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The GOB'S are going down one by one. Mitchell thinks to fire Perdock will save the election for him. But now people are really disgusted with you Rodney for letting Perdock stay on a paid vacation all this time and now you fire him before the elections. This is not looking good for you at all. You knew he killed Lynn and should have done something that moment, and not a damn hug. Then you let him set up a business while on his paid vacation. Russ Perdock has not suffered compared to the family of the lady he killed.
el where did your bite go . sounds like you went to the tiffany revelle school of reporting . ooh great rodney what did you want me to say and wait a month to report it . you left out james walker insurance paid out 100 k and both weber and dinius were awarded some money .
11:46 The Citizens of this county will never let it go, it was a big embarrasment to our county and could have been avoided!!!!! Now we have a law suit coming up so get used to it!!!
11:52 It looks like he might not have to associate with the bad cops because Mitchell is starting to fire the GOB's and throw them under the bus. Maybe you just could be next. We only need Good cops in lake county, time for a change.
Hopkins on Elias show on FM 88.1 from 9 to 11 Friday, call in questions live during show to 263-3435.

All 3 DA candidates will be on Gura show on FM 88.1 on Saturday from 4 to 6. Call in questions to 263-3435 live on the air.
Written by old Coot at LCN News.
Perdock is a fine man and deserves better for his 24th year in service. Perdock is a killer. What about Officer Ringen for his 27th year of service. I am living in Lake County for the past 35 years. Thank you Kip.
To all my four kids: Please register and vote on June 8th. The dead line to register is May 24th. Please vote for a change, vote Rivero.
Question for the group. What is the Black Asphalt program? How does it work? What sort of training does it entail?
very interesting let's take a look at the numbers on this story, this site is approaching 150 comments in the past day and a half, including following the Perdock termination. Now that is a lot of comments and by days end will approach 150 just on the Perdock subject. All day LCN has gotten 25 comments. That tells you the diminished capacity of the LCN that is taking place.

Here is the amazing part, of those 25 post which represent the citizens county wide, and even given LCN's alliance with the SO and BOS 17 of the comments are negative towards Mitchell and Hopkins 1 that's right 1 is pro Mitchell and 3 were neutral.!!!!!!

With this representing a good deal of the demographics in this county, Mitchell and Hopkins think they are going to win this election? This is the same thing as taking a poll and wow it does not look good for Mitchell and Hopkins.

Almost every single post is anti Mitchell anti Hopkins quite amazing indeed. Let's keep the pressure up and going we need to hammer this out for Rivero over the next 3 and a half weeks, get people registered, whoever you talk to on the street make sure they are voting for Mitchell and make sure they are registered!!!

Last point we drove into the casino on Soda Bay today, the Rivero signs are covering that place up one side and down the other, it is amazing. Not a single Mitchell sign to be found.

This is the Lovelace Group
Can you give some details on the Black Asphalt program, what exactly is it?
We know the Perdock situation has taken center stage which it should but lest we forget we are demanding a non-association statement from the BOS and Sheriff Mitchell. We will not let this issue fall by the way side, just wanted to re-post again to keep it fresh.

Message sent to Mitchell and BOS

Mr. Mitchell below you will find a comment posted on the sheriffmitchellwatch website. Below the comment is a utube webpage with 2 videos on it. The racist and terrible videos posted there are in support of you and against Rivero. These are the people who are voting for you Mr. Mitchell, you must issue an immediate statement indicating you are not associated with anyone in this county and that their votes are not welcome by you. If you do not do so and put the public at ease concerning this, we have to assume you endorse this activity and invite these votes. You must do the right thing.

The BOS should also issue a statement against this activity and indicate to Mr. Mitchell that he should issue a statement as described. There are far to many people in our county like this and they are supporting Sheriff Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell you should also contact UTUBE and ask them to remove this video for the sake of these elections and because it is the right thing to do. It does not matter if this individual has been around the county for some time nor what his MO is. To not contact UTUBE and request this could only mean you endorse this type of activity.

Below is the address for the video's they are not a pretty picture and even worse during election time. Do the right thing.

Below is a u-tube address which contains two videos that were posted recently, the individual posting the videos is a racist of the worse kind, he literally is talking about deaths happening in Lake County if Rivero is elected. This is very serious, This is directly connected to supporters of sheriff Mitchell in Lake County, there is recent video and it appears some of it may come off of sheriff Mitchells public SO page along with other videos and voice recordings from the recent debate. We warn you this is very distrubing, the individual posting is named: cromforever77...

This is an evil and dark man and he is supporting Mitchell and we suspect live's locally. We need everyones help on this one, find out who this guy is, get all the information you can. We suspect upon this posting someone is going to take down those postings so everyone get copies of it. Go to this site and watch both the videos, these are the people supporting Mitchell and they are in our midst. We had known for many years there was racism in our county and racism directly connected to Rod Mitchell and his GOB, now we have the proof. Everyone act quickly on this get this information out to everyone possible. Literally this person post a chart of the number of deaths that are going to happen in lake county if Rivero is elected and then flashes to a video of a morgue. We will be sending this information to Mitchell the BOS and the media outlets. This is worse then we thought. We promised you heavy hitting in the next 4 weeks and this is the first phase.

gee rod 4 years perdick remained on the payroll after committing murder I guess your cover up did not go so well . just for the record your investigation was not by the book there was plenty of proof provided by haltom and it is only going to get better . I loved that foney baloney report you put on your web site to bad ostini could not keep track of all the lies . dinius' attorney has copies of all the orginals .
I see a problem. Management knew Perdock lied to investigators over a year ago. State law only gives an agency one year to issue punishment (termination). Don't be surprise if Perdock catches Mitchell on this (or they planned it out) and Perdock comes back.

Another reason we need Rivero.

Here is the link to John Flynn's interview with perdick http://dig.abclocal.go.com/kgo/PDF/061009-perdock-transcript.pdf yes russ everybody in the county got together to frame you but you have yet to tell the same story . This is a must read .
Management knew perdick was lying at the scene ,but rodney gave the order to cover the murder . every report the officers wrote incorporated perdicks lies ,the only problem was that perdick could not keep his lies straight . nobody ever thought dinius would fight has hard as he did they knew Weber would have and that is why he was not charged .
A good day in Lake Co. Perdock is gone, and Mitchell is next. Hopefully We will see Mitchell and Perdock working together sweeping prison floors. Inmates
Mitchell and Perdock best friends. A HAPPY DAY.
If we set aside for a moment, Everything associated with the Dinius case and all the trial information and every accusation of lying, and clear the slate. We can make this statement, above and beyond it all is Mitchell who ever Mitchell see's as a threat, he will find a way to get rid of them, if it is an accident that he can take advantage of he will. He will plan and scheme he will work his dirty deeds undercover of his position and he will get rid of anyone, I mean anyone seen as a threat to his position. Taking the boat accident and who was or was not at fault etc. out of the picture. What really is Mitchells motivation with the Perdock situation, I think all of us know the answer to that, Mitchell will take anyone out and take advantage of any situation that offers him the opportunity to clear people out of the way who may be a threat to his position. Always keep that in mind when you talk about alliances and who is friends with who. I say this as an SO from the inside, people are scared people will not talk till Mitchell is removed, when and if he looses the election, what will come out from behind the curtain will be hard to believe. This county better hope and pray that Mitchell loses this election it is the only way the real truth will come out.
You would think that with two major developments the corruption supporters would be trying to do a little damage control .
Nope this is the trend you will begin to see as we scrape away the crap from the hidden truth, as more and more exposure happens, then we are safer and the corruption supporters have less and less to hang their hat on. They will become more and more quite as time goes on. Oh they will be here no doubt of that, but we welcome their comments if they can post substance and facts. We shall see.
I just watched that UTube crappy video. This guy needs his head examined. Hey dude, did you know LCSO currently and in the past have had several gays and lesbians within the sheriff's department and the jail? Yep, just not in management. Just like minorities and females. If it has not happened in 15 years, it will never happen under Mitchell. Oh and for your statement of racism, answer me one question, why hasn't Mitchell released the EEOC findings? It's not one, not two, but three complaints from different deputies.

I won't lower myself to reply to your website. Or is it a trick to get our IP address?

Yup Rivero 4 sheriff the guy is a nut case we have his address and all the other information on him. Along with that, we are telling Mitchell and the BOS to release a statement of non-association, this is very standard move during elections when there is an individual like this guy acting as if he is campaigning for someone in this case it is Mitchell, the real question is why does this guy like Mitchell and what is it about what Mitchell does that makes this guy like him. Interesting questions. Overall this guy is a major nut. Perhaps in due time it will come about that the details we have on him will come in handy, we will keep them in our file.
Hoppy's head investigator is Woody. Woody is married to Mrs. Woody, the head of child support. Who works at child support and is Mrs. Woody's BFF and margarita drinking buddy? Mrs. Garzoli !!!
Lovelace hates all of banter when the talk spins to IP's for about the thousandth time. So we have to keep the focus on target. IP discussions start going all over the place. So down they come and away we go.
Please it is getting deep over at the lcn , ooh what a great guy perdick is the county is losing such a good officer . People Russell Perdock murdered Lynn Thorton and Rodney Mitchell bought his Lies and ordered that murder was to be covered up . Russell Perdock made a fatal decision to speed on a pitch black night and he continues to lie about it and not man up . Russ stand up and take it like a man you earned it . This is not going to go away this is just the beginning .
The reason is the corruption supporters saw our post showing that through 28 posts there were only 2 pro Mitchell on the site. We also said we had over 150 comments in a day and a half not counting tonight. So they read that here and run over and start slobbering for a couple hours to try and change the negative feedback Mitchell is getting on this one. It really isn't about Perdock it is about Mitchell for the public.

This is such a black eye for Mitchell the elitist are getting a little nervous. ;-o
Dude really the IP thing has been done, its old stuff, worse then that tried a hundred times we already know where it goes. Sorry man we have to keep our point on Mitchell and Hopkins.
Hopkins is on KPFZ tomorrow, Friday 5/14th at 10am-11am 263-3435. He's going to hear from someone that he is going to dread! Too bad we all won't be able to see his sorry face when that person's voice comes through on the phone! Wait for it.....
Mitchell and Hopkins....what a pair! These guys are slimmier than the green crap in the lake. June 8th is almost here....adios fellas!
Your video man lives on Big Valley Rd. Cross road of Highland Springs next to the pear orchard and across from the big open field. Have fun
old stuff guys we keep telling you bdoggie, MJ, all of it guys really we been there and done that.
I think rob brown is posting here
Seems like topix has removed all of clit hairy fitzero postings . Damm I wonder if he will still get the job Mitchell promised him ?
You are sharp, as a hammer. This is my second post after seeing that disturbing, rascist video I could not be quiet any longer. I stand by my post of 9:06........
LOL funny stuff, by the way do you think topix would have them removed without the citizens on this site calling attention to it? No way. This is how you have to force change then it starts to become a lasting change.
And thank you for the details on him post 924>
Rob has his nose so far up Rods butt that it turned BROWN not red, Seriously could we please have a BOS say a few more kind words for our illustrious SHERIFF i am so proud. Hooray for RED FACE BROWN
Just read Glenda Anderson's article in the press democrat what a differance .
You are right post 949, what a huge difference, Glenda Anderson is so far above Liz and the RB you can just see the protectionism that LCN employees in their story, Linda just hammered Mitchell...Just go the Press Democract and it is in the Local news section. In the end she is just listing litany of crap that has been going on with Mitchell, I mean just crushes him. Thanks Linda
After reading Linda's article it really shows how much collusion there is between LCN and our SO and local government, it is as if they wanted us to just lay down and let them spoon feed us what they want and they did it for quite a few years, but no more. That party is over.
but it is fine to have the Democratic party put a big ass add for who to vote for for all levels of offices and items on the ballot, any opinion other that yours doesn't seem to count, every person has an opinion just becuae you like yours does not make it correct.
That you John Boy?
that video is not racist it is an eye openor you just will see as time rolls on people are waking up to No Way voting for Rivero

If we don't have in the LE what He wants it is a simple answer they have not applied or qualified, not everyone has what it takes simple as that.
Actually I have had a smile on my face all day . I guess there must be a new shift starting . Hopefully you can do a lot better than that . Ooh by the way I am not under the influence of any substance .
BTW there are gays,minorities in the LE guess he never cross their path hard to if you are not working for nearly half a year.
Anyone who agrees with that utube video stuff is simply just sick along with ol' clint!
getting a little worried post 1010? You should be. By those are called party line ballots, each party does one, Repul. Green Independent, sometimes that are included on the same mailing. These are very important to election votes, as all registered demo voters in the county will get these. Now you may get one to if the ignorant party sends them out. Ouch sorry.
lile a baby who smiles same for you JUST GAS SO FART AWAY AND GET BACK TO NORMAL
Wow 1013 did you forget your meds today, whew another strong Mitchell supporter, I am getting less worried all the time.
My family is on the floor laughing, what is that post 1018. were dying here!!
There are many Sheriff Rod Mitchell supporters get your rose colored glasses off and you will see them, blinders can really make you think otherwise
Do I have blinders on or rose colored glasses post 1022..Ok here we go I took the glasses off,nope still don't see them. Let me try the blinders, nope still don't see them. Sorry man.
10:22 Hell he fired his best follower and Clit hairy fitzero can not post on topix .
that is a fifty % drop in one day . But Wow remains faithfull
Oh that is much better post 1024, now it makes all kinds of sense. LOL
Exactly post 1027.
Hopkins on Elias show on FM 88.1 from 9 to 11 Friday, call in questions live during show to 263-3435.

All 3 DA candidates will be on Gura show on FM 88.1 on Saturday from 4 to 6. Call in questions to 263-3435 live on the air.
Shouldn't Hopkins be working on the Garzoligate investigation? How many days should it take? Hasn't Garzoligate already been investigated? What we need is for you to charge Garzoli. It won't help your campaign to drag it out because you've already lost.
LCN has a Rivero for Sheriff thingy going? Wassup with that? Change of heart?
A suggested question for someone to ask Hoppy on the radio:

Three years ago, you and Sheriff Mitchell were the only county department heads out of 24 who refused to sign the Lake County Department Head Code of Ethics. Then, very recently, you did sign this document. Why did you not sign it in 2007 and why did you have a change of heart and sign it this year?
1220 Speak for yourself-losers are supported by the corrupt- the laws that govern are for everyone except me type- must be connected to the 8.

Question for Hopkins today. Are you on the county time clock while you sit in on 88.1 today? This is campaign (personal) business not county business.
Anyone see channel 7 news last night they ran Russ Perdocks termination from the SO.
No didn't see the channel 7 news brodcast lastnight was it on I-Team or the regular news casters? Is it available on their website?
Voting for Mitchell or Hopkins is like betting that what Mr.Dinius went through will not be someone else lot. I would say once bit ,twice shy. The two were dishonest with so many that would leave things just the way it is.Now that's disgusting.Please hear this, You leave the status quo and their stink will linger longer than they will.
May 14 and still no debate news in any of the papers. LCN online paper supports running "tipsters networking group to sell deep-fried twinkies" rather than reporting on the debates. The claim of video tapes and waiting 2 weeks to view is rediculous. Record Bee hasn't done any better by claiming there is nothing new to report.
Fishy you bet.
Mmmmm twinkies... I didn't see that but I read the EIR story on Rattlesnake Island, damn I bet Nady is ticked off.
Wow that's a big write up in the RB, god our local media is a joke. Glenda Anderson will you move up here please, we will contribute to opening a newspaper for you.
Big difference.
Great thanks for the link, everyone needs to read that article and see how actual reporting is done.
Glenda didn't even try to contact the subject of the story?
No one can contact Perdock, you will not see any statements or interviews with him, Mitchell I am sure found a way to shut him down during some time frame following the termination, you really did not think that Mitchell would let him talk prior to the election did you.
Now lets look at the facts:

1. Mitchell interfered in the Dinius investigation. Hugged and consulted Perdock even before he was officially interviewed.

2. Mitchell caught Perdock accessing RIMS after being told not to do so.

3. Mitchell finds out Perdock called investigators liars and that Perdock lied to them.

4. Mitchell fires Bealnd for testifying to the truth.

5. Mitchell does nothing when he learns Morshed lied on the stand.

6. Mitchell finally puts Perdock on "approved" leave or is it sick or admin?

7. Mitchell is informed of Garzoli's posting of his wife on the wall.

8. Mitchell's staff is told that Garzoli made a sexist comment to an employee and did nothing.

9. Mitchell fails to review the DEA grant before signing it.

10. Garzoli is seen going into Mitchell's staff meetings wearing a flight suit with "PILOT" on it.

11. Garzoli is involved in the helicopter crash.

12. Mitchell tells BOS he knew nothing about Garzoligate. Late when the BOS asks Mitchell again, Mitchell said, "not to that extent."

13. Mitchell finds out about Garzoli's radio statements.

14. Instead of terminating Garzoli, Mitchell allowed Garzoli to self demote and keep all of his seniority.

15. Then we have Morshed's stuff. No evidence ever found that linked him to the crime.

16. Mitchell received a complaint against Rivero based on an arrest 1 1/2 years ago accusing him of a felony while on duty. Instead of acting on it, Mitchell and his GOB's sit on it for 4 months.

17. It is now 122 days and still no charges against Rivero.

18. After 45 days of sick leave and 10 months of Admin Leave, Mitchell finally fired Perdock. Oh and it is just a few weeks before the election.

The working people pay taxes, The working people work on Friday, The working people Vote. Who is Hopkins hiding from on Friday morning???????
Hopkins is on 88.1 now. Get on and ask this SOB all those questions you have. Carol Stambuk #1 question has already stumped him. He is already throwing out the lies
Boy that last call just nailed Hopkins he said it was ironic how well Hopkins is prosecuting the Dinius case on the radio and got his butt kicked in the trial, a testament to Hallstrom's ability or Hopkins inability to prosecute. LOL
Next he brought up the Garzoli Helo Forum documentation and the Garzoli Kgo Audio and boy was Hoppy dancing, great call. Nailed him.
By By Jon
Hopkins must be glad that hour is over, every call hammerd him.
I find it rather distrubing that Hopkins is not with the times. His constant bashing of the internet and blogging shows this. Jon, it is a fact that, times have changed regarding this. More and More people rely on the internet vs. newspapers and reporting. They also will write a loved on via-email vs. picking up and pen and paper and the cost of a stamp and gas to mail a letter or bill for that matter. I also find it rather hilarious that you yourself have relied on the internet and these types of blogs to keep up with info that has been given. Face the fact Jon, you yourself go to the blogs, you yourself get on the internet and you yourself need to be thrown out of office just like we throw out our computers when they become to slow! You really need to get up to speed here Jon!
I found it funny that Hopkins bragged about how good the department regarding the senior abuse has become yet the lady that was asking why her case was not followed up says it has been 5yrs now! His reply was to call him at his office and he can look into it. Funny, I have called his office and have sent emails to him and never once got a response. Guess that was just his way of once again ignoring a important situation! Maybe he hasn't returned my email with a response because he doesn't believe in new technology!
Hopkins is a very important man and very busy prosecuting bad cases and just can't be bothered to call every citizen back that has a silly issue, like elder abuse. If you can't understand that, then you are just like those juries that have refused to convict in those case discussed on the radio this AM, you just don't get it. Hopkins is very busy, a very important man, so please don't bother him with such trite stuff. And, he needs time to practice with his band, since that's going to be his major source of income pretty soon.
There is a new (3rd) Rivero video on YouTube. Funnier than heck!
9:06, what do you mean no one can contact perdock. I and many others are in contact with him. He hasn't been silenced at all. In fact, when he was terminated he sent us an email to let us know. The drunks and druggies probably didn't get that email though.
So Hopkins says about the Garzoli postings that you can't believe anything from the internet. When his "investigators" search the internet to find information, Does Jon Hopkins then become the internet police to determine what will be used as evidence?
12:32 We already know that all eight? of you stay in contact so you can keep your story's straight.
Flash citizens of Lake County we have some rather interesting news of a discovery during an investigation being conducted. As you know Mitchell, Hopkins and the BOS have been quite negative towards blogs, anonymous postings and the model we have created to communicate with the citizens and afford us the necessary safety required when dealing with the Mitchell regime and our corrupt local government. Well would you find it interesting if Mitchell and Baxter were utilizing a blog site, a blog site that has almost all anonymous posters, a blog site that has some very unsavory people posting on it? Would you like it if we gave you that website and the associated documentation to verify this interesting development.. and the epitome of the “pot calling the kettle black”? Well then we will but first let us give you a few of the peoples “anonymous” and what their sayings are and what they believe.

1.glock 32...His words...Got Vaseline
2.FF/EMT/NICK...Guns don't kill people the little lead things that come out really fast do.
3.Gun SLUT.....You can call me gun slut, Mr. gun slut but don't call me slut

Now that is just a few of those posting. We don't have an issue with nor are we presenting this in an anti gun stance, this is an anti Mitchell/government post and calling them on what they are, one way drivers on a two way street! Now Mitchell and Baxter posted on here and used their names of course Mitchell did as his report of who he is and what his years of service are were so glowing that we could see why he used his name. Also when you go to this site there are 5 pages of Mitchell postings and Baxter comes on and he and Mitchell go at it a bit. But for the most part Mitchell is hammering on Rivero. Yup thats right. Mitchell is using this site to disparage Rivero. So this is one of the places Mitchell does his bidding, and by the way his glowing report of himself is stunning and not a single thing on any of the major issues he has in the county. We present to this site and proof of what we found.
We are getting tired of having to expose these guys but were going to do it till the change happens and we will not cease our efforts.

This is the Lovelace group
Glad to hear directly from Frank Rivero yesterday that when elected he will impose a 90-day moratorium on Lake County Sheriff's Department enforced foreclosure evictions. Let the United Banks of America hire their own henchmen.
Yup, Those Pesky. Shadowy Blogs that Mitchell dislikes "Until" He thinks they will help him. Gotta Love It!!! I think there might be one Lake County voter on that thread So who is Mitchell trying to impress??? Mitchell if you want Local votes start a local blog and get some back and forth dialog going. Even Your own supporters can't say anything good about you, Looks like it is up to you to defend yourself.
I used the word can't say anything good instead of won't say anything good because IF they Could they Would. Looks like your on your own.
Did you notice that Gun Slut wrote back to Mitchell: Anything we can do for you, please let us know; most of us here "Know a Guy" Do you". What DOES that MEAN? Sounds rather scary to me?? Know a guy????? bad news; and then another answers Mitchell; Welcome; "it sounds like you place great trust and faith in an armed citizenry to promote safety of all residents in your jurisdiction" I didn't know we have a "vigilante" county. these people don't sound too credible
Mitchell is such a loser; his intro sounds like he is "needy" for support and friendship...poor guy dug himself a hole didn't he.
Oh those shadowy blogs, uh expect when I use them.LOL well we are happy to have been able to bring that to your attention, and thank you to the great help and people who are doing this research and investigation. And oh by the way we have another hard hitter in the pipes and that will be out by tomorrow, a bit of excellent timeline and investigative work that shows the collusion between local media and the LE. More to come we are just getting started. We are down to crunch time now, so as you can see we are bringing out the bigger guns now.
1232 we refer to his discussing of the situation, no one said that no human is talking to him, get a grip man, and we suspect you are not voting for Mitchell right, since Perdock aint and a lot more now with his termination. Right, glad to see you have joined our ranks, because if you are friends we know you are not voting for Mitchell right????
Man Mitchell has some real scum bags supporting him, what is this the lowest of Lake County are the Mitchell supporters???
There is a correction of the # of days on Rully's Complaint. It's been changed from Jan 15th to Jan. 7th.
Someone must be working on it otherwise they would not have noticed the date. Rully's complaint is stands corrected now at 127 and counting.
Something is up on this IA don't know what it is, but something has changed, I don't trust Mitchell and something is on the wind. I am getting this from the inside and I can tell you there is some scrambling going on, If I get news of what it is I will post it.
Wow the beat goes on with Lovelace, great stuff on the shadowy blogs. Oh Mitchell you are a real piece of work, no doubt about that. Great job Lovelace.
This message just sent to all supervisors and Mitchell directly along with our post of 1240. We are always letting them know we are on the job.

This information just put out to the citizens of our county...Interesting to say the least. Any comments from our elected officials? And we are still waiting for the issuance of a non-assocdiation with your racist friend campaigning for you Rod, or is that ok with you? By the way Anthony he lists you as a friend. Should watch how you choose your friendships eh. There is much more to come.

This is the Lovelace group
We need another update on the timing of all upcoming Rivero events radio and Debates.

Being a dog owner it is hard to imagine when it is ok to shoot a dog with a pellet gun. Every time I think of or hear the name Martin I can't help thinking about that poor suffering dog. I don't know if he has any children, If he does they must be proud.
Fathers day is coming up, What do you get a dog shooter? More pellets?
When did LCN find out? How long did LCN sit on this information? It's beginning to show a pattern.
As all of you know over the past many months we have taken on a variety of issues and gone to a variety of agencies to further the cause. The Grand Jury, although no details can be released at this time, and as you recall we submitted paper work to the California Commmission on Judicial Performance. We have been contacted recently as you may recall, we reported both judge Mann and Judge Martin and requested investigations on two counts, The Judge asking the defendant for plea acceptance or pleas bargin prior to counsel. In other words these judges and the DA have been taking a first time court appearance and asking the defendant to agree to a plea. This is wrong, it is against the defendants rights. An example lets say a person is charged with a minor infraction the judge will say DA do you want to offer a lesser plea, DA will say yes offer the reduced or different plea, a Judge says do you want to take it? Wrong, illegal, and a bad practice to try and move people through the court system. That issue has been accepted.

Next is the issue of handicap people not being offered work duty if they get a sentence of jail time, as they are not offered work duty. This is of course severe discrimination and is being run by the sheriffs department and the Judges are doing it. wrong wrong. This to has been accepted. The course of events that happens in general is the commission reviews requests and then goes to a team of legal advisors, then if the validity is confirmed it is given to a attorney team to investigate.

The guidelines at the Commission are the same as a Grand Jury, therefore we can revel no further details but will update when possible. As a side note Judge Mann is a retired judge therefore his case has to go through a different agency.

The process is a slow one for sure, but it is moving.
Excellent questions on LCN and as a matter of fact the RB as well in other situations, however we hope to shed some light on this with a bit of a case study soon.
Hey those corruption supporters look up the thread how much capital letter use do you see? We tell you over and over, no whining at Lovelace, no caps. You had two posts removed because you can't seem to follow the simplest of directions.

*lovelace reserves all rights to allow caps at their discretion..
This is Rivero's current upcoming schedule.

Friday May 14th 6pm
Meet the Candidate
Glebe Hall, Kelseyville

Wednesday May 19th 12pm
Sheriff Candidates' Debate
Middletown Luncheon Club
viewed any good You Tube Videos lately?
From the Wretched Bee -

He is backing Baxter for sheriff
by Jeffrey Markham

I have spent my entire career in the field of law enforcement. I have served in a variety of capacities in local law enforcement agencies and a state agency. I am retired from the Lake County Sheriff's Department having spent 36 years serving the people of Lake County.

When I retired I was serving as Chief of Staff, operating directly beside the sheriff. Because of my love of the Lake County Sheriff's Department I have become very concerned with the things I have heard from various staff members. I have lost confidence in the current administration's ability to solve problems from within.

I have carefully considered the candidates running for sheriff and I am convinced Jack Baxter has the education, experience, training and calm leadership abilities needed to rebuild this department that I love.

Jack has extensive experience, including 38 years of "on the street" law enforcement. He has training and education in public administration and experience in supervising many officers.

You will be impressed, as I was, when you check out his resume of extensive training, experience and honors on his Website www.baxterforsheriff.com.

Jack is not a politician, but a career lawman with the calm strength, honesty and integrity to rebuild our Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Jeffrey Markham

Someone please post all Info on Markham, what he has been into, any issues who his associations are, who he knows etc etc...We need to run a check on him, and get the MO, any infor please post.
You are well respected, too bad you did not go for a run at Sheriff.
Someone please post all Info on Markham, what he has been into, any issues who his associations are, who he knows etc etc...We need to run a check on him, and get the MO, any infor please post.
# posted by Anonymous : May 14, 2010 11:24 PM

You fools want to pull apart anyone regardless of who they are, knock it off markam gave nearly 4 decades to public service one of the greatest guys I have ever meet, He got things done. Hands off and go find Your leader some Soap to wash his hair with and some toothpaste. That is where you need to be looking into and get all the info on that.
Sorry post 1131 everyone gets checked out, everyone, you don't like it to bad. Your closed eye approach to transparency is not going to fit in the new system. If Markham is stepping up to the plate then we get to throw some fast balls, and we will. A lot of people told us to screw off when we were checking out Garzoli, and Perdock, and the judges who are under investigation, and the shadowy blog sites Mitchell goes on. So maybe he checks out ok, however the citizens will decide that not you.
I wonder what the citizens will decide about the LL group when their names and deeds are public. Should be interesting times.
11:36 I don't get that business about transparency coming from the Rivero crew. If it was really about transparency he'd come clean about what all the IAs are and not just the Rully one. What about the data business? Could that have something to do with Morshed? I noticed he was in the same story about Morshed getting caught. Did Frank get caught to? Inquiring minds want to know.
Oh come on 12:13! The other IA is what Mitchell filed against Rivero for speaking publicly about the Rully IA. One IA because Rully is crazy and one IA for talking about it. Frank held a press conference, everyone knows it and he’s not denying that he held that press conference. There’s no secret there; you do something Mitchell doesn’t like and he files an IA. All the Mitchell supporters like to pretend that Rivero is “Hiding” some other IA but they know well that the second IA is for speaking about the first IA, something we all saw on television.
12:25 you are mistaken. One IA is about data, has nada to do with the foolish disclosure. Ask Frank about that. He's not talking about that one... my bet is it has to do with Morshed.
12:13 get off the sauce; who got caught? No one you mention got caught; It's called an attempt at railroading; only there's no train cuz Mitchell fabricates his own world of right and wrong.
What news source are you gathering this info from? Oh, LCN, no wonder..they copy their stories from discarded toilet paper. And the only way they can get their facts straight or write a decent story is to tape record everything like a stenographer does when using a dictation machine. That takes great talent you know; like playing chess
Mitchell failed to take control of the Department from day one. Mitchell failed to direct the Department, Mitchell played Cronyism, both within and outside the Department. Mitchell made up stories, to protect his GOB. Mitchell played Dumb when something went to shit (No Leadership). The next sheriff must be a person who knows how to save us tax dollars. With all the Law Suits pending against Lake Co. because of Mitchell's failures. RODNEY K. MITCHELL WORST SHERIFF IN CALIFORNIA.
Baxter sounds like part of Mitchell GOB network. No plan, No leadership, A vote for Baxter would be a vote for four more years of Mitchell management. The mismanagement of the Sheriff's Department needs to stop. The Citizens of Lake Co. deserves better. Mitchell and his GOB MUST go bye, bye this includes Baxter, just another GOB. Vote Rivero for Sheriff.
I am confused? Jeffrey Markham was one of those "Good Old Boys" when he worked there and never said a word about the administration but now he has diarreha of the mouth. It's funny that mouths are shut while the paycheck rolls in and now he is collecting his fat PERS check each month he has decided to wrtie on this blog....
Hopkins statement yesterday that the sailboat lights were off is more of his BS about the case. He is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. He lost the case because it was bogus from the onset. It was proven by expert witnesses and others that the lights were ON and Bismarck was found INNOCENT. Hopkins is a little, little person with a big ego that needs to be weeded out of Lake County. We need to vote his sorry a** OUT OF HERE! He doesn't have a snow balls chance in hell of winning or ever working in law enforcement again and he knows it. When he loses and he drags his little a** out of town, the Dinius case is going to follow him if he tries to get a job in law enforcement. It's a famous case thanks to his incompetence and ignorance and it's going to be looming over his head forever!
I agree! Couldn't happen to a more deseving piece of garbage than Hopkins! GOOD RIDDANCE! Slither away like the snake you are little man. Start putting your resume together for your next job. Maybe you, Perdock and Mitchell can all find something to do together. Oh wait...by the time you all get through throwing each under other the bus, you won't even be talking to each other. Everyone is really going to enjoy sitting back watching you guys implode! Karma is a "beeatch" isn't it?
1039 Thanks Jeff Markham for coming forward and acknowledging you see a need for sheriff Mitchell's removal.
Rivero for sheriff.
"# posted by Oliver Wendell Douglas : May 12, 2010 5:35 PM
Hey Cal Trans; You haven't checked for illegal signs yet....remember the gravel? Check the signs along HWY 175; bunch of illegal signs, some have
been hit already...........keep you word guys we're waiting....safety you know.
The ride to recovery is happening in a few weeks; please sweep the gravel so everyone is safe when they visit Lake County. Thanks, concerned citizens""
They are gone as of Friday afternoon... And other spots around the county. But some Frank signs are gone also...
Today is District Attorney Debate day on 88.1 4-6
707-263-3435 or 1-800-763-5739 for questions.

Define Nuisance lawsuit.
Define Federal Civil Rights lawsuits. In the case of 42:1983
Define Use of County Vehicle.
You are Distict Attorney and you have just been inform that one of your deputy district attorney's has been disciplined by the State Bar which has suspended his license to practice law for 9 months. How do you address this and what action will you take?

Any others?
910 you won't find LCN or RB asking any of these questions.
I would hope that as a aggregate we are not the fools for Mitchell or Hopkins again.
_______Wed May 19 12 noon Middletown Lunch Club Sheriffs Debate
Sat May 29 4 -6 KPFZ 88.1 FM Sheriffs Debate

Possible but not confirmed May 21 1 hour with Anderson on 88.1
May 28 2 hour with Rhoades on 88.1
Markam was a good captain. Unlike Perdock, Brown or Mitchell, if he had a problem with you, he confronted you. He was fair and held his ground even against Mitchell. Numerous times I would hear the two argue in Mitchell's office, but being a true leader, he never argued in front of the deputies. Most of us wanted Markham to run for Sheriff but Markham has had enough and I can't blame him. His choice for Sheriff is his own decision. He thinks Baxter is a good man with great experience and training. I do also, but that is where we part ways.

To address the problems in LCSO, the major problem is not just Mitchell but his staff. In this situation a person is needed who knows exactly what Mitchell's staff is about from experience. Rivero is transparent in showing the public his entire life story which includes facing a corrupt politician over a 15 year court battle. When accused of a felony on duty, Rivero openly denied the charges after the accused went public. LCSO staff did nothing to support Rivero and even waited 4 months before starting an investigation. It has been 126 days and still no charges against Rivero. With Perdock's termination, Garzoligate and the Dinius casae, this is why I chose Rivero.

Have a great life Jeff, you will always have a friend here.

To clean up this mess it will take a honest young man with allot of energy. Rivero for sheriff.Mitchell show him the door.
Rivero 4 sheriff is correct, when we ask for information and the MO on Markham it is not to disparge him, it is to insure transparency and that the citizens have the proper background and understanding of who is who and what their history and connections are. We have no issue with Markham indicating he will vote for Baxter, not that we agree with that choice vs Rivero as Rivero 4 sheriff indicated, but that his understanding that it cannot be Mitchell is the critical point. Here we have an individual who appears to have an intelligent head on his shoulders, and understands Mitchell must go. It is a heavy blow against Mitchell, and we all understand that if Markham was still an SO he would never have been able to make that statement. We wonder how many in the Current organization would also make that statement if they were not under the control of Mitchell..
"Thanks Jeff Markham for coming forward and acknowledging you see a need for sheriff Mitchell's removal. Rivero for sheriff."

I agree. Markham is a good man, one of the good ones in the Sheriff's office for almost 4 decades. His son may be the best defense attorney in the County, though youngish. He should have been Sheriff when Rodney was first elected, I think he ran, not sure. He did not post here, but his Record Bee letter was cut and pasted in here. No matter he supports Baxter, he supports dumping Rodney, and his words ring true:

"Because of my love of the Lake County Sheriff's Department I have become very concerned with the things I have heard from various staff members. I have lost confidence in the current administration's ability to solve problems from within."

Rivero for Sheriff!!!
To all citizens, if at anytime you were in court and asked to accept a plea bargin in judge Martins court with the DA indicating the terms of the Pleas without having been offered a PD or other counsel. For example if you were in court for a DUI and you were offered a wet and reckless, prior to asking if you can afford counsel or what a PD, you need to send us an e-mail to sheriffmitchellwatch@blogspot.com...Please include dates disposition and details. Your information will be put on our data base for an ongoing investigation.

If you are disabled and were forced into Jail without being given the option of work duty please do the same as the above described.
Today, Gura show on KPFZ, FM radio 88.1, 4 PM to 6 PM, the 3 candidates for DA. Call in questions to 263-3435 live on the air. Get Hoppy hoppin again!
seen any good videos lately? bawahahaha I have
Now lets look at the facts:

1. Mitchell interfered in the Dinius investigation. Hugged and consulted Perdock even before he was officially interviewed.

2. Mitchell caught Perdock accessing RIMS after being told not to do so.

3. Mitchell finds out Perdock called investigators liars and that Perdock lied to them.

4. Mitchell fires Bealnd for testifying to the truth.

5. Mitchell does nothing when he learns Morshed lied on the stand.

6. Mitchell finally puts Perdock on "approved" leave or is it sick or admin?

7. Mitchell is informed of Garzoli's posting of his wife on the wall.

8. Mitchell's staff is told that Garzoli made a sexist comment to an employee and did nothing.

9. Mitchell fails to review the DEA grant before signing it.

10. Garzoli is seen going into Mitchell's staff meetings wearing a flight suit with "PILOT" on it.

11. Garzoli is involved in the helicopter crash.

12. Mitchell tells BOS he knew nothing about Garzoligate. Late when the BOS asks Mitchell again, Mitchell said, "not to that extent."

13. Mitchell finds out about Garzoli's radio statements.

14. Instead of terminating Garzoli, Mitchell allowed Garzoli to self demote and keep all of his seniority.

15. Then we have Morshed's stuff. No evidence ever found that linked him to the crime.

16. Mitchell received a complaint against Rivero based on an arrest 1 1/2 years ago accusing him of a felony while on duty. Instead of acting on it, Mitchell and his GOB's sit on it for 4 months.

17. It is now 126 days and still no charges against Rivero.

18. After 45 days of sick leave and 10 months of Admin Leave, Mitchell finally fired Perdock. Oh and it is just a few weeks before the election.

Thank you Jeff Markham for speaking out against Rod Mitchell. You helped confirm to the people of Lake County that Rod is not the kind of sheriff we want here.
9:10 was langan's license to practice law suspended for his involvement in the wrongful prosecution of dinius and hopkins has done nothing ?
CAL TRANS; it's Saturday and the illegal signs are still up on HWY 175
your not being honest. The new street sign never got put up either as you promised. You know the ones with bigger letters so people can read them?
"Was langan's license to practice law suspended for his involvement in the wrongful prosecution of dinius and hopkins has done nothing?"

Wo, that sounds like BS and is perhaps libelous. If suspended, the Bar would make this public and everyone would know and he would not be practicing law. Langan did not want to try the case, wanted to dismiss it, Hopkins would not let him, he refused to try it, threatened to resign if forced to, knew it was a loser, so Hopkins took it over shortly before the trial. Hopkins thought it was a winner, what a loser he is. Leave Langan alone.
210 you are correct, in your overview, and incorrect in your Libelous claim. Just so you know Libel is very very very difficult to prove, and that last post is not even close, however your overview of what happened with Langan is spot on.
Almost time (4 PM) for DA debate for 2 hours on FM 88.1 - call in to 263-3435 during show and ask Hoppy or all of them some good questions.
101 It has been said someone filed a complaint with the State Bar against Jon Hopkins for writing a letter while jury selection was going on and that the two local newspapers put his letter into circulation just before the full panel was completed.
I wanted to address the fact that if Jon Hopkins is disciplined or disbarred for what took place in the Dinius Case and if he is unable to practice law for whatever time period the people are entitled to know this, not only that he could be earning free pay while being disciplined by the State Bar. So, if he loses the election then it wouldn't effect the people of Lake.
The question needs to be one question and addressed to all 3 candidates otherwise it will not pass the ask test. So the question was formed so that all candidates can fairly answer the question.
You are District Attorney and you have just been informed that one of your
deputy district attorney's has been disciplined by the State Bar, which has suspended his/her license to practice law for 9 mos. HOW DO YOU ADDRESS THIS AND WHAT ACTION WILL YOU TAKE AS HIS BOSS?
heres my question hoppy do you watch the show are you smarter than a fifth grader and have you ever beat one ?
Hopkins is trying to run out the clock with his double talk and misinformation Hopkins doesn't care what the public has to say yet he is out in the community listening to the public???? WHAT?????

You really need to get a grip on truths, Mitchell didn't have anything to do with the videos, but they are something to think about.
Not being a member of the KKK I don't watch that stuff.
Post 508 the question is why are those types of people attracted to Mitchell? Now that is something to think about
Jon Hopkins looked real dumb tonite with his comment regarding Lynns family. Hopkins said her family made lots of phone calls and sent letters to the DA office and that no one returned their calls to them and he did not like the tone of their letters. He made it sound as if it was not important. They lost a family member and Hopkins does not have the decency to return a phone call! Jon you represent Lake County and that is a disgrace to our county. Vote Jon Hopkins out
he looks real dumb everytime he talks . still no denial of the state bar investigation .
The state bar question was asked very directly by a caller, Hopkins tried to dance around it, but Herb kept him on point and asked him what is the disposition of it. He then had to answer the question, which was indeed he was under investigation, he then indicated it has been completed. The issue of the state bar question to make him answer, as he never wanted to answer that question. Finally he had to, the question now becomes is it really resolved at this point. That is something that will have to be checked into further.
Just a couple of weeks ago Hopkins said there was one state bar investigation that was dismissed months ago. Now, he cops to two different ones, the second brought by Dinius attorney Haltom. But, he says it was also dismissed. He's lying. Couldn't have just found out about it and have it dismissed so quickly. Makes no sense.
Something don't smell right, and in the first place as a publicly elected official he should have announced to the public the investigation at the very beginning. This is called transparency. I know it is a tough word to grasp and execute, elected officials, but at some point you are going to have to grasp it.
Now that Hopkins is investigating Garzoli Will Garzoli beat Perdocks time on administrative leave?
Hopkins let the statute run out on Perdock so he couldn't be charged. If the statute hasn't run on Garzoli when Hopkins loses. Will the new D.A. have to start a new investigation of Garzoli?
I don't remember those videos being pro-mitchell. just anti-rivero. who knows, maybe the guy is going to vote for baxter? you don't know if he will vote for mitchell.
Couldn't have just found out about it and have it dismissed so quickly. Makes no sense.
# posted by Anonymous : May 15, 2010 6:55 PM

you people need to make up your mind. above, you indicate that investigations take time. yet you want mitchell to complete his investigations in a day or two. don't you see how stupid you sound/look/are?
you once again make it obvious you have no one on the inside.
I am on the inside..;-]
Lake County LE just did a sweep for unregistered sex offenders and busted several. Is LCSO trying to make itself look good? Too late!!!
From old I-Team report KGO 7-

Dan Noyes: "You have, though, some conflicting testimony whether the lights were on or not."

Jon Hopkins (Lake County DA, August 2007): "No."

Noyes: "There are several people who saw the lights on."

Hopkins: "No, there are not."

In all, the I-Team identified nine people -- on the sailboat or on shore -- who say the sailboat's running lights, cabin lights, or both, were on.

Still, the man steering the sailboat at the time, Bismarck Dinius, faces felony charges of manslaughter and boating under the influence.

"I couldn't believe that he was not charged and that they were going after me," said Dinius.

Noyes: "I wonder if you feel bad about this other guy taking the blame for what happened?"

Perdock: "See you later."

From the beginning, Perdock, the owner of the power boat, has refused to answer our questions and he declined to be interviewed for this report.

Now, the victim's family members are letting their opinions be known.

"Russell Perdock got away with murder," said Thomsen.

Thornton's brothers and sister-in-law have sent letters to the judge in the case, saying, "We are convinced beyond any doubt that Russell Perdock, and only Russell Perdock, is responsible for Lynn's death." "She would not have wanted the wrong person to be prosecuted." "It's obvious& Perdock's ridiculous speed was the cause of Lynn's death."
mitchell's last hurrah before him perdick garzoli and hoppy ride off into the sunset .
I'm waiting for the law journal to give the information on the Hopkins case before I take Hopkins word on anything. These cases take quite a long time they say.
So, who heard Hoppy on 88.1 radio today? The very first question was a general one to Hoppy about whether he would have done anything different if given the opportunity in his first term. He immediately started talking about the Dinius case without mentioning it by name, and host Herb Gura asked him what case he was talking about and Hoppy seemed stunned - Rhoades broke in and told Hoppy that Herb had not asked about a particular case and then Hoppy went off on garbage and forgot about Dinius but did say he wouldn't do anything different. What a dufus.
Why are you guys wasting time watching the anti-Rivero video site? We all know that guy is a idiot with no facts to back anything he states. Leave him alone and stop giving him the advertising he is looking for. After all, Rivero could care less about him.

11:19pm ~ Ditto.

The guy with the U-tube video seems like a real psychopath to me. AND... the CCW thread is hilarious!! I love the emoticon of the cop eating a donut!!! Are there any donut shops left in Lake County? LOL
1:02 so you're saying Morshed didn't get busted? Appears that he got busted, fired and set off a larger investigation. If he was 'railroaded' then how come he didn't hire an attorney and keep his job. The guy evidently stole the Rims report and gave it to this site where it was posted. Oh yeah the FBI is looking into the larger implications... I guess that's a little wrinkle isn't it. Somebody got some spainin' to do.
Unless the Feds are just more GOBs that is.
Because people are questioning what it is about people like the video guy, who are attracted to Mitchell. These are the types of people who Mitchell attracks?
On the other hand, it may be that there is a demographic that rejects Rivero outright for whatever reason.
Mitchell world is falling apart. sixteen years of broken promises. Poor little Rodney has told so many lies, about people. Sixteen years of no leadership under Mitchell. Sixteen years of cover-ups. sixteen years of an evil will.
what the hell? I read about all the Rivero signs at the Casino area and was passing there last night on my way to gamble, I only saw ONE yes 1. When I went inside I asked for someone in charge and asked them where did all the signs go, apparently there is a city ordiance on the amount of political sinage within the city limits, so they were required to reduce the amount to just one.
Anyone involved in putting signs out be sure to rememeber to follow city rules or we will lose more signs.
Thank You
Post 12:57AM If you hand out his information cards, you will find out more than you would care to. We are full of bigots. Thanks to Love lace group. No to Mitchell and Hopkins.
MY signs are on my land and told the county I was expressing my free speech but would remove after the election.
policy is all election signs are to be removed from places by 10 dsys after election day
736 maybe you are talking about a different casino, and what city limits are you referencing That is either a very weak negative posting attempt, or you have not woke up this morning.
Twin Pines and I am not weak or negative and very wide awake,you seem to be a bit froggy jumping on my posting, just letting this blog know all the signs but one are gone.
Mitchell must be hiding from the public. I haven't seen him out talking to the public, going into business, etc,. like Rivero has done. Keep up the great work Rivero, the voters loves it. I hear lots of wonderful Comments about Rivero and lots of negative ones about Mitchell. GO Rivero.
First off, Morshed DID have a lawyer and he was NOT fired for any criminal law. He was fired for refusing to answer questions from Mitchel's GOB's. If LCSO had any criminal charges against Morshed you could bet it would have been made public before the election to benefit Mitchell.

Second, all of the casino's are located in the county, not in any city limit. Public Law 280 does not extend to county laws on Indian land. Whoever told the American Indian's they had too many signs on there property are seriously wrong. They can put up as many as they want.
Below is an article written by Joan Moss, this is a clear and exacting overview of an incident that happend in Clearlake. Joan wanted this article to be posted in the Record Bee, Mandy refused it and would not run it. Mandy indicated her reporters account was more accurate then Joans. None the less the point of this is what was brought up on the debate yesterday, Hopkins refused to acknowledge the facts of this case on the air, and when informed that a settlement had been reached in the shooting with the insurance company, he indicated it was just the insurance company paying off as an easy way to not go to litigation and it was not associated with any of the facts of the occurance, so we post this for you for your own review....

By Joan Moss

Don Anderson, attorney for the Vestal family, discussed the investigation by Lake County District Attorney’s Office into the death of David Vestal, shot in the throat and killed by Clearlake Police Officer Michael Hansen in June of 2008.
According to Anderson the Vestal family did not want details about the investigation shared with the public at the time of the settlement, but Anderson apparently felt free to discuss the case May 13, 2010.
Anderson described the incident as he understands it occurred in June of 2008. Shawn Bremer, Shavonne’s boy friend, first came out of the Vestal home and was tasered, According to Anderson. Then David Vestal came out with his grandson and Michael Hansen shot, hitting Vestal once in the throat and killing him. Vestal’s blood and tissue fell on the head of his grandson according to Anderson.
The District Attorney’s office found there was no criminal liability on the part of Clearlake City Police Officers who responded to the call concerning a disturbance at the Vestal’s home at York’s Mobile Home Park in the City of Clearlake.
Officers said David Vestal held a shotgun when he came out of his residence.
However, Don Anderson said the District Attorney Investigator failed to interview four witnesses of the incident (who said David had no weapons.)
A shotgun found lying in a pool of blood after the death did not have blood or tissue from Vestal’s throat on it. Anderson asserted that if Vestal had been holding the gun up on his shoulder to shoot it, the blood and tissue that splashed out of his throat would be on top of and covering the gun, but there was no such blood on the gun found lying on top of the pool of Vestal’s blood.
This is part of the forsenic evidence never explored by the DA’s office, according to Anderson.
Anderson said an insurance firm from San Diego contracted with the city of Clearlake agreed to settle this federal civil rights claim #CV00505 and paid $125,000 to David Vestal’s daughter, Shawn Marie Vestal. Shawn’s boyfriend also received a monetary settlement, as did David Vestal’s grandson.
Anderson recalled that Michael Hansen, the officer who shot David Vestal in the throat, was later terminated from his job as Clearlake City Police Officer because of violence. He was later arrested in Colusa on Drunk Driving and Drug charges, according to Anderson.
829 the reference on this site was not in regards to Twin Pines, so the original statement is true and it is at the Konocti Casino, why you would assume it was at the Twin Pines we have no idea, they may never have been any signs but one at the Twin Pines to start with, so if you are going to report information do not assume you know what casino is being referenced.
Any one with information on Anthony Jarvis and a situation with Rob Brown, please post what ever information you may have. We are looking into a situation with Brown and Jarvis that happ[ened a while ago, and it appears it may be time to re-open an investigation into this matter...Thanks
1053 have you been hiding in someone's closet because you are closed off to what is happening in this county-Mitchell is on his way out and happy to see it from where I stand. NO on MITCHELL
We just got a great e-mail report from Middletown it seems as if after the Middletown debates the number of Rivero signs increased by nearly double. That debate had a real negative impact on the voters, we suspect due to not only the whiners walking out with the silcone 7 wives, but as well Mitchells presentation was so contrived it is hard to believe him. Great job by Frank and looks like it really helped the election cause.
I just heard, Rivero scored big last night. Someone went to the Relay for Life walk and hammered Mitchell. Rivero was the only campaign passing out literature. Good Job!! The corruption supporters were on the run. they disappeared into the woodwork when Rivero's guy went right up to them and confronted them for being corruption supporters. They couldn't get away fast enough!Everybody was asking for the literature, Mitchell is on the run now.
I've just created the new blog Cal Fire Watch, check it out.

Yes we just got the same information via an e-mail and it was a crushing blow by Rivero, it really is clear the Mitchell boys and the silcone 7 are on the run...Excellent.

This is the Lovelace group we are going to post the final draft of an investigative report we have just finished, we are going to go to moderation mode for the posting of this report as it is going to take several posts and we want to have it in a unbroken thread, once we finish posting the report we will go directly back to normal operations: This is a long timeline post with a number of posted e-mails please take your time and read the entire thread for the complete picture.

By the way we have noticed that HOMER has his Mitchell sign back up in his yard. Hmmmmm it's up it's down, it's up. What do we have here a agreement with Mitchell that he can have his job back if he campaigns for him? Why you would want Homer as a supporter is strange enough but Mitchell is getting desperate!!

We go to moderation mode for the posting of the investigation
Post number 1

To the citizens of Lake County: This is a report concerning possible collusion between our local media and our sheriffs department. This investigation has been on-going for a month now, as we have contacted and been in communications with several good citizens and the following is the result of this investigation. This is not the final disposition as you will see we raise several questions as well as answering several questions, but the information contained is cause for great alarm. We document this report through actual e-mails that were acquired through the work of the good citizens of this county and other unnamed sources which are being kept confidential for their protection. We start with the following e-mail sent by a citizen to LCN concerning the discovery of the Garzoli Career Audio from kgo we have posted on our website. As you can see the citizens has sent the original audio information to LCN and raises a few questions.

On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 10:48 PM, @#^%$#&^wrote:
This is an enquiry e-mail via http://lakeconews.com from:
From: @#&^%$#@$

Marty Remco sp has a career  makeover help program on KGO am radio sun  evenings 8-10:00  tonight just before 10:00 about 10min before. A    police officer called "Dave?" called in for career change advise. You got to hear it to believe it.Go to http://members.kgoradio.com/kgo_archives/archives.php  download Live podcast from 9:00 to 10:00. Fast froward to the last 10 to 15 min. If you can figure out who in the dept it is, they might be ready to talk about it, Sounds like maybe Mitchell threw him under the bus. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and what you think.  #$#
Here then is the response to the citizen from LCN. She indicates she recognizes Garzoli's voice, and says she is going to talk to Garzoli.

From: Elizabeth Larson
To: @#$#%^%$#&
Sent: Sunday, September 6, 2009 11:06:16 PM
Subject: Re: Editor: helicopter misuse?

Hi, @#%^%$%$##

Thanks, that sounds like Sgt. Dave Garzoli of the Lake County Sheriff's Office. I listened to the audio and recognized his voice.

We've been reporting on this issue about two months. He was getting flight lessons under a federal grant but the Board of Supervisors hadn't approved it and, as a result, he and the sheriff have come under fire.

I will try to talk to him.

Elizabeth Larson
Post number 2

So now we move from September 6th all the way to September 23, the citizen has not heard from LCN since the 6th, and the citizen is saying hey listen I gave you good information, and you haven't gotten back to me, you said you were going to talk to Garzoli, did you and what have you found out. In otherwords the citizens is starting to feel like he is being stonewalled by Liz.

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 3:52 PM, #%^&(&^%$wrote:
Hi there, Hope all is good with you. It's been some time now and I was wondering if you figured out for sure if that was Dave Garzoli On that radio program? Were you able to speak with him? I was wondering if you know if anyone else heard the program that nite? My inquiring mind would like to know, Thanks 

We then move to Liz's response to that citizen inquiry: As you can see the plot thickens now, Liz confirms it is Garzoli, and then in a stunning admonition she says “Others” who have heard it agree it is him. This poses many questions that must be answered Liz. Who were the others you played the audio to? Who got the heads up Liz? Was it Mitchell and Garzoli themselves was it a supervisor? It had to be people who know and have heard Dave talk many times correct? So in the quest for Transparency it would be good to know this don't you think. She indicates again she is going to talk with Garzoli.

From: Elizabeth Larson
To: #&^%$#@
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:59:32 PM
Subject: Re: Editor: helicopter misuse?


It most definitely was him, as I recognized his voice and others who heard it agreed.

Haven't talked to him yet but with the issue about to go back to the board soon now may be a good time.

Post number 3

Now we move to October 13th and another inquiry by the citizen, and a few different questions as well.

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 1:10 PM, #@$%$#^ wrote:
Good afternoon,I hope all is well with you and yours. It has been a little better for me since I put all the needles on one side of my chair.Just kidding, I was curious if you were able to speak to Dave? There is so much speculation about the investigation of Mitchells "record keeping?" I was wondering if "they" have put a gag order on him?, I have heard? If they are confident enough Rod will win the election that Dave will take the fall in exchange for future job perks? Do you know Dave's age? Some say he is not even close to retirement. Someone asked Rod and he stated that Dave was mature, not sure what that means.Also is Rod sick? and is that the reason for the delay for getting the answers? One more also,Any info on Perdock?

Here then is Liz's response to the citizen, again still no she hasn't talked to Garzoli, starts to get a little hard to believe doesn't it? Again who were those people who heard and confirmed the Audio was Garzoli.

From: Elizabeth Larson
To: @##$$%%%
Sent: Sat, October 17, 2009 11:10:28 PM
Subject: Re: Garzoli update?

Hey, #$#@$#$%

I haven't spoken to Dave yet, but about a week ago there was another discussion by the Board of Supervisors, who handed the investigation over to the County Administrative Office.

Garzoli is, I believe, in his early to mid 40s. Not that old at all.

The sheriff is having some minor surgery next week and also has had some deaths in his family, but nonetheless I expect to see a draft of the answers soon.

I have no more info on Perdock at this point. Not sure what's going on there. I expect to hear if anything happens.
The citizen then sends a message indicating in part of the message he is concerned to much time is going by and he is concerned the opportunity for change is going to be missed.

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 5:36 PM, #$(*&^%^wrote:

I'm just afraid if too much time goes by people will loose interest and we will miss a opportunity for change.

Thanks #$@$%%^*

At this point LCN ceases all communication with the citizen, the citizen readdresses the issue finally in December and gets still no confirmation that they acted on this audio it is just eliminated from any further conversations and never did LCN do anything with it or report on it. Amazing. All this time LCN has the information confirms that it is Garzoli, and does nothing, just sits on it. The citizen indicates that they believe the reason the letter from Garzoli to Mitchell just before the BOS meeting on Garzoligate came out was because LCN shared the information with Mitchell and Garzoli and since the “cat' was out of the bag, they needed to do damage control. Now who were the people who confirmed it was Garzoli LCN? Why did you never respond to the citizen that you had talked to Garzoli, and what are you doing with the citizens information that comes to you? 

Here is the December e-mail to Liz, let me tell you this is a consistent citizen: Now in this e-mail the Garzoli issue is totally removed from her response even though the citizen brings it up again!! Other subjects are discussed, the citizen knew at this point in time that the Lovelace group was in communication with LCN and that LCN and Lovelace were sharing information, so the citizen throws a question out there concerning what LCN may say about the sheriffmitchellwatch site

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 3:25 PM,#$%%$#@wrote:
Hi there, Thought I would see if there has been any updates on Garzoli and Perdock. I heard Mitchell demoted Dave and he is now on patrol? Were you able to talk with him? Is he still connected with the DEA and the Helicopter Unit? As for Perdock, Do you know what type of leave he is on? be it medical or administrative? I seems like I remember Perdock was involved  in some sort of investigation In Sonoma or by them?  Also does the sheriffmitchellwatch Blog have credibility? Do they ever share information with you? As you can probably tell I don't get out much. I got to work on that. Hope all is well with you and yours, Thanks,
Final post:


From: Elizabeth Larson
To: %$%^&*$#@
Sent: Tue, December 15, 2009 10:20:49 AM
Subject: Re: Garzoli update?

Hi, #@#$%$$$#

I don't have a lot of new info on Garzoli. I've seen him working as a bailiff and doing other duties, and when he testified in a court case I witnessed he went by "sergeant." So I think it's safe to conclude he has been demoted.

The county is still investigating the helicopter issues; the attempts to get the helicopter are dead now, but they're just reckoning up what costs there might be for flight lessons. I've looked through those documents myself.

No word on Perdock. He's been on admin leave since about July, and since it's a personnel matter I don't know what is going on, other than he's still a county employee. Sonoma County SO was asked to step in and conduct the investigation.

I think the blog site is trying to ferret out info about corruption, and they seem to be getting a lot of interesting info, but it's hard to know just how good some of that info is. I check on it from time to time.


This closes the dialog between the citizen and LCN. So LCN who did you share the Audio with, names and when would be appreciated, and what is the connection to the letter Garzoli wrote to Mitchell just before the BOS meeting? These are questions you must give to the citizens of this county. Your suppose to be an non-biased reporting entity. Why did you never give the citizen the answer they were asking for? Do you feel it is ok to take information from the citizens and then do nothing with it or what you do with it is untoward? There many issues in this investigation and we raise perhaps more questions then we answer but we feel it is important to report to the citizens in this manner. As a last question LCN how would you expect the citizens to report information to you when this is how you treat them? Where is the transparency where is the credibility, The citizens await your answers.
We now return you to your regular scheduled programming. With a follow up question, Mr. Mitchell how connected to the media are you, and to the media are you really doing the reporting of the citizens, or have you been pulling the wool over everyones eyes to keep your position and your income, and essentially been faking the citizens into thinking you were a hard-hitting paper for the people. It appears that mystic is now removed and your true colors are being exposed. Mitchell must go and this must stop.
To the Cal fire blog notification post sorry our post pushed you so far up the page, we have loked at your new blog and we wish you luck it is a good looking blog, and we will participate with you in your efforts. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. and as well let this recent investigative posting run for a bit then feel free to re-post your Blog information again sorry we pushed it up the page. You have our support in your efforts.
Mitchell is on the run alright. I just got back from Clearlake and theirs a lot of people talking about the Sheriffs race. Not one person said anything good about Mitchell or Perdock. boy are they disliked in Clearlake. Most felt that Mitchell tried to protect his buddy Perdock and that it will cost Mitchell the election, I hope so. Two people said they supported Baxter with his 38 years of Law Enforcement experience. 21 persons supported Rivero. They felt he was very passionate about being Sheriff and doing the right things for the right reasons. One Man talked about Mitchell and Perdock being young Deputies and how they made him feel, when his daughter was killed in auto accident. No compassion for human life from Mitchell or Perdock.
So Lovelace it appears that LCN has fooled the citizens into thinking they are a outlet for truth and the citizens but in fact they are only in it for themselves and their relationship with the corrupt government and LE. Nice job, good investigation!!! And my thanks to whoever the good citizen is that helped you guys out.
Just a little bit of free campaign advice to Jon and Rod.

When you attack blogs and internet free speech, it makes you look like a Nazi. Maybe that's the image you want, given your support base (see Ku Klux Klint's youtube video). By the way, I'd shy away from those kinds of people during the kampaign if i were you. They come dangerously close to blowing your kover. Just my two cents.

"A civilized man may pretend to be a barbarian, but a barbarian cannot pretend to be a civilized man." -Spock
Ah ya got to love that post of 204 and to quote Spoke is classic! Love you guys!! Keep up the good work.
Subtle post with underlying intentions shall be removed by the court of transparency and clarity. You know who you are.
129 days and still not charges against Rivero. Rivero is not on Admin Leave, still has his gun, badge and ID. Now that don't make sense! LCSO is investigating him on a complaint of a violent crime under the color of authority. This goes to show you LCSO never had and never will have anything on Rivero because he did NOTHING WRONG. Waiting four months to start an IA and than holding it over Rivero's head until election is just a political Mitchell ploy.

I just cannot wait until after the election. We will see the largest law suit in Lake County history filed against Mitchell. Since it is an election ploy, I bet the county will try and have the courts go after Mitchell directly.
You call getting caught!!
To L.C.N. blogger Utmost Respect
Thanks, you are right, Rodney is very opened 30 days every 4 years before election time.
L.C.N. letter from Ms. Linda Diehl-Darms
Your love for Rodney shows you must be doing a good job at the Gimini Club. What's your title or should I ask what position you like?
Anybody knows the where about of former Sgt. Doug Harvey, what agency is he working. Bad Boy Bad Boy what you gonna do when she comes for you?
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