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Sorry post 1009 that is an old trick been used here a hundred times, it did not work then and will not work now. You attempt to disparage the credibility of the site, and it is through your own fears as a Mitchell supporter that you try that little ruse. Since this has been done so many times and the words and lines are exactly the same, your post has no validity and makes actually no sense...Remember this is not a whine at Lovelace site, and no matter how you try and spin the approach whining at lovelace is not an option on this site, you can post valid truthful information in support of Mitchell, but this to appears to be a near impossibility..But take your time and give it a shot.
Did the jury get to read the interview with John Flynn ? I am sure that it is included in the civil suit . Also why did take over three years for the prosecution to figure that perdick was a big fat liar and why wasn't he charged with perjury ?
thank you Sandy Bayles...letter today in LCN
I know other jurors also support Rivero . The biggest disappointment of the trial was the jury did not get to go out on the water in a sailboat on a pitch black night . Then they would really know how ridiculous the charges were .
perdick has cost the county over $ 1,000,000 for the wrongful prosecution of Bismark Dinius . 4 years captains pay at 88,000 per year = 352,000 . Belands lawsuit = ? ,Moresheds lawsuit = ? , Dinius' Lawsiut = ? .

Four years and still no Charges .
People, the elections of the Sheriff and District Attorney are non-partisan elections. No one has to change their party affiliation. The ballot they receive will be the same whether they are a republican, democrat or an independent.

True post XX, they are called crossover voters, so even if you are registered Rep. you can vote Demo..But if you are registered Demo you will get the Democratic ticket mailer indicated the Democratic party's choices for the election.
4 years and still on the payroll, hello BOS are you there??? what a joke!!LOL
By the way the choice on the Democratic ticket mailer that will be sent out to all registered Demo's is Rivero....That equals a lot of votes in this county, and this is going out to all registered Demo's, and Mitchells name will not be on it. We wonder if the Republicans have the guys to use Mitchells name on their mailing, man would that make them look ignorant...
this from SA today..I wonder if Lake County knows just what the rest of the country and the world has been learning about it.

Last 500 hits from the "Strange Case of Bismarck Dinius" StatCounter (during the height of the trial Europe accounted for several hundred visits, and it was also visited from Korea, India, Japan, South Africa, South America, Mexico and China.)
Thank you XX, for a minute I thought I needed to get down the post office :)
I remember the day, when Rodney Mitchell first became a Deputy Sheriff in Lake Co. A day when Law Enforcement officers told the trust, lead by example, had common sense, treated People with respect. Oh how many years ago was it?

That right fifteen years ago. Now look at our Law Enforcement. What a total disgraces. Sheriff Mitchell has more cover-ups than any other Sheriff in history, He has more pending law suit against him and the County than anyone can't remember. Sheriff Mitchell has more shortcoming than two pot heads trying to get high on Friday Night after visiting Rob Browns place.
Here is the latest post on SA, and boy it paints an accurate picture of the "worldwide" destruction of our county that Rodney and Hopkins as well as the BOS have brought upon our county...Such a shame.

I wonder if Lake County knows just what the rest of the country and the world has been learning about it.

Last 500 hits from the "Strange Case of Bismarck Dinius" StatCounter (during the height of the trial Europe accounted for several hundred visits, and it was also visited from Korea, India, Japan, South Africa, South America, Mexico and China.)
Alright corruption kids remember no whining at Lovelace, post facts and solid information on why your choice for sheriff is so great, let us know why you think he is just one great and solid leader...were waiting.
Please know that we do understand the difficulty of the request, the desire for truth and facts is a difficult one for those who would support Mitchell and Hopkins. However if you do search your heart search your conscience you know the answer will be to remove yourself from supporting either of these two, because to not do so deep inside would be lying to your self. You can carry on the illusion for yourself or you can do the right thing. You do not even have to tell us you are switching to Rivero, we understand the bit of difficulty in doing this. Now if you are dead set on supporting Mitchell or Hopkins you must be able to state why he has been so great for the county, and why he has not cost the county any money, and describe how they are great leaders. If you can only whine at Lovelace then of course you and we both know what the true answer is. Don't we.
Well isn't that interesting, usually on a post like Ms. Bayles going on LCN would cause 30 or 40 comments by now, and there are 6 up there. The hit LCN is taking is huge due to their blackout of the facts of this election and the debates. Along with that it is interesting to note that all post's that are up are anti-Mitchell anti-Hopkins now this is a paper that all individuals are advertising on, assuming that voters will look there and all comments are negative. And you think you might win this election??LOL my my the tide has turned.
Batman get to the point.
To any Mitchell supporter, please tell me ten reasons to vote for Mitchell?
Remember we know corruption supporters can not play by the rules if they could we would not have a problem with them . I am not a criminal do not smoke pot or use any other drug and I want change ,
I would also like mitchell to face charges for his crimes .
Ya now watch the couple of corruption supporters will read post 1212 and run over to the comments on LCN and post for Mitchell...ha ha, boy that is scrambling, go on now, let's see those corruption post go up now that this has been posted. But you all know the real numbers and that little game playing is not going to work.

Oh by the way you don't think this site has been very very effective in the past 9 months, geeee I wonder why the entire courthouse has been shut down from receiving this web page on their internet system.. That is to funny, can you say fascism BOS??? wow scary almost. I wonder what the court employees think about being censored like that from the local government itself.

Last we are very happy that now we have been granted an acronym we are now officially "The Blog"...Therefore we require all people using the name Blog to use it with a capital B out of respect for our lofty position in truth and reporting the facts and seeking justice for the citizens of this county. Thank you.
thank you post 1213
1212 alright I rambled a bit there thanks for the straight to the point question.
Funnier yet have you noticed that the corruption supporters cannot even construct their own postings they take a post of ours and switch Mitchells and Rivero's names around and then re-post it, man that is real weak, and so transparent to your lack of intellect.
Did the Mitchell supporter go to sleep or what. Maybe there asking Rodney what to say. They can't post 10 good reasons to vote for Mitchell.
Every once in a while they will try to post the 10 as we have done this before, buy essentially they take the attributes of Rivero and switch Mitchells name for his, it is quite funny to watch.
hey post 1236 it is 3 Mitchell supporters that post on this site not one!!!!
The office of SHERIFF is a non-partisan office. Therefore all names running will be on all ballots.
GeeZ, basic
sorry 12:39 Mitchell Supporters count is a much higher number we have a system whereby we work in shifts,too many of Us on here causes your system to slow down or go into Mod Mode.

Re: no access to this site via County computers, You should be happy as that means all who have internet access are using it only for work when they go online.

We know when we hit a point because you take it off and we email each other and d laughing so hard.

If it was not for Our postings You would not have anything interesting to say.

I was at the debate and the description I read of it here, was anything but transparent, there was no big disruption the Young Lady along with the Deputies that Rivero pointed out as being corrupt left after being insulted and it was in the last couple of words from Rivero, you know him the angry man
12:50 is this the best the crruption supporters have when they play by the rules .
12:57 the debate is on line so we know you are full of s;'t . So now your multiple personalities email each other . What are your plans after Rivero gets sworn in .
103 not to worry that will never happen not in your lifetime.
12:50 - Aww geez why'd you have to go and spoil the fun with rudimentary voting knowledge? I was rather enjoying the rubes.
More interesting still is that in many countries the position of local top law enforcement officer is cleanly handled as an appointed position.
Were it only so here... the crazy's could then devote all their time to actual contests.
1250 NON-PARTISAN (OFFICE OF SHERIFF, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, SUPERVISOR) Thanks now I don't have to run down to the election office. I was taking no chances in this election I want my vote to count for Rivero and Anderson.
Excuse me 115 good men and women don't lie, cover for one another investigations or do one sided investigations, become experts in something there not, nor do they refuse to take statements or forget to file a document/reports, or tamper with documents. Again the good men and women don't do these things they report them, testify and charge them and sees that it's prosecuted!
Ah yes I just laughed right off my chair, "We work in shifts" so you don't see to many posts!!! That's it thats your support of Mitchell...My goodness that is strong. he he

Let's see what else, oh ya if not for the corruption posts we would have nothing interesting to post...LOl if not for you the entire blog would not be necessary..LOl

This is great what else by the sharp corruption supporter..Oh That's right you "all" call each other and laugh"..Question all two of you since you are on shifts, or do you call someone who is on shift??

Hate to beat you up so badly but man you leave yourself wide open for the sucker punches, ok nice try now about those great and amazing reason why Mitchell is such an amazing leader???
No posting is done on Tax payer dime get a nre record you have worn that one out
Aww whats wrong Sarah. You love the fact that your hubby is part of the GOB yet you can't stand the fact he is part of the corrupt. Gezz girl get smart, your not a blonde underneath all that dark hair are you? Boy if they spoke of my husband in that manner I would be kicken some ass! Not you honey, you giddy up and run. Love the perks but can't stand the heat honey lol. Better start cuttin back cuz times are gonna get real hard for ya'll. Hubby won't have much of a career in LE once we get done with him!
McMahon - hey bud don't get to confortable there in Napa, and I wouldn't set my gears on Mitchell and coming back to Lake County LE either. It certainly pays to know people all over the place especially over the mountain lol. Your not in the clear, your being watched and your are being checked out. Start carrying that sweat band around with you dude, your gonna need it!
Ya see folks, go back 12 hours to May 9 @ 10:59 and 11:35 PM. This is exactly the mentality that perservers in Lake Co and why people like Mitchell and Hopkins can survive. Local lunkheads like these are just too stupid to exisit anywhere else and they make it easy for someone with just a tiny bit of brain matter (Read Mitchell / Hopkins) to convince the local dimwits that "everything will be just fine" "Relax, vote for me" I'll take good care of you. It remends me of the really mature actions of the folks who got up and stormed out of the last debate. If these were SO I hope they use better judgement when they are on the job.

Come on Lake Co. grow up, welcome to "the new world" the world of basic intelligence.
So the gal with the big mouth is Fraces wiffy eh. Bout time you brought her outta the closet Frace. She certainly helped out the night of the debate. Bring her along more often to show off not just you as a low class officer but she adds to the lower class definetly! Quite the Drama Queen!
Post 2:28- They are SO and if they had any intelligence what so ever they would have stood up to Daddy Mitchell along time ago! You see as many do, they have become very relaxed within the network and believe that no one - no way - and no how will they be stopped! They think those with money are those who count. They also believe, just because one wants change that they must be a drug lord, confic or some sort of low life. What they fail to see is that we are a community of diversed citizens who have come together and will fight to put a stop to this type of mentality.
Ten reasons not to reelected Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell

1. Mitchell along with others covered-up a Murder committed by Capt.
Russell Perdock.
2. Mitchell is costing us the taxpayers millions of dollars.
3. Mitchell failed the Supervise his Command Staff Members,
4. Mitchell promotes unqualified members of the Department to management,
based on friendship.
5. Mitchell refuses to fire Perdock and Garoli. Both are on the "Mitchell
welfare program" getting paid for not working.
6. Mitchell supports corruption within the Department.
7. Under Mitchell the General Public does not trust him or Member of the
8. Mitchell abuses his power over others.
9. Mitchell refuses to clean-up the Department.
10. Mitchell failed to give the Department any real direction.
2:17-looked in a CLHS year book and yep she was a blonde.
Ok so the post we took down, that went down the whining road of calling names to the citizens that post here is forbidden by the general rules and bylaws of the governing commitee for the international blog site federation (IBSF). So listen nice try on the slipping in your overview of things, but we ain't quite buying it. Let's see when do I remember seeing you at a Rivero function, where we get to meet all the poeple helping with voter registration, a wonderful women Ms. Acosta helping so much with the Hispanic and American Vote. Good people showing up at the senior breakfast. Since when have I seen you talk and see the passion these people have. Some of them with stories to tell about Mitchell. Mothers and Fathers not being able to explain to their kids why they keep getting pulled over. People wanting change and talking to people, we turned 12 people last week just in general conversations several of them seniors. There is a lot more to this then this site. This site is a focus on removing Mitchell and Hopkins this is not designed to be a full scale campaign site. So feel free to post as you want, now that you know the games not to play.
2:23PM Yes, I like that, come right to the point. I'd like to add something. McMahon, better take your own car to Napa, you may need it, if you don't want to ask for a ride home.
well I guess our little corruption did not remember the rule of Lovelace. Let us repeat it for him, he may be new, Lovelace does not concern the site with spelling, sentax, sentence structure, no one is hammered in this area. The important thing is the message. Posts hitting someone for any of those areas will be removed.
I want to paint a picture for the elitist the entrenched group holding hostage the county right now and the best way to do it, the best way for you to understand who this wide and varied group of citizens is would be by a poem, not by the Lovelace group, or me a citizen, but by an author, who well understood the role of the fool in breaking down a societal system that has run aground and does not know it. The fool sees the folly in the game but seems to not. The fool is the joker and the joker is bigger then even the aces and is always wild. You that are attached to the old ways of Mitchell and Hopkinsand this group that does not want change you are the Dog's in the poem, we are the coyote..and what we are talking about is the method in the madness. This is by Lowell Jaegar


When he asked, the dogs refused him.
You are unclean, they told the coyote,
you are not a dog.
So the dogs undressed for their sweatbath
and entered the sweatlodge without him.

Coyote was thought to envy the glossy fur coats
the dogs had hung outside the lodge.
He thought of stealing them,
but decided not to.

Instead he threw the long coats
in a great pile,
and wiped his muddy feet across them.
Then he set fire to the sweatlodge roof
and said in a loud voice:
Oh what will the dogs do now,
Coyote has taken their fur!

From behind a rock,(the blog) ;-} Coyote sat laughing
as the naked dogs rushed
into the cold out-of-doors,
grabbing for a coat,
afraid there might be too few
to cover everyone.

Years later, as the story goes,
with ever dog zipped in someone else's fur,
dogs smell each other's butts,
looking for their own.

Meanwhile Coyote is still grinning,
off in the hills somewhere,
rolling in red dirt,
thinking how crude
to be a dog,

How much more clean,
how much more fun
To be a Coyote.
Great post Oliver and oh so true, great irony, but don't you think you are going a little above the Mitchell boys heads using this poetry and culture and wisdom stuff! Thanks great post!
Kids that's why we shoot coyotes and throw drug dealers in jail. They just can't get along with the civilized.
So the coyote didn't get what he wanted and decided to burn down the lodge and steal the coats of those inside. Charming. Time to set some coyote traps.
may 9, 4:15 - you can bet when they hear your address come across the radio, they won't be driving fast! LOL
Wow this is worse then we thought, 453 man, read it again, no coats were stolen. Now go read it again, this is your last chance to demonstrate 6th grade reading skills. Go on now, let's see if you can do it.

Oh yeah I recall some language interpretations like that in Orwell's 1984. It was called newspeak. Up is down, we've always been at war with oceania.
It's not going to happen these guys are thick as a brick the citizens are knocking and ain't nobody home!!LOL
Who the F gives a damn about a dog smelling a coyote's butt. You guys are SOOO outclassed it is just beyone comprehension.

too bad too

453 are you there?
453 where are you?
I am afraid they just are not going to get it...It's like the citizens are knocking but noone is home.
Hey all we are going to go a Mode mode for just a little bit. Everyone keep posting we will put them up, we will return you to your regular programming shortly.
they are running around trying to find out how lovelace found out about their but sniffing and hoping you don't find out about the licking that goes with it .
1. He's our Daddy
2. he's the man
3. He lets us get away with Murder
4. We get to play on the Puter
5. He gives us prizes for writing the most tickets
6. We get to take our cars home
7. we get to give joy rides in the copter
8. We have many parties with great food that we get from the jail
9. He won't fire us
10. He is the best canidate
I don't read Lake Co. News much. Has there been anything in there about the three dirty cops that stood up and walked out of the debate?
Please go to the new thread, folks! Just click the big red button.
OK, 115 days now and still Mitchell or his GOB's can't clear or charge Rivero.

This make no sense. I have seen LCSO finish murder cases, rapes and dope cases fast than this. It has not been said enough so here we go again. The top ten reasons to elect Rivero:

1. Rivero did not transport Rully, it was Dejurnes.

2. Rully said she was hit in the face. No a scratch on her booking photo.

3. Rully filed this type of complaint before on Durta and it unfounded.

4. Rully waits about 1 1/2 years to file her so called complaint.

5. Mitchell's GOB's waited an additional two months to start the case.

6. Mitchell has the IA assigned to Basor knowing he would be out of the country.

7. Rully said other females were arrested the same night with blood all of them. Only one other female was arrested by Rivero and "again" not a scratch on the booking photo.

8. Rully said 17 other females were attacked by Rivero, but there is no other complaint.

9. Mitchell's GOB's failed to file charges on Rully the last time.

10. As of today, nobody from LCSO even tried to interview Rivero.

I am by nature not a violent person But 14 years in the Marines and in places you would not care to be.I know what anger is. You can be mad or have anger and not be violent If that was not true there is allot that would be short with breath. Bully's like bureaucrats only get worse when not confronted. Lovelace gives a forum for all to speak out to the abuses in lake County government. I would wonder what they would call how they fell about what we say about them?"Anger" The change is officer Rivero.and hope he stays peeved. What we need is a bunch of board of suopervisors to become peeved at what is going on.
And you, post 10:09, know all about being no class-low class! Takes one to know one. Your spelling makes you look the fool. I know Lovelace does not care about spelling but I couldn't resist. This site even has a button for 'preview' so there is no excuse for you errors, except stoopid.
What happened to all of today's posts?
love lace whats going on i am losing posts i am back to 9:35 am
Rivero's stern and aggressive speaking is just what Lake County needs. We don't need a man who tried to make incompetent IA's against his opponent nor do we need a Sheriff who can not supervise his staff such as Perdock and Garzoli, but the narcissistic display by Mitchell at the last debate was the last straw. Standing up every time to talk so that he can tower over his opponents, refusing to answer questions or having his GOB's walk out on the debate. Mitchell must go.

Rivero, get more aggressive!. We like how you show just how much the general public is upset over Mitchell's actions for the last three years. As Rivero said, "the good thing is Mitchell has been the Sheriff for 16 years. The bad thing is Mitchell has been the Sheriff for 16 years."

I have a question... If the Rully investigation is supposed to be confidential, how do we know whether the other Deputy and the complainant's husband have been interviewed. I would think the other Deputy would have made some kind of statement one way or the other. Is he being threatened by Mitchell? Would Mitchell stoop that low? Well, I guess we know the answer to that question. But the husband is not under Mitchell's thumb, what has he said? Hasn't anybody talked to him? If he would come out and say he has not been interviewed yet, it would blow up in Mitchell's face. If he hasn't had those interviews done yet, then it must be for his political agenda. If he has those interviews done, and he has not released the results then it is still for his own political agenda. Inquiring minds want to know
Lovelace accepts all children from all walks of life and will not close any doors to those in need


sounds like someone to not have small children around
Rivero is on today at 2pm 88.1 it is a rebroadcast from last Thursday.
May 9, 2010 6:15 PM
apparently Bruce Wayne is out of town that's the reason for no postings since the above date and time. Laughable Rubrucey
Get Mitchell and Hopkins out of lake county, Half the current Sheriffs need to be canned too. Just last week my family has been harassed by the LCSO and there is no doubt in my mind that its because we put up Rivero signs in our yard. Few days after it was put up we got served a warrant from 16 months ago... Pls get the corrupt a$$holes out of lake county, Crime is up 20% over the last 2 years!

I had to go in to Lakeport today and decided to take the long route. Through Clearlake and around the west side of the lake. Takes quite a bit longer, but well worth it. What a beautiful drive! Saw a lot of Mitchell signs and a couple Baxter signs, but not one Rivero sign. Way to do western Lake County. You rock!
Those hit from over seas are bots you dumb ass!
hey you were due a warrant and they finally found you dillweed
hey come south and you will see many more signs of Mitchell's of course this is Mitchell County, we don't want an angry driven vengeful person who thinks that LE isn't good enough to suit him, HE is part of the problem stirring up what is not............and making enemies more than friends

can not till mitchell and hoppy get served their warrants . tick tick tick ...
Sat May 15th District Attorney Debate starts 4-6
88.1 FM 263-3435 for Questions.
Anderson, Rhoades & Hopkins
does anyone have the infomation on the next debate with Rivero and Mitchell and Baxter would appreciate anything you know. Thank You
So Officer Rivero is Lake County's problem? stirring the pot and agitating the citizens,I'll tell you there where allot of us peeved long before officer River decided to run for sheriff. Mitchell,Hopkins and their actions with the Dinius case struck the match to this fire, not officer Rivero We are also took back by the actions of Jerry Brown, our board of supervisors as if its exceptable when they say nothing. That it is the norm to protect one of their own from a outsider.So we are the problem with Officer Rivero because we would take exception with their dishonesty. Then the SO calls and ask me to vote for Mitchell What does that say about that bunch placating for Mitchell?
Hey Cal Trans; You haven't checked for illegal signs yet....remember the gravel? Check the signs along HWY 175; bunch of illegal signs, some have
been hit already...........keep you word guys we're you know.
The ride to recovery is happening in a few weeks; please sweep the gravel so everyone is safe when they visit Lake County. Thanks, concerned citizens.
Mitcehll county? Unsullied behavior? Oooohhhh Rodney... what a big rod you have!!! Gone fishing? Puhleeeeeze! That Pillsbury Doughboy isn't attractive to any real woman in the county who has a lick of sense or common decency. What a dud! Then again most duds are bullies and that explains his little Nazi tactics. Apparently the goosestep is out of vogue for any thinking person.
I really do not know who to believe, but note that our neighbors, more than one have Rivero signs in our yard. I have not asked them why, but know them to be good people.

This makes me think that I will vote for Rivero, though I really do not know what is really going on here.
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