Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I notice in your introduction that there are spelling errors. It is Chief not chief Rod Mitchell and attorney does not have a "u" in it. It does however say a lot about the author. Thank you.
I don't know where to post this, so here it goes. My daughter was sexually molested by man who is 27 years old and is the boyfriend to Sgt. Renee Leffler (50-55 years old) of the Lake County Sheriffs Department. Over the past several months, the suspect has made attempts to intimidate my daughter and I, in addition, Sgt.Leffler has committed criminal acts against myself and my four children. Whereas she stopped us on a public street in broad daylight with her boyfriend near her in a Lake County Sheriff uniform, held her hand on her gun and put her other hand in the air, demanding us to stop. Sgt.Leffler is a Correctional Officer, which means she has NO RIGHTS as a peace officer after she leaves work. In other words, she has no powers of arrest when not on duty, plane and simple she is as ordinary as you or I when not in the conduct of employment.
Sgt. Leffler committed several criminal acts, including false imprisonment, inpersonating a peace officer, ulawful use under the color of authority, witness intimidation and conspiricy to insite a riot.
Have you heard about this? You won't, its being swept under the rug, by the Lake County Sheriffs Department. Another cover up to protect their own.
Joan Moss is as fucking stupid as Lynn Woolsey

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