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Muhammad Ali...The Greatest RIP

July 11th, 2014(updated)

This is the Lovelace Group of Lake County and this is our Blog page. This Blog is dedicated to the good citizens of our county and with their help and dedication to change and transparency. This site now has 6 years of existence. It started several years ago dedicated to the removal of two public officials holding office in our county. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell and District Attorney John Hopkins. As our group began to look at the actions and incidents of corruption, elitism, and crony-ism that was entrenched in our local governmental system it became clear that something must be done to change the course of the past 15 years. Lake County is one of the lowest rated counties in the state from health criteria to water quality. Meth is still a severe issue, tourism is dying, and housing value is stagnant. Our lake is dying due to total government mismanagement.  Change is needed.  A model was created, this model was based upon the use and concept of social communications and Internet dialog to promote public awareness and further the cause of radical change in our community. By various means we brought our site to the attention of the citizens and public officials in our county. Now approaching  one million comments, several elections, and an amazing county, state and country wide audience we are pressing forward for even greater social change and policy restructuring within our county. Environmentally and from a governmental failure, our county is dying.  

What has been accomplished thus far would have been hard to imagine 48 months ago. Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell has been removed from power, District Attorney Jon Hopkins has been removed from power. One of the driving forces for the exposure and removal of these two corrupt individuals is a terrible incident involving a boating accident on our local lake when a sheriff's deputy named Russell Perdock drove his speed boat at high speed in the middle of the night over the top of a sail boat just leaving the docks with running lights on killing at a far to early age a beautiful women name Lynn Thorton, at the helm of the sailboat was Bismarck Dinius. What followed is hard to imagine. Then sheriff Mitchell and DA Hopkins charged Bismarck Dinius with the death of his passenger Lynn Thorton and protected their deputy Russell Perdock, charging him with no crimes. During the course of the criminal trial cover-ups, illegal actions, jury tampering, and a host of other issues spelled the doom of Mitchell and Hopkins and the total unanimous jury acquittal of Bismarck Dinius. A federal civil rights trial of massive proportions has been settled in San Francisco federal court with several million dollars going to Mr. Dinius. Both Mitchell and Hopkins were key individuals in the attempted prosecution of Bismarck Dinius and cover-up of the truth of the accident. With this incident in mind we launched the sheriff Mitchell Watch Blog, of which our URL remains the same but our Blog name has now changed to Lake County Government Watch. During the adventures of our first year we were able to elect Sheriff Frank Rivero into the sheriffs position.  For 4 years running the GOB network has attacked sheriff Rivero. A phony Brady process by DA Donnie Anderson, a Trumped up recall attempt by Brian Martin and Rob Brown, and a vote of no confidence by the BOS were some of the constant attacks by this elitist network.  Now in the recent election, the local media showing no journalistic integrity has assisted in taking our sheriff out of office, he is being replaced by a Good Old Boy who is directly connected to former sheriff Rodney Mitchell.  Although we will have one or two new supervisors in district's 2 and 3, we are saddened with the loss of sheriff Rivero. Sheriff Rivero was of Cuban blood. The severe racism still embedded in the power brokers of Lake County and their family and friends remains a major issue.   However we are steadfast in our dedication to you the people of this county and of  furthering transparency, honesty, and government integrity in our county and beyond.  

What we have found during the course of our own investigations in the county is stunning to say the least. It was discovered that a local Internet paper called Lake County News run by Liz Larson and her husband John, in our opinion were in collusion with local government officials. We then exposed this paper for its biased and fascist operations discrediting their reporting and any semblance of credibility they once had. The Record Bee has done no better and due to a massive amount of pressure local editor Mandy Feder is leaving the paper. Both papers outright attacks on Sheriff Rivero scraped the bottom of journalistic integrity.  One of the more significant discoveries also exposed several of our local Board of Supervisors to the citizens scrutiny. Most significant is Rob Brown, whom we continue to bring the light of transparency and exposure to his actions and Neanderthal approach to governance.  

As together we continue our Blog and our efforts towards community awareness and change we want to thank the many citizens from deputies current and former to just good folks helping and offering assistance.

This process of change in a county or government system run through an entrenched multi-generational nepotistic, wink wink, system of government(GOB's or Good Ole Boys) is difficult to accomplish, new ideas and change are not embraced. Those that have the power and control will not give it up easily.   Thank you for joining us here, we are the voice of the voiceless of which in today's world there are far to many whose voices are not heard.

Finally as of this editing, we are but a few days away from 2,000,000 page views in 6 short years, in this a county of 60,000 and change. All of you are the reason we hit that milestone.

The Lovelace group of concerned citizens

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Rob, how about that script? Did you renew yet? You don't want to get caught without it. Are you still growing on East Butte St. in Nice?

Yer doin a hecka of a job Brownie.

Yes they are on dope, this is flake county. It's in the air.
Looks like we have more competition for leader of the Wife Beater costume Clan position.

Dang, Yet another member of the Wife Beater Shirt costume clan meeting at their favorite meeting place. SO Recent arrests
Come Sept. They will hold their meetings at the fairgrounds.
Applied for Reservations in livestock building
R.V.S.P For Your space.SO Recent arrests.
Check out the latest member,,,
,,,8/20/2016 11:22 ...

# B.Y.O.B

1:21 Yes they are in competition with the criminals in this county. Actually i think they work together. When you call the law to protect you from criminals who are threatening you and they arrest you and high five the bad guys. There is something terribly wrong with our justice system in this county.
This county is a criminal conspiracy. Perdock, Michell, Lockett, Hopkins, Coel, Brown,Lewis, George, Barbarian Brotherhood, C'mon add some names WA?
WA is talking to himself again. You can't fool us you fool.

,,,Team Player? LOL!

Dang, Yet another member of the Wife Beater Shirt costume clan meeting at their favorite meeting place. SO Recent arrests
Come Sept. They will hold their meetings at the fairgrounds.
Applied for Reservations in livestock building
R.V.S.P SO Recent arrests For Your space.
Check out the latest member,,,

,,,8/21/2016 09:25 ...

# B.Y.O.B


1:01, Without proof it's just hear say which will not stand up in a court of law. Don't Ya Know?
Press Democrat 08.20.16: A very sad looking RB (pictures!) shovels ashes with his boot and notes: "These folks live paycheck to paycheck, it's not like they have a reserve stashed away to get them through a rainy day.... It's been very devastating." Hey Rob, you just fingering this out- duh!? What he failed to tell the Press is as follows: "I am the Chair of Lake County's Disaster Council. Supervisor Jeff Smith has been my Vice Chair. Under our shared leadership the County has struggled with instability, confusion, uncertainty, rapid employee turnover and inconsistent supervision of our Office of Emergency Services. At least that's what our local grand jury tells us. Oh well, on a good day we might be able to accept some personal responsibility for our past mistakes. Today, we are grateful that there are so many brave and able firefighters here in Lake County, and elsewhere in California, who came here to help us when disaster struck. Also, we are REALLY F'IN THANKFUL to have a local arsonist to blame this entire fiasco on... Now I'm off to write another country song about a little town lost to tragedy.

Right On!

Posted on the Press Democrat article of the 20th:

Alright time to cut to the chase. Time for a reality check here in the good old LC. While we read about Rob Brown's tearful admonitions, and we read the articles and sad stories about the loss of property and destruction, the ignorance of those who have suffered and live in this county is not reported on. Lake County has done nothing to ensure that the proper upkeep and clearing of all the land which has burned the houses and businesses in this county. Rob Brown and the rest of this counties supervisors are as responsible for this destruction as the fire itself. They have for years failed to enforce proper clearances in this county. They have neglected the wild land and its proximity to housing and businesses. The destruction of the homes and businesses in this county is a direct result of the failure of the local governmental officials to be stewards of this counties land, forests and grasslands. Rob Brown is just one of the ignorant supervisors who have again failed their jobs and responsibilities. Of course as usual the writer of this article is as well ignorant to this truth and reality. Now let's also talk about the land owners themselves. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the idiot people living in this county say, "oh we love our Oak trees, we would never cut them down." Well you tree huggers are now paying the price. If you ask the firefighters they would tell you that 75% of those houses and businesses could have been saved if people would have maintained a 300 foot clearance of the land around their houses and businesses. But they don't and they haven't and the county supervisors have done nothing to make it happen. So now again the LC pays the price, and what do we get a sad tearful article on all the loses and destruction. Now we get Rob Brown whining about how terrible it all is. The real question is how long will the state of California continue to pay for trying in vain to protect Lake County from it's own ignorance. I am sure we have used far more of our fair share of fire money and it is a shame no one is calling Lake County on their level of responsibility.

Who is the dumb fuck that wrote that POS article?

Some idiot that writes for the Press Democrat.
Perdock found himself on the Fire Protection District board of Directors. Bang up job they have done.
Doesn't this Perdock fellow have a criminal record?
Yes he has a criminal record for Manslaughter. that's what this rag is all about is to the public s attention what Hopkins a DA, Mitchell the sheriff, And Perdock a deputy. All who tried to pin a woman's death that perdock caused on some one else.But like typical Lake county brass, nothing happen to any of the three. Perdock is the Mayor of Clear Lake, Hopkins teaches law,and Mitchell consoles Sheriff Martin on how to do his job.
Kinda pisses ya off, don't it 12:46? I can tell.
Should piss off everyone who doesn't have their head in the sand. Perhaps people should start wearing life vests to government functions to remind Russ about the importance of boating safety.
12:46 These law biding citizens are all above the law. Welcome to Lake County,CA. They are what the law in lake county represents. And there are many more in our system. I think it's time to Flush, Don't you?.

,,,The private employer-provided retirement system has contributed significantly to the retirement needs of millions of seniors?

# Who said that?


Sorry but no one will be flushed, the general population of the LC is far to ignorant and stupid to see the reality of Lake County. When you see this many poor government officials who have been elected over and over, then you must realize that the citizens of this county are far to ill informed and not the sharpest sticks in the wood pile, thus you will continue to get low intelligent, low performing, poor officials in office, nothing is going to change that as the people of Lake County are not smart enough to change anything. It is the way of this county, and always has been. Remember this is the lowest rated county in the entire state, it has been and it always will be. For some reason very stupid people live in Lake County.

When you shop at a business that has a Chamber of Commerce sign in the window don't believe they are your friend and they have your best intrest in mind.

# Shop local,support their local Chamber.


Hey 5:54: Mitchell and Hopkins are fat and happy in retirement and Perdock is on his way to replace Jeff Smith as a County Supervisor. Can you say "Supervisor Perdock"? Can you spell it? Can you smell it? By the way, none of these boogeymen are coming to get you. You are safely home n your own distant planet. Worry not.
August 23, 2016 at 3:38 PM

When suggesting ignorance one should probably get their spelling in order, otherwise...
549 As usual for one of the dumb ones in the county, they question spelling and miss the entire message, ignorance is not connected to spelling, ignorance is an inability to grasp basic concepts of reality. Thus you have just demonstrated why this county continues to fail, thanks for making the point.
Why do you still live here 626? Talk about a whinny little bitch! Nobody wants you here. Now get the fuck out.
Ha ha ha don't get so mad 646 I mean fighting wits with you is like fighting with an unarmed man. Your too easy, and again you show the very concept of pigs liking to live in their own crap. Your just not smart enough to see it. I am sorry to have shown you your own ignorance, but alas it had to be done. Now go cry to someone else, I am not interested in your tears. LOL
Ya mean, for doing what they did Perdock, Hopkins, and Mitchell did not do any jail time? What is the name of the judge and DA? They should do jail time to.
12:43 Judges don't decide who goes to court. Blame Hopkins; he was DA at the time.
This county is a FUCKING JOKE.
12:43 I thought Hopkins was a Defendant??? If Hoppy was the da at the time,does that mean they didn't even get charged?

Anonymous : August 24, 2016 at 3:40 PM

Hopkins was voted out by Donny Anderson's Promise to clean up the corruption in the county and instead Donny fit right in.

# Corruption prevails.


340 and 345 you're too fucking stupid to figure it out. Just smoke your bong and don't worry about it.

Anonymous : August 24, 2016 at 6:01 PM

That all you got jj?

# Sad


That's a thought, I'll go get the bong, care to join me. It will help you relax. Heck i tried smoking turkey once but had trouble keeping it lit. Some archaeological dudes dug up some 800 year old pot, wonder if it's any good still. I found some in my garage from the 60s and it smoked alright.
Well hello all, as is always the case with the Lovelace group, we pride ourselves on our humility and desire to project the truth and reality of our fair county. Sometimes poor Lovelace has had to bring hard truth to the elected officials of our fair county. All the time we, with conscientious care tired to explain the reality of the ills of our poor county. Thus it is always proper to point out significant articles from major news sources concerning Lake County. For many years Lovelace has described the major issues facing this county, most significantly the lack of leadership and leadership intelligence. As well we cautioned that the general population was divided up into two areas, the Good Old Boys and those associated with the pervasive nepotism that exists and the poor and old and indigent. Left over demographic is a very small percentage. Therefore For those of you who have not seen it here is a recent article in no less the LA Times concerning our county.

In pretty Lake County, an arson fire lays out some ugly realities

Few roads lead to Lake County. The drive there from any of them is lovely.

Wrapped around scenic Clear Lake are rolling amber hills divided by vineyards and stands of oak and other trees. But once the hills recede, you find empty parking lots and vacant storefronts along the lake’s southeastern edge.

Blessed with natural beauty, Lake County is also bedeviled by pervasive poverty. And that was before another wildfire tore through the place — this one suspected to have been intentionally set by a local.

Forced to evacuate to the Twin Pines Casino 20 miles south of her Clearlake home, 75-year-old LaDonna Hart said “it’s cheap to live here but no one would live here if they had other options.”

This is poor Appalachia,” she said as tubes from a tank fed her oxygen.

The Clayton fire tore through more than 4,000 acres and 175 homes, many of them mobile homes and rentals. The blaze followed three that ripped through Lake County last year, including the Valley fire which destroyed more than 1,300 homes and killed at least four people. The Clayton fire hit the town of Lower Lake particularly hard.

There, it destroyed a 150-year-old church on Main Street and a Habitat for Humanity office.

Serial arsonists typically target their own communities because they know the best spots to start a fire, prosecutors said. In Clearlake, just a few miles north of Lower Lake where Pashilk lived and is accused of igniting several fires, the opportunities to fly under the town’s radar knew no bounds, residents say.

Police patrols aren’t seen much here, and Clearlake didn't hire a code enforcement officer until recently. High fences hide marijuana growing operations, according to locals. When the wind-driven Clayton fire raced down a grassy hillside into Lower Lake and toward Clearlake, thousands evacuated.

Part one
Part two:

According to 2015 US Census data, 24% of Lake County residents live in poverty, making it one of the poorest counties in the state. In Clearlake, the rate is 34%. The national average is just under 15%.

More than a fifth of the town's residents are disabled, and less than 8% of its residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher — markedly worse than county and national averages of 16% and 30%, respectively.

"Most … don't see that hope or have a vision that things can change," said Richard Birk, president of the Lake County Habitat for Humanity. "If they came here and moved on to college, they don't come back here."

Pashilk lived in a home at the end of a bumpy dirt road lined with willow trees behind the Clearlake police department. A trailer with an expired registration and a pile of chopped wood layered with cobwebs gathered dust in the front yard.

The neighborhood's streets are narrow and walled in by mobile homes, broken-down vehicles and piles of junk. The smell of kicked-up dust and algae from the lake thickens the hot summer air.

Next to the police station is a check cashing business and farther down the street is city hall — a plain building that used to be a grocery store, Birk said.

Over the years, developers have attempted to make inroads in the area but are greeted with skepticism and labeled as "outsiders," said Birk, who has lived in the area for 12 years.

Motels offer discount rates for rooms with pristine views of the water. On Lakeshore Drive, the town's main drag, there's a Safeway and Rite-Aid, but no big box stores, chain coffee shops.

There are wineries in Lake County, and fishing and boating does draw visitors.

On Thursday, Birk, a former Silicon Valley engineer, sat in front of the lake and a patch of green grass hidden from the road by an old restaurant and homes with peeling paint.

"There is potential here. I see it," Birk said, pointing to the run-down properties lining the shore. "If we could get some new blood in here, I think."
part 3

Dan Glover, 67, moved into Clearlake after he lost his Hidden Valley home in the Valley fire last year.

Eating a breakfast quesadilla at the Twin Pines evacuation center earlier this week, he guessed probably a third of those who lost their homes or were forced to flee because of the Clayton fire won't return.

Of the homes destroyed in the last two years, Birk estimated only about 10% are currently in the process of being rebuilt. Middletown, Kelseyville and Hidden Valley were all hit hard by the Jerusalem, Rocky and Valley fires in 2015.

Many of the residents were renters or people who couldn’t afford to rebuild. The paperwork for others who applied for help was lost when the fire destroyed the Habitat for Humanity office. Many burned properties were not insured, Birk said, adding that “it’s going to be a long recovery.”

In Clearlake and Lower Lake, many of the area's inhabitants survive on social security checks or welfare, residents say. The Clearlake website lists five job openings and one of them is part-time.

Churches hold weekly food drives and neighbors look out for each other, said Frances Hart, who has lived in Clearlake for 24 years and is not related to LaDonna Hart.

Over breakfast at the evacuation center as Hart's dog slept under a Red Cross blanket nearby, Glover and the two women brainstormed what fate should become Pashilk, the alleged arsonist — and one of their townfolk.

"I'm Irish, have a temper, accelerant and road flares," Frances Hart quipped.

“We should put him in the … what are those called? With the head and hands?" Glover asked.

"The stocks!" Hart exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Glover replied.

"Tar and feathers!" LaDonna Hart jumped in, asking moments later:

"What kind of person burns their own town? We need jobs. We need help!"

Joseph Sterna
LA Times

The articles is located:
we were wondering why Lake County hasn't been holding any auctions on tax defaulted properties? There are many especially in the town of Clearlake. These properties should be made available for the fire victims to live in while rebuilding. When was the last real estate auction Lake County had anyway?
Julian Assange Says WikiLeaks Will Release ‘Significant’ Information That Could Damage Clinton
That was well put. Yes there is a lot of poor people in this county. Now if we could just figure out what caused the county to remove two seniors from their property where they lived for 30 years and took everything that they owned.? They lived on social security after working all of there lives scrimping to save enough to build a decent house. There lives got destroyed by the county, not the fire. When the criminals got done with them the only thing left was garbage, they took anything that was worth any thing.This was in 2014. Well the rocky fire took what was left. The professional contractor left their expensive motor home cause they did not know how to start it without a key, it was lock so they broke the window in the door but could not get it started without a key? So they took what was worth anything out of the MH and left it. Fixed it so it could not be moved Well the rocky fire got the motor home. All i can say is thank god for the lake county officials. There is no official explanation of why this was done to these people.
Yep, more coming! Lol. And they are saving a nuke bomb for October. Clinton should be in jail. We would be in jail?
Clinton crime family.
This county is a criminal conspiracy. When the courts, DA, BOS have no idea what goes on in this county. I always thought the Board Of Supervisors is supposed to give the O K for things that go on in their section of this county?
,,,Humpty Drumpfy built a Great wall,
Humpty Drumphy sat on his Great Wall,
,,,Humpty Drumpfy had a great fall,
All his Republican supporters,
...and even the Speaker of the house,
,,,And the Alt-Right,Racist,Bigoted and Sexists
Couldn't put Drumphy together again.

# You heard it here first...


Oh my! Leak, leak, leak..............

Assange is going to piss on Wa's crooked lying bitch fire.

Dang, Yet another member of the Wife Beater Shirt costume clan meeting at their favorite meeting place. SO Recent arrests
Come Sept. They will hold their meetings at the fairgrounds.
Applied for Reservations in livestock building
R.V.S.P SO Recent arrests For Your space.
Check out the latest member,,,

,,,8/26/2016 01:35 ...

# B.Y.O.B


Assange is going nuclear soon on Clinton.
Yeah, I care deeply what a craven rapist has to say.
The "craven rapist" is not whose words we will see; it will be those of Hillary and her cohorts via the emails.
What does Wes Craven have to do with this?
He is Marv Cravens brother?

Oh: O.K.
The thing that really bothers me is Clinton brings mothers of criminals who have been shot by the police who protect us from criminals on stage at her convention. Where as Trump brings mothers of people who got shot by illegal aliens that do not belong here.And congress is trying to pass a bill that you do not need an ID to vote? What does that tell you?? I don't care who you vote for as long as it isn't a Clinton.

,,, Anonymous GUEST: August 27, 2016 at 8:09 PM

Once again,
It doesn't matter who anyone votes for President in California.

California doesn't elect the President.

The Electoral College does that for you. LOL!

,,, ..

# Civics 101.



,,,But then sometimes the Supreme Court Overrides everyone's vote.

# Does your vote really count?


Wa is right twice in a row

Your vote for president in California does not count...


The Supreme Court legislates from the bench.

The second point is reason to be sad about the first.

,,,Anonymous : August 28, 2016 at 5:39 AM

It is not important that I am right.

I proved that GUEST has the ability to learn. LOL!

# Mission accomplished.


Lake County's own DA Donnie made national news today. He became the first DA in the nation to appoint a prosecutor to investigate purgerey of people lying under oath. He said he is tired of people lying under oath.

The only thing that is not clear is whether Donnie is investigating the public or his own Deputy DA's and investigators.

Hello I just found your page and I'm rather intrigued with it. I am a Lake County resident have been for many years in November of 2014 Lake County Task Force raided my home for meth salews based on the word of a person who has extensive criminal history and is documented liar I mean the DA wouldn't even put her on the stand at an unrelated case because of her lack of credibility, yet her word as a CI allowed them to kick in my door in violation of Ca law search warrant meth was located because their CI was lying so they took my legal 215 my husband and both card holders and had just harvested our 6 plants well within legal limits and called it sales because they were pissed. We have both been out on bail since dec 14 n jan 15 fightging the legalities and reliability of this informant n the conduct of these 5 officers. A detective got on stand at prelim and lied under oath shown by their own body cam footage he was lying and testified to what should of been hear say testimony...a flashlight tube and 2 half full cans of cheap regular butane ronson I do believe 1 located on our room next to about 30 refillable lighters and the other in the garge next to a cpl more refillable lightedrs my husband collects them, was called a hash lab...its ridiculous to even think somebody would use that "tube" to attempt tp make honey oil especially when the real "tubes" are soo easily assessable. We are getting ready for trail and as of yet the most information ive been able to find on the good ol boy system and the corrupt action that are conducted by law enforcement officers such as Dutra Walsh Keithley Hurdst and 1 other officer his name I cant recall at this moment has been from this blog, so what I'm asking of you as a group who is out to stop the corruption help me fight please any information any of you have on the corrupt conduct of lake county narcotics task force the sheriffs office or the district attorneys office will be greatly appreciated. They are liars and messed up taking this girls word as reliable seeing as how 5 out off the8 raides I'm aware of her involvement in wound up not having what she claimed. So please help me I don't deserve to be taking from my children because of their ego and mistakes any and all response will be greatly appreciated
Look down the list and read what this county has done to a couple of seniors. The other deputy's nickname is Rambo, he's a d!ck. Good luck.
Perhaps you have heard of Perdock. A felon who is the Mayor of clear lake??? About 10 or 12 years ago this dude got shot by a friend of the leo's. He went to CLPD the next day to get a police report and the desk officer thought it was funny that he got shot. WTF. How about the guy who got assaulted by three people and they left him on the side of road, some one found him there and called the sheriff and ambulance he went to the hospital with a concussion, he told the officer who did it the officer went and questioned them they told him the he started it? These criminals were not arrested. Welcome to lake county.

Sheriff Brian Martin went on KPFZ and bragged about how his Drug Task force found 5,000 plants in a vineyard.

When Brian was asked what vineyard?
Brian refused to name the unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard.

# Lake County Just-Us!

The kooks are out! Welcome to!
Anyone have info on a GOB named Mike Boyles?
This county is a Criminal Conspiracy in itself. Perdock, Hopkins, Mitchell, Lewis Lockett, Coel, Brown, To name a few.
Poacher/weedgrower. Lives in Bachelor Valley has growing property above Blue Lakes.
1246, you sound like a snitch. Are you a snitch?
159, time for you to move. Cya beotch.

Gotta hand it to the folks over at

For first and best coverage.

# Salute


Marijuana Prohibition Costs Taxpayers $41.8 Billion A Year
Including lost tax revenues, a 2007 study found that enforcing the marijuana prohibition costs tax payers $41.8 billion annually, Forbes reports.
$13.7 Billion Saved On Prohibition Enforcement Costs
The government would save an estimated $13.7 billion on prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing marijuana, according to a paper endorsed by 300 economists.
It will take another 20 years for the idiots in charge of Lake county to see the light.
Wanna hear a good joke? Lake county justice system. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha, Funny HuH???
1246 associates with Scott and Tony Varrs. Fish and Game raided his house a couple of years ago.
Is that the Varrs that works at Kelseyvill Lumber?
Hmm? I know Tony and Scott Varrs and I didn't know they associated with peoplle like that ? Very sad. :(
What happen to the people who got robbed the day dep. Lewis killed that woman on her way to work. What happen to the criminls who robbed them? did they ever go to jail? Does anyone know?

There will always be plenty of NRA members to buy from.

# LOL!


August,30 4:48 pm I musta mention your name HUH? You must be part of the problem, and if i move the problem will not be solved.
Ya, but at least we won't have to put up with your pissing and moaning show if you move. Or you can just hang out and piss and moan and bitch for the rest of you life. Not going to effect me one way or the other. In fact, I think it's kind of funny!
This sight is a FUCKING joke, fits right in with Lake County Politics. Criminals are roaming the streets and nothing is done. Perdock got fired from being a deputy, NOW HE'S A FUCKING MAYOR!!! Well done, Hats off to ya. Welcome to Lake County folks.
You're a little slow 350 but you're starting to catch on! Good for you!

,,,Anonymous : September 1, 2016 at 3:50 PM

If this site is a joke to you then let me know where else you can go to share your frustrations and complaints.

This site was responsible for holding Perdock,Mitchell and Hopkins feet to the fire when Perdock ran over a sailboat and took the life of a fellow LE and instrumental in getting Mitchell and Hopkins voted out for the cover up for Perdock.

Don't blame this site for your frustrations.

# Be assured the GOB's monitor this "sight".


"This site was responsible for holding Perdock, Mitchell and Hopkins feet to the fire when Perdock ran over a sailboat."

Wa, stop taking LSD. You're hallucinating again. "Hold their feet to the fire" Bawhahahahahaha!

,,,Anonymous : September 1, 2016 at 3:50 PM

When now sheriff Brian Martin/Mitchell was campaign manager for Rod Mitchell Brian asked Mitchell what he thought his biggest problem going forward was.

Then Sheriff Rod Mitchell said "The Blog"

# Don't underestimate the power of the "Blog"


4:55 At least the G.O.B's are doing something?

,,,Anonymous : September 1, 2016 at 5:39 PM

The GOB's come here expecting to see their name and deeds exposed.
All the while hoping they don't.

# LOL!


Brian Martin was not Rod Mitchell's campaign manager; Rod's wife, Becky was.

,,,Anonymous : September 2, 2016 at 12:05 AM

You are right and out of respect I didn't use the title some of the Deputy's had for Brian at that time.

The rest of the post is true.

# Kindness


What is that troll doing with Angela Carter?
Rob and Angela are doing fine together, thank you.
Who was the sheriff before Mitchell?
Jim Wright was a one term Sheriff before Mitchell. He decided not to run for reelection after getting a vote of no confidence from his deputies.
Thank you 5:07. Just curious, i am new here.
5:40 If you are new here, keep one thing in mind. On this site you may learn something once in a while but remember that this is a small county and whatever is said by a bunch of bitter malcontents who think they know everything about how the county should be run should be contrasted with the fact that this county is no different than any small county. Maybe everything isn't perfect here, but it is not perfect anywhere. This is a good county with good people as well as bad.

,,, Anonymous : September 4, 2016 at 10:49 AM

At one time that's what they said about Ferguson, Missouri.

# And then?


Nice try 1049, but the facts suggest different, this is the worst rated county in the entire state. It has issues and problems exceeding all other counties, and our elected officials have subjected this county to governmental inbreeding, that has sown the ignorance of nepotism such that the intellectual acumen of those elected is less then stellar to say the least. This county has issues that they haven't been able to correct in 20 years, it is sad to say the least. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is the truth.
Time for you to move dumb ass 602.
This is a county like many others, but no one is above the law. No special privileges should be given to those that know the right people. The reason people seem bitter and view the government as the enemy is because of unequal treatment of those who are not part of "The Gang"
LOL and there you have it, post 833PM. We pigs loving living in our own crap, and if you don't like the stink you can leave the pen!!! Don't even try to fix anything, we love the smell. There friends is the ignorance, and the lack of intellectual thought, which continues to destroy this county. Tsk Tsk
Exactly 824, look how happy Rivero is now, he has numerous properties in the county, and is loving life. He was the big threat to change for all these idiots, so they ganged up and got him out of office. Frank is a millionaire several times over. He stays here, as he can now just laugh at their stupidity, I saw him just the other day. He simply said, they are too stupid to even understand what it takes to make this county viable. LOL but he is so right, their fear of Frank was that all of them were being exposed. From Rimm's to the idiot Donny all of them just sort of like hicks, without much common sense and intelligence. People like that will lash out because they fear smarter people. Thus Lake County suffers the worst of images in the state.
You can't fix stupid, and you won't fix this county. It is a lost cause. They lost it 25 years ago, and haven't had a clue since. Ha ha ha
Duct tape will not fix stupid, but it will muffle the sound.
What else could Frank say but, "I'm smart, everyone else is stupid"? His saying it does not make it true.

,,,Anonymous : September 6, 2016 at 6:12 AM

You can say nice things and show all the interest in me you want guest but I won't join your "Alt-Right" Racist,Bigoted, Sexist clan.

# Sorry to disappoint you.


Found out, you cannot live in a self contained recreational vehicle on your own property while you are building a house even if you are hooked to water and septic. The county doesn't like it. And this is suppose to be a recreational area? Is that a oxymoron or what? But this county is a Oxymoron, they will arrest you for doing things that their friends are allowed to do.
But the facts do 1002, just look up the county ratings for the state. The first part of healing is admitting the issue exists. People like you, in your denial keep the county down, wake up dipstick.
It doesn't seem to take much to get Wa to start hollering "Alt-right, Racist, Bigoted, Sexist" now does it?
I have come to love this place called Lake County with all of its plusses and in spite of all of its minuses. I am certain there are many, many people out there of different colors and stripes who share this same devotion. Those who love this place also know that it requires hard work, commitment and sometimes even sacrifice to keep the wheels turning, the lights on and all the children smiling. In my humble opinion, the biggest problem we all face together is to liberate this place- in a non-violent manner- from the ignorance, poverty, social-ills, indifference, hatred and individual mendacity that render us all culturally incarcerated. Grapes are not enough. Jails are not enough. Tourists will not flock to visit a de-facto penal-colony for poor people, former convicts and outlaw wannabes. That bacon now smell burning is Lake County's future going up in smoke. Wake up! Wake up! The Emperor has no clothes! ('cept for that ridiculous cowboy hat)...
Lake county is a joke.
As usual the GOBs don't know what they're talking about or who they're talking to. sorta like Rob,Brian,Donny,perdock,navarro,wiley and the rest. Then there's jj who took to trolling and spinning truths and turned it into a "news" site part of his "publishing empire".

We are over you, be gone.

,,,Anonymous GUEST/jj: September 6, 2016 at 8:43 PM

# Post Fart. LOL!


U bin told git gone that the end
U saw sunset. Dark comes next. Beware the dark bitch.
Breaking news!!!!!!
Eric Navarro won his lawsuit against the county and the Sheriff's Dept. The county has been ordered to pay him ten years of back pay and benifits and the Sheriff has been ordered to allow him to return as a deputy sheriff!
Typical government employee bs that makes it so difficult to terminate them. Their Unions, attorneys and liberal laws protect them.
If you have a laswsuit against Lake County, get in line.
What did Ed Navarro do to get fired?
According to his verdict Ed Navarro did nothing, but there are some of us out here who doubt that is true.
My attorney has told me this is the laziest police force he has ever seen, I do believe we are going to have some fun when we get to court.
Your attorney is a moron and your gonna get screwed! Welcome to lake county
German pharmaceutical and crops manufacturer Bayer AG said on Monday that its negotiations with Monsanto Co had advanced, and it was now willing to offer more than $65 billion to acquire the world's largest seed company.
Well, I guess soon we'll have to hate Bayer instead of Monsanto. I will have to change my brand of aspirin.

Boy that will teach them to mess with the purchasing power of LC. LOL!

# boycott


My attorney can kick your attorneys a$$. Has done it before and will do it again.
It's funny that LL has not endorse anybody for the prez. Interesting. I thought they were against the status quo? You know, engrained politicians. The ones that have spent their whole lives on the public dole. The ones that lie and cheat and steal.

That being said, so who do you endorse LL?

,,,Anonymous : September 8, 2016 at 1:54 PM

Calif. doesn't elect Presidents

# no matter the difference it makes.


The people of Aleppo say they have never heard of Gary Johnson.

Now that is funny!

The people of Aleppo are going to change their brand of aspirin also. LOL!

# That is funnier.


Neither Monsanto nor Bayer were in the news as saying they had never heard of Gary Johnson so your line makes no sense and therefore is not funny. Nice try, though Wa.

100%, Believe me, I will fix it,

# Only I can fix it!


There are some things that qualify as "unfixable".

In a half empty glass world.

# Maybe.


Happy 7th Birthday for the Blog, started on 9/9/09. This is the only place in Lake County where you can speak the truth. Not the Record-Bee and certainly not Larsen Controlled News. It has outlasted several politicians and still has a few to go.

Keep up the good work


Right On!

Wa's brain is half empty and unfixable.

,,,Anonymous GUEST: September 10, 2016 at 6:59 PM

You can say nice things and show all the interest in me you want guest but I won't join your "Alt-Right" Racist,Bigoted, Sexist clan.

# Sorry to disappoint you.



The service of multiple search warrants has resulted in twelve arrests and the seizure of 1,787 marijuana plants?

,,,Sheriff Brian Martin says....
The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force will continue its efforts to eradicate narcotics from the communities of Lake County and seize the suspected profits of drug trafficking for asset forfeiture whenever possible.

,,,Say What!.....

What ever happened about The Sheriff Brian Martin's Narcotics Task Force finding 5,000 plants in the Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard?

# Still waiting.


waiting, and waiting, and waiting.This is lake county they do not have to follow the law like the citizens do. Blood is thicker than piss.
You can keep waiting. There is no law which states that the Sheriff or anyone else must tell you where a marijuana grow was. Brian had no interest in telling where it was a year ago and nothing has changed. He has no obligation to tell and you have no right to know. Got it?

The jury has a right to know when it goes to court, otherwise, keep waiting.

,,, Anonymous GUEST: September 12, 2016 at 3:32 PM & 6:00 PM

Sheriff Brian Martin was the one on the radio bragging about what a great job his Narcotic Task Force did finding 5,000 plants in a Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard.
Sheriff Brian Martin was asked then to identify the Winery's Vineyard and he refused.
(1) Is Sheriff Brian Martin protecting the Unnamed Winery?
(2) Was Sheriff fibbing about the 5,000 plant find in a Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard?
The service of multiple search warrants has resulted in twelve arrests and the seizure of 1,787 marijuana plants is news and 5,000 plants in a Unnamed Winery's Vineyard is not?

The citizens have a right to know if Sheriff Brian Martin enforces the law equally or he told a fib in his statement.

# You decide.


Wa, I guess you got him! Let's get out the lanterns and pitchforks and really take him to task. He's not gonna get away this time!

Well, maybe he will.
His dads a judge, he'll get off.
Look at Wa snivel like a little bitch. Waaaaaaaa Brian won't tell me who owned the grow, waaaaaaaaaaaa. Please Brian, tell me who owned the grow........waaaaaaaaa. Not going to happen Wa you little bitch.

After the next election for sheriff do you know what you're going to call Brian Wa? SHERIFF! No soup for you little bitch Wa.


,,,Anonymous GUEST/jj: September 13, 2016 at 4:41 PM

You can say nice things and show all the interest in me you want guest/jj but I won't join your "Alt-Right" Racist,Bigoted, Sexist clan.

# Sorry to disappoint you.


Don't worry Mr Larsen is very comfortable with rejection. You can tell by his and Rob Brown's "vocabulary". Everyone in Lake Co has been Robbed. Isn't everyone feeling safer or more secure with all of the improvements in disaster warnings notification, OES and evacuations.
Lake county is good at robbing it's citizens.
It is real nice for those of us who can afford it to eat organic food but who is going to feed the rest of the world?
Ford just announced they are moving to Mexico? When are Democrats gonna learn they cant keep raising taxes on corporations? All they are doing is running these companies, jobs and taxes out of the country? Look at the worst cities in this country, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Cincinati etc, etc. they are all a product of 30 years of failed Liberal policies?
Just wait until Billary gets in office 859. These morons always want change and a non politician but then turn around and vote for the same old ingrained politicians.
Ford is only moving all their small car manufacturing to Mexico... but that is bad enough. The world is getting smaller every day.
The radical fundamentalist right think this type of institutionalized destruction of the middle class started with Obama? Up is Down Bad is Good War is Peace. Big Brother Is Watching.
Rich people make all the money and pay no taxes, middle class work all their lives and pay the taxes, poor people are just there to scare the hell out of the middle class.
In case you need a smile today, another pot growing foreigner got busted.

First/Middle/Last Booking # Inmate ID
MILOS LEUBNER 64502 115717
Inmate Housing Unit for Visiting
POD BOOK Click here for visiting hours information Register for custody status notification on this inmate
Physical Description
Date of Birth Race Sex Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight
4/20/1946 W M BRO BRO 5' 8" 215lbs
Personal Information
City State Zip
Birthplace Occupation
Arrest Information
Arrest Date/Time Arresting Officer Agency
Booked Date/Time Warrants Released
9/16/2016 00:54 F T
Court Information
Next Court Date Docket Number
Type Offense Count Statute Bond

,,,Typical Wife Beater Shirt costume clan member...

# Birds of a feather?


Milos was growing and selling weed with guns. *shock*

Step up, who's next?
What kind of construction does a 70 year old guy do anyway?

I don't know,

Build a Bigoted,Racist Presidential Campaign?

# LOL!


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up yourselves treasures in heaven. where moth and rust do not corrupt and thieves do not break in and steal. for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Mathhew 6:19-20

,,,You First...

# LOL!


We definitely need to raise the IQ on this sight, it's getting pretty low Ya Think?
Will Milos still call in all the time to KPFZ with inane comments as he has made a habit of doing all these many years?
Wow! Boyls has a huge grow on his Blue Lakes property!

,,,Anonymous : September 19, 2016 at 9:31 AM

Is it as big as the 5,000 plants Sheriff Brian Martin's Task force found on a Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard?

# Lie?


Wow 931 that's exciting, there are like 3000 of those grows in the county. Get a grip man, Little Bri Bri will stay in the box just like last year, the plants are budding and in a few weeks another record crop will hit the county. There will be very little to no busts of the community grows. It's over GOB's, you just missed the train is all, it left the station, so cry in your Keystone while the smart growers net their 100,000 dollars or more again. You fucks had your chance but loved your beer more then your wallet. To fucking bad. Ha ha ha ha
You are on the wrong page. Community Development handles grows. The SO will only get involved for one or more of 3 reasons: violence, warrants, or weapons.


,,,Anonymous : September 19, 2016 at 10:24 PM

If that is true then what was Sheriff Brian Martin's task force doing when they found 5,000 plants in a Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard?

# Curious


This county deals with the 95% law. 95% of everything that comes out of the county's mouth is Bull$hit.
Boyles huge grows are above the corner of Scotts Balley rd and Laurel Dell rd.
Scotts Valley rd.
Sorry a miscontution of the left pointee finger.
Oh my. The Assange torpedo is on it's way the sink the HSS Cunton ship.

Snitches are found in ditches.


,,, Anonymous : September 20, 2016 at 12:56 PM

It would be interesting to know how you think your personal everyday life would change if Drumpf were elected.

# Build that wall?



One busted pipe line supply's 40% of the gas to 6 southeastern states and there is a shortage of all three blends?
Think about that the next time you pay at the pump for premium gas.




Thus far in 2016, the Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit has located and eradicated a total of 41,883 marijuana plants from several different locations within the Butts Canyon area. The total number of marijuana plants which have been located and eradicated in Lake County this year is 310,000.

,,,That's all well and good but how many were found in Winery's Vineyards?

Sheriff Brian Martin admitted that his Task force found 5,000 plants in a Unnamed Winery's Unnamed Vineyard.

Why No Nixle report on that one?

# how many more?

Perhaps the question that should be asked is where is it now? Reportedly they are no longer to taking their hauls to the dump. So where is it ending up? Inquiring minds need and want to know.
You may want to know... but you do not need to know.

,,,Recent Arrests

Wife Beater Shirt costume clan members?
10/1/2016 01:58
10/4/2016. 22:51




,,,Just when you thought?

,,,Recent Arrests...

,,,10/6/2016. 21:26

# LOL!


Is that the Mexican cartel's grow on Bottle Rock Rd.?

That story worked once before.

# will it work again?


Another lie driven black-eye for Lake County. Brought to us by Rob Brown.
Just more of Lake co marketing.
What about all the visitors coming to shop at all the dollar general stores around the lake?

Leave it to the C of C & BOS to attract and promote Businesses to extract money out of county.

# Shame



,,,Tiffany Harz is the new Administrative Analyst with the county.

While the local wineries are as picturesque as those in Napa, and they can certainly compete, there’s no denying that Lake County is rough around the edges. Harz wants to make that part of the marketing strategy.

"When tourists come, they should know they’re in for an adventure and they should be prepared to encounter people who are genuine, people who are not trying to be anyone but themselves."

# "Genuine People"
Have no place in her and the Winery's county.



,,,Note to...

,,,Tiffany Harz is the new Administrative Analyst with the county.

"Genuine People" Pay taxes Too! And they contribute to your Pay check!
What do you do for theirs???

# "Genuine People"
Have no place in her and the Winery's county.


,,,: October 20,2016 at 4:47 PM...

Looks like $60,775 more of the Genuine Peoples taxes down the drain?

In an effort to attract tourism from the northern Bay Area, the Lake County Board of Supervisors approved an advertising contract with the company that owns the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

The deal — worth a maximum of $60,775 — purchases print and digital advertising space in Sonoma Media Investments’ multiple publications, which according to the company’s presentation, have a weekly penetration of more than 300,000 adults and approximately 15.1 million total page views a month.

# Hear the Flushing sound?


,,,Recent Arrests

Another Wife Beater Shirt costume clan member?

,,,LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE 10/26/2016 22:12

# B.Y.O.B.


Just keeping with the theme...
"You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem." - Eldridge Cleaver
I'm personally for a tax on Marijuana, however not on the cultivation of the plant. Do we pay a tax on grape cultivation, or hops, or any other crop? Of course not, so why on MJ cultivation? The taxes are paid at the retail outlets and as income taxes, not on cultivation.

Even if it was normal there are things that don't add up in our BOS's "Measure C" ordinance. The BOS addressed the issue of taxes but not the draconian ordinance itself. Growing in a 10 x 10 area outside of Ag lands is ridiculous in the first place. Remember this was little perv Ricky Coel and Rob Brown's vengeance against the pot growers. The State recently passed a bill that would allow 2500 square feet to grow in.

Section 18-49.1 states that "Cultivation" means, germinating, cloning, seed production, planting, growing, harvesting, on site drying, curing, grading and trimming of cannabis plants. I don't think Harry Houdini could do all of that in 100 square feet. You will be subject to a tax that is way larger than you can imagine for the privilege of growing a tiny bit of Pot.

Section 49.8 describe the use of artificial light as supplemental light as a charge of $2.00 a sq foot tax. This is more ignorance on the part of the BOS committee. The use of supplemental light is to start your outdoor plants early so they won't turn into flower to quickly. So do you pay $2.00 for that and then $1.00 for the same outdoor plant?

Section 18-53 states that your tax will increase based on the Consumer Price Index but, no adjustment for a decrease in the CPI. What will happen when the price of MJ drops and the CPI continues to increase?

Section 18-55 imposes a whooping 25% tax if you are late paying your tax. Your property tax is only 10%. This is called gouging of the pot farmers. Your property tax will allow for a postmark to make your payment on time. The BOS's Measure "C" will not. Another easy way to make another 25% from the pot growers.

Section 56.3 This is the best one yet. It gives the Board of Supervisors the right to examine your records and books and your tax returns. Who do they think they are, the IRS? Can you imagine, "Hi this is Rob Brown, we are coming to audit your books"

Next time the BOS wants participation from the pot growers they should ask them and maybe put some of them on their Committees.

Vote No on Measure C



Of course you can vote for Measure C so the money can go to Law Enforcement and they can come kick your door in at your expense. Then Rob can bail you out and then you can hire Farrington to defend you. Yes they are the authors of Measure C.
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