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Who really cares what camp Ringen is in? He is one vote and one vote only. Oh wait make that two, forgot about Burkdoll. All these two have shown the public is how wacky they really are!
They are both loose canons ready to explode. Rivero doesn't need anymore drama and certainly not from those two. He made a very good decision on cutting them loose.
Kip Ringen's declaration continued

Captain Perdock then brought up the issue of the MOU that supposedly would not allow Deputy Rivero to be promoted. The section states in part, “one can not be promoted if on probation and can not test if on probation, except in open competitive examination.” I told Captain Perdock that the test had been an open competitive examination.

Captain Perdock walked into Lt. Brown’s office and I followed a few minutes later. Lt. Brown said that the first part of the sentence “stood alone” and that was why Deputy Rivero could not promote. I told him that I disagreed and that “except” in the sentence modified the first part of the sentence. Lt Brown argued back that the comma in the sentence changed the meaning of the sentence and prohibited Deputy Rivero from promoting.

Captain Perdock and I exited the office and continued to talk about the meaning of the sentence in the MOU and if Deputy Rivero could promote or not. I suggested to him that it would probably be a good idea to promote him because of problems that Deputy Rivero had had before, during and after the testing procedure. I told him about how certain deputies tried to discourage Deputy Rivero from testing and attempted to recruit other deputies to test in the hopes of making it more difficult for Deputy Rivero.

I then suggested to Captain Perdock that it probably would be a good idea to promote Deputy Rivero since he was a minority. Captain Perdock stated he took offense to the usage of one being a minority. I again reminded him of the problems that had occurred before and that some of the people that had tested against Deputy Rivero had made disparaging remarks about him prior to testing.
Repeat ol Kippy's words:

In my opinion, Deputy Rivero is intelligent, competent and well suited for the position of sergeant. I feel that racial animus and the “Good old boys system” at the LCSO have prevented Deputy Rivero from promoting to sergeant.
Sorry here is the grand finale:

Captain Perdock then questioned me about the disparaging remarks. I told him that I had heard some comments made towards Deputy Rivero months ago by Deputies John Gregore and Joseph Dutra. They were talking to Rivero and the words “wetback” and “bandoleer” were used. I informed Captain Perdock that I contacted Deputy Rivero immediately and asked him if he wanted me to take action. He said he did not.

Captain Perdock then returned to Lt. Brown’s office. About fifteen (15) minutes later Lt. Brown contacted me and ordered me to write a memo about the incident dealing with Deputy Rivero. I completed the memo and gave it to Lt. Brown. Shortly thereafter, I was placed on administrative leave.

In my opinion, Deputy Rivero is intelligent, competent and well suited for the position of sergeant. I feel that racial animus and the “Good old boys system” at the LCSO have prevented Deputy Rivero from promoting to sergeant.

I swear under penalty of perjury that the aforementioned is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Sgt. Kip Ringen
Lake County Sheriff
Kip you're such a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good morning Lake Co. Did your Sheriff sleep at home last night?
Rivero could not pass the test in the score range that is needed to be a sergeant. Other people did but he could not, end of story.
7:27 More lies. Rivero came in 2nd. Then Rodney threw out the test and gave another one. And then Rivero came in 7th. As you well know the test was oral. No favoritism there. (0ops did I just use an ism?) Go back and read Kip's statement from last night.
You are a liar, just like your boss. Good Riddance.
953 who gives a flying fig about your opinion not me i think for myself
Sorry we don't have any Brunetti's or other rich donors in our camp. We are just normal middle class and poor folk. Were are all your accusations of the big drug lords financing Rivero's campaign? It doesn't exist does it? More lies from your camp, Mary. Can you count? There are more poor people in this county than there rich people.
Votes are what count.

Proud Supporter
How much of mitchells donations are in the form of Protection? Or for CCW permits?
Maybe they donated to help pay for his U haul.
So now its about money post7:55AM It might be that most of us that gave are not as wealthy as Mitchell"s bunch but our vote is as good as theirs.There are more of us than them.That will be what counts not the money or employment with the county. So what will you think of next? I know you in this government to be liars You have lost my trust with what ever you would say.
AS I said last night, lets here more about why we should vote for Rivero, not why Mitchell is such a scum bag. This sounds like a forum run by people who ony know how to put someone down, not promote someone who may be better. I strongly suspect that many Rivero supporteers don't know how to do anything except post wild stories about what their cousin's girlfriends uncle told her he heard about Mitchell, while screwing his sister! . Voting time is coming and we need some facts, not a bunch of bazarre rumors. If all the things Mitchell susposedly did were true, you would have a conspireacy so big everyone in the county would be involved in the cover up. Comne on, we need facts. Not inuendo and speculation.
I"am sure some cash has found its way to "the peeper Rivero".
After 16 years the price of protection has gone up. Inflation?
One thing for sure Rivero won't be beholden or owe anything to the GOB group.
Everyone in the county is not involved in the cover-up. In fact the percentage is not that large. It's just too much for me. I will continue to uncover it at every turn. I suspect you are either an ostrich or you are part of it. It will begin on Nov. 2nd.
Good Morning Lake county, that was an amazing day of comments, and the Grand Jury testimony is unreal. Oh just as a heads up, the spam protection system is working well but every once in a while it is kicking something in that should not be there, this was the case with the Grand Jury Test. that was being sent to us. So we have posted a few more excerpts that came in. Sorry about that. Again great day of comments and information yesterday!!
thanks you to Frank Rivero, his dedication to this election and bringing honest and integrity by spending so much of his own money is wonderful. I salute him and admire his efforts and hardwork during this campaign. Thank you Frank Rivero!!
To the poster who was confused where Retired Sgt. Kip Ringen stands, Ringen and his other half BOTH now support Mitchell. Ringen & Wafford were lied to and stabbed in the back by Rivero. They had both left the Rivero camp long before Rivero's arrest record was devuldged. It speaks volumes when Ringen would rather support Mitchell than Rivero, as Ringen is not a Mitchell fan, and has not been offered anything in return for endorsing Sheriff Mitchell. And as to the Memo that has been recently posted to this blog, It was either submitted by Rivero, or someone within the SO. My money is on Rivero, who posts regularly here on the blog he claims not to be associated with...........
And on a side note, I find it amusing, Rivero calls Ringen, Wafford and Gina Benzoni "Insignificant", if they are, why are their names always coming up in this Blog? Seems to me they must pose some sort of threat as much as they are brought up, and the lame attempted attacks. I know Ringen has stated he would be more than happy to sit down and discuss his dealings with Rivero, I think I will have to get ahold of him and hear what he has to say. If he was Insignificant, the Pro-Rivero people would not be trying so hard to discredit him. I have a phone call to make....
post 8:43 AM. I know Mitchell and have had enough.Officer Rivero is really a unknown but would take a chance on him than vote for Mitchell again.For some of us The Dinius case is more than enough to throw Mitchell out. Others of us have had experiences with this local government that show us that the system is corrupted to the core. I state again I tell the truth and give my name to show that I'm not ashamed to call all that I know that lied to me, Liars. Some times you vote out the known in hope the other is better. That is all we have.I will say again Mitchell is one of the low lives in this local government.
And Mitchell's GOBs are now going around saying that Rivero "failed" the Sargeant's test.
Nice people.
749 am is that dog shooter himself?
In the State of Texas they charge dog shooters and they don't care who they are. "Former deputy arrested in dogs death".
A dog wondered into this former officer's yard and he shot the dog.
He is now charged with non-livestock animal cruelty. A FELONEY IN TEXAS.
But Mitchell didn't even get a report that deputy sheriff Martin discharged a gun.
10:05 Whatever you see on this blog is from many different people, including yourself. If names come up on this blog, individuals put them there, usually as anonymous. Rivero has not, and does not write on this blog, so don't say he says this and that here. He doesn't. Supporters from both sides are the contributors. We don't know, as readers, what is true, and what isn't. These are peoples thoughts, hates and likes, so read the blog with a fine tooth comb, and make your own decisions. Accusations are only as good as the source. I just find that, peel away all rhetoric, that Michell has been in too long, and has lost his way..which he even admitted at the debate. It is time for him to be removed, and a new man put in. What ever you think of Rivero, he could never be as bad as Mitchell has shown to be, and we should give him a chance. I'm sure his first four years will be a lot better than Mitchell's last four years. So, I say change will be for the better, and Lake County deserves it.
1005 if we were to believe what Ringen said of mitchel before, if what ringen said on channel seven news sitting next to Rivero is true, then even if he was "stabbed in the back" he would have continued to work for getting mitchel out for the greater good of lake county.

instead he says never mind all of what i said before mitchel is the best man for the job. sounds like the only stabbing done was his under the table deal with rivero fell through and he has a new one with mitchel
Ya make that phone call. geeee what will we do. LOL what an idiot, typical Mitchell supporter.
To 8:43, who wants to hear more about why we should vote for Rivero and not why to vote against Mitchell: I vote by first eliminating those whom I do not believe should be in a position of authority and power, then research the others. After serving 3 weeks on the Dinius jury, I decided we needed to cleanse our justice system by replacing both the DA and the Sheriff, then pick new ones. Hopkins will be leaving - I am voting for Don Anderson. For Sheriff, I checked out Jack Baxter, who is a really good man in my opinion, then Rivero. Rivero has my vote for numerous reasons that are easy to describe...but the first is because while he has direct experience in this county and knows our issues, he also has experience in the worst parts of S.F., the Mission and I think it's called Bay Point districts, and been on a narcotics task force. We need to do more about meth. I'm truly just impressed that he is willing to take on the issues here which include how he was treated about the Sergeant's test, discrimination and name calling by some hard-line GOB's, and the lies that go back and forth, including in the press about him. I have known him well for about a year now, and spend hours with him each week because I joined his campaign team. I'm putting my time and money where my mouth is, and signing my name to my postings. Oh, and about suspecting Rivero supporters don't know much, you would be so surprised how wrong that is. The total opposite is true. He has supporters from all over the county who are professionals, who are homemakers, who are young, who are old, who are wealthy, who are poor, who are white, who are minority, who are handicapped. We like his graduating first in his class at SF, we like that he is a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, Calif. Licensed Funeral Director, received more than 25 Captain's Commendations and Police Chief Commendations, has run his own business, and has always stood up for what's right and just. He has risen above lots of adversity, and come out stronger on the other side. He wasn't lucky enough to be born American....he passed an exam. He has a good support system, including Jack Baxter, and lots of friends who want him to succeed enough to help him. It is unfortunate that nobody will probably ever be able to get justice for Lynn Thornton and her family because the time limits have been exceeded and more, but I feel very confident that were something similar to happen in the future, the persons who should be brought to justice would be. Yes, it's the DA that charges, but he can't do it unless the Sheriff builds the case....I don't think he would coverup for anybody, and I think that's a large part of the reason the GOBs are fighting so hard for Mitchell. They don't like change, especially when it means they have to work harder and tell the truth and treat the citizens fairly from now on. Sorry I got so long-winded Lovelace, but he asked. One last thing. I am not sick of the discussion of the Bismarck Dinius case, because it is an indicator of what is wrong in this county. Noone should be Sheriff for more than 16 years in a row, as you see what happens. Vote Rivero for change! Sandy Bayles
Why do Rivero supporters keep making personal attacks? If Rivero is so good then there should be plenty to say without resorting to attacks and lies, and yes I am worried when some of the biggest Rivero supporters are convicted criminals or pending charges. If Rivero is elected he will be beholden to those people and the criminals will run Lake County.
why do Rivero supporters keep making personal attacks??????? Ha ha ha ha ha ha now that is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. OH my God hard to imagine a Mitchell could even make that statement. LOL That is funny.

great post Sandy, thanks!!!
Pots 11:11 As I do not throw names. I will tell you ,it might be we have had just about all we can stand. I see a lot less name calling from the side of officer Rirero than Mitchell"s bunch.Your comments, If you read them again might tell why all the animosity.
I have a concern, in watching the events of Mitchell in the past year, I believe he is tampering with Federal Cases, potentially tainting jury pools and purposefully leaking information to the local media, condemning people, in fact being at times libelous and slanderous. He has tampered with the Carter situation, using false charges not associated with cases and condemning them illegally and unfairly. He has shown a pattern of being the only individual with access to certain information, leaking that information to his campaign partner LCN/Record, and then moving forward with plans to charge people. I believe there have been many instances of this, and it would also mean no person could get a fair local jury in our local courts. I don't like the connection between LCN/RB and Mitchell and believe some of this activity is illegal and morally wrong. In the Carter case he has tampered with his case which is a federal case and I am going to look into these actions on his part.
mitchell's bunch has a shady past. Officers breaking the law, protects their own lawbreaking officers, writing false reports, ignoring witnesses and PLANT/SETUP others. Plain and simple if a sheriff deputy doesn't like you he will find a way to get rid of you. History repeats itself. Mitchell's thugs should be called the Mitchell dirty dozen.

The people haven't had a chance in 16 years of Mitchells regime now we can work together to bring back decency, respect and honesty into the sheriffs department and what a choice we have-never felt so good to work for someone like Rivero.
Vote 4Rivero.
1229 Wait until you see Rivero's shot across your bow. You won't know what hit you...until you see him in office after the election.
12:45 It would have to be a shot across the bow as he has shown he can"t hit anything. Worst shot I have ever seen.
12:45 In his office with no officers all transfering out as the can not stand him and the BOS starting to strip what they can away from him. Boy that sounds good for the county or maybe just the little group drug dealers .
1244 Ohhhh, you guys are really running scared. your stupid statements don't warrant a response, because your bs will do you no good now. Just 21 days, and you won't have to worry anymore..unless you're a GOB! RIVERO is in the final stretch to be our new Sheriff. But, just a reminder to all of you Rivero supporters. Keep the ball rolling, and, remember, Mitchell's gang will continue to lie and cheat all the way to November, and beyond. Vote for Rivero for Sheriff!
1245. Yeah, you guys are so hot to kill someone. it was good that the shot missed. It scared the guy to run, and be captured later. And 1245...officers quitting? Are you kidding? Who the hell outside of this county would hire them. No, I think they are stuck here. Just think, they just might get some real officer training.
1:02 Your are so right as he shot at a unarmed man and thank god he can't shoot straight. No officer wanted him for back up and everyone knew that. He can't pass the exam to be a sergeant and has no experence. He has nothing to teach with unless it is law suits.
Why are you guys so worried about someone that your not worried about?
But then if I was you I would be as worried as you appear to be.
In today's Record Bee, Sheriff Mitchell again is hitting on Rivero and his decision to keep his personal file closed. By LAW, Rivero LEGALLY has every right to keep it closed, But Mitchell and his GOBs just keep harping on this item over and over again. I thought that this item was over with, and here it is again. This is called BRAINWASHING. If it is brought up over and over again, maybe it will stick in someones head and they might begin to believe it. If what Mitchell is trying to do is true, he should publish the item for all to see. He knows that very few individuals will actually take the time to research the accusations so he just keeps on pushing the same old comments and remarks hoping to sway the voters to vote for him, because his file's are open. Big deal, this is nothing but old crap and a boring and childish game that Mitchell and his boys cannot seem to stop playing. There is a smell of desperation, and it is coming from Mitchell and his GOBs. Rivero's decision to run against the deeply rooted Sheriff and his GOBs could not have been a simple decision. Did he really know what he was up against, maybe, but once he decided to run he never looked back. This is a do or die battle to the end, and on Nov 2nd only one of them will continue to be wearing their police uniforms in Lake County. I believe that Rivero will be the winner, but when politics/politicians are involved, and politics is a DIRTY SLEEZY GAME, so no outcome can ever be guaranteed. I believe that mitchell and his GOBs will use every trick possible, legal or otherwise to win the election as they have everything to lose if they are defeated. Many changes are needed in Lake County and Rivero will do his best to make those changes. If Mitchell wins, everything will be as in the past, and the past has not been a good one for the residents of Lake County. We have to end the DICTATORSHIP that presently controls Lake County, and Rivero will be the one to do it. Sincerely, anonymous ME.
This is addressed to 10:05 - And Everyone that gives a shit!
Sorry Ollie but enough is enough. My name is Gina Bezoni (spelling is correct here). I use to not only read but comment on this blog and many others regarding the Dinius Trial and the Election. I use to post under the name of NIGHTHAWK here. After the primary election I took a step back to not only Watch, Listen and Hear what was going on around me and my community. It not only saddened me but digusted me at the same time. I have not been on this blog posting but I have been following what has been said.

I attended the Dinius Trial almost daily. I wouldn't have been able to if it wasn't for Renee Wafford giving me a ride. During this time we became friends. She has her thoughts and ideas and I have mine. We agreed to disagree on alot of issues. That being said, recently, I was told by her and Kip both that Frank placed me in a category along with them of being insignificant. No Biggie! I told Renee that I would approach Frank when I felt the time was right and confront him on this statement.

Whether Renee and Kip have switched camps is their choice. Not that I agree with it, but it is still their choice, for whatever reasons.
Yes, I questioned Frank as sheriff and still do at times, but I also get my questions answered one way or another. This I do for myself and for no other reason. Guess you can say, I'm my own investigater and will make my own decision as to what or who I feel will be my vote.
Now, to answer some of your questions sent to me via email, I have not jumped the Rivero Train. I could careless what Frank does in his personal life, what Renee or Kip do in theirs or Mitchell for that matter. What I care about is Lake County and my families welfare.

Yes, Kip and Renee came to me to discuss who I was voting for. At the end of our conversation, Kip asked me not to vote if I was unsure. Bottom line here is, I am voting for Frank and with my vote and when he takes office I will be watching him in office to assure myself and the people of this community that we who voted for him are satisfied with that vote. What he or any other person who takes office concerns everyone and things will not go unnoticed.

Some have question if I am still friends with Renee. Truth, as of the most recent display of a video done by the known KKK Clint and posted from her onto my wall on Facebook, I will tell you exactly what I told her.
I removed it immediately! I will not be affiliated, take part in, or have anything to do with any part of anything or anyone who is a racist, its not my style. That that was too way out there for me!

If this ruins the friendship between those whom I have been apart of throughout the Dinius Trial or this campaign, so be it!
Never ask me if you don't want the truth!

So there you all have it, straight from my mouth. Nuff Said!
I hope you all do the right thing and make your own decisions on who you will choose for your next Sheriff.
For me it will be FRANK RIVERO!

Gina Bezoni
Thanks Gina what a great post, and great to see you are up and running, we are all very happy to have you posting and thanks for the great comment and letting us know the situation as it currently exists. You are to be congratulated, and applauded for your support of Rivero.
Thanks for your comment 1:31 it appreciated, but as I stated I make my own decisions. No need to applauds! I'm sure I will see the backlash at some point to the posting and really, I DON'T CARE. Already been down that road once and nothing anyone can say about me or call me can effect me anymore! Cheers GB
Gina, just so you know....Frank Rivero never took your name off of his website. It was suggested he remove Kip and Renee because previous political candidates had some people say they weren't really supporters (as it hadn't been done in writing), and it was something that could have happened to him, since you get people who "change horses in midstream". I never heard Frank say he thought you were insignificant, and I'm on his team. Just wanted you to know that.
new poll at! Who is the better Sheriff's candidate, Mitchell or Rivero? Cast your vote now!
Now just one vote corruption boys, and by the way we have checked in with all the recent deaths in the past year, and will cross check to be sure the Mitchell/LCN campaign team do not try to use dead people as registered voters.
I wonder if there has ever been a newspaper online or print that has so blatantly campaigned for a corrupt canidate the way LCN has. I also think LCN has gotten themselves in a bit of tampering trouble, not a legal expert but in the wind is some thought as to the illegal activities of this paper. Hmmmm
11:11 the crook? Top Crook is Mitchell himself! Even some badgewarers have lied to jurors, lied to their fellowman, covered for another made false complaints. HELLO BRIAN! How many are there named in the Dinius Lawsuit that are sheriff deputies alone? 10 named defendants and more unnamed coming.HELLO, OSTINI,WELLS,PHANN,PERDOCK, MITCHELL-etc.,.. How many variations of one story comes from the mouth of Mitchell? 11:11 When your commander phoney's up a complaint-and tells Slaybaugh not to interview any witnesses then what he is doing is a one sided investigation-crooked and wrong..he should of been recalled right then and there. Crooked..
128 Thanks Gina..knew you wouldn't ever put your name to Mitchell-not what he and the LCSO did to Dinius.
I had lunch with a San Francisco Police Captain who I have known for years. His Dad was a well known and highly respected Homicide Inspector who had the Zodiac serial homicide case among many other well known cases. I had been my friends since most of you were a twinkle in your Daddy's eye. I asked the Captain if he knew Frank Rivero from his days at SFPD and he said in fact he did and they had worked together in Narcotics. He described the assignment as an elite high profile unit that took only the better young Cops.

I mentioned nothing about politics or the fact that Rivero was running for office and he knew nothing about it. I asked him for his opinion of Rivero, good or bad. He told me his experience was definately positive and he felt he had done a good job when they worked in the same unit. He had nothing negative to say about him and felt he was a good Cop.

This is coming from a good Cop and respected Command Officer who has grown up around and served with some of the finest Cops in the world. A hint for those of you from SFPD the team was John F. and Gus C, I know you will recall these two old boys with fondness and respect, nuff said.

Considering all Mitchell's BS in his political ads acusing Rivero of being everything from Hitler's love child to the anti Christ I think that recommendation says a lot. I doubt Mitchell could ever find anyone who enjoyed such respect in the law enforcement community to say such good things about him.
There have been many from SFPD who talk highly of Frank, and in fact the Mitchell dummies have pissed off a lot of the SFPD officers, there is some talk that they may as officers come out to endorse Rivero if the union guidelines allow it, to demonstrate their support and nail Mitchell and his scum supporters for not respecting their department. Looks like the Mitchell boys are doing their own damage again,
Thanks 545 a great post, and love the endorsement and comments from the SFPD. Thanks
The active thread is moving again! Click the red button.
I read Mitchell's political advertisement or slander piece in today's Record-Bee on page A3 marked paid for by the committee for Sheriff Mitchell - 2010. All quoting the source: Public document search. What a disgrace that anyone even a politician would stoop to such slanderous lies to get re-elected. This, coming from a man who hired Rivero in the first place.

If Rivero were half the things Mitchell describes him as based on his "public records search" then Mitchell himself should be fired for incompetence in hiring such a person especially since he indicated the information is so easily available to anyone who looks. You just can't have it both ways Sheriff Mitchell. You know this is more spin and falsehoods from the Mitchell machine of which is in running and it a perfect example of negative politics and dirty campaigning coming from the same man who boasts he wouldn't lie to get his job or lie to keep his job. Lordly Lord what a phony hypocrite and a good reason to vote out incumbents who practice dishonest campaigning.

Mitchell holds both his and Rivero's personnel files so anything going in or coming out is done by Mitchell himself. He must by law open his personal finances to public review because he is an elected official holding a public office; he has no choice so acting like he is doing something to be open and transparent is ridiculous.

Rivero as a California peace officer has the right to keep his personnel file closed which is no big deal. As such he is not required by any laws to open his personal finances to public review until or unless he is elected to a public office. The fact that he has elected not to open his file to the Record-Bee or the LCN is smart especially when you consider the type of yellow journalism openly practices by these people who seem to make no bones about being in Mitchell's pocket.

Rivero has said he called a PORAC Attorney (Raines) who is a well-known LE representative and was told not to allow the press access to his file because it would set a negative precedence, which would affect all California Peace Officers. Raines went so far as to say he would personally file an injunction with the courts to stop Rivero from doing so should he want to.

Jack Baxter was asked the same thing and he too contacted the San Jose POA's in-house legal council who also represents San Francisco POA. He too told Baxter not to do so for the same reason even though he knew there would be nothing for the media to find, again a negative precedent was stated. He also contacted a representative of the Los Angeles Police Protective League who said the same thing so what is one to think here, lack of transparency or protecting the rights of all peace officers against unwarranted intrusion.

Wake up Lake County DSA, if Rivero were to be foolish enough to roll over for Mitchell's campaign scare tactics you would be next and where would your own guarantee of protection be? Rivero is doing you all a favor and should be supported and not attacked by the few Mitchell loud mouths that think they represent the deputies. If you did you would be the first to speak out against Mitchell's political ploy if for no other reason then to protect your membership of which Rivero is one. Your silence or lack of support is nothing more then thumbing your noses at your profession and your fellow officers for the sake of pandering to Mitchell.
Unfortunately the "hometown rule" will not allow LE labor unions (POA, DSA etc.) to endorse a candidate who has not been endorsed by their own department and we all know what Mitchell and his DSA have pulled.
We have lots of retired Cops from all over living here and I suspect masny are following this election. Those I know seem to be PO'd at Mitchell, the DSA and the type of dirty campaign they run and the black eye thery've given to their profession.
What the hells wrong with this Blog tonight?
new poll at! Who is the better Sheriff's candidate, Mitchell or Rivero? Cast your vote now!
# posted by Blogger Lake County Manifest : October 12, 2010 4:23 PM

Oh gimme a break! What result do you expect? 9 out of 10 voters in Lake County don't even know this blog/site/whatever exists. This is like Rush asking whether Obama is a great president or not. The result is built into the audience it serves. Same here. Since you tout that your blog is anonymous, you can't with any authority really say how many individuals post here, let alone read here. So whatever result you get (like we don't know what it would be) is suspect at best. While it may be accurate after the election, it certainly will not be representative of the voters as a whole, because, op.cit. the audience here is limited and minimal. Yeah, I know, thousands of posts, but essentially a few dozen people over and over and over and over. Disprove that, if you can.
What happened to the post that was just here by Kip Ringen? I was going to read and hit refresh and it was gone. Wow. Talk about censorship.
As for the post september 27 1:16 Tom Carter has not been convicted of any violations as such ,he is innocent till proven guilty . I did some research on the so called other guy, yes ,same thing, never been convicted of either growing or saleing pot.After reading this blog COUNT MY VOTE TWICE,Because I mistakenly voted for Mitchell in the primary. In fact,I hope mine is the one to cancel out the one Rod will cast!!
It's pretty simple. If you are a mental midget, lazy, have no morals and think that someone else should pay your way through life, vote for the lowlife liberals.

If you have self esteem, self respect, are ambitious, want to make the most out of life and live the American dream, vote for the Conservatives.
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