Just go take a look at the cutoff and ask yourself why a marsh is creating blooms. Ought to be the exact opposite. But Francisco wants to take a blind eye. Not my cup of tea since I live here and use the lake.
Dennis Shardt, How did that alky rehab work for you. You sit down in Rio Vista and post out of vengence. Why don't you come up here and show your face. Are you able to live off your retirement, since your not able to skim off the top of your fellow officers. These are the kind of people Rod gets to do his dirty work for him, other crooked cops. This one is from San Francisco. Dennis , you got stood up to and didn't like it. Stay out of our politics. You were forced to retire for stealing money and being drunk on the job. Something you should have gone to jail for, not draw a pension off the people you were supposed to be working for. You are exactly the kind of person we are trying to get of.
Grave digger? I thought it was pizza face.
11:36 Mary Grace, it;s time to go to bed, you have to get up early so you can wake up Pat for his drive to Napa.
Isn't it funny how you corupption supporters come on here every night about 11:00. Either you are tweeking on crank or you are on night shift, or both. Either way, you are probably getting paid by the taxpayer. Great job. Why don't you go out on patrol and bust some of your tweeker friends. They would be the ones with all their lights on. Drive around and take a look. Do your job.
Dennis your almost out of vodka, you better go to the store before they close.
Quick here comes Rodney, shut down the computer.
I don't think they took your post down because your a Mitchell supporter, I think they took it down because it was stupid. Try to make some sense and maybe they will leave it up.
Hey post 12:03 are you tweeking on crank? Your so quick to judge just thought I'd ask.
Hi B. Gal. Nope, on the natch,
The Dinius case is the result of all the lies before. With out consequences for those that violate the trust put in them the dishonesty grows.Power corrupts.The core is rotten and needs to be put in the crapper that would hold the likes of Brown. good day to all and please vote for officer Rivero.
After last nights debate, Mitchell should take a few days off. Someone needs to train Mitchell and his deputies on court orders. Mitchell looked and sounded very confused.
Hey 1056 PM.
Rivero past his background check, or did Mitchell once again failed to do his job? If anything comes out about Rivero background. It only makes us, question Mitchell leadership and mismanagement of the department period.
I don't care what Mitchell thinks about Franks past I won't vote a man in as sheriff that hid the things he has. He is not an honest man period.
I truly state I do not vote for officer Rivero from knowing him but from what Mitchell has shown me what he is. I will vote for the unknown over what I know for me not to do so it would be insane. Mitchell has shown me his oath took by him was with his hand out rather than up. He allowed the lies and dishonesty to stand after he became aware.He is part of the apex of dishonesty in this local government.
James that could be said of the group running this site. "He allowed the lies and dishonesty to stand after he became aware."
I can see that as long as it serves your purpose to remove Mitchell you lower your standards a little. What you say has no substance knowing what you will overlook and the people with no ethics you support.
Good morning Lake County, what a great night last night, saw a lot of good people and the Lovelace group was there in force. To all of you we saw again, from our Cobb friends, to all those from the north shore and Hwy 20 north and south, great to see you all again and what a great night for Frank, he was on his game quick sharp, and did not hesitate to call Mitchell out on each and every lie he tried to spin, not only that when Rivero pulled out the letter from his lawyer, telling Mitchell to release the Rully vindication it was sweet justice. Someone has got to get to Mitchell and tell him to stop using the word specificity, if the public hears that word one more time, there is going to be a collective throwing up across the county.

Also get to Mitchell and tell him the DSA endorsement has been and continues to cost him votes, we don't want to give him hints on why he is losing, but thought we might offer that one up as a reality check for them.

There is a lot of investigative work currently going on, and we hope to have some results of that information in the next couple of days. Hold on for that if one of those pans out it is going to be a real mess for Mitchell, we will keep you updated.

this is the Lovelace group
855 please when it comes to ethics and morals, honesty and integrity you know you cannot hang your hat on Mitchell, you are fooling yourself and although difficult to admit it is the only conclusion you can come to. You should know that you are confused, it is the terrible hate and racism which drags down your choice of sheriff, racism, hate, attacks, as Frank so correctly pointed out. Attacks against supporters, scathing rants about the good citizens of this county, all for the cause of Mitchell??? Please wake up take the blinders off and deal with reality. So you really want to align your self with a man who has KKK Klint as a supporter?
Last night when frank called out Mitchell and told the audience, ask yourself a question why is Mitchell the only one who has ever been on the ballot in 15 years? The answer frank said was sitting right next to him. That is then when Frank began to describe the terrible things Mitchell has tried to do to anyone supporting Frank. The audience moaned at this revelation and factual accounting.
And it's going to be a real mess for Rivero too. oh, and I'm not Dennis. I do feel bad you are directing all your venom to a man who is not the one behind the message. But I will have to add to the name I have for the Slimey Francisco since it seems Lake County has came up with their own nick name. I will now call him The Pizza Faced Grave Digger. He could use a good Chemical Peel. Francisco, think back, think back real hard, who do you think was thrilled they put you in the position to leave before you got fired? Well, that would be me. I strongly suggest you get your Spin Doctors together, before I do make a trip up to Lake County. You have these people so fooled. (Or most of them). The clock is ticking.
I have been reading a lot of comments about the advantages of Mr Mitchell's experience. Having worked in a service profession for over 40 years, I must point out that experience doing the wrong thing is not better than little or no experience. Mr. Mitchell's experience includes favoritism and cover-up, not worthwhile experience I would say.
I'd drink funny Kool-aid for Rivero before I'd vote for Mitchell. The people who are watching Mitchell throw everyone under the bus should pay attention. They could be next. He doesn't discriminate when he needs a body.
Has anyone noticed the exodus from the county that has begun? Kelly Cox is leaving, It appears Brown has backed out of the Mitchell support excitement, I have heard that many of the GOB's are beginning to look out side the county also. Burke is leaving, it is as if many are beginning to see that the change is coming, and this is very typical of the breakdown of a long term entrenched environment that is now under tremendous pressure.
913 have thought hard about your comment, aside from being so hate filled and so childish in your name calling, that it is sad, very sad, again to see the type of people who support Mitchell. We will leave your hateful post up for the citizens to again see what Mitchell supporters are like. Now about your threat we believe this is the proper reaction for your arrival here in the county... Ha HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA oh my gosh, lol lol lol lol lol and further more as to our level of worry about a demonstrated loon such as yourself...lamo lamo lamo lamo lamo, we hope that is clear for you. ;-)
In a year, 9:34 is the first comment I didn't support on the blog (maybe because I don't know what's going on?) because it sounds like Kelly Cox is leaving because Rivero might become Sheriff??? Kelly Cox has been a really great AO or CEO or whatever you call him, and spoke well for our county. Say it isn't so the way it's written, unless you know something I don't...??? As for the rest of them, though, good riddance.
It was not a disparaging remark concerning Cox nor the job he has done. Only an indication that as major change approaches many begin to access where they are and what is on the horizon for them. Not associated with any issues with Cox/Rivero, but only that as the change to a Rivero run department is approaching, many begin to look at where they want to go from here, We are sure Cox has gotten good ground level experience in Lake county and can move to a better paying position outside the county. There are others who are leaving or looking at the prospect of it due to an anticipated Rivvero win and do not want to be exposed when the transition happens.
These people who claim to have worked with Mr. Rivero years ago in San Francisco would have us believe that upstanding police officers from the SFPD and those retired from there have nothing better to do than intervene in an election in a rural area which is 100 miles and 3 hours away. I am just guessing that there are a lot more pressing issues to the real SFPD officers and retirees. If in fact, the story is true, I will have to tell you that people here don't put much stock in the opinions of outsiders. I speak from experience there, so go ahead and come on up and see if you can change the opinion on anyone who lives here. You are really wasting your time and energy, but hey the local restaurants and motels could use the business.
Has Mitchell hired his legal team? Wonder how many of his co defendants have made a deal to testify that Rodney ordered the cover up Lynn Thorton's murder by perdick.
Co-defendants? What about all those that Mitchell has fired perdick, Garzoli, Beland, Morshed and now Gregore. Rodney has nothing to worry about.
Yes, you're right, the Deputies must look up the latest restraining order, which means any order that has been "modified" by the Courts. The courts fax it to the SO within a day; so why then do the Deputies "refuse" to spend extra time checking to see if there is a later, modified order? Either they are not trained to do so, or they just don't feel they have to as they would rather arrest the other party and end it all there; that's what happened to a friend. They refused to look it up; I was there, I heard it........the Deputies stated "there is no other order"......when I found it I faxed it to response, no corrections made by igorance; and my friend was arrested and the other party stole all his furnishings and his vehicle, because the SO refused to check into it; and refused to investigate the order. As a result, the deputies/Sheriff of Lake County ignore the laws of this state.
Mitchell was by the book in the investigation. First thing he did was give the suspect a big man hug and then tell everybody that tthe sailboat lights were off and to not take statements from anybody that said the sailboat lights were on. Ooh yeah by the the book Rodney let the suspect have access to the investigation.
Did mitchell fire Gregore? After Gregore went on topix to support mitchell using his own name? When did this roll down?
Wednesday, 26 May 2010
LAKE COUNTY – A former sheriff's sergeant whose employment with the Lake
County Sheriff's Office ended earlier this month has filed a claim for
damages against the county.

Sacramento Attorney Dan McNamara filed the
claim against the county on Tuesday on behalf of his client, David
Garzoli, 43.

Garzoli spent 20 years with the sheriff's
office before his employment ended May 12, as Lake County News has

McNamara, who previously indicated that
Garzoli planned to fight the loss of his job, offered no comment on the
claim, which was submitted Tuesday to the clerk of the Board of

The claim also alleges that Mitchell
discussed an internal affairs investigation related to Garzoli with a
local newspaper reporter, in this case Katy Sweeny of the Lake County
Record-Bee, who wrote a story published Jan. 7 discussing Garzoli's
helicopter flying activities.

Garzoli's claim said he has been
deprived of his constitutional rights, which in turn has created “a
hostile working environment, embarrassment and humiliation that he has
had to endure and will continue to endure when he attempts to find other employment.”

Public disclosure of Garzoli's private
information “exceeded the scope of what would reasonably occur in the
course and scope of employment,” with McNamara's filing accusing the
county of “intentionally or negligently” inflicting emotional distress
on Garzoli by releasing the information.

“Dissemination of the
personal details of his administrative process will severely impact his
ability to seek employment in his desired profession,” the filing

According to the claim, Garzoli has suffered emotionally and physically as a result of the disclosure about his

“He has been treated for high blood
pressure. These physical manifestations of the severe emotional distress caused by Lake County employees and representatives provides the basis
My name is Jim Stokes. I was a police officer with SFPD and worked closely with Rivero. I received a call today advising me of this site and that someone was making remarks that Frank left in not so friendly terms from SFPD. I usually don't care what some small county far from San Francisco does but this was an insult to SFPD. I am retired but I still stop by the SFPD POA.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Frank and I worked in the Hunterspoint. We both became inspectors about the same time. Frank was an honest and hard working person. We kidded him a lot for being the last person to carry a wheel gun.

Don't let anyone fool you, Frank was a good man. Capt. Krouse and I still talk often. He was our division captain. Although he is in Germany, he can also reinforce that Rivero was a good cop.

I dont' know why you people feel you have to slander his name, but don't connect it to his time in SFPD.
Yesterdy was the most down grading and insulting thing I have ever seen. Mitchell was insulting and a down right a liar. Even his own people questioned his two last comments. If you didn't hear it, here it is.

Rivero read an email from his attorney to Mitchell. It asked Mitchell to release the Rully report and clear his name before the end of the election. Mitchell said Rivero did not read the end of the email which said, if there is any action taken, can it please wait until after the election.

There was no "action taken", Rivero was cleared so what in the hell was Mitchell doing other than to quote his mistake?

The end was when Mitchell told Rivero that since he plans on resigning after loosing the election, he should resign right now so that a deputy could be hired to replace him.

I looked over to his own people and Becky Mitchell. I saw a blank look on their faces. Even Becky was shocked at the remarks. What a pompas ass.
With all of these lawsuits is Mitchell even going to have time to be sheriff? Rodney do the right thing and resign that way you will have the time to defend yourself and leave the time for the sheriff to be the the sheriff and not a defendant.
Mr. Stokes, post 226 thank you so much for your comment to the site, we and the citizens appreciate it very much, you add weight and justification to our cause and the reason we are working for Frank Rivero. Your professional association to Frank along with your spot on description of his character and stature is very much appreciated. Please do us and the citizens a favor and send your above comment to the Record Bee, for posting in their opinion section if you can find a few minutes to do so. We will also publish it in our local community newspaper.

The attacks and comments that those supporting Mitchell have levied against Mr. Rivero are nothing short of racist and hurtful There appears to be no bottom to what the Mitchell people will do to maintain power in our county. Your comments help all the citizens to see the truth behind all the hateful diatribes that they are attacking Frank with.

Again, thank you very much for offering your input, and please feel free to post and offer your opinion as you see fit.

The Lovelace Group of concerned citizens and all citizens of our county.
Post 235 you are so right that comment in the end by Mitchell is the worse comment of the elections. It backfired so bad we could see Mitchell reaching out to try and grab the words back. Everyone was stunned and appalled at this comment. A terrible and desperate act on Mitchell's part, and in a funny way Mitchell wishes Frank would take him up on the offer!!! This may have marked the true beginning of the end to the Mitchell regime. Also Franks comment was perfect "well why don't we wait for November" was classic and excellent.
I do hope the SFPD as a whole will come to Frank's defense as well, as it is a hit against that organization as well as Frank Rivero, it would be wonderful to see the police officers of the SFPD send a statement to the county, our citizens, and Mitchell concerning their thoughts about how Mitchell is attacking the integrity of their organization and one of their former officers.
So let me get this correct 313, Mitchell will not release any of the four EEOC complaint findings, will not release the Rully report, will not allow the indians to police themselves, will not admit to mismanaging Garzoli or Perdock and you think he's a great sheriff? What is Mitchell afraid of?

Mitchell's true colors showed last night and even you pro Mitchell supporters were speechless.
Does anybody know if Ostini has learned the safe speed law yet? Boy he looked like an idiot when Haltom read the safe speed law to him and he had no idea what it was. How could you be in charge of boat patrol and not know the safe speed law. What does he know.
Ostini knew how to get perdick off!
Talk at the coffee shop today, was how dumb Mitchell, sounded last night at the debate. Everyone agreed that Rivero kicked Mitchell's butt big time.
One lady said "Mitchell is our sheriff, he sounded like Mr. Dumb ass."
This whole thing seems like a social experiment. Seems like some shareholders at the top of the food chain of some pharmaceutical conglomerate are looking down on this low income, geographically isolated county and gathering a tone of data.

This election has drawn out the worst in our community. Rats in a maze..

This election is worse then the New York Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino drama.

Alfred De La Cerda
Ya the Cuomo Paladino battle is an ugly one, but actually on a different scale, Mitchell is far beyond those two in his hate and racist followers. Some of the quotes from the Blog we have collected make those two look like nice guys. Mitchell has gone far beyond the pale of what is a normal political undertaking, yes barbs are sent back and forth across the bows of the two ships, but in this case Mitchell is gone far beyond normal, and his followers are far to hate filled and racists to be allowed to remain in power. The black eye it would leave on our county could never be undone for years and years to come.
5:24 and Rodney is a defendant for his involvement in the murder of Lynn Thorton by perdick
549 No silly Rob Brown is everyones supplier.
Anonymous : September 30, 2010 5:33 PM

Franks openly disclosed those incidents on his campaign website. I don't perceive any deception at all on his part. So basically you're the lair and he is not.

There are some top notch deputies on the LCSO. Mitchell has seen us through some dangerous times. I refuse to attack the man. I support him because he is the Sheriff. I simply disagree with the attacks on Frank Rivero. I have fought members of this site. Some of which I still disagree with. I strongly oppose attacks on family members of either candidate.

Lately you guys are digging down way deep to come up with dirt on Frank. Did some wanna bees go down to Florida to do a background on him? Is that legal? Gimme a break.

Vote your vote and lets stick together as a community.

Sheriff Rod Mitchell is the biggest supplier in the county. I saw him at the debate supplying everyone in the room with loads of bullshit. Sorry for the profanity Lovelace but,I could'nt help it.
Jim Stokes put his name up here. Dennis Shardt doesn't have the courage to use name. The other guy (who says he's not Dennis) doesn't have the courage to use his name. What are you two sissys afraid of? Are you going to try that old trick to release some garbage just before the election so there is not enough time to refute? I don't think that will work,everyone is wise to that trick. Besides your boy is sinking fast, you better give him what you got while you can. Were not worried, because you don't have the courage of a mouse. Go away little boys,go play in the sandbox with the rest of the kitty litter.
No, Rob couldn't grow this year. His buddy Dave Garzoli had to give up flying and couldn't cover his ass this year.
Damn tha.t sucks for Rob how will he ever dig out of those financial problems now.
6:25 Wait until the Dinius Lawsuit gets under way and all of Mitchell's lies come out! Hopefully he gets what is coming to him for ordering the cover up of a murder.
And you might shoot a couple of Jose Does just to make sure it don't happen.
6:32 What in the world does that have to do with Frank Rivero not being honest? I don't care about a lawsuit that is Mitchells problem. I might if I was in line to get a lot of money but I'm not so all I care about is not electing a man who hides things in his past. What are you playing my dad is tougher than your dad.
6:40 So you are condoning Mitchell's crimes while in office? Do you really think he will escape justice?
Well then 640, let's talk hiding things shall we. Let's see first Mitchell know's nothing about Garzoligate, then the secret e-mail shows up at the BOS meeting, then we get the my ignorance is my responsibility comment. Then Mitchell hides the fact that he received a letter from Rivero's attorney telling him to release the Rully findings. Hmmm must have just forgot he got that in the past. Then we have him over and over not admitting he was untrue to his wife while a sheriff, but then suddenly in a set up question he decides to come clean, but it was only once 8 years ago. But he is hiding two other people from his past one being Tanya Tucker, he must have just forgotten that one huh? Now we can go on and on and on, but you get the point. Don't even try to bring Rivero down to Mitchell it just can't happen. After last night total breakdown of Mitchell you might want to think again about who you are supporting.
7:16 First of all there have been no criminal charges filed by anyone agaist Mitchell and that is a fact. If there is a civil lawsuit because of the boat accident then that will be his problem. It at its worst case will be about money and no one is going to jail. And nothing he has done effects the office of sheriff as much as being arrested 3 times. Come on the bank guard can't be someone that stole from the gas station when he was younger. What goes on between Mitchell and his wife I do not care about. I do care about Frank Riveros trying to hide his past and the way this blog treats the officers of this county and their wives. I also think Frank is a coward to let you do all his dirty work.
Try #4 Mr., Jim Stokes post 226 did Frank tell you while you were working together he had been arrested 3 times? He never told us voters and did not plan to until someone brought it to our attention. That and playing the race card at the water cooler and unable to pass a test for sergeant changes the playing field. His #1 supporter is waiting a federal court date for drug sales. There is more but that is plenty for us.
Sandy Tucker..... and Frank didn't hide anything. He disclosed to SFPD, the Coast Guard, and the LCSO that he had numerous run-ins in Fla. in his younger years, nothing resulting in charges or convictions except a loitering incident, and I believe him. Besides, it was 32 years and numerous heroic jobs ago. Give it up, Mitchell. You hired him. You are a desperate little man.
Heroic Jobs? rotflmfao! What, only slightly wounding a Door Frame instead of killing it? Please, Please do tell... what Heroics has Super Wanna be Cuban Cop accomplished?
They were arrests and he was not about to tell the voters so he knew they were a black mark and decided with the help of this site to hide them. And all that time this group was talking about transparency but I guess that does not include Frank Rivero.
7:44 PM Actually that is not entirely true, like so many of the things francisco claims. He was provided the opportunity to furnish this information to the local media on multiple occasions and he refused. Since he's asking the voters to hire him shouldn't he have had the good grace to let his potential new bosses - we the People - know about his past? Hmmmmm?
He has waffled, fudged and lied about his past to the public. If he told specific agencies about his past and disclosed it then I would agree that yes the review process should be looked at. I'd like to know who specifically reviewed his background at LCSO for example, whether they missed or ignored his criminal past and why that might be.
I liked the way Frank asks that his family be spared all the name calling while his group of freinds here say some of the worst things you can think of about Mitchell, his wife , all the officers they don't like and their wives. It goes beyond that to anyone that disagrees with them. What a piece of work the "peeper is.
Frank why don't you man up and don't just read this site but come on and tell this group that saying terrible things about you fellow officers and their wives is wrong. I guess not as this site and its people is the way you really do roll.
Well that was a nice run by the corruption supporters. Listen guys, you are fighting for a cause yet you have no cause. What you have is an inability to promote your own man. You know your only hope as we have said over and over is to make the often used attempt of bringing Rivero down to Mitchell's level. We have never ceased to be amazed, at the lack of comments which the Mitchell supporters have ever provided taking in a positive manner about Mitchell. Only 1/10 of a percent at best of the total comments in one year have been a positive post about Mitchell. Yet let us remind you of the cause for this site, you may have missed it at the top:

This is a forum for detailing the corruption in Rodney Mitchell's Lake County Sheriff's Department and other local offices.

Your only course of action has not been to trumpet the virtues of Mitchell, but to attack, as has always been the case, any potential claim to the power. You see Rivero as a threat to that network, selfishly regarding only your own position not the publics not for what is right. There are some young, 4-7 year deputies, that have done nothing wrong but followed their leader down the wrong road. Others are simply waiting to see if the change will come. Others fight against it.

The die is cast as to the reality your campaign could never try to win by highlighting the leadership, honesty, character, and employee relations skills of this sheriff. you have lawsuits from former deputies right and left. We highlighted Garzoli's earlier. Race relations are dismal at best. Dinius is on the horizon and the beat goes on.

We think there is room for change with reconciliation in the end. When it is all said and done the idea of the citizens working in an open and participatory relationship with the LE is the goal and model. Working not as in the antagonistic relationship as currently exists, but far more open and transparent, solving the counties crime and issues working with the deputies.

That is a vision far greater then you trying to maintain the status quo,
News Flash!!! Breaking News!!!! This just in for Lovelace!!!! You guys crack me the F up! You claim to be all about exposing the truth and transparency and all that happy horse crap, but you don't mention a word about how Don Anderson's license to practice law was suspended earlier this month! Is it because you're not really as good at finding things out as you would have people believe? Or is it because you don't want to bring up verifiable factual information that is relevent, however detrimental, to your person's candidacy. I would think that since Don removed the Lovelace Group from his list of endorsers, you'd be in full on attack mode. Guess not. Maybe there's still a soft spot. What does anyone who reads this gossip column think about a candidate for District Attorney having his license to be a lawyer suspended while in the middle of a campaign? How about some discussion and feedback on this one?
8:54 don't hold your breath waiting for an answer they will delete what does not show them to be top bananna....................So Donny Boy is without Creds now that is just too weird.

My vote has been for Rhodes and it still is................................
Google this name from SF

Alfred De La Cerda
854,we know you are oh shall we just say dense. But here again let us post for you the mission statement of our site:

This is a forum for detailing the corruption in Rodney Mitchell's Lake County Sheriff's Department and other local offices.

Now since we just posted that in our last comment, we thought you might catch it.Here is the other headline news for you, this is our site, not yours, by our mission statement, we can keep the focus on Mitchell or go where we want. We are not looking for anything on Don Anderson or Doug Rhodes. You already know who we endorsed. See if you can stay on point. Last point, and this is the best one, your an idiot, Don Anderson never had us on his list of endorsers. So aside from not being able to follow a basic line of thought, you just figure you will throw in a few lies.
Go back and read what we wrote, and tell us why that model of a new way of running the sheriffs organization in concert with the citizens doesn't work for you. Engage in conversation, you bypass everyones post so you can post your own. slow down.
Hey 854 where's your evidence he lost his license? Like Lovelace says stay on track here this is about the corruption of Mitchell and his crew. You wouldn't want to do that though because you love Mitchell obviously! Unless you got something on Mitchell no one here wants to hear it. Why is it you Mitchell supporters are so hateful?! You would slit somebody's throat if they don't agree with your views! Mitchell's cops are telling kids to not ride the train at the Pear Festival because there's drugs on there. Come on, you people have no morals! You steal people's signs and threaten people. Why is it most of the Mitchell supporters are sitting in nice cars and huge houses?! You know what they say THERE'S MORE POOR PEOPLE WHO VOTE THEN RICH ONES! You Mitchell supporters are sick horrible people who have no respect for anyone especially if they're not WHITE! Bet you loved Hitler too!
Don Anderson received his accreditation the day before his license was suspended. Something that was done over the internet in half an hour. You would know all about it if you were at the debate tonight. It seems someone reported a small irregularity in accreditation points. I wonder who that could have been? It was fixed immediately. If you were at the debate you would also have heard Rhoades apologize for saying Don didn't have a teaching credential. A DA candidate should check his facts before he opens his mouth.
Nolle Pros-comp means no prosecution retard, because it was not his car that the drugs were found in. The stolen car was not his either. It was not even stolen, his friend was driving his girlfriend's car. You did get him on that loitering charge though. Good thing Rodney sent them two Dicks to Florida to find that out. Oh by the way Rodney said two different things about the Florida Dick trip. One debate he said he sent them there, and in another debate he said they were already there for some other business so it didn't cost him anything. Which one is it Rodney, which one is the lie?
10:29 PM Don admitted to losing his license for failing to update his ethics courses. It's a fact. He has since updated those and should be legit now or soon. No biggie but it is amusing that he botched his ethics classes of all things. Har de har har. Guy wants to be DA but is deficient in ethics... get it? And yep, lovelace was listed as an endorser. That is gone now because he probably realized that was a bad idea as this site is poison.
It means no prosecution that's true, but the reason for no prosection was a diversion program, retard......
One thing I did learn from your post though is that Rivero will be having a wonderful birthday soon.
11:12 PTI means Pre-Trial Intervention which is probably either rehab or something like that. And the drugs were found on his person according to the police reports. He lied about that too.
Oh really, and were is your proof of this so called diversion program? Tard
Rhoades was the most spineless Deputy this county has ever seen. He would leave fellow officers while underfire and hide. He would deliberately reduce his speed when responding to an "1199 - Officer needs help". He only worried about his own safety, and to hell with the rest. Donny has been under fire more than once, and would put himself in harms way to protect a fellow Officer or Citizen. I think that speaks volumes. Anderson for DA. Rhoades for Trash Collector.
Proof of the diversion program or rehab is on the file silly, PTI. Go look it up. It's for real and there is no point debating it accept to dig a deeper hole of deception.
In the glovebox, not on his person. Probably rehab or something like that? Probably,Probably? wow that's some proof.
Post the report
well, he's certainly not the only S.O. who's been caught with uppers!
they probably planted it on him
Well, he's certainly the only sheriff's candidate in this campaign caught with uppers and weed for sale...
Frank was a narcotic's cop from 1981 to 1986 working the organized crime unit. Try reading your story first before slandering Frank. That wasn't even during that time period or the same unit idiot!

Oh but what about Mitchell last night telling the crowd that NTF was not shut down due to mismanagement. Hey why don't you call Rich Russell and ask him? That's right Mitchell knows better. Seems people in the Mitchell group seems to forget about Goodmanson and Richey's little financial disaster with paying informants. Seems you forget that little piece of history didn't you.
Oh Mitchell, I'm back to give everyone a little bit more of your actions in Sacramento. Don't you want to tell them about the prisoner transport from District 4? Only a few more months until I spill all!
Seems you're embellishing a little piece of history. But go ahead, I call your bluff, show proof.
rrrriight. because a culture of corruption exposed in 91 could not possibly have been going on a whopping 5 years prior.... did you even graduate elementary school?
Had the so called drug charges been true, why did he not get charged or even plea to a lower charge? Because you got the wrong Rivero you idiot's.
I've done coke, crank and smoked heron. I've ate mushrooms and dropped Acid.(only 3 or 4 times) I still drink and smoke pot. The only difference between me and you is that I'm honest about it. And I've never stolen it from anyone. I don't give a shit what anyone did 32 years ago, I care what they do now. I meet a man who doesn't do drugs. I meet a man who doesn't drink. He's honest and cares about other people more than he cares about himself. He's a family man and doesn't cheat on his wife. He's smart and a fast study. Ask him something, you'll get a straight answer whether you like it or not.I'm voting for him to be the next sheriff. I hope he wins and I hope the deputies wives will still buy their weed from me.
You wait a few weeks. The rest of us will vote absentee next week so you Mitchell supporters can't threaten us at the poles.
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