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Good morning. Mitchell and his henchmen are worried and working overtime to discredit anyone who isn't in their camp. His nose grows longer with each passing day. Mitchell MUST go.
Sounds like they copied a page out of the Rivero campaign book
Good Morning all!!

guess the rabid rivero rabble slept in today
Rivero at his worst could not be as sleezy as Mitchell and his gang.
The rabid Rivero rabble has to word for a living and don't have time top sit in their air conditioned county office slinging mud for Rodney.
1:16 can almost read your post!!
Taken from the Outlook

Letter to Editor
It looks to me like Sheriff Rodney Mitchell has lost control of his department and is no longer able to do his duty to the people of Lake County. Theree are so many questions about his administration which need no only answers, but solutions. He can't handle the sheriff's department in my opinion, he isn't big enough for the job.
Consider a few of the recent issues related to his administration of the Lake County Jail. 1. Why did a prisoner on a work crew vanish without the guard in charge knowing it? The man was found in San Francisco months later. 2. Why did it take a judge's order to release prisoner Kelly T. Thomas in order to keep him from being put in a dangerous medial condition because inept treatment by correctional officers? 3. How did Mitch Lewis nearly escape the jail facility prior to his appearance in court? How was it possible for a county jail prisoner to commit suicide while in custody? 5. Where did the donation fo funds to Lake County Search and Rescue go? Not to the organization it was intended for. Why hasn't there been an accounting? Where is the money? Lake County Search and Rescue needs the donation of money. 6. Why was a LC Sheriff's Deputy driving under the influence while on duty? He was arrested by the CHP after hitting a parked car. Now all the cases he was involved in prior to this accident are likely to be thrown out of court because he is suspected of being DUI while working on them. 7. Lawsuits are piling up against the county because of the sheriff's office handling of cases. It is time to go Sheriff Mitchell. You can't handle your job any longer.

Take a look at the Outlook News for more articles.
What the heck is 116 trying to say, I can't follow a word of that???
I agree with that post 409, and there is also a great article in the outlook about how this blog started and what the situation is in our county right now. Really good you all should read it. Boy that letter to the editor is a hard one! Mitchell's butt must be steaming right now.
Judge Stephen Hedstrom rules Kelly T. Thomas's Life might be in danger.
A stage was created. The likes of which country has never seen before and it took off like wild fire across the country. Why was this necessary? What has been uncovered? who are the players? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this report.
The first question to be answered was who are the Mitchell/Hopkins supporters and dispute the courruption first fully exposed in the Dinius trial why would they continue to support Hopkins and Mitchell despite the complete lack of integrity that result from such alliances? As the blog and associated investigations been the answers become quite clear. There has been in this county for 16 years or more, at least since Mr.Mitchell has been in power an elitist group of business's and people who are in collusion and if you will be in bed with Mitchell and Hopkins. These business's and people see themselves as better than the rest of the citizens. They do not want change, they like their "connections" to the current power base and have shown they will do anything to keep the status quo, despite the damage to a county and it's reputation. (and lets skip to)
Even more disturbing is the activity and highly questionable practices of the only two media outlets in our county, the Record Bee and the Lake County News. The reporters associated with these two media outlets are far to "connected" with local Law enforcement and govenment officials, so much so that fair, unbiased and factual reporting seen to take a back seat to the citizens rights to the transparency and information.
Members of the BOS have regular and consistent contact with these media outlets and the level of discussions and decisions as the what will or will not be reported is not only unethical but goes against the standards of journalistic reporting.

and theres more there in the Outlook News.
July 28, 2010 4:09 PM

What's a medial condition?

: July 27, 2010 9:22 PM

It's not, but to have a true vote one should reside here.

Now go back to Marin..

July 27, 2010 10:18 PM


# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : July 28, 2010 4:56 PM

I was going to correct this for you. It contains numerous spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Even I don't have the time do do that. If you want people to take you seriously, at least try to show a fundamental understanding of the English language.

The 1st is almost here, so you can go cash your government check. also, please get the empty propane tanks out of your front yard..

515 This belongs on your snivel site. Keep it there or I will put it there.
July 28, 2010 5:17 PM

Woa! Tough guy eh?

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Regarding the mention of bringing back the Under sheriff position. why?

If you guys want Baxter, that sounds fine. He sounds like a smart man with lots of experience.

Why not open up an extra patrol deputy position? Incentive pay to bi lingual deputies?

There are at least fifty other things to add/change besides adding the Under Sheriff slot. wheels on the road law enforcement is what the community needs. Mitchell has improved the response times a lot. I am not sure how things can get better with an Under Sheriff. I'm a taxpayer and just want to know where that money is coming from. A rural road improvement budget? Is that correct? what the??

Craig Flynn:
1. Claims to live in Lake County
2. Registered to vote in Lake County
3. Really lives in Marin County
4. Wife Claims to live and vote in Marin County
5. Does he and his wife live in the same house

He is someone who claims to live here by registration but lives in Marin.

He is Mitchell's second largest contributor at $2500.00
Another contractor with a bid of the new jail?
I think Craig Flynn and KKKClint are friends.
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Right on Lovelace, let the debates begin.
6:29 something is up and here is what I have found out. A search of the Internet shows he owns a business called Windsor 1 it is a trim and moulding business, also my search has showed he is involved in what appears to be a marketing sales company which seems to be flat. Lovelace I am sending you other information on this guy I have discovered, I will let you decide what to do with it.
Oh sorry the 645 post is on Craig Flynn.
I just heard he is a bit of a racist, this is just word of mouth by a friend, he does have a house here in the county, but is not there he says but a few times a year. Hope that helps.
I was at a wedding this weekend, along with some of the silicone 7. They were wearing buttons that said, "Lovelace 99% fact free." I'm a Lovelace supporter, but you gotta admit , that's funny. Where can I get one?
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This comment has been removed by the author.
Lovelace 99% fact free. If that were true, I'd be lookin' out for that 1%
It's enough to take you out.
Lovelace fact; SO Smith is on leave for DUI. No one from CHP to the sheriff's office will release the toxoligy report. "We must wait until the investigation is finished."(sometime after November, I'm sure) I bet it would not take that long for me or you.
Come on, was the guy DUI or not? If he was, fire the guy and quite wasting our money.

No more cover-ups!
Rodney, What does your fancy consultant, Chris Jones, from Newcastle, have to say about cover-ups?

Wag the dog Rodney, wag the dog.
Didn't Chris Jones advise Rob Brown two years? He sure knows how to pick some winners.
How about a link to The Outlook and Rot-knee's site..
I'll be back after dinner. I think I'll go over to that other blog site and have some Spam.
What is that link...Von-n-Don's ya know, I need to do some bashing...
Wish the Outlook was on line but it is not, I bet money old Rodney has read that article!!
I officially send my RSVP for the election party, just tell me when and where!!!
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Ok, WTF... A simple request..Von-n-Don's Mitc-hell's site link has produced no response. How the F#$% am I supposed to create distention without some help here..
I would like to offer career counseling services to the corruption supporters . It seems come January you will be unemployed and on the verge of being unemployable . It seems your entire careers have been built on lies and deciet .
Deputy Smith has got a problem. I hope they will do something for this man to get him some help. Fortunately he didn't injure anyone but he could have killed someone.

If Mitchell's Dep[uties were made to check in for a regular roll call briefing like every other law enforcement department this may never have happened. His supervisor or someone would have seen he was not fit for duty and hopefully woul;d have done something about it.

This is just another clear example of a department out of control with no supervision, no command or organization and employees running wild and doing what they damn well please. Only this time one got caught.

Mitchell has allowed this do as you please attitude to ruin a good department anf there is only one person to blame, Rodney K. Mitchell himself. He holds the bad in spite of the fact that he tries to pass the buck to his underlings. Is this what you want for a chief law enforcement agent of our county?
Doj has lost the blood samples on the Bryan Smith case , seems Mitchell has an inside connection at the doj . It is just another GOB coverup .
How long have they know the deputy had an adiction issue and done nothing about it? That's npot fasir to the deputy or the public. This time it only cost us a patrol car and probably the deputies job. Next time it may be the life of an innocent person and the usual civil suit against Rod Mitchell and the County of Lake, US.
Rodney K. Mitchell aka scandal, cover up, corruption. Throw the bum out and any of his deputies who think they are above the law and not willing to accept change.
Where's the money Rodney?
Think he is the only one and this is an isolated incident . Why did he not call in sick unless this behavior is tolorated . Fellow deputies tried very hard for no charges . I think the whole department needs to be drug tested often .
Lovelace fact # 1 According to security guard Joe (from Konocti) Perdock was drinking on the day he killed Lynn Thorton.
According to the boat mechanic, Malcolm, Perdock's boat was full of empty beer bottles and empty whiskey bottles (plural). According to Rodney, Perdock accessed the rims report against Rodney's orders. According to the jury, Perdock, and others lied on the witness stand. According to Andy Davidson, Perdock was drinking the night he killed Lynn Thorton. According to the people, Hopkins lost his job for trying to railroad an innocent man. According to the voters, Rodney is next.
Fact Paul Simpson tampered with witness statements . Fact Lloyd wells refused to take witness statements that the sailboat lights were on . Fact Dennis Ostini tried to intimidate witnesses into saying sailboat lights were off . Fact Rodney ordered deputies to cover the murder of Lynn Thorton by Russell Perdock . Fact Rodney withhld nine witness that testified the lights were on in his report to Doj . Fact after trial Rodney had entire investigation rewritten and put it on lakesheriff.com .
Bottom Line: It stunk for the word get go! Plain as day, anyone with a brain could figure this one out. Thats when I got involved. Never protested in my life, but this could not go without saying. For every action there is a reaction and that is exactly what my sign read. enough is enough and thats when I decided to take a stance and from that day forward it has been unbeliveable! Wake up Lake County as I have!
11:04 I was there and it is unbelievable that this could happen in the USA . Russell perdock , Rodney Mitchell ,Jon Hopkins and all involved need to be held accountable for their crimes .
Lovelace fact # 2 According to Rodney, Garzoli wrote a DEA grant without a proper review. According to Helio Forum Dave was doing dangerous and illegal things with his helio training According to the hard ground, Dave crashed. According to Rodney, His ignorance is his responsabilty

Voting is our responsabilty.
Wow, lots of lovelace facts. And the percentage drops. Were those buttons?
Lovelace fact # 3 Brian Martin shot the dog.
Lovelace fact # 4 Rusty Wright got off on a misdemeanor. Just like Lovelace predicted.
Lovelace fact # 5 Rully is unruly
Lovelace fact # 6 Beland gets fired for telling the truth.
Lovelace fact # 7 Rodney bankrupts the county with Admin leaves and lawsuits.
10:13, Please give me a date and time that Sheriff Mitchell has refused a debate? I happen to know for a fact that the debate schedule is being held up by Rivero. Now he can agree to the debates following dates or continue to delay, the choice is his.

9/22/10 at Calpine. All Francisco has to do is contact the Middletown Area Merchant's Association and confirm. Sheriff Mitchell already has.

10/13/10 at Clearlake City Hall. Again all the Francisco has to do is contact the Clearlake Chamber of Commerce and confirm. Sheriff Mitchell already has.

9/8 or 9/15/2010, Lakeport. Again, the person we're waiting on is Francisco.

Who's running away again?

July 27, 2010 10:53 PM
Looks like lovelace's facts are still about 99% BS. Keep up the good work! LMAO. Delete away, doesn't change the facts!
Better get some new buttons girls
Why not open up an extra patrol deputy position? Incentive pay to bi lingual deputies?

Oh Heck NO we live in America Our Language is English Speak it or go back home I am sure you meant Spanish same applies, illegals go home.
# 6 Beland gets fired for telling the truth.

Tillie is alive and well in Lake county, that is 100& fact
12:02 maybe he meant canadian as a second language
Free Mitchell from his prison of lies. Vote Rivero for sheriff.
6:19 I see the Rabid Rivero Rabble are up early today
Just put Mitchell in prison for his crimes !!
1148 who are you trying to fool? Rivero wants to debate. Think 1148 for reasons your guy Mitchell won't want to debate, think of all the questions people want answers too.
The list gets longer every day.
644 is that you beetredrob?
There is a debate in Hidden Valley in Sept.(will confirm the date later) Both parties have confirmed.
Will Rodney have his ear piece in so his consultant can answer for him?
12:02, You should move to Arizona with the other redneck good old boys. Your done here.
The debate at Calpine was set without Rivreo being asked or told. He found out, he'll be there Hmm, I wonder if former Calpine employee Sandy Tucker had anything to do with it? I heard Sandy is out on Mental medical leave. Ya think Rod drove her crazy?
Ear pieces, Guns and the silicone 7 will be left at the door!
If I only looked at the times that blogs are posted my conclusions would be thus;

The Lovelace people have jobs and they go to bed at night
The mitchell supporters wait until they go to bed and then try to slam the Blog with their postings.
Then the Lovelace people get up in the morning and answer them back. And then go to work.
This tells me the Mitchell clan is either up late drinking and doing drugs, or they are at work on the county dime

I have to go to work now, I need to make money so I can pay my taxes and pay our salary. Then you can hassle me over my broken tail light or something. Protect and serve.
8:01 hey it is not the first of the month yet no need to go to your po box today, your check will be in on monday
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8:01 The mitchell klan is up late drinking and doing drugs , and they are at work on the county dime .
Craig Flynn Cotati address of Windsor one mill business;
7950 Redwood Drive #4
Cotati CA.

Who is this mystery contributor to Mitchell's campaign?

Hope that helps Lovelace..
9:28 and you are at home drinking in the morning waiting for your check on the first of the month which is on my dime (ie taxpayer)
9:50 Bet I pay more taxes than your broke a** . Bet you are on the counties dime .
950 And you know this because? Actually you have no clue who frequents this Blog. If you really want to support mitchell you'll take your crap somewhere else, because nobody here is buying it. You are simply wasting your time here.
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Hey corruption supporters does that water around your ankles tell you something about the ship USS Mitchell you are sailing on, hope every one fits on the lifeboats! You might want to think about swim lessons.
I see Mitchell's henchmen are starting early to work their usual spin. Its interesting just how many of his flunkies are joining Mrs. M on this BLOG. Do you think they are worried?

Rodney will be out of a job. Mrs. Rod will be out of health insurance. The GOB's will have to do their jobs and follow the rules like everyone else.The only one I feel sorry for is Mrs. Rod since she can't help it if her husband is an incompetent boob.

Sorry gang, things are going to change and you'll just have to make the best of it or go somewhere else. Thenb see if you can pull the things there that you get away with here.
It really is amazing how many people have developed a hate for Mitchell and the GOB's . People realize that Mitchell committed many crimes to protect perdick and that it could happen to them . There is going to be a lot more coming out in the civil lawsuit and hopefully it leads to federal criminal prosecution .
Come January 1st we won't have Rod Mitchell to kick around anymore.
I wonder if Mitchell will be able to be faithfull after he is run out of office or will it give more time to chase other mens wifes .
Peole of Lake County are getting tired of Mitchell and his thugs heavy handed arrogance and unwillingness to address the issues. Once the issues are actually brought up we'll find they look very bad. The people have had enough of Rodney Mitchell who stands out as the poster boy for crooked politicians.
Big Rod is to arrogant to change anything so lock up your wives and daughters Lake County. His "Monica Lakeinski" will be coming forward to out him again.
Why is it that Sheriff Mitchell refuses to work with the Native American community and their police organizations? These people are big bisiness in Lake County and bring in lots of money. What must they do to get equal treatment and the respect they deserve from the Sheriff?
Does anyone know how many boats and deputies LCSO has to patrol our lake? What is their job description and do they patrol like road deputies or is it an on call job?

I called Sheriff Mitchell's office to ask this question when I read about the recent boating incidents and BUI check point. No return call and no answer to my simple questions. Why?
The boat patrol is at Braitos marina and they rarely leave the marina . IT is hard to know what they do all day as they keep their door closed . Every once in a while they will come out and scuffle boats around . I think they spend their day blogging .
The boat patrol is NEVER out after dark . I believe there is one full time sgt. and one full time officer . Several seasonal officers are hired from may-sept .
10:22 30,000 posted comments 20,000 deleted rabid rivero rabble
Are they on the lake on weedends when we get the majority of our visitors?
What's rabid rivero rabble?
I meant weekends but considering the condition of our lake perhaps weedends fits too
Rabid Rivero rabble is the one corruption supporter who posts on the site.
I see the Mindless Mitchell Morons are busy spreading their garbage today.
This comment has been removed by the author.
More on the 5:00 KPFZ show: This is on the breaking news page of the Manifest:

Breaking News

Neurotoxins in the lake? This evening at 5:00 on the senior moments KPFZ show there is an important and potentially serious issue that will be the subject of discussion and take place with Betsy Kahn and a local physicist who hails originally from Yugoslavia. The subject will be an eye opening discussion on these immediate and potentially dangerous issues with our lake. Some people feel that all citizens of our county who come in contact with the lake water may be at risk. This includes cyanobacteria's, Hepatoxins (Hepa being associated with the liver) as well as skin disorders. We urge you to listen in to this discussion and perhaps stay clear of the lake water until passing your own judgements based on this show and other information that has become available this summer.

The Manifest
Thanks please keep us updated !
The Mindless Mitchell Moron groups job is to help repulsive rod continue his reign of terror. And of course poor pitiful Pat takes orders really well (he is a Mindless Mitchell Moron after all)Please give us a report on the numerous lawsuits against Mitchell involving all of the cover ups. People who live in glass houses should'nt throw stones.
12:59 cute! mindless mitchell morons or rabid rivero rabbel
Ok we get how you feel about Mitchell now how about some news on Tom's court case for all the pot for sick people he had at his property. I think he knows a lot of very ill people. I am also looking for the website to post a DUI booking photo so any new people to your site can put a face with the name and can get a look at a mindless moron. I think I found it.
All that has already been done 146 you are way behind the times. You have to try a new approach, you can try to attack the Lovelace folks, but you are spinning in your corrupt wheels, perhaps you haven't been around for the past 10 months. The supporters of the Lovelace group could care a less about your childish efforts. So you go for it, and have fun, the traction you will get out of it is zero...But hey if it gives you a lift, the citizens only laugh at you Mitchell supporters.
Are you nuts everyone wants to know how that case is doing and of course some of your locals wish that flashy Tom does not bring the heat to town again. They talk about it in coffee shops all around the county. Come on give us a hint.
You're going to make me mad and it will be ALL your fault 1:46. I have been collecting DUI pics for as long as Lake Sheriff.com has been posting them. I've also collected Mendo Co too. Lets see which GOBs I could post about: KVL connection, realitors, Mitchell supporting business owners, BIG money business owner's sons and/or daughters, mayor, judges, LCSD, CLPO, CO, Lpt firemen etc. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO THERE?? (sorry Lace, just making a point) I can make a complete list WITH dates etc so people can cross reference for themselves. Then we'll see how many calls ol Mitchy gets from some of his supporters that have old DUIs and have been outed on this Blog because some smart a$$ Mitchell crone wanted to start the DUI BS again.
222 coffee shops all around the county???Do they sell droughts in all those places? Are you and your partner talking to each other? I've seen you guys in public and no one speaks to you. Give me a break!
LOL I couldn't tell you how any of that is post 222 but you sure look like an idiot, keep posting, keep asking, keep showing your worry that Mitchell is done and many in the community see Tom Carter as a great individual, he means 1000 votes or more for whoever he says he supports. I know a dipstick like you can't fathom that. But maybe if you push away from the bar, don't fall off the stool in the process and take off your blinders you will gather some idea. Everything you are trying has already been tried, nothing new under the sun little man. The citizens of this county know your type and got tired of it a long time ago. The game of attempting to discredit people to keep Mitchell in power does not work any more. The funny thing of it all is Rivero came in first place in the primary and all through the campaign you screamed about the hippies, and dope smokers and on and on, now since you believe that, and those same people kicked your and Mitchells ass and Mitchell came in second, what does that say about your position...Hmmmmmmmmmm not to good dipstick, you might want to re-group you are not looking to sharp right now. You feel that water around your ankles yet? lol
2:22 who cares ? Not one member of Lovelace is an elected official or took an oath that they are suposed to live by . Mitchell on the other hand has committed numerous crimes under the power of authority . Lovelace has exposed The Mitchell Mafia and I applause each and every member for standing up to the beast . The count down has started and we will be rid of the GOBs
donuts, There are you happy now jj?
2:41 the water level will have to get above the ankles because all they feel is their pants .
jj wears his donut around his waist, made from years of eating frozen burros. He likes them eight at a time and the crumbs go all over his desk...
Who cares which marijuana fiends or drunk drivers are getting rolled up in Lake Co. The purpose here is to rid ourselves of a cancer and all its side effects namely Rodney Mitchell and his gang of out of control thugs who have plagued this county far to long.

What kind of a dipshit collects booking photoes of drunks? I probably wears mirrors on his shoes.
The only booking photo I'm interested in seeing is Rodney Mitchell himself.
3:59 What a day it will be . I will be singing in the street !!!
One of the sheriffs boys was overheard talking to his buddy in a bar and telling him how clever they were for tearing down Rivero and Baxter signs during the primary. They are planning on doing it again once Rivero's signs come out again.
Rod will be just like all the other politicians. Once he realized he's going down and going to his former jail he'll start singing like a bird trying to blame everyone else. Watch out DSA, he'll take you boys down so fast you won't know what hit you.
Free Mitchell from his prison of lies, vote Rivero for sheriff.
Let the fat little punk stay in jail and learn to dance with big Willie and Buba.
Willie and Buba would love Rodney!!
Hey now don't get upset because some people question the morals of a man who grows a lot of dope ,drives fancy cars and bikes, buys a lot of property's struts down the street hand in hand with a doctor who has the 215 money lined up every day at his office, requires his employees have cards for his grow and surounds himself with sheep to do his biding in his fight with the SO. Not all of us use pot, sell pot or find this man to be our hero. Tom is behind this blog and he is the one always seen with Retardo so he is involved but likes to let you morons do his dirty work I know Olive would be nothing without him so that kind of an answer was to be expected. All I asked is how things were going in his court case and said some people might like a look at who is posting for the Loveass group.A picture can say a lot about a person. Sorry you took it so bad. I will try to fall in line and never question your super power again. As always you friend Mr. Dipshit
Hey Mr. Dipshit
You keep using Tom's name. Tom's not the one running for Sheriff. Tom does support Rivero over Mitchell. Look at Mitchell record !! one failure, after another. Tom sees that the Sheriff Dept. needs strong, truthful leader and that's something Mitchell has not done period. I looked at Mitchell supporters and boy howdy did I see some real questionable names and let's just talk about some issues.
The Perdock cover-up,
The Wright investigation,
The beland firing for tell the truth,
The Garzoli incident(s).
and the list goes on and on.
let's talk about some Jail problems. Mitchell can't manage the jail, can't manage patrol, can't manage rangermasters, etc, etc,.
438 You truly are a dipshit, but we agree on one thing not all of us use pot sell pot or find this man to be our hero. I have said this before and I will say it again,I am a Rivero supporter and I don't know Tom and I don't grow or smoke pot. There are many people in this county who will vote based on Mitchell's record of dishonesty and cronyism. I am not a sheep and my vote will not change because people like yourself try to insinuate that Rivero has ties to marijuana growers. If anything it shows me that the Mitchell camp is desperate.
Thank you post 507 that should put the lone Mitchell supporter in his place. Great job!!
Anyone who hooks up with this group that does not use or sell pot is missing the gravy train as that is what they are all about. I for one believe Mr Dipstick to be saying it like it is. I know some of this clan and what he said may not fit everyone but does fit some. I only come to town when I need something but have seen enough to know it weed that makes it run.
358 asked What kind of a dipshit collects booking photoes of drunks? I'd say a pretty smart one. Its called insurance dipshit.
222 it donuts
3:58, I'll give you a pass because we are on the same side. FYI you are rude and I have been around a long time. Name calling is not needed. The info I have collected over the years has at times been very helpful. kma

reposted for you without the space
624 Then I guess I am missing the gravy train. Although coming to a website for information does'nt mean I am hooked up with any group. And if you are not from these parts none of this should matter to you, which is why I suspect you are a mitchell shill pretending to be from out of town. Like I said before not all Rivero supporters are growers or smokers and thats what really scares you. It's people like me and not Lovelace who are your worst nightmare come true.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nice 639 that echos the 644 post of OWD.
Boy that post 507 sure put the hammer down don't you think. I would not want to have them after me. They do not smoke or grow or sell pot and would not change their ideas even if they new the connection between pot , this group and Rivero. That is the bright "think for themselves" kind of voter that has this country up crap creek and know they are right so will not change. I would guess at this point that some of my taxes give them the time they need to part of this show.
638 If it makes you feel better to think that then go ahead. And for the record if my post were to echo OWD's post would'nt his have preceded mine?
We changed the post positions because of big gap in one of the posts. that is for 652.

As far as photo's names and the like it has already been done, over and over again you must be new to the site, and do not understand what has already happened over the past 10 months. Again try something new, you play is old and tired. By the way none of it helped Mitchell in the elections, sorry to tell ya.
The only goal of this post is to remove that corrupt pos Rodney Mitchell from office . You would not believe the people that have come together to see that happen . You corruption supporters days are numbered so start packing .
Well, removing Mitchell for a POS like Rivero hardly seems like a step up.
4:10, More false BS. No deputies removed any of Riverzero's posters. Please, come up with something better than that.
649 Rest assured your tax dollars are not being used to as you say give me time to be part of the show. Once again you underestimate Rivero voters. That's part of the reason why you will lose come November.
704 Guess your just gonna have to learn to live with it.
7:04 Rivero is not involved in the murder of Lynn Thorton By Russell Perdick . Mitchell has committed numerous crimes while trying to cover this murder up . He will lose his job over his involvement .
I sure will be happy come November. I am so sick of hearing and reading about Mitchell, can't wait to get started on some new issues, cuz his has burnt me out totally. He is scum, and is a disgrace to the entire department!
720 I could'nt agree with you more.
7:06 and no deputies have been arrested for dui on duty . speaking of which this has got to be a record for the results of a blood test . Who does Mitchell know at doj ?
7:58 so what is the average turn around time for results of a blood test? you dont know! just making noise arent you?
the arrest was made by chp not under mitchel's control, test run by doj also not under mitchel's control. did you know that blood sample for etoh is done at the doj lab in Santa Rosa but testing for other drugs in done in another lab? neither of us knows how long it usually takes, you just prefer to put a spin on it. just another member of rabid rivero rabble
819, again a very uninformed individual, we know the blood tests are completed. We have, not contacted the CHP who is running the investigation of the incident with Bryan Smith. Now put on your thinking cap and follow me. The representative for the CHP is officer Tanquay, oh but knew that right. We talked to him late last week, you will find the post on this Blog. What he indicated although you must know this, is that the case is in "suspension" with the DOJ. Now I can assume you know what suspension means? No, ok it is the same as a lock down on s Rimms report at the sheriffs office. But you knew that right? So at this time the DOJ is not giving out the information. Now they have a right to do that, or did you know that, however in the next few weeks if we do not get a response we will file a FOIA and force compliance. Now that was also posted on the site. Or did you know that to? No I guess not. So you should be real clear now on the situation. I am sorry if this is over your head, but we can't make you smarter. ;-)

This is Lovelace
I do not know Tom C. from Upperlake. I know who he is. I have not seen the evidence that DEA thinks they have against this man and it was always my impression that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I don't believe Tom C. has been convicted of anything so perhaps we need to withold judgement and condemnation until such time as a jury finds him guilty of something.

One things I do know is he has done a lot to improve Upperlake and put his money into making it a better place to live and to visit. I do not know where the money comes from but again until proven its the result of ilgotton gain we must assume he earned it legally. Thank you Tom C. for the good things you have done. If you are convicted of a crime then I hope to see you do your time, learn your lesson and come out a better man for the experience.

Thaat said we are not here to condem Tom C. or anyone else, marijuana fiend or anyone else. We are here to discuss the abuses by Rodney K. Mitchell and his thugs. We are here to make sure he does not return to office to continue destroying the office he's held and disgraced for 16 years. Mitchell has not been convicted of a crime either but we've all seen lots of public enidence demonstrating his lack of management skills and leadership, his vindictiveness and unprofessionalism. He has shown himself to be a bully who is capable of anyting and who will stop at nothing to get re-elected. He has to go in November.

Is wearing mirrors on your shoes a crime or a fashon statement? Hi Joanie......
Lay off poor unfortunate Smith who needs our understanding and help. The true demon here is Mitchell who has allowed this to occur and who would have ignored the problem had Smith not bounced off a parked car in his county car.
No bites so goodnight all. Goodnight 6:33, I know what KMA is and it gave me a laugh, thanks. I'm going to polish my mirrors for tomorrow. AMF.
Post 1017 that is a great comment and well thought out, the same for post 1019. I think on the Smith situation what is being asked is not really about Smith personally but is what the system run by Mitchell is trying to do with the information and situation. Does he have another cop who is in trouble and is he hiding it instead of coming forward and trying to be transparent and help. What post 1019 is saying I think is that Mitchell is only concerned about covering his butt not the needs and help Smith or others may need, it is a poignant statement indeed. Post 1017 I cannot say anything more then you are exactly right and it is a great post. Thanks Both of you for those comments.This level of discussion is where the citizens are miles ahead of Mitchell his GOB's and their manner of thought and understanding.
10:19 How long had the problem been ignored and how many others have the same problem . Mitchell will not addrss the problem and when there is a problem he distance's himself and denies any responsibilty .
Wild whiskey wild women
That's how I make my livin'

Deputies wives
tellin' lies
The truth will never be given

Friends wives
Nine lives
The man Rod is driven

tryin' agin
livin' my life of sin

Goin' to jail
without fail
The last place
The man Rod's been
You marijuana addicts just don't understand the real Rodney K. Mitchell. If you would take the time to come out of your smoke cloud you'll find he's even worse then you imagined in your weed induced trance. Just kidding pot heads. I thought I'd wake up the Mitchell gang thinking they finally had an ally.

Go back to making up smut and trying to cover Rod's butt. It's to wide and he's a lost cause.

Rodney Mitchell for the welfare line. I wonder if his $10K donor will hire him when he's looking for a job.
Why is the Lake County DSA so afraid of Frank Riveroor anyone else interested in change and having a sheriff's office that is professional and trusted by their community? What do they have to hide or what do they think is going to happen when sergeants are made to do their jobs and backed for doing it.

I aim these questions to all DSA members. Those who have something to hide are a disgrace to their badge and to their profession. The majority of our LCSO deputies who work hard and try to do the right thing should not have to put up with you or your sleazy boss. I think in November their shackles will come off and by January they will be free of oppression.
Tell your friends and family and ask them to do the same. We must vote Rod Mitchell out in November if we are to restore any kind of trust and respect to that office. Write to the pro-Mitchell media and inundate them with your questions that Rodney refuses to answer or ignores. Stop talking and do something to rid the community of the Mitchell attutide and arrogance.
Since when is a toyota truck a fancy car? Work 12 hour days, six days a week, and you can afford a flashy bike too. Tell the truth to a corrupt sheriff and corrupt DA and see what happens to you. Check the county recorders office and see how many SO's own more property than they can afford. And you accuse a man whose business is buying and selling property for a living. Here is another public record you can check, Tom Carter has not given one penny to the Rivero campaign. He is going to beat your ass with nothing. Talk to him yourself, he's not afraid to tell you the truth straight up. I think that's more than you can do. Innocent until proven guilty, In the end the truth will be told.

p.s. He walks down the street holding hands with no man, he stands on his own two feet.
Could somebody please tell Rodney that denial is not a river in Egypt
He's up the creek without a paddle.
there is nothing lower than one human trying to take down another, I check out this site only because I have some people I work with who tell me of what is here and I come to read it for Myself. Do You have people who know who you are and have distanced themselves because of what you have said,I seriously doubt even a perchantage of what I have read just for the last couple of hours are remotely accurate.
I hope that those of you who are annoymous are no one I know as I would not be a friend much longer, so much hate and slander, yes slander regardless if you think it is free speech, if that were the case all the deletes I have been told go on daily it is a one sided free speech regardless of what the title of the blog is named.

I have an early appointment with a co worker so just stating My freedom of speech who I am most assured will never see the light of morning, no problem I can always count on at least one late nighter to see it.

Walt Kelly
Walt, So glad you came to check this out for yourself. That's the first step. Now check out the rest of what you read here. Unless your co-workers are the corrupt themselves, start there. Then ask around. Come back again. Read the newspapers, even as biased as they are, you will see they back up much of what is written here.
Like it or not ,there is a corrupt system at work in Lake Co. Unless you choose to bury your head in the sand, you will soon realize it is time for a change. Call Rod yourself, see if he will talk to you. Then call Rivero. You will be suprised
11:41 MGM why don't you go give Pat some lovin , you know Rodney is just useing you .
Mitchell's legacy will be all failures.
Good Morning Walt. Your blog is still here. Maybe your co-workers didn't have all their facts right. I started like you,and I asked questions. If you engage yourself, you will find many truths that will blow your mind.
I agree with you about humans taking down humans. However, who will take down the bad humans if the good ones won't?
The main thing is to become engaged and stay that way. The good people will rise to the top and it's going to start right in Lake County.
The corruption supporters must be driving home from work now. No comments. Give them about a half hour.
Great talk show last night about the algal blooms and some species indicate that that water which they grow is polluted because some of these algae thrive in high concentrations of organic materials that exist in sewage or industrial wastes areas.
Water pollution that is our primary interest is microbial pollution, especially by pathogenic organisms.
Transmission of Infectious Diseases most dangereous form is when feces enter the water supply. The CDC estimated that the US alone, 900,000 or so people became ill from waterborne infections. Over 2 million deaths each year, mostly among children under the age of 5.
Some of the waterborne diseases are associated with recreational water is Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Norwalk-like viruses and Shigella.
Water Purity Tests
Dr. Zibellian believes a sample of Clearlake's water should be taken and sent to a specialized lab in Florida.
People need to stay informed on this issue and bring it before the BOS.
A CD can be obtained from KPFZ radio station 263-3435
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Walt, Hopkins is out, and Mitchell will be out in November. Perdick is gone because the people were outraged that he got away with vehicular manslaughter.
New change is coming and if you can't do your job, your out. If you break the law you'll be held accountable- party hardy while Mitchell is in power because Rivero won't have that chit.
Be on the watch many new things brewing.
Good job Walt and you are right in that we should not have a need to postanonomiously but we do. Most people would not share their feelings if they had to add their names. The anonomous attacks on deputies and their families with no evidence are wrong. Mitchell on the otherhand is fair game since he's a public official and a very vindictive one at that.

Read the blogs and take much of it with a grain of salt. It doesn't take long to identify the windbags, malcontents and weirdoes but try to keep an open mind. Not everyone here fall into that catigory and somewhere in the middle may be some truth. Even the windbags come up with some valid points. Much of this is good for thought and gives cause to ask questions and demand answers from our public officials.
Same old thing from Rod. No thought of change or making things work efficiently. Rod stands on his record of mismanagement, incompetance and intimidation while throwing mud at anyone who disagrees with him. He wil stoop to anything to get re-elected. Mitcherll has proven himself to be a sleaze and your typical phoney politician. People see through him and he'll soon be just a bad memory ion Lake County's past.
Rodney K. Mitchell gives all law enforcement professionals a bad name. He has proven himself to be a disgrace to his profession and he tarnishes the badge he wears. He and his ilk make all the good Cops look bad. This is not the type of person I want to see in charge of any LE agency.
What's the status of the trumped up charges Mitchell put on Rivero before the primary. I heard he has been exhonorated but Mitchell has refused to close the case. True-False?

What's next for Rod's band of shame?

Rumor has it that Rod and his boys have not only hired an election campaign consultant but they have spent big money on a Private Investigator to use their extensive resources to biog into his opponents public and private ife trying to find anything to use against him. I thought he had already done an extensive background check on him when he hired him as a deputy sheriff. So, if that's the case what's going on. If there was an ything questionable in Rivero's past they should not have hired him in the first place. If they did then once again it demonstrates Rod's incompetance. Now anything Mitchell should come up with is suspect just like the false IA complaint he put on him.
Give the new guy a change then if he doesn't work out we can vote his A$$ out in four years like we should have done to Mitchell 14 years ago. We need new ideas and changfe to bring LCSO with to mnodern day standards. Its no longer an elite mens club for GOB's.
Mitchell and some of his people seem to have forgotton who they work for. They feel the community works for them and use their power the wrong way. You work for us Rod and as far as I'm concerned your work does not meet standard. You are fired.
I meant give the new guy a "chance" and change will come. He could sit in his office playing solitare for 4 years and still not be any worse then Rodney Mitchell. I'm very hopeful that in November the voters will step up and send a message that we are tired of the way things are and we demand change.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Love that last line sounds like us fighting our local boys!!!! Hail Assange!!!

"This behavior is unacceptable. We will not be suppressed. We will continue to expose abuses by this administration and others."
This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 yrs. experience

Here is a little something someone sent me that is indisputable mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out Loud. This is a strictly mathematical viewpoint....it goes like this:

What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:


is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty, that while HARD WORK and KNOWLEDGE will get you close, and ATTITUDE will get you there, it’s the BULLSHIT and ASS KISSING that will put you over the top!


Interesting math equation indeed, don't remember being taught that way in school, may have learned more if I had!!;-)
Why is it that Sheriff Mitchell refuses to work with the Native American community and their police organizations? These people are big bisiness in Lake County and bring in lots of money. What must they do to get equal treatment and the respect they deserve from the Sheriff?
A stage was created. The likes of which country has never seen before and it took off like wild fire across the country. Why was this necessary? What has been uncovered? who are the players? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this report.
The first question to be answered was who are the Mitchell/Hopkins supporters and dispute the courruption first fully exposed in the Dinius trial why would they continue to support Hopkins and Mitchell despite the complete lack of integrity that result from such alliances? As the blog and associated investigations been the answers become quite clear. There has been in this county for 16 years or more, at least since Mr.Mitchell has been in power an elitist group of business's and people who are in collusion and if you will be in bed with Mitchell and Hopkins. These business's and people see themselves as better than the rest of the citizens. They do not want change, they like their "connections" to the current power base and have shown they will do anything to keep the status quo, despite the damage to a county and it's reputation. (and lets skip to)
Even more disturbing is the activity and highly questionable practices of the only two media outlets in our county, the Record Bee and the Lake County News. The reporters associated with these two media outlets are far to "connected" with local Law enforcement and govenment officials, so much so that fair, unbiased and factual reporting seen to take a back seat to the citizens rights to the transparency and information.
Members of the BOS have regular and consistent contact with these media outlets and the level of discussions and decisions as the what will or will not be reported is not only unethical but goes against the standards of journalistic reporting.
This is a call out as the time is approaching for current SO's, former sheriff's, DA employees, General employees in the organizations, those associated with the jail and the CO's. Your safety is now assured, it is time to join the ranks who are going to win and bring change to the county. You can now begin to step out into the light of day. Rodneys days and numbered Hopkins is gone, please post either on the public thread or to Lovelace at the e-mail accounts any information you have.
6:25- All I can say is everyone deserves to be treated with respect including the tribal communities. Get him out of office and you will see a change within the Sheriffs Dept.
The dumbies over @ the hateRivero blog think this Blog has been shut down. They are even singing "ding dong the blog is dead" or something like that. I guess they are too dumb to click on the "big red button" that says "to post comment or view the thread"! Made me smile : )!
633 Thats too funny. They're a sharp bunch are'nt they.
That is funny they are so boring, and clueless, we never go there or post it is a total waste of time but we did just post this on their site, and we can do so using the OWD moniker, which is really funny. Anyway we could not resist straightening them out. Here it is thought you all might get a kick out of it.

Hey, boys Listen we don't generally have time to give you guys a quick post but just couldn't resist. Now listen kids before you take this post down to oh shall we say save you embarrassment, we wanted to help you out by giving you some numbers to shoot for. You know a bar to reach for as you try and set goals for your albeit late in the game, copy cat site you have here. First the sheriff mitchell Blog site also know as simply the “Blog” (we require you spell it with a capital B do to it's massive success) is running strong, we suspect your fellow corruption supporter forgot to click on the big red button. Now we know that is a lot to remember, but you might want to try that and see what happens. Just slow down put your full intelligence to work for ya and you will be able to figure it out. Ok so the numbers. In the past 24 hours the “Blog” has had 139 posts. Ya, uh, as we see by your site you have 412 and are averaging about 6 or so comments a day. Now we don't want you to get down about this news, but just give you a goal to reach for. ;-) Ok now the Manifest newspaper in its first two(2) months is approaching 11,000 views and and 1,500 article and forum comments. Ya boys we really do not want to discourage you, and we know you see the impossibility of even in your wildest dreams reaching these kind of numbers, we want you guys to keep going, keep up the good (however futile) fight. ;-)...We love you guys, we love John Jensen, not as formidable opponents but as oh how shall we say it, well the same as the fill in guy for the prize fighter who gets to beat the hell out of the guy in his workouts... Now also just for your clear understanding, we now have 1008 unique individuals posting on the Blog( see the cap B). This of course is not counting the Manifest, which has not only cross over posters but its own unique members who have signed up on the paper. We have 8 reporters and are going to print with many publications prior to the election in November. Now boys don't let this news get you down, you guys keep battling, keep up the good fight. Really we love you guys. ;-) Pure fact boys shouldn't have to take this post down right? ;-0
Ha ha ha ha ha ha Lovelace you guys are the bomb. Do you know how much you piss those guys off...Well of course you do. Keep up the good work, love you guys!!!
They sure are squirming over there. Dead Lol and Calm before the Storm ( well at least they are trying to figure out what is going on) lmfao
What's the hate Rivero Blog and how do you find it. I'd like to see what those dopes have to say as they try to weisel their weay through life.
Mitchell's so call endorsements are nothing. He lists a CHP Lieutenant who he calls a Commander, the Sheriff next door, (you scratcvh my back I'll scratch yours) and some political appointee from POST (Ca. Peace Officers Standards and Traininmg). Its common knowledge within the LE community that the majority of people who become political appointees to POST are losers just like Mitchell. These are people who got voted out of office or where hated by their own agencies. For those of your former Marines "pogues" is a nice term for them and thats being generous.

Hell, Baxter had endorsements from very well respected LE leaders throuyghout the country. The only endorsement that does count is that of the voters of Lake County. I don't think Rod is going to be able to buy these people off.
Lay off MGM, she's a nice young woman. Perhaps not the brightest bulb and certainly brainwashed by the Mitchell gang and her husband but her heard is in the right place. plus she's bored with life and has nothing else to do. At least Mrs. M is fighting to keep her health insurance.
Hell not even perdick could save Mitchell , How did Mitchell think he could cover the murder of Lynn Thorton by perdick . Hopefully Mitchell gets a life sentence for his crimes .
I saw a deputy sheriff on a car stop this afternoon so I watched him for a few minutes. Really an unremarkable incident where he did his thing then got back in his car and roared off in a cloud of dust. What struck me as the black uniform which reminded me of an SS storm trooper. Kind of goes alone with the attitude of many of the deputies today (not all). It just makes me wonder why Mitchell came in and suddenly decided to change their uniform to black.
Oh my god post 930..hahahahahahahahahahah two retired So's and a couple of local GOB's lol that is to funny. No CHP, No outside agency, no LPPD, No Hopkins, no other DA's or other county agencies.Ha ha aha hhahahahahah I can't believe you posted that. No command endorsements from anyone! LOL
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