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Get your copy today of the Clearlake Observer, some very interesting articles in there for you.
Read the Clearlake Observer today
8:25 MGM yes you are the most educated person in the county and you are doing a wonderful job with Mitchell's campaign , with your help Mitchell came in second , which he will also in November .
9:02 yes she married pat ,you know she is a rocket scientist . Does pat always sleep with a tampon in his mouth
LCSO has had two dui checkpoints at a cost of probably $ 200,000 . Each checkpoint netted one dui arrest . How does Mitchell defend wastefullspending like that . Lord knows how infrequently boat patrol actually goes out on the lake .
The one arrest at the BUI check-point was one Paul Waters, there was a former sheriff officer whose name was Paul Waters, I wonder if it is the same individual, anyone with information on this put it on the thread. It would not be surprising would it.
I made sure everybody knew about the dui checkpoint . Why do they do a dui checkpoint in the afternoon and not at 2 am . I bet they would have caught a lot of deputies leaving the concertin Lakeport .

Message to the citizens of Lake County:

As we approach the month of August the 2 month count down to the beginning of November and the election will be upon us and our county. In the primary election you the voters placed Frank Rivero in first place. In the primary election you the voters sent the word out it is time for change and it is time to remove Rodney Mitchell from his 15 year reign which has nearly destroyed your county. The collective voice spoke to the Dinius family and spoke to the family of Lynn Thorton, you spoke to the vast numbers of internal issues and to the leadership(or lack of) portrayed by Mr. Mitchell. This is not a campaign of right wing and left wing, this is an election for change and trying to heal your county. No matter how you choose to gather your facts for who you will vote for, if you haven't made a decision yet, you only have to review Mitchell's record. Garzoligate, Dinius, the many internal personal problems, his numerous infidelities, and it goes on and on. Please vote with your heart and what you know to be the truth and what is right. Please look through the clouds of miss-information look to the realities of your family, what you see as right and wrong and the truth of the past 15 years of this regime. We ask you to vote for Frank Rivero and cast a vote for change and transparency and return the control of our county to the citizens...
What is the connection post 1005?
Rodney's little brother ? http://www.kcra.com/news/23178079/detail.html
Wasn't Garzoli in charge of child porn ?
Paul Waters is the individual listed as the lone BUI arrest. We have several questions, there was a Paul Waters who was an SO and is now no longer. Is this him? Why does the booking sheet show .00 as the blood alcohol, Hmmmmmmmmmm anybody??
9:34 - it was a BUI check point targeting boaters who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As with driving a motor vehicle under the influence the legal limit is .08. Mitchell made a bnig deal of this in the news saying LCSO would be working with Fish & Game, USCG Aux. and his old pals at the Sac Co. SO plus anyone else he could think of trying to make it look like he is the pro active sheriff always on the job. Actually he was a few years to late for Lynn Thornton.

One arrest on a lake this size doesn't seem like much. They should have been out last weekend when the boaters were driving into docks or getting stuck in the weeds. Why he needed Sac Co. is a mystery unless it was to investigate his own people.

Another case of to little to late and Rod trying to make himself look good to the voters.
Even perdick knew boat patrol is never out after dark , unless there is a fatality . It is the wild west out there .
Funny how LCN and Record Bee are treating the checkpoint as news instead of showing Mitchell wasting 100,000 s of taxpayer money . Rodney needs to go .
We have a couple of new articles up on the Manifest if you have not checked them out please do so, the effect of the housing bust in Lake County and the mistakes that were made is an interesting article and a review by one of our new contributors is up as well. Which is a review of the Renker farms. Please sign up as a member while you are there it is quick and easy to do if you have not done so yet. We also are gearing up for the upcoming election coverage, and anyone who has the means to contribute to the Manifest, you can do so via the PO box we have listed or you can use the pay-pal system as well. We are very grateful for everyone's support thus far, and you citizens have really done a great job launching the paper with us. Thanks to everyone.
Well post 1134 you might have some good things to say, however you have broken about every rule of the site...No caps, we can't hear you yelling, no profanity(unless approved by Lovelace)..No whining at Lovelace which you did about 6 times in your post. Next your facts were way off on the monies spent. And there was nothing remotely close to a write in aspect in the primary...Sooooooooo post by the rules, go recheck your facts, and most of all live with the fact that the results were Rivero in first, Mitchell in second, and Baxter in third, to have percentages that are close is not unusual in a small town election, and actually the margins were wider then most small elections. So as already posted, no the write in idea never works, this primary if you want to try and call it one proved that, and your campaign money figures in total for the entire primary are off the mark as well. You have to look at the entire election contribution required postings to get the actual total numbers spent....
One of the key elements to any election is having a ground level understanding of the citizens and of the conditions they feel exists in the county. This is one of the biggest advantages on the Blog and the same holds true for the Rivero Campaign vs Mitchell. Mitchell does not know the citizens, he only knows his little GOB group gathered around him. The citizens spoke loud and clear in the primary and that is due to the fact that we are the citizens and we understand the needs and wants of the public. This is a critical aspect of winning any elections, a good solid relationship with the public and the ability to shake hands and deal directly with them, this then is the biggest disadvantage of the Mitchell camp.
The people of Lake County want a change in the Sheriff's Office. We are tired of Mitchell's incompetance, arrogance, vindictivness and mismanagement. We are tired of his witch hunts aimed at anyone who opposes him. We sent a clear message in June that we are tired of his failed management and his out of control department. We are tired of him thumbing his nose at those who pay his salary. He had his chance and failed so its time for someone new.

A write in campaign is not realistic and may result in Mitchell slithering back in again. In November we will elect either Rivero or Mitchell and I hope we'll choose the right man. I say give Rivero a chance to keep his promises for change then if he fails give him the boot in 4 years. Mitchell brags of promises kept which just demonstrates his arrogance and hypocricy. The slogan just doesn't fit this man since he can't keep his promises to his family let alone the public.

I don't see Rivero as the angry man the Mitchell spin would like to portray. I see him as a man who has had enough of the Boss Rod type of government and is standing up trying to make things better. I say give him a chance, he has some good ideas where Mitchell has none.
The corruption supporters claim they were caught napping for the primary , more like you were caught with your pants down and Rodney trying to give us 4 more years . Those of us that have ethics and morals see Rodney for the criminel he is . His involvment in the murder of Lynn Thorton by his butt buddy perdick means that decent people can not vote for him and you can not reinvent or change history .
Will someone tell Rodney to stop calling and asking for money . I hate beggers and if I knew how desperate he is becoming I never would have gave him a penny . Any money I would have given him will now be donated to Dinius defense fund . Stop calling and begging .
I wish the moderator of this blog would quit deleting opinions. If its a slander against someone, or like the one gals ex husband and that kind of dirty laundry, of course delete it. But I would like to be able to read other peoples views on all political views. Its hard to keep up when you attempt to read comments to a post that no longer exhists. Than You.
All they have to do post 1208 is live by the basic guidelines, no caps, no profanity, no whining at Lovelace, etc. You must understand it is not opinions that are being deleted it is for not following the rules. If those that moderate this site do not insist as much as possible the following of these rules, then the site turns into a mess. Just go to a topic's site not moderated and you will see the results. So although we understand what you are saying, your complaint needs to be said to those posting, tell them you want them to follow the rules so you can read the posts and they do not get deleted.
OWD if they could live by the guidelines we would not need to be here . Look how they lead their lifes . perdick , garzoli , mitchell , wright , smith and those are just the ones that got caught . Almost forgot ol' tampon mouth pat .
12:12 not without a pill .
Hey 12:09
I can tell ya I know for a fact that Renee didnt post whatever you think she posted. She is off having fun with her daughter. Kip a LC Creepy Crawler? Too Funny. Sounds like you are just Jealous. Unlike yourself, they both have a life! And from what I hear from both of them, this Blog is a lost cause, and they have better things to spend their time doing, like the Patriot Guard. And what have you done lately to show your support for the Men & Women fighting for our Country & Freedom?, and the freedom of speech so idiots like yourself can say stupid stuff?.
Mitchell thought he had the primary election in the bag so he spent his time just being himself, doing the Mitchell spin, distorting facts and figures, misquoting his opponents and trying to discredit Rivero with false complaints. When that wasn't working he and his henchmen stayed up nights tearing down his oponents signs. He fell flat on his face and almost got voted out in June.

Now he's trying to reinvent himself as the new and improved god fearing Mitchell the good family man while trying to sweet talk, brow beat and scare the voters. His campaign of mis-information, negative spin and downright untruths is going 24/7. His gang is working overtime probably on our dime trying to ensure that he stays in office so they can continue doing what they've done all along.

Rod is out shaking hands with the poor, kissing babies backsides and showing that he really cares. Is he fooling anyone? I don't think so. I believe the voters of Lake County are smart enough to see right through his smoke screen and do not buy his line any longer.

Rivero may have his faults but he is trying and he wants to do what is right. He has had the guts to stand up to Mitchell and his mob and it scares the hell out of them. He promised change, re-organization and an open friendly department. Mitchell promises the same old thing, pass the buck, live in the dart and close your door to the people. Mitchell doesn't want to do anything but strut around and pat himself on the back.

We do not need the same old thiing. We need a sheriff who is working for us and who cares about the needs of the people first and his own second. Rivero is the old choice for Sheriff and the people will be sending a strong message to politicians that we have had enough.
12:25 actaully mitchell really likes chasing other mens wifes . Sounds Like he has been doing quite a bit of " campaigning " . You can not reinvent or change history . Mitchell will always be Mitchell .
Post 1208 as you can see we told the individual to simply change his post, take out the caps the profanity and the whining. And the person refuses to do so. Just keeps cutting and pasting the same thing. The rules are simple and he or she could have their post up almost intact. Stubborn I guess so. But again we have to maintain a certain level of decency and control or the entire site will be destroyed.
JESHURN, Baxter may have been the most qualified candidate and the best person for the job but the voters did not agree eventhough he got 28% of the vote which is significant. The choice is Mitchell or Rivero. No ideas vs new ideas. Business as usual and a failed management style vs the promise of change and a new management style. Mitchell has got to go, we deserve better.

Forget this new comer BS. The majority of our citizens have been in Lake County less then ten years and most have come from the bay area. The old timers and their ideas that they are special or wiser then everyone else because they have never left Lake County is wrong.
Post 1212 and 1209 hey guys don't mind the post but please leave off the profanity even though ass is not to bad of a word, could you re-post and leave that off or pick a different word, thanks we appreciate your help. ;-)
Mitchell's record speaks for itself. Incompetance, mismanagement, vindictiveness, arrogance and selfishness. Don't forget a total lack of integrety and morals.
JESHURN'S post will stay up as long as he or she corrects what we described, simple JESHURN but if you do not want to just out of spite then you are doing yourself and the contributors a dis-service.
If its no longer appropriate to use the dreaded "A" word, the one with the two S's then how can we describe Mitchell and still be politically correct? You can bet that word plays a big part in his life all the time.
Does "JESHURN" stand for something besides fool? Admittedly I'm slow when it comes to the Internet terms. I do know what A** means.
OK? Is this better??

You don't know Lake County's People and Voters very well, do you?!
Jack Baxter just ran the closest thing to a "Write In" Campaign ever! He put up 12 small Crappy Signs, took out a few adds in the Outlook & Lake County News and spent $600.00 on his "Campaign"

Mitchell and Francisco Reviero spent over 30k *Each* on TV, Radio and Print Adds in All the local News Papers, with Huge Signs, etc. And Baxter got 28% of the Vote! 7% more and he would have beat Mitchell, 11% more and he would have beaten Francisco Reviero! You don't know .U.S. very well. We are Lake County, We are Proud, We are Independant, and we are Honery as Hell. So don't tell us how to Vote or Who to Vote For.
We might just surprise your butt's, with a Canidate who doesn't have 16 years of Garbage in Office like Mitchell, or an Angry, in-experienced New Comer like Francisco Reviero. God, what a Choice we have for Sheriff! Is this the Best we can do? I think NOT! The Right "Write In" Canidate would Win. All he would need is 34% of the Vote in a 3 way Race - You know, 6% more than Baxter got, with no real Campaign.
There ya go 1252...Thanks, now get your friends to do the same thing and we can actually have a debate, now let's see what the citizens have to say.
12:52 "we are Honery as Hell" maybe so but what does that have to do with politics?
Sounds like it is an admission of them being just what is described a few Mitchell supporters trying to hold up the crumbling Mitchell organisation post 1:00.
JESURN - honery - we got it, so what? Who are you going to write in, Pat McM? You had your chance and flubbed it so stick with Rivero for some much needed new blood.
JESURN - I think the word you were looking for is "ORNERY"
ornery |ˈôrn(ə)rē|adjective informal bad-tempered and combative : some hogs are just mean and ornery.
• stubborn : taking the singer's ornery radicalism in a different direction.
Jesurn I bet you have a big Mitchell 4 Sheriff Tattoo'd where the sun don't shine . Two candidates for Sheriff one wants change and one wants to stay in office to avoid prosecution . Soon he will join hoppy perdock garzoli and the rest of the gobs .
write in Pat 4 village Idiot .
Well, this one little ole lady thinks this: Rivero has fresh ideas which are being adopted by Mitchell, so..... Baxter seems ok, but most of the ideas he had were Rivero's, so..... I have spent some time with Frank Rivero and can tell you that to me he seems angry when appropriate, experienced in both law enforcement and private business, educated as well in both, licensed by the Coast Guard, licensed as a coroner, bilingual, owns property here, treats his family respectfully, and genuinely wants to do right by the public, so.....what was the question? I say give him 4 years. We certainly don't need 4 more years of Perdock, Garzoli, Mitchell not talking to the public unless he wants something, more lawsuits, etc. etc. etc. Vote Rivero.
Nobody knows the future but we do know the past . It is time to send Rotton Rodney packing .
After 16 years why would a candidate run on anything but his accomplishments .OOH perdick ,garzoli , wright , smith , moreshed beland 24 listed incidents . I see Rodney reinventing himself as unemployed .
Any one who thinks Rivero is angry is confusing "anger" with "passion". Rivero is passionate about change. He wants the mistreatment that Mitchell and some of his staff have inflicted on the citizens of Lake County to stop. Latinos culturally tend to have a passionate nature. Rivero feels passionate about the changes that need to be made here in Lake County and that is a very good thing for all of us.
The contest is not between Us and Them, but between Good and Evil,
and if those who would fight Evil adopt the ways of Evil, Evil wins."
Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
— Frederick Douglass, civil rights activist, Aug. 4, 1857
That is a great post 246 a absolutely great quote. Thanks for sharing that with the site, and if that doesn't give people pause to think about this past 15 years with Rodney, nothing will. Thanks!
Did Frederick Douglass, civil rights activist live in Lake Co. on Aug. 4, 1857?
It does not appear he "lived in Lake County" could he have been here for some reason perhaps but a review of this life shows him living up and down the east coast.

Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), American author, abolitionist, and lecturer wrote three autobiographies during his life-time; A Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (1845), My Bondage and My Freedom (1855), and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1881). Douglass was the first slave to stand publicly and declare his fugitive status, became a prolific lecturer, and published many newspapers during his lifetime which he devoted to causes in the name of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" for all, as set forth in the United States Declaration of Independence.

Another quote: "No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck."-
Wise counsel!
HSF send message to sheriffmitchellwatch@gmail.com.....
so many quotes, still think the best is " resistance is futile" the borg
LOL 408..."you will be assimilated resistance is futile" But we stand for transparency and justice in our county...."resistance is futile" we are the Mitchell oh I mean the Borg. But it is in the honesty of our appointed representatives and the truthfulness of their actions by which we will succeed in our community! We are the Borg resistance is futi....oh you know the rest.
Boy would I love to be fly on the wall in Mitchells office , Rodney time to fold your bluff has been called . The best you can do in November is second . Every day frank adds new friends on facebook everyday you stay at 137 . People have lost their fear and feel free to come out and criticize the beast ,thanks lovelace .
The corruption supporters did not last long , I guess this last plan fizzled . Thats what happens when you hire them overpriced consultants . Rodney here is free advice you have the rest of the year to be sheriff . Than Rivero is sworn in . If I were you I would leave town and run , do not look back , no forwarding address but what do i know . I will repeatedly tell you I warned you .
Another contractor with a bid for the new jail ?
This has got to be a record almost two months and still no results for bryan Smith's blood tests . Do I smell a cover up .
July 27, 2010 6:18 PM

Ewww god...

July 27, 2010 12:13 PM

OWD, it's the spin you want to put on it. Opinion is the main reason posts get yanked.

Back to the first issue, physical residency should be required to vote. The transplants are wrecking this county.
July 27, 2010 4:13 PM

Oh!! That guy RedCell wrote that. He's so smart, I really dig that guy.

I think that he was comparing the "BORG" to all the greedy transplants from Marin and other places, their insatiable need to gobble up control of everything in Lake County. Starbucks on every street corner and gay rainbow bumber stickers on squad cars. Rich, snobbish housing projects which offer no jobs or tax revenue.. He may have been calling you guys the BORG. de-stabilize the base of power, get rid of all the old school cops. Smog inspect all the cars for self justification. That's what he told me you guys are selling.

The guys like a smart bomb, he'll freakin go off. OMG, here he comes!! RedCell no!!! I was just..OMG%^&*(GHJIJJK!!


: July 27, 2010 6:55 PM

Step away from the keybord and put both hands in the air!!! Now!!!!

Why do you need that? He's already in trouble, why do you want to smeer it in deeper? go back to Berkely!!!!!

redc has a big rainbow tattoo'd on his mitchell
The Only One in Love with Mitchell, Is Mitchell himself....
Where is it written that you have to reside in the County in order to make a contribution to a canidate?
Why would anyone contribute money to a sheriff candidate when they do not live in the county? What's in it for them? You know its not because Mitchell is such a great guy. Very suspicious.
Maybe just maybe it's because they realize that Rivero is not the answer.
1:45 the little old lady has some good ideas but her information is way off. Mitchell has no ideas and he never did have any. He has no plans to change and thinks he'sdoing just fine. Baxter has a number of plans all listed on his web site. He was quoted as saying "these plans for positive change are good sound leadership and management practices which will work anywhere." After the primary he offered to share everything with both candidates. Mitchell ignored it and only Rivero was interested in hearing what he had to say and to adopt these ideas.

Rivero is willing to learn, to change and to make things work for everyone. Mitchell is stuck in the lake scum and refuses to do anything but make excuses for his failures and pass the buck to his underlings.
9:46 Rivero is the only answer and he will not be bought off by the pseudo big shots who think they run Lake County and they know what we need. These special interests have had Mitchell dancing like a puppet for 16 years and see what its got us. Political corruption, incompetant management and a department that's run amok with their own power. Change is long overdue. We derserve it sheriff who is accountable to the people he works for and we demand a sheriff who is not in the pocket of special interests.
Mitchell and his ilk are exactly what's wrong with professional law enforcement today. Anytime you lower your standards you get just what you pay for, which usually means the tax payer gets screwed. They are like a tick on your backside, once they burrow in they are hard to get out and if you don't get the head out they cause an infection.

Mitchell has caused a major infection in Lake County and he needs to but pried out and stepped on. LCSO needs an antibiotic and Rivero is just that. He's willing to work with people and to try new ideas. He stands for change and restoring integrity and public confidence in the office.

Without some major changes in the way that department is run our only hope is to heat up the tar, briong the feathers and run those crooked politicians out of the county on a rail.
When is Rod going to stop hiding behind the tree and agree to stand up in public and debate Rivero? He's been challenged and he's run away. He's been invited to debate Rivero publically and he continues to ignore his opponent continuing with his rumors and dirty politics. Why? Because he has no new ideas and its the same old thing.
I think it is time that a sheriff is not bought of by the working class and instead bought and paid for by the uncle tom loveass group of upper lake. Does Retardo smoke weed? And do you supply it along with the cash funding. Was that Mr. Tom by his side at the wine gathering. Looked like father and son shaking hands while Tom reminded him who really is the boss.
The only ones profiteering from the pot are Mitchell, Brooks, Ski, Davidson, Frace, the rest of the swat goons, and their friends in the Mexican mafia. Criminals the hole lot of you. Your days are numbered with the passage of prop 19.
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